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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Duplex Dinner Date

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Duplex Dinner Date

Ashton Kutcher opens the car door for girlfriend Mila Kunis after they shared a romantic dinner at Duplex Restaurant on Thursday (July 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor and the 28-year-old actress reportedly also attended a wrap party for his new film jOBs, based on the life of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Earlier in the week, the couple took in a screening of the blockbuster flick The Dark Knight Rises.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher out for dinner…

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    are they real couple or PR?? so confuse .. too many PR couple nowadays..

  • kpax

    It wasn’t a romantic dinner Jared. They were attending the wrap party for the “jobs” film Kutcher did.

  • mmmmm…

    They are adults. She and he can date whomever they want. EVEN EACH OTHER

    Why do strangers think they have a say in who someone likes. People are to much of a busy body. And let anyone tell them who they should or shouldn’t date. Well that person would be cursed out.

  • Enough

    I am so tired of these so called Hollywood couples. You don’t even know whether they real or for PR? Ashton divorced (or hasn’t yet) from Demi few months ago and immediately found a new girlfriend. These people don’t have heart and compassion or love for any person. They only care about money, sex and fame (then come and complain about all this in the interviews without a shame)!

  • Anne

    She doesn’t look happy in these pictures.

  • Ashamed of Humanity

    @Enough: Let me count the ways that your comment show how brain-dead stupid you are. Actually never mind, I’m sure you can’t count past 3. “Found a new girlfriend” it’s MILA KUNIS, who has been Ashton’s close friend for.. wait for it… FIFTEEN YEARS. Months is a pretty long time when you’re an adult who’s only used to being in relationships and being close with someone. These two are good friends who rekindled after a That ’70s Show “reunion” and since have developed serious feelings. They’re snapped kissing in Mila’s backyard twice. Think before talking out of your anus… on second thought, don’t bother, I don’t want you to blow a fuse while trying to think outside the box, or in your case, the tiny space inside your head where the brain should be lol. You don’t know these people or ANYONE in Hollywood for that matter. you know they do acting and what the brainwashing media says about them, and of course these scumbags are in business because ignorant fools like you buy into it all and get obsessed lmao losers. Just Jard itself wouldn’t exist without all the crazy turds. Good day!

  • Tony Montana

    @Anne: Would you look happy if a swarm of creepy, loud A-holes with bright lights and cameras, were in your face while trying to enter and exit a restaurant with your partner? Thought so. The excuse of “Well they know what they’re in for by being in the entertainment industry” well that doesn’t mean they have to enjoy stalker BS like paparazzi and give a fake smile. Your privacy gets invaded, you will usually look a little miserable. Anyone who doesn’t, usually turns out to be someone who actually likes the attention and got into the biz to be famous, rich and smothered with compliments from fake ‘yes’ people all day. Mila is a rare one who just happens to put up with this crap.

  • Robin

    love theses two together perfect and I didnt hear anybody complainin about them but saw people bicthin before people were bicthin dont make sense

  • Barbie Kate

    Two superstar, the actors more acclaimed by criticism and the public today

  • Roman

    And why do you think you have a say in what others want to think or say? I know it’s shocking to you, but people even have the right to judge others if they please.



  • HAHA!

    @Roman: How original lol. This idiot logic could go on all day if anyone was bothered. Exmple: ”mmmmm” has a right to judge the people who judge others, if they please. See what I mean? At least they have a valid point. Spewing hate towards people you don’t know is fine, but giving an opinion on how ridiculous those haters are, isn’t?. It’s got nothing to do with having a say in what anyone else says lol. Seriously, if all the dumb people on earth were wiped out, there would be a LOT of free space in the world.

  • Enough

    @Ashamed of Humanity: STFU! You don’t even know me. What the hell you are telling about me? Who do u think you are? I can write whatever i want and think.
    But after reading your comments I can say that you are a big a**hole person!

  • Gha

    Rumors say both of them will be flying off from LAX this weekend!

  • Rosalind

    Love love love love love love THEM!! Get it Mila!!

  • Clever

    @Gha: 20 bucks says they throw everyone for a loop and take either a different airport, or drive to avoid paparazzi in the airport. Unless they go to the plane separately which is a little extreme and they don’t need to change their plans too for the stupid paparazzi. The paps won’t care as much eventually, one reason is it’ll get old and stale, following a private couple who doesn’t do anything whacked out or scandalous. Mila has said herself, but I’ve also heard through a reliable source that she really will be winding down on the acting after her next movie. she’ll either go into producing or just do a whole new thing, which includes traveling the world. So the paps will care less and less since it seems like there’s a million stars made a day and lots of them crave attention. Who hears about Sarah Michelle Gellar being stalked these days? probably not many.

  • mars

    @Ashamed of Humanity:
    Look again at all the photos of them together, from April till’ now incl. the one with her PR woman in the crowd trying to look as if they don’t know each other… At the staged bike ride photos in which there’s no traffic, a single human ’round, how there isn’t a single photo of Kutcher arriving at her place (despite the numerous claims) as her address is to remain private…. The *snuggle shots* in which she never puts her shades down.. even inside a restaurant on 14th floor of Soho house.. and if you still believe they’re a genuine couple in love then the one who’s brain dead is you dumbo. Yes, they are a PR couple. Without publicity you won’t make it to the A-list, let alone stay there – can Kunis afford to disappear from media now with major projects lined up?? Mila gained worldwide media attention last year with the help of all the Timberlake & marine date BS and the show continues – because it WORKS. It’s because of these PR scripts she had to publicly announce her & Culkin were splitting despite *I don’t talk about my private life* BS.. Look at what Gaga, Rihanna, Lohan…do to stay in the spotlight..if this wasn’t important they wouldn’t do it. I really can’t believe how gullible some people are. Because of sheep like you there is the much lucrative PR industry. Use your grey matter sometimes. Kunis was taught and learned at an early age that you have to fake it in order to make it in Hollywood – don’t you remember she lied about her age to get on That 70s Show?

  • Sean

    So disappointed in Mila. Why would you date someone that world knows cheated on Demi…..with several women. You next Mila! smh

  • sweetness

    they seem so fake together.

  • Liz

    i doubt there is any romance between them. they just look ilke friends- which is what they are! they did That 70s Show for so many years, and I believe Mila once said he was ilke her big brother. She even calls him by his last name, like a pal would.

  • Ashamed of Humanity

    @mars: For the first time ever, I’m not even going to follow up a “I’m not going to dignify that stupid comment with a response” with an actual rant. That’s how stupid your comment is for the most part. Not the part about lying sometimes and not even about the PR part (barely) because you can play along with a game while actually being real you know. Tons & tons of people tweet about seeing them together for months eating at restaurants or going to a local yogurt/ice-cream place.. no paparazzi shots… I guess they go out a million times to private places and just hope the paps show up? A girl tweeted from her phone under her table which was near Ashton & Mila’s table (semi-private booth maybe?) & they were lovey dovey. WHY fake that with no media or paps around? Mila may play some of the games, but not half as much as you claim. Also, one, maybe 2 pics of the Marine Corps Ball event, by an onlooker & on someone’s twitter. No press allowed in, why would mila bother? The guy made the video from overseas LONG before the FWB press junket which was just discovered and brought to her attention. What’s the purpose of Nancy (PR) being with Mila & Ashton? to make it look obvious? to direct them where to go and what to do? Also, paps hold out on the big money shot pics until the right timing so they make MONEY. One more thing mr paranoid conspiracy theorist, I know someone who KNOWS Mila and I’ll always know more than you or any “fan” or hater will ever know :) I know secrets I’ll never tell (not juicy ones just private) and YES Mia & Ashton are a couple & the future will tell that. The only decent point you have is about the soho house thing. Even then, they really were having a lunch at the same time lol. Throw more BS at me that I cab probably shoot down

  • csa

    She looks stinky!

  • Guy

    Ugly girl…. don’t understand why a hot guy like Ashton hook-up with women?

  • mars

    @Ashamed of Humanity:
    If I’m not wrong about the PR part and lying then what did you actually shoot down? Even admitted they may play a game. ??? I could go on about other silly shoots or how actually TMZ works and what they decide to publish.. can’t be bothered. I don’t think you get my post – I’m not saying these two don’t sleep together and personally don’t care what they do when alone. What I’m saying is: what has been published so far (photos) was staged for publicity for the most part and if you can’t see this from those silly shots then fine. As for random tweets from anonymous folks, I’ve nothing to say to that. However, the botched PR work makes it hard to believe they’re a genuine couple. I don’t know what was Ryder doing there, you explain this to me since you know more? Everything that has been so far published is ambiguous – i.e. not a single shot of an actual kiss etc..looks very much scripted and in line with what she says (just friend) however, aimed to generate enough buzz. Funny you talk about timing – the release of these shots and articles just happen to coincide with certain promo activities. As for the Marine Corps Ball, I’m not saying she didn’t go there, there’s photos that prove that but the timing and the way it was brought to attention was a clear PR job. At least one thing you could shoot down for me please – why did she feel the need to publicly announce the split when she never announced they were a couple in the first place? In the light of the events that followed that decision just happen to make perfect sense…I guess another conspiracy theory for you. And Hollywood isn’t an industry but an art form..right….

  • Daniel

    Mila Kunis is WAYYY too Good for Ashton!! She is too hot to trot! Ashton is a Cheater Cheater pumpkin Eater and Extremely IMATURE!

  • megatit

    Ew! Run Mila.

  • Edge

    Ewwww….Ashton Kutcher is foul…

  • Gha

    Ok, some fans have already spotted Ashton and Mila at HONG KONG airport!

  • Mia03

    Why do you all care if people say they should be together or that they shouldn’t be together. They are celebrities who cares. People can give they’re opinions that’s why we all come on here to comment to give are opinions about them. Do you all really think they are going to come on here and read the comments and that it’s going to effect they’re relationship. lol …and about the paparazzi that’s part of the game if they can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen. Who cares if they are being followed that’s what comes along with the job they choose. There are pently of thousands jobs they could choose from they don’t have to do that if they can’t stand the paparazzi. That’s why there are some celebs that say they are tired of some celebs complaining about the paparazzi. They make millions of dollars and are very privileged and this comes along with it too and if you can’t handle then get out of the biz and do something else. Some of you are whiny idots acting like they are being murder or something. Get over it! This is what they choose and it’s never going to change so why whine about it.