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Justin Theroux: Up in the Air!

Justin Theroux: Up in the Air!

Justin Theroux carries his Louis Vuitton duffel bag as he makes his way into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Saturday (July 28) out of Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actor made a very quick trip to the west coast – he first arrived two days earlier on Thursday.

Justin‘s girlfriend Jennifer Aniston has been hard at work on her film We’re The Millers in North Carolina.

The movie is about a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

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  • jkbk

    He’s actually carrying his own bags!

  • I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club

    I guess he’s headed to go infest NC with his nastiness.

  • yep

    Justin is fine!

  • yep

    @I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club: I’m in the I love Justin Theroux Fan Club! He is soooo fine! BUILT!

  • I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club

    @yep: -_____________________- He looks like something off of “The Night of The Living Dead.”

  • http://Justjarde Bb

    He looks sexy

  • http://Justjarde I Hate Brad Pitt Fan Club

    Justin is so hot

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Lucky Jen

  • nani

    Horrible short legs!

  • I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club

    @I Hate Brad Pitt Fan Club: So you changed your name? I guess it’s that serious LOL

  • http://Justjarde Amanda


  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    @I Hate Brad Pitt Fan Club: So you changed your name? I guess it’s that serious LOL

    Get alive

  • I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club

    @Amanda: But I am alive lmfao.

  • Kley

    I do not understand why people here hate Theroux so much? Justin is cute and nice person too.

  • Kley

    @nani: No es que justin tenga piernas cortas, es por como usa los pantalones, idiota! comprate una vida!

  • ju

    Who bought him that bag?? His sugar mama?

  • http://Justjarde Jen aniston fan

    Lovely man

  • nani

    Anyone can see that he does have short legs, a big head and is also bald. He is like a dwarf. Sorry, but that is the truth, idiot.

  • http://compute LOL

    Reporting for DUTY, Suga Mama heard he took a blonde out to dinner in NYC, so he have to go and plead his case.
    There is no way he is letting the MONEY COW go.

  • Oh, oh

    He’s packed his bags and moving back to NY to be with Heidi!!! Ooooohhhh the jen hens will be trashing him once the new photos hit next week!

  • I Hate Justin Theroux Fan Club

    @Oh, oh: I agree. If you look at the archive, they worshiped Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. Now look at the Jen hens lmaooo

  • JentheOldHen

    Balding Hobbit, I hear the sire needs you back!!!

  • JentheOldHen

    @JentheOldHen: meant the shire!!

  • KissThis

    Why is he relevant again?

  • ja

    still running from jen.

  • The Good Life

    He’ll not be leaving Ticky any time soon. There’re too many goodies for him to enjoy now – how is he to leave the jet-setting, the limos, the high end clothing etc, the personal baggage handler???? No way is he gonna leave his suga-mama at this point in time. Lucky Ticky! LOL

  • the observer

    It’s the middle of summer and he is carrying a heavy leather jacket
    underneath his left arm.

    Where is he flying to- Iceland? Siberia? North Pole?

  • jentheho


    Exactly. This guy got more thread in the past year then all the years he’s has been in the entertainment business. I guess dating a sugar mama does pay off.

  • Losa

    I don’t know why but I don’t like him. He became ‘famous’ when he started dating Jennifer Aniston. I’m skeptic about him and this relationship. He looks like me he wants fame and that’s why he is with J.A.

  • Booyouwhore

    I heard he started demanding more money for Projects since he’s been with Jen. Smh he needs to take what he can get!

  • Truth Squad

    They really should rename this site: Lonely Losers

    To actually sit around looking down on other people when you spend your Saturday nights trolling around a celebrity website spewing hate is beyond ironic.

    No wonder Justjared intentionally posts Aniston related articles when all the cool kids are out having fun. Aniston haters are the saddest people in the world. What a way to announce to the everyone that you don’t have any friends and don’t have a man in your life.

    Feel free to down arrow me. But you might want to wait until next Friday night. It’s not like you’ll be out enjoying life. Although, I’m sure JJ will have a fresh batch of Aniston/Theroux material for you to whine, whine, whine about.


  • yep

    @Oh, oh: No, EVERYONE leaves that to Brangelina fans! Who, no one trashed Vince – still love him and see his movies….. John no one trashed John for not being with Jen….John unfortunately made too many comments himself however I still love his music/talent musician. Like ALL the sites know…Brangelina fans can’t move forward……. Blame everyone else “well so and so made a comment….lol……EVERUONE knows the truth 98% of the hate Jolie fans!

  • Hey Truth Squab!

    If you’re so unhappy with the truthful comments you call hateful here, you can always go make a Jennifer Aniston lovefest site or better yet join one of the dying breed fansites , if you want a site that gushes over her pr bought life! If you don’t want to do that and continue to visit JJ for your Aniston fix then sit back, relax, and enjoy the comments because not all or blinded by the fakery of Aniston and her new paid for image piece. Face it her popularity is diving right into the dumpster just like her short man maid, just look to your right to see how far your mighty one has fallen!

  • yep

    @KissThis: must be to you since you clicked and commented! only people that care bother to comment!

  • yep

    @jentheho:ask your star – does it pay to hook up with an a lister?

  • http://none blondie

    Come up and see me sometimes,
    Big Boy!!!!
    Song dedication for Justin Theroux,
    Heidi Bivens, and Jen Aniston.

    Melody Gardot -” If I Tell You I Love You”

  • http://none blondie

    Jen is in Wilmington, North Carolina.
    How far is that from Raleigh???

    Are their any good places to dine out?
    What is a good hotel to stay at,
    if you are the tabloid papparazzi?

    Where are the beer joints?
    Where are the comedy caffe clubs?

    Where do the cool bikers hang out?

    Where can you go to sneak around with the Director
    of the film, if you should wish to be sneaking?

  • ang

    @nani: seriously, you dont like a dude cause his legs are a bit shorter then average? wonder how many people dont like you cause your intelligence is lower then average………

  • Observer

    That LV bag I have been lusting after for weeks is his, not JA’s?
    Maybe he asked her if he could borrow it.
    Or maybe he didn’t!=:O

  • http://none blondie

    Ignored by the masses.
    Snubbed by the press.
    Forgotten by the ever shrinking
    number of fans.
    What’s a loser to do, now.

    Pet the dogs.
    Go through each and every photograph
    ever taken of yourself with the people
    who have drifted away from you,
    and have gone on to capture their own

  • lol

    yeah, i’m sure the guy that penned iron man 2 probably couldn’t afford a louis vuitton.