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Chris Pine: Gelson's Supermarket with Dominique Piek!

Chris Pine: Gelson's Supermarket with Dominique Piek!

Chris Pine steps out and heads into Gelson’s Supermarket on Monday (July 30) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor was joined by his girlfriend, model Dominique Piek, as they picked up a few groceries before heading home.

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Chris is set to play Jack Ryan, the protagonist of the hit novels by Tom Clancy, in a new film.

Kenneth Branagh is reportedly set to direct and star as the villain in the action thriller.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine and Dominique Piek at Gelson’s Supermarket…

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chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 01
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 02
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 03
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 04
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 05
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 06
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 07
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 08
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 09
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 10
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 11
chris pine gelsons supermarket with dominique piek 12

Credit: YNF; Photos: WENN
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  • Pitt the hoe

    Alguien me esta viendo? -Pine

  • yeah

    Stone washed jeans? I haven’t seen anyone wear those since 1986, lol.

  • nikky

    @yeah: I´ve seen lot of people wearing those nowadays

  • MrJeffery

    he looks hot.

  • carrie

    he looks very tired

  • Dee or Deemebr you know

    Kirk blonde hair has gone, almost … looks like he’s living “the rabbit hole moment” preparing to begin filming Jack Ryan … and, Dominique is sharing the rabbit hole with him … lol

    CP is awesome… I say it coz I can… ;-) :-)

  • Villain

    She has

  • Curious

    @yeah: Since you look so old, tell me were people wearing skinny jeans in 1986?

  • Jealous Villain

    she has a butt to die for

  • lori

    following them around inside the market is kinda rude.

  • KissThis

    another hottie

  • lia

    Looks like a boring couple.

  • ha ha

    guess he’s like Leo

  • Marisa

    Too bad her troll face ruins it…she looks hard in the face. Not that anyone is looking above her neck anyway, least of all cpine. He likes the buttafaces…always has.

  • Jules

    Boy they sure look like the happy couple…esp the pic where he’s talking to her.


    Wtf?!?!? Remember when models had to be pretty. He could do so much better. I agree though@marissa he always goes for buttafaces

  • Erika

    Another staged photo op. since when do paps hang around a supermarket? how do they know when and what time exactly these two will be there?

  • paps here, paps everywhere!

    Paps don’t hang around flea markets either! so what’s with all the fake photo ops? Whatever happened to the very private Chris Pine??

  • uh,

    He stepped into a closet….ROTFLMAO!

  • Gossip_trip

    many celebrities go to Gelsons they need to go sometime, it’s obvious that paparazzi are there, damn how misinformed some people around here, yeah you bunch of jealous slapper ^ – ^

  • Mariana

    She’s beautiful and they look a happy couple despite the paparazzi!

  • I give a s*** if you are sick

    Hot Hot Hot gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous couple!

  • Marisa

    @uh,: Yea the very private pine stepped into the closet on the cannes red!

  • Koko*

    @Gossip_trip: Yea so if they know paps are there why go there if they dont want to be photographed??? You mean that is ONLY grocery store in that area?? Cmon chris pine can go months without getting papped. I dont buy the whole we are really private so lets look miserable for the paps… Dont go where the paps are if you really want privacy..or how about dont walk red carpets posing wit gf if you dont want people intruding in your personal life because that is an open invitation. And yea her face looks busted in these particular pics.

  • Koko*

    @Mariana: Um do your eyes need checking because happy they sure do not look!

  • S@n

    Oh C’mon! They look great without posing, but obviously uncomfortable with the pap, if I looked like her when I go to the supermarket I would not complain, she’s pretty and looks like a real person!

  • Gossip_trip

    @Koko*: If you do not know, they are not criminal! So they do not need hiding from anyone! And if their presence bothers you, just R.I.P!
    Your koko stinks! ^ – ^

  • Koko*

    @Gossip_trip: you sound like a complete idiot…

  • Erika

    Uncomfortable with the paps? don’t be ridiculous, they called the paps! LOL
    Jeez, you sound a few cherries short of a fruit cake!
    As for DP’s sour face, I would have one too if I had to roll on the sand for a living. year after year after year. hahaha

  • !!

    wow! we have a lunatic on the loose…..

  • Gossip_trip

    @Erika: I bet if you had to roll in the sand you’d be like a beached whale! ^ – ^ Ha Ha Ha

  • Erika

    Sorry, you just lost your bet! Not nice to project your image on to others. LOL! Go on a diet, it may even help settle your brain..

    Ok you can continue ranting……

  • Cyn

    Oh, my. They look so THRILLED to be there. May I suggest ordering online and having your order delivered? But I guess that would defeat the purpose, whatever it is…

  • hollywood

    “I think the last thing you want to do when you have a camera in your face at a grocery store, is smile.”
    tweets Dominique Piek. Listen up sweetie, we all know you are faking it till you make it. so just cut the cra*p!

  • Seriously

    Is Captain Fine that insecure that he has to date such hideous famewhores? *cough Audrina cough Oliva cough random Hollywood slores*

  • Jeeeeze!

    I just took a look around the net re CP and DP’s late night grocery shopping….wow just wow! the comments LOL! they say he’s gay, she’s a beard. That he’s stoned! he has moobs! she looks 5 years older! His films have bombed…..

  • Marisa

    He looks annoyed with! And why is she tweeting about it if they want privacy.

  • Cyn


    NGL, I did like his last two films and I think he did an awesome job with the People Like Us despite the uneven writing.

    I’m looking forward to Star Trek 2, red carpet appearances aside… Not looking forward to Cannes 2.

  • Keachick

    Wow. What’s with some of these comments?

    I suspect the paps hang around almost everywhere, hoping to get good pictures of actors/celebrities, whoever, that will get picked up by a website like this one and posted. That’s how they make their living.

    It is a pity, though, that neither Dom or Chris could manage a smile, even towards each other. I hope the couple are not tripping on drugs etc. If so, so sad – just another example of people having more money than brains/common sense, unless, of course, if you are Walter Bishop from Fringe…:)

    Anyway, they look pretty good. I like Chris’s hair. It is now light brown instead of dark brown and it suits him. I wonder if Chris’s Jack Ryan will also have a beard?

  • the paps

    Paparazzi make a living taking celebrity pics. That’s why you find them around places where celebrities usually hang out and not at random flea markets, supermarkets, streets, and parks. They cannot afford the time wasted, hoping that someone may just come around in the next few days/weeks! That is why people like Chris Pine and others can disappear for months when they want to.

  • ZAzu

    If you type his name and gelson, you get lots of pics with him grocery shopping over the past year. Mostly him alone except for this last bunch of pics. But yes he can become a shut in like Howard Hughes and have groceries delivered to himself, instead. That way no one call him a fame whore which he’s never really been, anyways.

  • Cyn


    But he dates women who are famewhores? I’m not sure how that works for him, but maybe he’s living through them vicariously…

  • pesky paps!

    1. If CP knows there are paps at Gelson’s why go there with his girlfriend and then look annoyed?
    2. Howard Hughes? don’t be ridiculous. Aren’t there any other grocery stores nearby he can go to?
    3. I’ve never thought CP was a famewhore, but he sure likes to parade his various girlfriends to make sure the public thinks he’s as straight as an arrow while all the time saying what a private guy he is…. which begs the question: is he gay? I would say yes.

  • ZAzu

    He is papped wherever he goes so he can’t just stop grocery shopping or living his life because of some paparazzi. I doubt that she’s a fame whore like OMunn who I distinctly remember getting “papped” with condoms from a sex shop. He seemed to found someone who isnt bent on getting fame by getting a celebrity boyfriend and getting ‘”papped” doing something ridiculous.

    As for him parading around his girlfriend, havent these two been together since last September? I haven’t seen that many pics of him parading her around town but i guess I’m not visiting the same websites you apparently are visiting. I’ve seen just a handful of pics of them together in 2011 and 2012 but maybe you should post a link to all these pics of them where they are throwing themselves at the camera’s mercy. Post alink and let’s judge them on the evidence…

  • Keachick

    I agree with Zazu.

    I suspect the pair met in Greece while Chris was holidaying there, in June or thereabouts last year.

    On reflection, I have seen Chris with red eyes before. It is the middle of summer and allergies affecting the eyes are not uncommon. Not getting enough sleep will also exacerbate any of those problems, as well as spending too much time in a tobacco smoke filled room. You don’t have to have smoked much yourself or have even smoked at all.

    Sometimes I think Chris looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders -
    @ Chris Pine (if you feel not so great) – You aren’t! Be Strong! Be Kind! All is well! Love ya!

  • pesky paps!


    Are you being deliberately obtuse?

    1.Chris Pine is NOT papped everywhere he goes. Do I really need to expand on this stupid sentence? looks like it. damn! So how is he papped “everywhere he goes” when he disappeares for months? where was he just before he came to gelsons and after he left? where was he the day before and the day after? Where is he today?
    You begining to realize what a damn stupid sentence that was??

    2 You “doubt that she’s a fame*****” ? ok. All of her bfs before Chris Pine have been – you guessed it- famous. 2 months after C J Wilson broke up with her, she gets another famous bf. Chris Pine. she tweets “The saying :”Fake it till you make it” applies to so many aspects of this business…..”
    she makes sure she drops enough subtle hints on her twitter to keep the Pine romance alive.
    and of course she does the staged phto ops. No, not a fame***** at all. LOL

    3″As for him parading around his girlfriend”…. You really, really need to read more carefully. what I said was “….to parade his various girlfriends” so the rest of your post was a total waste of time. You want a list of the girls Chris Pine dated or whatever but all unfailingly ended up in the public eye? here they are. there may be others… them. you can get all the links you want.
    One hell of a private guy our homeboy Chris Pine is huh?

    Beau Garrett
    Audrina Patridge
    Olivia Munn
    Jasmine Waltz
    Laura Vandervoort
    Olivia Wilde (who BTW totally denied it)
    Dominique Piek

  • pesky paps!


    In June last year DP was still hanging on C J Wilson’s arm.

    His red eyes could be due to anything…….

    As for “…..carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders” he’s 31, has a basic degree and earns millions “playing pretend”.
    He would, I’d say, be one of the more fortunate ones on this planet.

  • ZAzu

    Wow , you are a little upset that he’s dating someone who’s in the public eye? Yes, she’s a model with her own fanbase and fame. Together they are going to attract more attention than apart. Though i may seem obtuse, even i can see that they havent flaunted their relationship in front of everyone’s faces (except yours). He’s an actor and he’s not going to be dating a shy, retiring accountant anytime soon.

    Would you prefer that he date someone unaffiliated with show business? It probably would help with your anxiety and stress about him dating models and actresses, apparently.

  • pesky paps!


    Just keep doing those crossword puzzles until the lights go on.

  • Keachick

    @pesky paps!
    I wrote – “I think Chris looks like he is carrying the weight…” the key words here are “looks like”, as in sometimes, in the pictures published of him, he looks down, overly serious, annoyed…

    Honestly, why are so uptight about all those other young women Chris is supposed to have dated? He was just seen with them in a few places.
    So what? He gets out; he likes to socialize and inevitably he and who he is with get snapped by paps at various times. Maybe he likes models. After all, his own grandmother was an actress and model and was also intelligent and talented (and no, I don’t mean in *that* way).

    Wow – some people are so bitchy.