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Liam Hemsworth: 'Love & Honor' Trailer - Watch Now!

Liam Hemsworth: 'Love & Honor' Trailer - Watch Now!

Liam Hemsworth enjoys a night out with fiancee Miley Cyrus and her parents Tish and Billy Ray on Friday (August 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The group looked to be in good spirits as they headed to Billy‘s concert.

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The trailer for Liam‘s upcoming movie Love & Honor was just released.

In the flick, the Aussie actor plays a soldier who falls head-over-heels for a girl (Teresa Palmer) when he least expects to.

Love & Honor

10+ pictures inside of Liam Hemsowrth with Miley Cyrus and her parents…

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Credit: Coqueran, CPR; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • http://justjared POLO

    Billy’s concert????????? he has his own shows? who da fu*k would want to listen to his shi*ty music.

  • random

    why is there a dude in the last pic holding blonde hair in his hand and a washcloth or something on the ground under his foot

  • Liam

    He always seems so out of place in the middle of all her trash.

  • Uh huh

    Shes trying so hard to edgy and tough and failing so miserably. Its kind of sad.

  • Alison

    Liam looks out of place with the hillbilly family. This won’t last much longer. Liam didn’t get engaged to a Madonna wannabe and I’m sure as hell he won’t get married to one either.

  • Alison


    I bet Liam brought ear plugs to f*cking drown out that sh*t.

  • Fruit

    Oh DEAR MILEY, PLEASE PLEASE stop with the trash look, that bloody harcut, piercing and tattoos aint doing SHIT for you. Liam HERMSWORTH is going HIGHER AND HIGHER whereas his so called ‘fiance’ is going WAY DOWN. I just can NOT wait to read the news when they break up. I think this is the ONLY couple I will be so happy for when they break up…HELL I was actually rooting for Robert and Kristen but knowing how KRISTEN is in real life I KNEW it won’t last either but she really went DOWN so shallow never thought she cld go so far. Very self-centered and shallow of her to do such thing. But whatever, MILEY u need to cut that crap and be YOU this whole nonsence no one is frkng buying it. BULLSHIT.

  • Jade

    lol at these people suddenly liking Liam but they just do it cause they cant stand Miley.
    He was with Miley when she was leaving disney. If he didnt left her back then i dont think he would do it now. If he cant stand her or her family he should have ended their relantionship long time ago.

  • Alison


    It’s Miley’s hair.

  • jmho

    I feel like I’m looking at a puzzle: Which one of these is not like the others? Answer: Liam.

  • herms

    fugly trashy family

  • Mary

    Obviously Miley is so much better than all of you. She’s the one engaged to Liam.Control your jealousy and leave her alone. You dont even care about him you only hate on her cause you have nothing better to do. with your pathetic life.

  • Jade

    How pathetic is that you spend your time hating on a 19 year old. I’m sure no one here is younger than her. What a bunch of inmature people. If you were 12 i’d understand that but come on grow up.

  • Ash

    He is so gorgeous. Cute that he hangs with her fam.

  • herms

    @Jade: She’s a 20 year old sluttt

  • Brown hair

    He dyed his hair! whooo catching fire!! how is tha tnobody notced that? oh they’re too busy talking about Miley.

  • Lexy

    Sry guys, I never liked Miley, but stop hating on her style atm! This is how all bloggers dress like atm in Europe. She is actually very much in style! This goes for her clothes as well as for her haircut! Love it or (obviously, as always) hate it, but she looks like the everyone in Europe, especially Scandinavia right now….

  • BEAN

    He just always looks unhappy

  • jennifer

    you are all f……g jealous of her find you liam too and judgemental people!

  • A.

    Liam looks like he has had it with Horseface. Liam run as fast as you can. Run as far as you can and away from Horseface and her trainwreck family!

  • aimee

    ew. just ew.

  • Alia san

    @Jade: Mily now is a different girl then 2 years ago.I used too love her but not any more
    and I’m sure Liam thinking the same way
    i mean look at him.he so tired,he was in NY filming and this bich take him out with her stupid family
    sorry for my English still learning

  • Warren

    Sexy legs Miley! It’s great that she still does stuff with family.

  • KissThis

    When is he going to wake up and realize he is so much better off without her? She lowers him. He could have pretty much any girl he wants, and he picks her. Why Liam? #Confused

  • Jasmine

    @Mary: @Jade: These two are the same people LOL Probably one of Miley’s friends, or Miley herself pathetically defending herself since she has all the time in the world to troll the internet…because she can’t even get a steady stream of work like Liam!

  • Jasmine

    Anyone notice that the title of this is about Liam and that Miley’s simply referred to as his fiance? LOL it used to be the other way around. Now, he’s the one with success and he doesn’t have to go around like a tramp and post disgusting pictures of himself on the internet to boost his career. She’s already fading away (thank goodness!!!!) and desperately trying to cling on to it by any means necessary.

  • Anne

    This page is just a bunch of haters, none of your opinions matter anyway, all that matters is liam and all he has ever done was talk highly of her. Her career is not fading, 8 million people are still obviously interested in her life as they follow her on twitter which btw is for the fans not haters, she doesnt live her life to please you. You are all sad for hating on a 19 year old, do something better with your time, be productive.

  • nikky

    @Lexy: so what if all the bloggers from Europe look like that? That doesnt make it stylish..this is not about being in style at any cost. You are saying that it doesnt matter if it suits her or not but the important is that all bloggers in Europe have the same haircut which makes it relevant? that is kind of lame

  • Ja

    @Lexy: I’m sorry. I live in Europe and believe me not everyone dresses like that. If so, few people.

  • Katy

    @Anne: Just because those 8 million people follow her on Twitter, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are her fans.

  • @Lexy

    Classic. Only non-Europeans, mostly Americans, would say ‘in Europe this, in Europe that’. We never think of ourselves as a whole continent, we’re not a group of federate states like the US, we always refer to the name of a (our) specific country.

  • florence

    why are you doing this to yourself Liam? Look at you… now look at her… now look at you again!

  • Kristen

    hahahah wow, so much hate and jealous on here that makes me laugh xD Here is the thing: Liam loves Miley! Miley makes him happy and that what’s matter…Deal with it people and if you are a real Liam fan be happy for him!

  • sarah

    @Kristen: yeah… he sure looks super happy, and comfortable too!

  • Uh huh

    @Anne: You are defending Miley on a celebrity blog site.. Wouldn’t that make you as counter-productive as us?

  • Xiolablu

    It’s just Hair OMG.

  • Pauli

    It’s so clear that you all are so jealous that you’ll never be with a guy like Liam. You just scream jealousy and shallowness in all your comments.
    When Liam met Miley she was a disney girl. She had not started her drastic image change back then. He was with her through all of her changing time. And he is still we her. If he wasnt in love with her he wouldnt ask her to marry him in first place. Now build a brigde and get over it. He wouldn’t date any of you anyway.

  • Pauli

    @Jasmine: This post is about his new movie not about Miley lol. Read the tittle.
    I dont think she will ever fade. Her name is always in hater’s mouths. As long as they keep pretending to like Liam but then the only think they talk is about Miley, she’s gonna be pretty relevant to them.

  • rebecca


  • rebecca

    @BEAN: no he does not he looks sad and uncomfortable