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Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF

Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF

Amy Adams is elegant in a little black dress at the premiere of her upcoming film The Master during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Friday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The 38-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her co-stars Ambyr Childers, Madisen Beaty, and Joaquin Phoenix, who brought a mystery gal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amy Adams

Joseph Gordon-Levitt also dropped by the premiere to watch the flick!

Earlier in the day, Amy was spotted arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

FYI: Amy wore a Marchesa dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Yosi Harari jeewels, and VBH bag. Joseph is wearing Levi’s jeans.

30+ pictures of Amy Adams and her co-stars at The Master premiere at TIFF…

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amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 17
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 18
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 19
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 20
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 21
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 22
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 23
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 24
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 25
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 26
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 27
amy adams joaquin phoenix master tiff 28
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125 Responses to “Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF”

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  1. 1
    fyi Says:

    That’s Heather Christie.

  2. 2
    Love Amy Adams Says:

    Amy Adams is so naturally beautiful… such a lovely face, beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile and seems so genuine. A great actress too! No phoney here.

  3. 3
    Yo' Says:

    Looking cute as always, Mr. Levitt

  4. 4
    KissThis Says:

    SO happy to see Joaquin Phoenix acting again. He’s a tremendous talent

  5. 5
    Rayner Says:

    Amy Adams’ face is perfection! and the outfit is great too, as always it seems.

  6. 6
    plouf Says:

    LOL! I So… PTA ‘s girlfriend, mmm??? What a joke!!! She’s beautiful and I’m sure that they’re an item since a while, you can see how he’s comfortable with her. It’s all he’s always dreamt of: a woman, a child, a family in fact.

  7. 7
    Yellow Says:

    I like Amy Adams after watching Enchanted! And Joseph is my love!!!

  8. 8
    Fool Says:


    No. He JUST started dating her. For the past year he has done 3 movies in a row back to back, for several month periods. He has had virtually NO time to have a “girlfriend”. Especially since during filming he stays in character for the entire time period.

    He “looks comfortable with her”? And you can tell that from a PICTURE? He also “looked comfortable” with Aria, and was seen everywhere with her. Look what happened there.

    Mark my words: this girl will be out of the picture in several months times. She is no different than every other young model he brings into his life for a few months, then drops them once he is bored. When he was photographed with Aria for the first time getting dinner, he looked ECSTATIC. And like clockwork after a few months he got bored and kicked her to the curb. This broad will be in the same boat of ex models Joaquin has used and tossed aside.

  9. 9
    Fool Says:


    And LOL@ “It’s all he’s every dreamt of” crap. Really? He wants a “child and a family” so much? Then how come he is constantly( AND STILL IS ) dates 20 something year old bimbo wannabe models? How come he NEVER STAYS with a girl for longer than 6 months, before jumping to the next girl? He hasn’t had a serious relationship in OVER A DECADE! He has spent the past decade being the most unfaithful, womanizer excuse me, modelizer, I have ever seen. Cheating on women, dating around, relationships with 21 year old girls when he was 33. Now a 26 year old girl when he is turn 38 next month.

    It is a joke. She is another model he is dating, will cheat on, will throw away like he has continuously done for the past decade.

  10. 10
    Plouf Says:

    No offense Fool but, it’s the first time in several years that he brings a girl with him in trip and shows himself in public wirh here, holding her hand. So for me, sorry, it’s a BIG turn.
    She’s a mom, so it makes her also different. My thought was, when I first saw them, that they were already living together but I’m maybe wrong.
    I don’t Fool, I would like so much to thinkk the same than you but when I look at him, her, I can’t, my heart cries anyway. She’s beautiful, she’s young, she’s everything I’m not.

  11. 11
    Fool Says:

    100 bucks says, they will be over in 6 months time. No way are they living together what on earth would give you that impression? I am 100% positive they just began dating. When would he have had time to “live with someone” and start a relationship, while working grueling hours on set for 3 different movies in one year? He was photographed constantly out by himself. Then this girl shows up.

    The only way she is different is that he knew her for a long time, because he knows anthony. The other girls he has been with, he has taken to events too. Teuta went to the Vanity Fair party and there was an article on them “nuzzling in the corner”. Josie was in his movie “I’m Still Here”.

    This girl having a kid is also the very reason I know they will not last. Once they get “too close” or she tries to make him into a step dad, he will be out like a light.

    Look, I have been a fan of his for a long long time. I have seen how he is with the women he’s with. Even going all the way back to Topaz, his last serious relationship, they broke up on and off and there were rumors he cheated. He even invited that model Inger to come live with him, while he was still WITH Topaz. You don’t have to believe me. Wait and see. You will not see this girl with him in a few months time.

  12. 12
    Hello Says:

    I just want to say that I’m a little deceived, I didn’t expect a girl like this, I’m sorry. Now, to be honnest, I think it’s serious this time cos’ like Plouf said, it’s the first time, in secen years (exactly), that I see him arriving at a Premiere, hand in hand with a girl. He dated other girls and never showed himself with them when it was for Reservation Road for example and, with Aria, they arrived separatly. For me, it’s a way to show that he’s engaged, without publicity because he knows that with Anthony, people wil start to ask questions and all the rest.
    She seems very in love, her eyes on him are tender, he feels happy, all smiling. I’m sure that, in few weeks, we will see them again in “candids”, with Everly, his sisters must be SO happy for him, I’m sure. He showed him with her because this time it’s serious and don’t want to hide it. That’s my point of view, maybe I’m wrong.

  13. 13
    No Says:


    Yes you are wrong.

    He wasn’t with Aria during Reservation Road. In fact, look at the times he was with his previous girlfriends Aria, Teuta and Josie. He was NEVER promoting film during those times. Teuta began dating him when he was off of work, Josie was dating him while he was filming “I’m Still Here” (and he put her in his movie, and even named her in the credits). Aria began dating him in January when he had nothing to promote either. And Aria was in numerous candid photos with him for months, following him like a lapdog.

    Every single girl he’s been with, we have SEEN. He JUST BEGAN DATING HER. There is no way on this green earth he was dating her for a long time, because we would have SEEN her around. In the background, hanging out off set. But no. There was nada, nothing of this girl anywhere near him, in the countless candids that were out all year. He also filmed 3 movies back to back. Another reason why I know they weren’t together. Because not since Topaz has he had a girlfriend while filming on a movie set. He gets extremely into his roles and always seems to dump his girlfriends when he is about to begin a new movie.

    Like I said, wait and see.

  14. 14
    i heart bsb Says:

    this length of dress is not flattering on amy.
    she always looks pretty tho.

  15. 15
    Cammia1233 Says:

    Idk what people are talking about ‘he seems happy with her’. He was the most miserable SOB at Venice. He was angry, refused to answer any questions, immediately walked past the paparazzi getting booed, and only answered a single question at the press conference. I saw how he was acting and immediately thought he was miserable. What kind of happy guy would act so grumpy and annoyed as he did? I believe they just began dating. I have seen pics of him when he first began dating Tueta and Aria. He had a smile on from ear to ear and seemed happy. Then once the month go by he loses his smile, becomes bored and breaks up with whoever he is with. This is the classic honeymoon phase of the relationship.

  16. 16
    Cammia1233 Says:

    And Fool is right. When he was dating the others, it was never at a time when he was doing press red carpet appearances. Had he dated one of them during the release of his film, he would have brought them (except for maybe Aria because he knew she wanted to be a pop star and was likely using him for publicity lol) .

    I’ll make a prediction and say, they will be over in 6 or 7 months.

  17. 17
    Amore Says:

    It’s the first time that I post here because I have my word to say so, in advance, sorry for my english, I’m french and not very for languages.
    I read all your posts and I think you judge him very hard, we don’t know all the stories about his ex and you mentionned Aria… It’s her who broke with him because he didn’t want to show up with her and, what do we se today? He shows up wtih this one. So, yes, I think he’s in love, her I don’t ask, I just have to llok at her beautiful smile and you feel happiness.
    He wasn’t at his ease at Venice because of the crowd, It’s madness you know in this kind of Festival, and I understand him. But, look at him when they’re together, he’s shinning. I don’t think that he would expose himself with a girl like that, with a child, and who is an ex of on of his best friend, just because he had to. You’re jealous, I understand, I’m myself jalous too but, you’re too rough and you know nothing abou what’s going on under your eyes.

  18. 18
    Omg Says:

    Amore, you sound like and idiot and you’re the same person posting under numerous names. I can tell because your broken English in every post is evident. There is nothing for anyone to be jealous of. I have seen JP go through girl after girl and every single time it’s the same **** on here. “Omg he’s gonna marry her it is serious! They’re in love! They’re gonna last!” And boom, it ends. Give me a damn break. We just saw this girl for the very first time a few ****ing DAYS ago. Had he been with her longer, we would have SEEN her. He wasn’t with her, because he was filming several movies in a row. Get over it. He is dating someone. He is always dating someone. He has his fun and then moves on. And when the next former model comes along, this same damn “they are serious together” crap will come up again. The same damn thin was said about ARIA. Everyone claimed they “must be serious because he is always out with her”.

  19. 19
    You people are pathetic Says:

    I am laughing so hard at everyone on here making a big deal out of the fact he brought a frickin date to a red carpet event. Like it’s something major or crazy to do. Normal people in hollywood *gasp* bring dates to events. My God you people need to get laid more.

  20. 20
    You people are pathetic Says:


    Chill out dude, you’re a bit high strung there. This is something that has been going on for over a decade my friend. I became a fan of Joaquin’s around when he was dating Topaz Page Green. There were constant rumors and crap about how they were getting engaged or secretly married. Of course it was all BS. Nice to know over 10 years later, the same rumors come up only with girls he just began seeing. He was with Liv and Topaz for 3 years and nothing happened beyond that. Yet these delusional fanbots think he’s going to settle down with some girl who just showed up around him a week ago. Get used to it. There has always been stupid rumors and always will be. These people are apparently unaware of the fact that Joaquin is a regular George Clooney, and will never settle down. His own sister Rain doesn’t even have kids either. He probably followed in her footsteps.

  21. 21
    PhoenixFan Says:

    You people make me embarrassed to be a Joaquin fan. OMG he went to a dam red carpet event with his what!? How is that a big deal? Why are you guys over speculating, and thinking you know anything about this man based on a few photographs? Do you realize how utterly insane you sound? Judging how he feels about someone based on a picture at a red carpet event. Grow up. Normal adults bring dates to events. Leave him alone and stop picking apart his personal life.

  22. 22
    and you are awful Says:

    Joaquin is not an hollywood guy and you’re all wrong about him. I don’t know this chick but she looks fine to me. Come on! You would bring a simple “date” to two festivals? Nope, my friend! No way! You’re all pathetic! Think about Anthony, their son, you really think that she would have followed him like this, just for walk, ah,ah,ah

  23. 23
    ..... Says:

    @and you are awful:

    It boggles my mind how stupid joaquin fans are. Freaking out because he brought a date to a red carpet event. You people are so sad lonely and pathetic. He has the right to go on dates and date whoever he feels like it. He has the right to sleep with whoever he wants. Stop ****ing judging2 people you have never even met before based on publicity photos at a red carpet event. Bunch of sad pathetic lonely desperate old housewives.

  24. 24
    Surprise Says:

    Surprise. Joaquin has a new sex toy, and his fans go nuts. Shock of the century. It’s not like this has happened every single time he is dating someone.

  25. 25
    Joaquin Phoenix Sucks Ass Says:

    Lemme see hmm……Joaquin I think I’ve got you down by now

    Is the girl too young for him: Check

    Is the girl another model: Check

    Will she be history in a few months: Check.

    Joaquin you are so fawking predictable. Same type of girl every single time- young, tall, thin, model, homely. Same routine every time- happy go lucky honeymoon phase, followed by infidelity and a breakup. God this man is grotesque. The fact that he has fans is sickening.

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