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Angelina Jolie Receives Gift from Iraqi Foreign Ministry

Angelina Jolie Receives Gift from Iraqi Foreign Ministry

Angelina Jolie is presented a gift by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari during the next leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR on Saturday (September 15) in Baghdad, Iraq.

The 37-year-old actress visited Iraq to hold talks with Iraqi leaders about refugees who fled violence in Syria.

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Angelina has already made stops in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey on her tour to meet with Syrian refugees.

Check out the video below released by the UNHCR showing Angie on the third leg of the tour in Eastern Turkey.

Angelina Jolie – UNHCR Video
Just Jared on Facebook
angelina jolie receives gift from iraqi foreign ministry 01
angelina jolie receives gift from iraqi foreign ministry 02
angelina jolie receives gift from iraqi foreign ministry 03

Photos: Iraqi Foreign Ministry
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  • dawne


    Wish in one hand and shite in the other and see which one gets filled first. They are the loves story of this era of celebrity. Suck it up, you can never change their amazing and loving bond and family. How many times do they have to say how committed they are to each other and their family for you to get it.

    I can understand someone not being a fan…… world, but to take the time to type such utter garbage and feign that you actually believe your own lies, is amazing to me.

    You would have to be sight and hearing challenged or dumb as a box of rocks not to see their adoration of each other. So go spend your Sunday doing something more in touch with reality. He ain’t ever going back. They are going to marry and have more children……..your hell is going to continue likely for your lifetime. Give it up.

  • geez

    Can these two crazy trolls go somewhere else to fight?

  • Carly

    Angie could be at home already, it is already night in UK. It is scary to see so many refugees surrounding Angie. you don’t know what would happen. sometimes could turn into a riot. I am glad the trip finally over. She is a very brave woman. I would be scare to death.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    BRAVO!!! To you Dawne for saying everything I feel. And I am certain I am not alone in my feelings you expressed so well.

  • bdj

    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on Sunday called for Syria’s neighbours to keep their borders open to refugees, during a visit to a refugee camp in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region.

    “The most important thing is cooperation from the countries on the (Syrian) border… and to make sure these borders in all countries stay open,” said Jolie, a UN refugee agency (UNHCR) special envoy.

    “I’ve been of course very encouraged to be here and hear the government speak of continuing this wonderful, life-saving open border policy,” she told reporters at the Domiz refugee camp in Dohuk province.

    “I know how gracious the Kurdish government and the Kurdish region people have been to the Syrian refugees.”

    The three-province region hosts the majority of the Syrian refugees in Iraq.

    According to the UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response website, there are 25,508 registered Syrian refugees in Iraq, of which 16,833 are in Dohuk province.

    Another 10,914 Syrian refugees are awaiting registration, putting the total at more than 36,000.

    The UNHCR has said more than 250,000 Syrian refugees have been registered in neighbouring countries.

    The total number of Syrians who have fled the bloody civil war between supporters and opponents of President Bashar al-Assad is even greater.

    “With the continuation of the bloodshed in Syria, we have to all be prepared for a greater influx (of refugees), and I’m so happy to hear that the government is continuing to commit to these people,” said Jolie.

    The actress, who has been on a tour of countries bordering Syria, arrived in a white UN helicopter, then travelled to the camp by pickup truck.

    She stepped out of the vehicle near the camp, waving to the whistling, cheering crowd of Syrian refugees that greeted her.

    “I have been to the four borders of Syria, and this is the first camp I have been to where they are already preparing for winterisation, and also where there are ID cards, giving freedom of movement, which is an extraordinary thing,” Jolie said.

    A statement on UNHCR’s website said she had met Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Displacement and Migration Minister Dendar Najman in Baghdad, and also met Kurdistan officials including the region’s premier, Nechirvan Barzani.

    “Combined with the new influx of Syrian refugees and the sudden return of over 30,000 of their own citizens, the complexity of the situation and the challenges for this country just emerging from conflict cannot be overstated,” the statement quoted Jolie as saying.

  • Lucian

    The world is so crazy right now. Conflicts everywhere. US vs Muslim, Israel vs Iran, Japan vs China. UN will face a lot of challenge in the future. People like Angie and Brad try their best to help people, they can only do what they can.

  • strazila is a mental bitch

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  • plez

    @dawne: Great post.
    I don’t know about these tweets about The Counselor. Most seem like Brad is the lead and not Fassy. So whenever Scott is filming, people assume the Brad is filming.
    Thanks for the great articles about Angelina UN trip. Let’s hope the violence/war in Syria ends soon and these refugees will be able to go home.


    New thread

  • fyi

    plez @ 09/16/2012 at 1:20 pm
    True, some tweets saying Brad was filming last weekend. but it was Brad’s stunt double in fact, there were pictures of stunt double filming.

  • Jaye

    It’s just sad that with such suffering in the world, with a thread that highlights efforts to bring the world together in one accord for the betterment of our neighbors, that we should have to put up with the neuroses of Trolls.
    Someone put up an article that described trolls and it speaks to these 2 or 3 people who have camped out on JJ’s for the sole purpose of trying to upset the fans by spewing hate against this woman and her family in the foulest of language.
    These people are mentally ill. They don’t need educating because they know the truth and they don’t care. They are only here to feed their own sick, twisted need to hurt others in the only way they can, with words.
    They don’t have any life, any power, any self worth, so how can they care about the feelings of others, even those suffering in ways that many of us just can’t comprehend. They are worst than mean or twisted, they are evil, a title which I am sure they enjoy.
    This is the reason I don’t talk to them. What can I say to a lunatic that would have any meaning for them? They are faceless cowards who through the protection of the anonymity of the internet create chaos through their constant negativity. Who can read that day in and day out and not be affected? The last thing I’d want to do would be read anything that they say.
    If you’re wondering about your mood, why you feel depressed, angry and irritable sometimes, you may need not look farther than this blog and the insistence in reading what these trolls say day after day after day. Who cares what they think?. Who cares about making a point? Making a point or one upping someone is reserved for people with reasoning ability, not mental fleas.
    Manny Patinkin said recently that he had to leave Criminal Minds because the continuing depressing subject matter was getting to him. Physiologist have long held that what we put in our minds can affect us mentally and physically.
    I don’t need to know what they think of Jolie or to continue to defend things that are owed no defense. She is a warm, giving, empathetic, dedicated, compassionate woman. That’s what I’ve come to know of her and nothing a troll can say will ever changed that.
    We will never stop trolls from spreading lies. It’s useless to think anything that we say will make any impression on them. There are special places of unmitigating pain and loneliness for them. It’s not hell, it’s within their own minds. Without us to feed them, they would lose what little gasp they have on sanity.
    I’m speaking from a place of frustration, but it is mine to deal with. I just find it beyond reason that with the seriousness of the subject matter on these threads in the past few days that trolls are garnering so much attention.
    Peace be to all, however you may find it.

  • tish

    ……………………New Thread…………………………………………

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Glad to hear you are feeling really good, Rose, and I am certain that meal will be delicious.
    Yes. Angelina is just a fabulous lady. She fulfilled her commitments this week and visited the Syrian refugees in the various camps set up in several countries. God bless every one of those countries for helping in this dire time of need.
    She is a real trooper and I know Brad and the children are proud of her and will have many questions for her. I remember her saying how she shares the stories of her trips with Brad because he is interested and inspired by what these people go thru and how resilient they remain and how they manage to still have hope despite all they have experienced.
    I am so glad she has Brad to share these stories with and find comfort thru and cry it all out with and get suggestions on how she can be an even bigger help thru ideas that probably come to both of them as they discuss how to improve conditions for the refugees. I remember Brad saying they have conversations of this sort and “how to make things better.” They truly are a great couple.
    Have a wonderful day Rose. And I am already enjoying your many lively and informative posts.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Fans, I’d like to share this very short video of how the Jordanian Gov’t has prepared for the influx of Syrian refugees. I found it to be quite interesting.

  • anustin

    picture of a little girl on anjie’s lap,precious!!! thank you BRANGELINAFORUM!!!

  • Dc

    Hello to all Brad and Angelina fans aren’t we all so proud of her. I am extremely proud and in admiration of her. She’s the best! All week she’s visiting the refugee camps helping, giving her time and love – never giving up, believing in what she’s doing and bringing awareness to all. I can’t say it enough, she is a great person. Be safe Angelina. You are in my thoughts all the time <3.

  • lol

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  • lol

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    a stalker ?? LOL

  • neer

    Angelina Jolie is one of a kind. Her kindness is just inspiring. She doesn’t have to do this BUT she chooses to. It gives her inner happiness to be able to help in her own way.
    To be honest, I have little knowledge about refugees & as such BUT through her, I get informed what’s happening about these less fortunate people who are just victims of war.
    It is really commendable to whatever kindness she is extending to strangers such as her current effort to go & visit Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey & Iraq to thank every government in welcoming & helping the Syrian refugees as well as to show the world that there is truly a need for the international community to give aid to these people.
    It is impossible for everyone to like AJ as one simply cannot please everybody BUT it is impossible NOT to see the goodness of this person. Hate her all you want BUT not her kind gesture. She is simply giving a VOICE to the refugees.

  • lol

    @tamsin: really LOL another perfect description for you Lol.
    a real stalker …………………. since April LOL

  • Sunshine

    @Truth. Have you really lost your mind? There is no point to look for it. Tell me why should Angelina wear her engagement ring while showing respect for the refugees that have lost everything in this world? Only an insensitive idiot would do something like that, maybe like YOU.

  • lol

    who cares about ex wife ?? sorry i don’t have time for her.
    grrrrrr rrrrrrrrr you sound upset LOL
    calm down

  • Verite

    I don’t understand why trolls and the like continue to waste their time and energy insulting certain celebrities and their fans. Whatever, you are all pathetic but I also know that if it were YOU in those awful conditions, people like Angelina Jolie and other celebs would still be fighting for you to have proper living conditions and medical care.

    The plight of refugees is horrible and this is what people like AJ are hoping to bring to the forefront. A refugee has left their home and possessions and livelihood behind to save themselves and their families. Stuck in these camps they are in “limbo” unsure if they are just waiting it out in order to return to their homes someday or if they should find a way to move on and away from their homeland and start over somewhere.

    Celebrities like AJ are hoping to bring awareness to this issue so that people support charities that are helping defray the costs of accommodating refugees and to pressure their governments to help these countries who are helping others.

    All the immature people on this thread should maybe thing of pouring their time and energy towards helping raise this awareness. You are obviously on the web, alot, so why not put it to good use?

  • lol

    oh yeah , you are definitely angry and i love it LOL..

    i have fun with my family, my friend , cyberfriend , my boyfriend…..
    and you ” having too much fun ” here trolling????? bwa hahhahahahahhahaha

  • Sunshine

    @tamsin: Not a guilty conscience, but perhaps a more understanding of her intended purpose of this journey, like to bring awareness to refugees plight . If I remember your nom d’plume correctly, you are a FF from way back. Why don’t you stay at FF and keep them posted with your sarcasms and condescending remarks. That palace suits you much better than here.

  • Elizabeth

    I think she is pregnant! The flowy caftans, fuller look, etc. That would be exciting.

  • Elizabeth

    I think she is pregnant! The flowy caftans, fuller look, etc. That would be exciting.

  • Sunshine

    @liverwurst: I am trying to understand as to where you are coming from. But with that being said Angelina is not a country or a government..she is ONE HUMAN BEING. Maybe you don’t know but she has and does give 1/3 of her wealth to the causes that she is fighting for. She may give more that is unbeknownst to us or the media. I have read here and other website that when Brad and Angelina donate any amount of treasury, people call them attention or fame wh*res. Damn if they do and damn if they don’t. You call the shots, but from my view point..SHE DOES AN EXAMPLARY WORK

  • bdj
    Video at site

    UN special envoy and actress Angelina Jolie has visited Syrian refugees in the Domiz camp in the northern Iraqi Kurdish province of Duhouk.

    According to the UN refugee agency, some 22,847 Syrians have fled to Iraq since the conflict in Syria began.

    Angelina Jolie has recently visited refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to shed light on the plight of the Syrian refugees and to call on the international community for help.

  • MAMS

    oh, yes- twitter goes CRAZY whenever MAMS is on…here are a few that were just posted:

    mydudebro I want a relationship like angelina jolie & brad pitt. Just pure coolness and not caring what people think.

    gimmieit You wanna be my, lil angelina, make me your brad pitt, mr and mrs smith

    sarramej Watching #MrAndMrsSmith and I can’t help but wonder if that’s how Brad and Angelina makeout in real life…


    Hey 4Q, I know u said leave AJ’s womb alone..bahaha. But I’m calling preg as well. :) 4th JP bb, is on the way. They may get to 10 after all.

  • B

    I think AJ is taking this long trip now because she is pregnant and will not be able to go in a few months.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have another JP baby on the way – for them and their family.

    Oh and to see how Iggy Poppette and Squiggy fans burst their last remaining brain cells over it.

  • werrt

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    i would like to us the loonifers what are you doing to help those people like those homeless people not just the refugees i bet you just pass them by on the street on your way.. not caring about them not even giving glancing on them. But when somebody do you all like r3tard questioning the motives .. i hope one of these days you’ll wake up and find yourself in that same situation like those homeless and those refugees!!

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Yay!!!!!…. re the preggo comment as well, only time will tell, but her (Angies”) boobies certainly have the “look”. So happy for Brad and Angie and their family, and also the Pitt family that they continue to live their dream by helping as many as they can…’s good work and what a great example for all.


    wow tamshitt is really pathetic .. when you’re having fun posting in the internet you’re REAL LIFE MUST SUCK BIGTIME ..WBAHAHHAHAH!!

  • Andamentothat

    Love Angelina, a truly dedicated and wonderful human being. Safe travels back to your family, girl!

  • Andamentothat

    Ok, I was thinking about it yesterday after seeing that kaftan on her, but I am calling preggers. She always travels when she is pregnant right after trimester one. Her face and boobs look fuller.

  • neer

    Every time AJ’s presence anywhere is highlighted in the news (legitimate, credible or otherwise), the public take notice. Admirers or not, believers or skeptics/ cynics, it cannot be denied she is a force to be reckoned with. That’s why it is no surprise that even trolls & haters cannot help BUT discuss about her current missions, although negatively. This kind of reaction is simply from PURE JEALOUSY & nothing else. They couldn’t take that AJ is very effective in another facet of her life. It’s as if for them it’s impossible for a person to have almost if not, everything in life.
    Bear in mind, she hasn’t reached the position of UNHCR Special Envoy for nothing. Several years ago, she just wanted to help YET different organizations particularly the United Nations saw her immense commitment & dedication especially on field missions, hence she was given the position of UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. After a decade of serving as such, she was promoted last April 2012 as UNHCR Special Envoy, a DIPLOMAT-LEVEL position which means her functions is expounded & she represents UNHCR to meet government officials, world leaders & to coordinate with Secretary of State. She has now a bigger VOICE to UNHCR causes. (Let’s not forget she is also a member of the prestigious COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS). Let it be known that there are so many UN Goodwill Ambassadors from its various agencies. There are many personalities who hold these titles too and some of them even served longer than AJ. However, we wonder why it’s Angelina Jolie who was given this Special Envoy position. Could it be because she is the MOST EFFECTIVE one? Undeniably, when she is doing her part, people listens & watches. Otherwise, her missions would not be posted for instance even on entertainment blogs & attracts both fans & trouble-makers alike. So, she really has a say or the influence..However, she can only do so much & still needs the support of everyone to help those who are need. That’s why she is bringing awareness that matters.
    But you know what, I would like to think that AJ is NOT particular with positions or titles in the society. She is NOT self-absorb & narcissistic kind of a person. She never is & NEVER will be. She is just a citizen of the world, a woman for others. Tittles or not, what I know, SHE IS DOING HER PART, no matter what. And I must say, the MOST & BIGGER PART.

  • hopeso

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!

  • Golfer234

    @Jolie’s Got Gold:Huh huh the Beckinsale Len Wiseman the Dailystab well you’ll see me click the image picture.

  • Lurves

    Love ya Ange. Go girl <3

  • http://yahoo tendel Wangchuk

    Mam. Angelina you are doing great job, keep it up and the name itself indicate you are angle who can shares other sorrows and graviance and undestand the other sufferings by means of everything. i wish to see same kind of work in near future.. cheers for living angle.

  • Anne

    Angelinas inner beauty radiates out. We are blessed to have her in our world

  • sadat ismaili

    Ju enderuar Angelina Jolie keni bukuri te veqante, si Aktore si Kengtare Humaniste me karakter te lart jeni ne jeten e njerzim. Ku ndodhet loti aty gjindeni edhe ju enderuara JOLIE,me Rrespekte te Madhe ju shkruaj Sadat Ismaili of Kosovo.

  • sadat ismaili

    zoti ju bekofte