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George Clooney: 'Argo' Premiere with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: 'Argo' Premiere with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler attend the premiere of Argo held at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Thursday (October 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The couple dismissed rumors that they are heading to splitsville by looking as happy as can be together on the red carpet.

George is one of the lead producers on the flick along with Ben Affleck.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a vintage Alaia dress from New York Vintage, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, a Valentino bag, and Neil Lane jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at the Argo premiere…

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george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 01
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 02
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 03
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 04
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 05
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 06
george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 07
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george clooney argo premiere with stacy keibler 10

Credit: Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • DB

    Yeah, all those breakup stories about these two in the last few days must have been grounded in fact…

  • rachel

    photo op for the dbags. they are the most award couple

  • Elle

    I guess the beard contract isn’t up yet

  • Claire Mélusine

    ugh she looks trashy and he looks like a dirtbag mob boss, perfect couple

  • Gust

    He looks like an old goat with a cheep bimbo. He is just ridiculous .

  • -.-

    i wonder why he’s so afraid to get married he’s not getting any younger
    the player thing gets old.
    does he want kids?
    geesh i have so many questions.

  • lucy

    -.- @ 10/05/2012 at 12:19 am

    why should George get married again? he been there; done that. it’s possible that he’s decided that marriage is not for him. some people just aren’t cut out for that institution.

  • Nexttime

    Her lawyer is probably blackmailing his agent or one of her other famous lovers is working as a lawyer bona fide and advising them to keep an elegant front for image and art. He may remain with her as he is above all a nice gentle carpet who has so man other good things going. He is free to join his other female friends of profound humane depth (only the high class ones) and who can have better.


    he plays the ladies man so well,,,, hes prolly gay

  • KissThis

    Please, it’s all for show!

  • Helen

    They still around maybe they should try another one care about George any more

  • Charlotte

    She’s got shoulders like a bulldozer and looks all over fatty and oily, YUCK!
    Did she dress up for wrestling?

  • Hoobastank

    Oh God, he thinks he’s the older version of Christian Grey LOL!!!!

  • Message

    What a nice photo op! Look at the happy couple! (Cough)

  • gabby

    I wonder how much Fredericks of Hollywood paid her to wear that dress. Welcome back to your roots, Hooker Stacy. We missed you.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow – if these two want to appear legit they need some body language coaching. 1 – Stacy is actually turned towards George on almost every picture – this is sometimes done to keep from touching your partner- weird; 2 – as opposed to leaning towards or into George as she did the last awards season red carpets she is blantantly pulling away from him in almost every picture and looking away – sign of detachment or self-promotion ; 3 – their hips never touch – when couples are sexually attracted to each other it’s difficult to stand beside each other without hips touching; 4 – George’s feet are forward – typically when someone is very interested in their partner the foot is turned towards that person. Except for the picture where their heads are together (cheek kiss, nuzzle, or just whispering “you touch me and you’ll pay??) I don’t see any chemistry or connection here whatsoever. If they thought this red carpet was going to prove they are still together, I think it did the opposite.

  • lori

    Even their tans match……obviously this is legit.

  • brenda

    I wonder how long this one will last, he seems to go through woman like I do tampons.

  • bobbi

    Stacy looks fabulous!

  • jane

    When did he get so old looking ???

  • Kikicohen

    Pitiful. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire- and all of these ( for a month now!) breakup reports and SK’s insecurities about their “relationship”, have got to have more than threads of truth to them. Point in fact: Clooney is never seen in Keibler’s company at fashion shows, her promotional activities, her social events, etc., but the minute HE has a promotional event ( even though he’s not the lead actor, director, or producer), SK re-appears on his arm- day-glow orange tan, skimpiest dress in the room, plastic smile ready to go! Absolutely pathetic woman and beyond ridiculous, disingenuous, dim-witted, overrated “actor”. He ain’t looking too good lately, either. The alcohol and self-love is really starting to show…. Lol

  • Kikicohen

    Don’t you find it a bit rude and inappropriate that Keibler shows up to Ben Affleck’s movie, clearly dressed to “steal the show”, yet Clooney has a very small position in this film- one of many producers- big deal. If anyone should be stealing the show, it’s Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner, who has more class and beauty than George Clooney’s prostitute could ever dream of having!!!

  • Charlotte

    She is her own freakshow. And she is ALL nails in his coffin in one person, There will be nothing leftover when she lets him out of her claws.
    His choice.

  • ZipLine

    Yeah, the break up rumors were grounded in the truth of being just another PR stunt which is also exactly what the so-called relationship is and sadly all George Clooney is capable of these days — stupidly obvious PR stunts all the way around.

  • Taters

    I laughed out loud at the Clooney-Keibler break up denial that , I swear to Jesus, seriously went something like this:

    ‘George and Stacy have not broken up. They will be seen at several events together this month.’

    Just not even trying to pretend that this unconvincing fauxmance is anything other than what it is. *Slow Clap*

  • Housewife

    I was thinking the same. I also think PR team launched split up news, just to get maximum coverage of the two at Argo premier – obvious and pathetic PR stunt!

  • Alsmarmot

    He’s a coward

    He’s afraid to end the fake relationship publicity contract. I think he’s aware at this point that these fake relationships with trashy escorts devoid of class hurt his reputation and box office, but he’s afraid of upsetting the scumbags who set this up. He’s also afraid of upsetting Obama, being that both have been told that people will react negatively to Clooney cutting ties with this freakish hooker when THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE. Everyone should boycott Argo until after Clooney ends the fake relationship publicity contract. By promoting the notion that women are objects who should whore themselves out in order to get ahead, Clooney is indirectly making life more difficult for girls and women all over the world. I won’t be voting for Obama. I won’t be voting for Romney, either, but I can’t vote for Obama since he has openly associated with Clooney and the freakish hooker during the fake relationship publicity contract and apparently has not advised Clooney that he shouldn’t continue the fake relationship publicity contract. Also, Harvey Weinstein should be ashamed of himself for rewarding the freakish hooker’s poor lifestyle choices by giving her a high profile job. Everyone should boycott any person or business which promotes these freakish hookers. No longer a fan of Vera Wang and will never buy her stuff again, same goes for Marchesa.

    All of these cowardly scumbags should be ashamed of themselves. Not one of them has the courage of average, decent men. I no longer believe any of Clooney’s stories about putting himself at risk in Sudan. I no longer believe a word he says, and why should I or anyone else when he is clearly a blatant liar who associates with other blatant liars.

    “Better to be poor than be a fat man in the eye of the needle.” The heads of these idiots, including the freakish hooker, are so fat and their courage so non-existent that they will never fit through the eye of the needle. When the good Lord unleashes His wrath on this world, I hope Hollywood is one of the first places He hits.

    Will Clooney wake up, grow some balls, and start doing the right thing? He could ask God to give him courage and divine guidance, and while that’s not outside the realm of possibility, it seems unlikely at this late date.

  • Kikicohen

    @Alsmarmot: I couldn’t
    have said it better, so I’m not going to try, but I do have something to add. Remember when- about 2-3 months ago, Clooney was being interviewed for Rolling Stone, or some like-minded magazine, and he said repeatedly, “I know I’m going to hell.”-? Well, this is all why- he knows he’s a douchebag, liar, con-artist, etc. “work” for Darfur??? My ass- he has done nothing but draw attention to his own ignorance about the situation over there. He is truly a poor example of so many things.


    Well guys remember in my last posting on the last Just Jared entry for Appalachian Honey Kiebler that George should grow some balls? Well I guess this is the snarky reply to that posting. Lol! Yes the split rumors I agree was just their pr’s way obviously to drum up some headlines. That is so trailer trash class of Stacy and yes George too to try to steal Affleck’s thunder right now. From what I hear Affleck did a bang up job on this movie, and someone must be incredibly jealous. Well in my opinion, it has backfired big time. People will be turned off without a doubt of this charade happening at the movie. Actually it would have been better, if he kept his paid trash and himself home quite honestly. As someone stated earlier, the body language says it all. Turn them over, and stick a fork in them. They are done! Someone people just do not have any ethic or couth.

  • Dani

    Well said! He should have stayed home with his orange, oily, creasy hair, potato head – Jennifer and Ben were the stars to the evening.