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Kate Bosworth Tweets About Great Kiss

Kate Bosworth Tweets About Great Kiss

Kate Bosworth is casual chic while leaving an office building on Thursday (October 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress retweeted a quote that her fiance Michael Polish tweeted the day before about a great kiss.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my life,” the quote read.

In case you missed it, make sure to check out the trailer for Kate‘s upcoming ensemble comedy Movie 43, which features an all star cast.

FYI: Kate is carrying a Jerome Dreyfuss bag.

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Credit: Brian Lindensmith; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • dooliloo

    LOLOLOLOL you’re still irrelevant darling. *exists*

  • Elisa

    aww there’re so cute ♥
    Jared, can you find out about Lisa (Kate’s dog?)

  • JEN

    I don’t understand her, it’s like she’s trying to push this “relationship” onto the world so we’ll think of them as some hot Hollywood couple. Sorry Kate you weren’t even A-list when you were dating AS, and now you’re with a guy that directs your cheap jewelry commercials. Not even your 25 cent gumball machine ring is going to bring you out of the pathetic depths of has-been land. GIVE. IT. UP.

  • Looselipz

    These are trousers they showed on the YSL Spring 2013 Runway…zzzzz.
    But those shoes, they look like something my granny would wear to clean in.

  • Elisa

    @chelle: Because Kate
    Bosworth is someone.

  • Lena

    She’s not flashing the ring! Is she ill?

  • commonsense

    My comment is awaiting moderation?! Really? All I said was “Vomit, these two are well suited to each other. Geez JJ, you really are in Kate Bosworth’s pocket.

  • Elisa

    @commonsense: maybe is because you have no idea what are you talking about.

  • Macy

    Um, isn’t she supposed to be filming her next crappy movie? Statham, and Wynona are on set. Where the hell is she? Prancing around LA for no good reason it seems.

  • oh no

    Theres nothing relevant to write about her, so now they are headlining her kiss?

    Poor JJ, hes been paid to feature her, and hes running out of things to write about. After all, how many bristol farm shopping trips can he write about?

  • Jeannie

    This gets a post?


    UMM michael polish is a bug-eyed, manorexic, aging hipster, shitty producer…kate is an anorexic actress with only one half decent movie, wannabe hip, and tries way too hard….she dated 2 very good looking actors and now shes got an ugly-ass one with a grown ass kid. well done kate you are now a b actress. Keep flashing your cheap little ring around, walking around newyork, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. dressed like a curb crawler.

  • chelle

    @commonsense: mine too….I don’t get it….It was there then it was gone

    Let me try again…. How exactly is this important enough to post about?

  • Elisa

    @SHARE BEAR: god, what a superficial comment?
    does it matter that he has a kid?
    does it matter that he isn’t very tall?
    well, to you… yeah.

  • Amanda

    I’m rolling my eyes at you Kate.

  • Elisa

    Ian Somerhalder, Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard.

  • uhm

    A woman who is almost thirty tweets about a kiss?
    She has the mind of a 13 year old schoolgirl.
    Orlando dumping her must have really messed with her brain.

  • Elisa

    @uhm: It’s call Romance…

  • Elisa

    @uhm: It’s called Romance…

  • Abbey

    That’s a great quote.

  • Jeannie

    @Elisa: If you’re such a huge fan & seem to know so much, her dogs name is Lila, not Lisa.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Probably hasn’t started shooting her role yet.

    @Elisa, romance it may be but from her it just seems like overcompensation, like that spider monkey behavior when they’re being papped.

  • carrie

    who is she? i only remember her in ONE movie BLUE CRUSH (i believe)

  • Albert

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  • Carla

    Get it!, when she is not with her ​​fiancé, she puts her hand away from the camera. I vote for no pictures with her fiancé. Anyways he is as irrelevant as her.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Comments being randomly deleted, or double posted.

    And a lot more spam comments.

  • Ashley

    Dear Jared,

    Just b/c you keep using terms like “casual chic” and “comfy chic” doesn’t mean they actually exist.

  • Jen

    He’ll never be Alex, no matter how much you try to dress and style your life-partner/soulmate up like him. Deal with it.

    PS – JJ, c’mon, pathetic to post this story about her. So blatantly obvious that you’d put up some drivel about her because it’s been an Alex rich few days. Is that some kind of contractual obligation? She’s not worth the effort!!

  • KissThis

    Kate, we really don’t care.

  • Texas Swede

    For all those who do not think she has had facial work (chemical peels) done compare the photo in the link below from 2008 to any close up from this year. Tell me where her freckles and age spots have gone? If there is a secret way to get rid of them without professional or medical help I want to know about it. Compare the lips too.

  • Sam

    It’s a quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. p58

  • chelle

    @Sam: who cares where it came from…… it’s still a pointless post about a useless person.

  • Ella

    Kate Bosworth is, to me, someone who can look very pretty with proper styling. But then I see her out and about away from events, and I just think she looks awful. Her clothes–for all their designer labels– look terrible the way she throws them together. Furthermore, why she insists on parting her hair slap down the middle and shoving it behind her ears is really beyond me. Her face looks much, much better when her hair is parted to the side.


    what a style !! I love her

  • ladybug

    @Sam: Thanks for that info, but to repeat what chelle wrote, what’s the point? And how are we supposed to know that it’s a quote?

    I like how JJ tells what bag she’s got, and we didn’t even ask (We asked about the airport pants and never got a response).

    @Ashley, JJ loves that term ‘casual chic’. I think it’s like magnet poetry, he just throws these cliches in for whatever reason.

    @Ella, we can all look good when we’re styled. And this is why I don’t get why she’s a style ‘icon’, she has a stylist, and without that stylist she more miss than hit, IMO.

  • hey

    She isn’t aging well…she looks 39, which isn’t old, but she looks much older than 29!

  • Margaret

    @Texas Swede: You’d think that if she were vain enough to have freckles removed she’d have done something about her f***king ears. Pin them back or something. And whoever mentioned how she wears her hair parted in the middle, I don’t get that either, she’d look a little better if she just changed the part to the side. With her hair parted down the middle it just draws attention to that massive forehead.

  • Please stop.

    OMG SHE LOOKS 39 or whatever… Please stop. Maybe she looks older than her age, that’s fine. But can we stop acting like 39 is such a terrible thing to look like? Or 49? We’ve all either been there or are going to be there, if we’re lucky, so for our own sake, let’s please stop using all this hateful talk about looking a certain age as a means of insulting someone. If you dislike someone because of how they behave, fine. But to point at someone’s fine lines and age spots as a way to insult them is to think and behave as superficially as you may believe she does.

  • Eresyn

    i don’t like this look. It’s like she finished her shift at the coffee store and took off her uniform shirt and stuffed it into her purse. The granny sandals and the messy hair are not helping either.

  • ladybug

    @Please stop.: It’s not that looking 39 is a bad thing, it’s that she often looks older than she actually is. Yet her stans keep telling us that she’s a ‘natural’ beauty with a ‘perfect’ complexion. If she had such a great complexion she wouldn’t be looking older than 29.

  • Greasy gits

    MP & KB WASH YOUR F****** HAIR

  • Darlene

    KB looks great. Fashion sites are loving her look. Losers at JJ have to bash. She doesn’t want your vampire heartthrob, people. Move on to the actress he’s now dating.

  • Tulip

    What a splendid quote and it’s great they shared it through twitter. MP photographed a page from a magazine with the quote.
    @Margaret: Why should Kate have her ears done? What a ridiculous comment.
    @ladybug: Kate looks 39 is a laughable comment. Silliness abounds!
    Who has watched For Lovers Only or Twin Falls Idaho? You’d find Michal Polish very impressive.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Please note that i didn’t say that she looks 39, but I do think she looks older than 29.

    @Darlene, why is that her fans can’t accept that it’s Kate we don’t like and it has nothing to do with her exes?

  • Lois


    Oddly enough, you’ve only been mentioning Molish’s work only after I mentioned that I watched Twin Falls and thought the Polish brothers were rather cute in it. Do you have any original thoughts or ideas of York own?

  • fyathyrio

    This couple is ridiculous. They act like teenagers.

  • Lois

    It must kill her stans that the person they always defended as being private during her last hookup is so famewhorey with this one. Pretty obvious who didn’t want to broadcast being with her.

  • Tulip

    @ladybug: So, you know Kate and that’s why you don’t like her? Why is it the posters who claim not to like her are AS fan girls? A strange coincidence?
    @Lois: I saw TFI very recently. You said the Polish Bros were rather cute. I said Michael was very impressive. I wouldn’t compare our comments. So, yes, my thought was original and my idea was my own. I’ll elaborate by saying it was his directorial debut and beautifully done. I agree with you, Michael and Mark were (and are) very cute. What’s really funny is you think yours was an original thought, an idea of “York” own! Such hubris. have you seen For Lovers Only?
    Kate’s happy and in love. Why shouldn’t she walk down the street with her arm around her man? How sad anyone would think that’s reserved for teenagers only. My husband and I have been married for years and we’re affectionate with one another in public. For Alex’s sake I hope he learns to ignore the paps. He gives them way too much power over him. I like AS very much but he doesn’t seem at all happy to me these days. I’m not implying it’s because of the breakup but he’s just not happy. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Aussiegirl


    My guess Tulip, is that you and your husband don’t put on gross displays of PDA to get attention from passers by.
    For this little Miss it’s the only way she can scramble to stay relevant. So please, spare me the “your all bitter AS fans” comment. It’s getting a bit stale – just like Michael Polish.

  • Jeannie

    @Tulip “Why is it the posters who claim not to like her are AS fan girls? A strange coincidence?” I’m a poster & not an AS fangirl, or a fangirl of any of her ex’s. Believe it or not, some people just don’t like her.