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Taylor Swift: 'The View' Appearance!

Taylor Swift: 'The View' Appearance!

Taylor Swift takes the stage during her appearance on The View on Wednesday (October 24) in New York City.

The 22-year-old entertainer went on the show to promote her new album Red, and also perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”!

That same day, Taylor stepped out to do some more promotional work.

Taylor is also set to make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing this Thursday (October 25) – check out pics below!

Click inside to watch Taylor‘s interview on The View.

FYI: Taylor‘s The View blouse is Oscar de la Renta.

Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 10/24

Taylor Swift – The View, 10/24
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taylor swift the view apprearance 01
taylor swift the view apprearance 02
taylor swift the view apprearance 02a
taylor swift the view apprearance 03
taylor swift the view apprearance 03a
taylor swift the view apprearance 04
taylor swift the view apprearance 05
taylor swift the view apprearance 06
taylor swift the view apprearance 07
taylor swift the view apprearance 08
taylor swift the view apprearance 09
taylor swift the view apprearance 10
taylor swift the view apprearance 11

Credit: ABC/Donna Svennevik; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ugh

    and now for something completely different

  • brit

    old lady swag

  • michael

    boring old hair and clothes

  • Rose&Sage

    look at this picture I found on twitter by Kings of Leon.

  • Yohji

    It’s kind of sad that nobody is telling this broad that she simply can’t sing.

  • Viv

    Omg her outfits just get worse and worse.
    It’s like she is stuck in the 1950s or something.
    All she’s missing is a poodle on her skirt.

  • CF

    If you dont like Taylor then don’t let it bother you, just skip past it. If you dont like a tv show u just change the channel so do the same here rather than wasting time posting snide remarks. Your comments wont diminish her sucess, they just make you a bitter person. She hasnt done anything wrong and she is 22, let her figure out who she is instead of trying to tear her down. Shes not for everyone but neither is any other artist and I personally love her, i just dont think its necessary to waste energy being mean if you dont.

  • Rocky

    I dont usually post on this site, but well.. here we go
    I’ve had enough with Taylor, she get’s away with everything. One mr Mayer dates 6-7 women and is called a womaniser, this girl has slept with like everyone from Joe jonas to taylor lautner, jake gyllenhaal, whatever, and she gets away with it.
    At any high school, she would be the school “slut”, sorry but it’s like that if you sleep around and exchange boyfriends every other month..
    she’s not that innocent, wake up, she’s 22.
    Tim tebow, chord overstreet, another two
    If any other celebrity would do this, she’d immediately be called a slut,
    That’s the truth

  • Rocky

    @Rocky: You can dislike my comment all you want, truth can be bitter sometimes

  • FeeFee

    Sick of this goody goody. She needs to date a huge older black man (well-hung) in order to get rid of her goody goody image,. She is annoying.

  • miss infamous

    how many posts can you do on her in one day?! ugh lol and she sounds bad live Im sorry

  • anne


    Rocky, I don’t know about your dating style, but some girls wait a while before sleeping w/ someone. There are guys I’ve dated for a few weeks that I never slept with. Judging from this girl’s short relationships and still innocent vibe, I wouldn’t be surprised if she never slept with them. Just because you’ve dated someone does not automatically mean you’ve slept with them.

  • Kevin Federline

    Oh, please. I bet Taylor’s been double-, maybe even triple-stuffed already. I don’t hink she’s as innocent as she and her publicist would like you to believe.

  • Barbara

    Wow…that song is soooo High School….lol

  • anne

    There are tons of other posts on JJ to read other than Swift’s. These posts on Taylor Swift are for those who like her, not her haters. There are celebs on this site that are way more overexposed than Taylor fyi. So grow up and go read about whichever celeb you came to JJ for.

  • anne

    @Kevin Federline:

    You and I don’t know her, so both of our opinions are only speculation. Besides, she’s probably just not as horny as you, you know, lol. But seriously, you guys need to lighten up!

  • Kim

    It’s terrible that u haters judge sb this much quick and easy! HOW did u know that she has slept with all of her short-lasted-bfs???? She’s not called a sl*t like the others cause she’s NOT one of them. U can search them somewhere else not in tay’s category. I really appreciate this girl whose WORST clothing is shorts cause She doesnt wanna b a bad idol for teens. So just shut ur mouth and think maturely before u put a comment on here!

  • Danae

    Grow up and throw out all these sick school uniforms. I can’t believe people still fall for that style.

  • salany


    Grow up and respect other people’s sense of style, no matter how bad it may be. She’s not forcing you to wear her type of clothes.

  • blip

    Taylor Swift is a loser. There must be something seriously wrong with her if 20 different guys dumped her. She’s only 22. It’s probably cuz she looks like Miss Piggy– nasty overbite, squinty eyes, pigeon toes, flat chest, freakishly tall. That girl cannot sing. Without autotune & a good producer standing behind her, she is nothing. Her songs sound like they were written by a 12 year old. She’s more overexposed than Lady Gaga was 2 years ago– always in your face & in every guy’s underpants. She’s like a prostitute who gives it away for free.

  • amanda


    Yeah, you sound like a real catch yourself and not at all loser-y *eyeroll* You must be a perfect specimen and can write songs that would blow hers away. And also beat her for those songwriting awards she wins every year, right? Come on, be realistic, things are always harder than they look.

  • Joanna

    I don’t understand why there are so many mean comments on this. About her clothes. Seriously? You people really need to grow up.

  • chris

    That plain jane needs to get over herself. She can’t sing.

  • KissThis

    Slowly, but surely her career will dwindle down. It’ll just take a little more time. Her newest album is the weakest of them all.

  • cordelia


    I doubt that. She’s a prolific songwriter (an album every 2 yrs and this CD has 16 songs on it, 19 on the deluxe version). She’s gonna be around for a long time and I will def be following her career and see how she evolves. She’s only 22, so her fairytale schtick doesn’t bother me, she has a lot of time to mature. Anybody remember Ally McBeal? She was all about fairytale endings, she was a freakin lawyer and it was a hit! Now I wanna watch some Ally McBeal….

  • cordelia


    Although I agree this album is too pop and it doesn’t work with her, her previous 3 albums were better.

  • Rory

    Taylor, the one common denominator in all your breakups? You. You’re the problem. Write a song about that.

    I find her to be incredibly naive, and creepy and borderline mentally unstable. She dresses 85, looks 30, and acts 16.