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Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler has just signed on to star in the upcoming film Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

The 42-year-old actor will take on the role of Nikolai Trusevich, the all-star goalie who leads his team and inspires the entire battered city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The film is based on “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II. To stem a rising tide of resistance and establish Aryan superiority, the Nazi’s set up a match pitting the starving Ukrainians against a ‘super team’ of German players that to this day is still known as ‘The Death Match’.”

Dynamo is scheduled to shoot in Europe next year.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??

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  • Tommy

    @DocP: Are you a teen? Lust or what you call love is not a movie.

  • Rippin

    @So&So: @DocP: Who are you? Naive or a MG promoter? Both? Can’t be anything else.

  • Tommy

    @Rippin: She must be a teen. Not worth my time. C Ya.

  • Brandi
  • Be logical people

    Think. He needs to travel all the way to Dubai in less than a week. Would you sit in NY with a huge hurricane heading your way, not knowing how much damage might happen or how long it would take to get out, if you had commitments coming up soon? No, you wouldn’t. He flew out Sunday morning, no doubt about it.

  • Sock her

    @Rippin: Hey! That is him in that fb photo with his back turned. She’s good at this” in your face fannies” tactics. He enjoys it also. He is letting her do it. I am just here to watch the games.

  • Rippin

    @Brandi: Read 195 and 198.

  • SadButTrue
  • Rippin

    @Brandi: Not Live. From October 23. Same outfit. If he doesn’t talk about his Sandy experiences with some depth in his Europe interviews, he left Sunday. I think he left Wedneday in time for the game.

  • Maybe

    @Sock her: Sure looks like him. If true, and he knows about it, then they are both equally sick and deserve each other. There’s just no reason for any of this. Why would you try and stick it to his fans, unless you are a sick, vindictive freak?

  • Brandi

    Get off the drugs, your hypothesis has no merit. You can’t even make up your mind when he left. It definately wasn’t Sunday. If you refuse to believe facts then you will never see the truth.

  • DocP

    Of course he never wears the same outfit twice!!! NOT, of course he does!!!

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    I think he left for London last night……
    On her fan Facebook the photo looks like Heathrow airport 7hrs ago ,looks like she was waiting to pick someone up.
    Who knows,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • wrong

    @Brandi: It was Sunday. You have no facts to prove otherwise.

  • Rippin

    Brandi and DocP perpetuate propaganda to the naive. No interest in their cat fight. They are sick as GB and Maddie.

  • Brandi

    Yea sure I always wait outside when I’m meeting someone at the airport. Hey maybe she’s standing on the runaway..

  • Sock her

    Sunday or Wednesday. MG is rubbing it in our faces. And Gerard has pretended to be hanging in a club.

  • DocP

    Hey thanks for the compliment, people do say I look young for my age. Of course not that young but still :D

  • Brandi

    Do you not keep up with current events, here’s my proof
    Or does CNN lie also. You are definately not from the US , it’s been all over the news…..READ

  • wrong

    @Brandi: Dum.bass, you’re the one that can’t read. He got out BEFORE the hurricane idiot.

  • Brandi

    You really need learn how to read. He has been seen by multple tweeters all over NY. One girl saw him shopping after the storm, read the enire threads. I’m not educating you, back off the hairspray its clearly seemed into your brain. I’m not discussing this issue anymore, I refise to lend more hype for her PR. END OF STORY!!!!

  • twitter
  • wrong

    @Brandi: Are you really that dense? Those tweets were false sightings. They happen all the time. YOU read the old threads. There’s tons of them. You can insult people here all day and it won’t change the truth. You’re in denial. Did you also think he was partying with Psy in NY when he was in Alabama? Grow up. END OF STORY.

  • AA

    too many tweets to be all false. @wrong:

  • Brandi

    @wrong: lol lol lol lmfao!!! Read and see the pic posted above your comment, your to funny. It dawned on me perhaps it’s not that you can’t read but you are blind!!!! My mom taught me not to make fun of the mentally handicapped.

  • kiya

    Ive always found Gerry as a weird scorpio they always go for women with a mystery about them & different, he always goes for women who are semi-naked most of the time with no integreity sorry just my take

  • Brandi

    He must be in LA for the taping of the Chelsea Handler show. It’s suppose to air Nov 5th. Now that makes sense.

  • wrong

    @Brandi: Hey dumb.ass, I thought he was in NY? If YOU look at the pic, then I guess you were wrong. Talk about mentally handicapped.

  • Hello

    That last tweet wasn’t the girl in the picture who tweeted it and have no idea who it is or when it was taken. The tweeter is in Phx. GB is NOT on the schedule for Chelsea lately. Carry on…. think we are feeding MG’s illness. Time to change subject til something pops up.

  • Brandi

    @wrong: you just can’t admit it can ya??? That’s what they call insecure. Intelligent people admit there errors. I never said he was “still in NY” I said he wasn’t in London with Maddie which is what you were sure of. Enough said, I have a job unlike you…… I hear Taco Bell is hiring perhaps you should get your 2 ton a$$ off the couch and go apply. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya :))))))))

  • gmad

    I’m sorry but I think Rippin may….may, be right, ladies. I have to admit that there is this possibility, that he’s really in London, do not like me, is clear, that but…I think, also a chance for him go to watch the match of Celtic, and with her, already there in London, .. well, I think Gerard this occasion not let made to slip away.

    I say this not to feed other discussions,I have no interest or appreciation or praise for this female,on the contrary!
    But sometimes certain findings …
    And Gerard of the rest of the idea of ​​being always on the move, from place to place, considering the restless his life, of course when one does not have a stability, these are often the results. He has no problem to take another flight the next day to be where his presence is required.
    This IS Gerard …..

  • dargabriel

    Good beautiful nov 1 to everyone. Ok so this butler has everyone guessing again, my vibe is many of these pics and tweets are not real or older then what the dates say. I do believe butler left nyc, on sunday and has been in la since, my gut Also this m lady game is only this, she does not have the energies or spiritullal force he yearns for. He is better than most see him as, he puts on a side show for all to see, but underneath is so much more then we see. He is very clever, it sure would’ve been nice to see him have made it to the world series. Have a great day. Love,dargabriel

  • Whatshedonenow

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is – or was – in London with that plastic twit. They’re both idiots who like taking the pisss on her fb, especially out of the phannies.. Why they bother buying tickets to see his crap films, when he behaves like that towards them, I will never know. I wish they would understand he doesn’t give a dry crap about them.

  • http://JJ Ggfblx
  • wrong

    @Brandi: Apparently reading comprehension is not your thing. I never said he was in London. And you are far from intelligent. Quite the contrary. As far as a job, the only job you have is sitting on this forum and one other and attacking people all day and night with your nasty mouth, Eve. You might try getting your facts straight before you start your immature name-calling.

  • Zoo Lander

    @Whatshedonenow: I was thinking the same thing. He wants yer money, people, but him and his piece are laughing at you. I would think he’d be more careful since his movies go straight to DVD and his career is circling down the drain. Instead, he let’s his piece taunt the handful of fans he has left. Idiot.

  • Eli

    @gmad: Following Gerry was like playing Where’s Waldo. Nowadays, it’s like watching Conspirarcy Theory. Mads,Ger and some PR buffons here on this site are laughing at us.

    He ran to her twice now. Three time will seal the deal. If you like Butler, it is time to accept that Mads in his life for a long time. No other girlfriend could be allowed such nonsence. She will be recognized for being “hot” and he will enjoy pretending not to flaunt it.

    Do not respect him anymore.

  • Eli

    @Zoo Lander: TY! SO TRUE!

  • Doesn’t matter

    @Eli: He’s not relevant anymore. The rags don’t even pay any attention, and showed no interest when they tried to sell this “romance” a few weeks ago. All it got them was even more negative comments from the few who bothered. I don’t think he even realizes yet just how far down on the totem pole he is at this point. This forum and the last stragglers at the phannie sites are all that remain. His movies are a loss to the studios. His fameho will soon dump him for greener pastures.

  • CommentsPage


    True story: I come from the same village as Gerald Butler’s parents, so he used to come up every New Year and visit. One New Year, before 300 got big and he was raging on the alcohol, Gerald Butler was standing at a phone box, drunkenly hurling abuse at it, before attempting to pick a fight with it. He smashed a couple of the windows and I don’t think the Police ever caught him. So yeah, think about that next time he’s on your screen.,88173/

  • @CommentsPage

    That has to be the funniest story I have ever heard! I’m stumped with laughter.

  • Hadtodoit

    The Madtard Song
    By MG and Gb
    (Courtesy of
    Buster Poindexter
    Hot, Hot, Hot lyrics)

    Ole ole, ole ole
    Ole ole, ole ole
    Yessa, haha
    Yes, my pathetic GALS

    Me maddie on fire, zoolander inspired
    We are hot, hot, hot
    Pretty people all around me
    We are hot, hot, hot

    What to do on a night like this?
    Pumping in club, I can’t resist
    We need a party song, another Wonderwall jam

    See people rocking, hear people chanting
    Gerry’s hot, hot, hot
    Keep up this spirit, come on, let’s do it
    Maddie’s hot, hot, hot

    Pretty Phannies in the party, hot, hot, hot
    Ugly people the party, not,not,not
    They come to the party, know what they got
    They come to the party, know what they got

    I’m hot, you’re not, she’s hot, you’re not
    I’m hot, you’re not, she’s hot, Mad’s hot
    (Real hot, real hot, real hot, real hot)
    Haha, oh, Lord

    How you feeling?
    How’re we feeling?
    (Hot, hot, hot)

    How you feeling?
    How you feeling?

  • heheheh

    @CommentsPage: Sounds familiar. I’m from the Border country myself, and I have a cousin who had a few episodes just like this. He took out the village X-mas tree when he fought with it one year. It’s very much in the genetics, I’m afraid.

  • Chelsea Handler

    @Hello: \

  • annoying

    I think his is an egocentric man. I have had too much of the wave story. He needs to quit talking about all his mishaps. I never hear other actors going on and on about the same old story. I guess it didn’t end up selling any more tickets for his movie.

  • Rippin

    @Chelsea Handler: Flown from Europe to LA many times in one day. Big deal!

  • Thursday’s child

    @CommentsPage: For someone who seems to know his antics so well, it’s GERARD, not Gerald.

  • Maybe he cancelled
  • FYI

    Both and Chelsea’s show page make a point that they are posting “air” dates, not taping dates, which tells me if he did tape the show, he most likely taped it while he was in L.A. for the premiere. If he did it at all. He may have just blown it off under the circumstances. There really isn’t any point now.

  • huh?

    @Sock her: You and everyone else who believe that “MG is rubbing it in our faces” is truly idiotic. Do you really think she cares one single iota about what fans think? She shares images for her friends, family and herself. Another outlook is, why shouldn’t she post about her boyfriend anytime she wants? He’s HER boyfriend.