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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hold hands as they head inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween Party on Wednesday night (October 31) in Hollywood.

The Twilight co-stars were spotted in clear masks with bushy eyebrows at the beginning of the night. As the evening went on, Kristen was spotted in a short wig and sunglasses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Meanwhile, the final installment of Twilight, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks on November 16.

FYI: Rob is wearing Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson celebrating Halloween together…

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  • Mik

    @peach: I don’t want them to do anything. I’m just talking from MY perspective and I’m perfectly OK if it’s not theirs. I don’t know why you take so much personal offense in MY opinion and MY impressions. Have yours. I’ll keep mine. Move on. It doesn’t affect you.

    And FTR: The rumors of them having “meetings” being back together began back in September, not now. They could promote and do their jobs without having to be back dating or as a couple. They could actually work on their relationship without dating or having officially reconcile. I’m not saying they should hate each other. I question whether they got back together TOO SOON. I think they did. It’s OK if you disagree with me. In the end, it doesn’t matter either way.

  • Mik

    @Elena: Exactly! I share your perspective, Elena.

  • peach

    @Mik: i have nothing against your perspective and i was not specifically asking what you want them to do,was speaking in a general perspective. people wanted her to face up to her consequences when she wasn’t seen when the cheating scandal came to light back in july then when she was spotted out and about people wanted her to go back to staying out of the media.

    like you previously said neither me nor you or anyone for that matter knows what is going on in their relationship thus there is no proof supporting the assumption that they broke up and got back together and vice versa no proof that they ever broke up

  • peach

    @Mik: i do apologize if you thought i was personally asking you what wanted them to do,should have been more clear

  • Mik

    @peach:@peach: No problem, but since you are replying TO ME specifically, your statements are sort of automatically directed to me as well. lol Anyway, it doesn’t matter. No harm done.

    Also, it doesn’t matter if they completely broke it up or not after the cheating business. It doesn’t make a difference if they are now showing themselves as a couple because they reconciled or because they are just deciding to show themselves publicly. That’s not the point. The cheating still happened, and people have an opinion on it and its aftermath. The “backlash” KS is receiving is due to her actions in July and the “backlash” Rob is receiving is for not ending the romantic relationship after the events. That’s the angle most people are coming from.

  • http://tumblr K Everyone Needs To Listen Up.


    You realize that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are very outspoken against this sort of stuff, right? Considering the fact that no one even KNEW they were dating before Kristen cheated kind of suggests that they don’t do shit for attention.

    And while I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart’s acting (she is ~awful, especially in Twilight) but I’m guessing that the majority of the people that posted a comment here don’t know Kristen personally, and that a lot of them have or possibly might cheat in their lifetimes, I mean, did you know that statistically slightly more than HALF of all married people will cheat on their spouses at some point in their lives?

    But hey, I’m guessing those of you that have cheated/will cheat won’t get judged by thousands of people against their will because nobody gives a shit about respecting your privacy. Also getting slut shamed at every single possibility. Hell, even dressing up for Halloween I’m sure 100+ people will toss around ‘home wrecker’ or ‘whore’ around you a couple of times in some volatile comment section online where you can safely hide behind an anonymous face so you can bitch about a girl you don’t even know.

    Yeah, maybe she did cheat on Robert Pattinson. Maybe she did cause some pain towards other people however unintentionally. But then think this over in your brain, however small it is: Kristen Stewart is human. She feels, she hurts, she breathes, she bleeds, she thinks, she cries, she laughs, she loves- she does good things and she does bad things. Just like you or me, right? I’ve personally never cheated, and I don’t plan on it either, but I’m not ignorant enough to believe that might never change or that I might be in a situation where I do something, god forbid, that slightly more than half of all married people do ALL THE TIME. Except I won’t be judged by the public eye, which is a very, very cruel thing judging by most of the comments I’ve read.

    Keep in mind that just because Kristen’s a celebrity, she. Is. Still. Human. And she is free to make mistakes just as we do, she doesn’t lose that right because of stardom. Let’s get some perspective here: she didn’t kill someone, she didn’t steal, she didn’t rape someone, she didn’t set a freaking building on fire, she didn’t beat up her partner *ahem Chris Brown*- she cheated on her boyfriend. That is literally it.

    So everyone, please, calm down and kindly stop vilifying Kristen Stewart for doing something ~many humans do without the glare of the public eye on them. Let her live her life, let her make her mistakes, and go read a book or something (stop losing dem brain cells). I’m not pro-cheating, but hey, we don’t know her or her situation. Cheating is awful and I’m sorry for all those involved who were affected by it, but that’s their business and none of mine, and I personally don’t judge the content of Kristen’s character for what she did, or at least, I don’t insult her to such an extent.


  • rolls eyes

    BTW the last Twilight movie releases in less than 2 weeks. What a coincidence… all of this is! How lucky!

  • Candy

    Why is Robert Pattinson has become a joke and being called “weak”? Well, it’s not because he forgave his girlfriend for cheating but he forgave her for cheating on him with a MARRIED MAN with two children and on top of that her BOSS. She knew his wife and children. She met them on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman. While the director is also at fault, that is not the topic of discussion here. Pattinson’s recent actions speak VOLUMES. He takes her back within 2 months of the most public cheating scandal ever like he has no self respect, shame, and it shows his desperation. I have no respect for someone who has no respect for himself… unless this whole cheating scandal was a publicity stunt. These two are total sell outs and will do anything for money. Just look at how they’re selling themselves for a couple of millions just to sell perfumes.

  • aquarius64

    What are they suppose to be….bank robbers? And when did they ever go to a Halloween party? If it was a tradition for them that’s one thing. But now it looks “try-hard”, trying hard to convince the public they are truly back together so the money for Breaking Dawn 2 box office keeps rolling in for pre-sales.

  • Sweetie

    she looks like Liberty Ross with the face mask and Rob is he RS?

  • yesiam

    LOL! Rob gives the best quotes. Here’s another one from MTV First stream. When ask about the time when he first was cast as Edward and hated him, he said “It think that has come full-circle. They hate me again”.


  • Burp

    People hare him because he’s a talentless t_u_r_d.
    He dates and equally talentless t_w_a_t.

    They are 2 smelly famewhores making way too much money for being popular with twit moms and tween girls.
    He’s actually a worse actor than her if that is even possible. His films fail miserably.

  • jen

    Rob followed his heart….he is more of a man than most. Thank Goodness what you say means sh*t to him.
    They look happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    damn rob looks hot

  • yesiam
  • sweetness

    when Twilight comes and goes out the box office …focus on them will dwindle. No one will care about them after the new year begins.

  • Mia

    @jen: Imagine they situation in reverse. If a woman had taken back a cheating man, people would be telling her how naive and foolish she was being for taking him back. But suddenly because a man takes back a cheating woman he is supposed to be viewed as enlightened, kind of as a higher being? I don’t think so. To me, it’s the same.

  • Dolphin

    This “relationship” is probably part of their Twilight contract. He must be paid lots to carry on with this, considering how his manhood is being ridiculed by his “decision” to forgive her and carry on with the relationship. Just like Katie Holmes, he’ll move on when the stipulated time is up.

  • dan

    @Candy: masturbate- you will feel better! Stop using Rup’s kids to hide your hate. You wish Kristen was cheating with a back stage dancer like most actresses. Instead she found herself a handome director who fell for her like a teen behind seven- eleven. He left his Vouge model wife to get kisses and hugs from K. That speaks more than anything! Hiw dare she did that- it was supposed to be Rob dumping her , as expacted not the other way around! She keeps you all by the balls. She is a stong gilr and knows what she wants and will not settle for less. Deal with it. You post ypour shit on many blogs, go and get a cure. Better yet, fck off her/his life. You are nobody, nothing to them.

  • MegCH

    @dan: Wow, your comment was disgusting…in more than one way…If Kristen read your message of “support”, she would be ashamed. By trying to defend her, you are actually trashing her, lol

  • gabriela

    She ruined a marriage and she is ruining RP.This girl is worst than Sandy!

  • M***f***er

    F***ck them both n what they do with their F*****ing lives… F******ing tired of the F****ing attention that they F****ing do not deserve sh****t

  • Alexa

    A lot of super jealous people here. So sad that people think they can judge others. Are you all perfect to say all these negative comments on these too who you don’t know personally and do not owe any of us the details of their private lives? Let them be and for once show yourselves some respect.

  • Carole

    Cheating is wrong , yes but so is saying bad things about others. What did these two do to any of you haters? Exactly, NOTHING! Stop the negativity all you jealous and ignorant people. You’re the losers and not these two.

  • Ella

    True love exists! Really happy that these two are not giving up and are working on their failures so that their relationship will be stronger than before. Everybody deserves a second chance. Forgiveness rules ! Stop the hatred!

  • Sean

    @Carole: I just wanted to bring to your attention that you are also spreading negativity with your choice of words…. But feel free to carry on…

  • chris

    Stupid. All that money they get and they can’t afford a real costume. They just threw on anything.

  • gabriela

    For the records what we are writing here is not hate nor jelousy.It´s the truth.And the truth is:she is a homewrecker and he is a cuckold.

  • My 2 Cents

    Ahh Rob. Their lives , their business.

  • bitter hags

    Why Rob wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyy?Why do you keep hurting me by dating Kristen wwwwhhhhy?How am i gonna have a chance with you if you don’t break up with her,how Rob hhhhhhooooowwww?Why do keep tormenting me by keep taking your pictures together,wwhy wwwhy wwwhy?

  • Dear Robert

    Dear Robert,
    I congratulate you and am proud of you for being mature in being able to reflect and find it in your heart to forgive Kristen. You are showing the way.

    Good Job!

  • Dear Robert


    try forgiveness…that is the message. and honestly, she didn’t go all the way with rupervert anyway. she was saved just in time.

  • Dear Robert


    its a problem, if they only hang out with his friends all the time. her friends count too.

  • Dear Robert


    what’s wrong with being with a virgin?
    you’re just jealous that you aren’t one anymore.
    ha! ha!
    but actually, i am very sorry for you.
    you lost something precious. its pretty obvious from your post.

  • Dear Robert


    you’re just jealous because you wanted him for yourself and he spurned you by taking her back.

  • Dear Robert



    she is not a homewrecker. she is not married.

  • Till death do us part

    Omg!When they asked Rob of what he thinks of forever,he immediately answer”death”.The only time he’s gonna let Kristen go is when they grow old and die,aaaawwwwwwww,so swweeeet!Love you Rob!

  • notafan

    @Till death do us part:
    What nonsense! Please get real

  • Till death do us part

    u get real,you know he loves her to death,you just won’t accept it,that’s why you follow them around on every site to c whats up

  • its-me

    I´m not exited for the movie anymore. Twilight lost the innocence because of their behavior. I´ve seen the picture, where Edward drools over Bella. It gross me out. Every time I´ve seen the pictures of Stewart rubbing her ass on Sanders balls in my mind. I stay with the books. I don´t waste some money to get sick in the cinema.

  • T

    @gabriela: what people are writing inlcluding you are just individual opinions about an unfortunate situation that has nothing to do with then,the only truth is that kristen cheated by kissing a married man

  • Eww

    The movie should just be out already.. So Rob can get over this stupid publicity stunt.. Otherwise, he’s a dumb*** for wanting to stay with a cheater.. Yuckkk

  • BD 2

    Can’t hardly wait for this movie to come out,especially now that Rob and Kristen are back together,it’s so interesting to see who’s got more chemistry, Robsten or Belward,pl’s Nov 16, hurry up!!!!

  • http://yahoo lena

    this is the only board that cannot be manipulated , gives the true picture of public opinion , eonline etc can be manipulated by a handfull of posters . GC is monopolised by a handful of krisbians and Robsteners . This is the only board which gives the true picture .

  • Lily

    true picture? a bunch of Rob haters

  • know

    the robstens aka krisbians only defend her queen

  • GRG

    So turns out Kristen was trying to make reference to Natalie Portman’s character on “Closer” …one of which most famous lines is “lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off”… *facepalm*

  • http://yahoo ashley

    most people like Rob and the only reason he gets hate is taking the cheating GF back .

  • SaveYourselfRobert

    I think this man truly has potential as a person, and as an actor and social public figure, without her. Sadly he’s into self destruction.

  • Em’

    I really really can’t stand her but I think everybody should let go of the homewrecker thing. She is a 22 yo who made a giantic mistake by falling for the older guy who happened to be married with kids. It’s not right, but she is not the first one to do so, and she will not be the last. I don”t think one mistake should define who you are for the rest of your life.
    What defines her is her attitude and her hypocrisy.