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Behati Prinsloo: 'Hawaii Five-O' Guest Star!

Behati Prinsloo: 'Hawaii Five-O' Guest Star!

Behati Prinsloo flashes a peace sign while donning a t-shirt with the rock band The Police on Monday (November 5) in New York City.

The day before, the 23-year-old model was spotted with her boyfriend Adam Levine, while he was telling people to “Text Red Cross to 90999!” to help those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Behati Prinsloo

It was recently announced that Behati will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-O as a model, airing Monday, December 3!

“We’re all very excited to welcome our latest guest star, the head-turning, jaw-dropping, Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret supermodel extraordinaire. Hawaii just got way hotter,” Hawaii Five-O executive producer Peter Lenkov shared.

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  • hey!


  • Ashley

    What’s so head-turning, jaw-dropping about this woman is beyond me. And supermodel extraordinaire? Seriously…wtf is happening to the world? Is everybody blind?

  • XYZ

    Ugly broad, jesus….

  • XYZ


    its about turning everyone into robots….

  • laura

    Yeah, she’s neither pretty nor hot..

  • Fefe

    I get a weird flashback.. Back when Anne was dating Adam she got sooo much media attention after the kiss on the runway.
    Now Behati walked at this year’s VS show and all of a sudden she’s a supermodel whaaaat ??
    I am not liking how she gets so much press as Adam’s girlfriend .That is surely helping her career, but I don’t like her as a model..Sure she has a youthful face , but that’s really all she got IMO .
    Anyways back in the day Anne got all that media attention , booked important jobs and even a movie role..But where is she now ? why the heck wasn’t SHE in this year’s show? She’s so much sexier than Behati….
    Now I guess it’s Behati’s turn to take advantage of her 15 minutes …

  • LanceRose

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • martha

    Anne is very successful. Was prior to Adam and after Adam. If anything she was less busy while with Adam. I would safely guess that when they met …she was more successful as a model than Adam was as a musician. Anne is a admirable role model for women. She made a decision to stop a relationship that was not working for her. Anne’s latest interviews.-she states she still loves him. She has not been in any relationships since the break up. Adam- jumps immediately in another relationship. According to some reports..may even be engaged. So lay off Anne. Focus elsewhere. Whom was really used? And do you really think that the first time Adam found out they were broken up was from a magazine? Get real. Don’t forget there is s video of Anne and Behati dancing and lip sync to “Moves like jagger “. Hmmmmmmmm…..

  • Sarah

    That Levine … looking for much younger women .. Always looking for girls barely out of their teen years. Everybody in Hollywood seems to develop the “dirty old man” disease. She looks so young and she could go to college or something rather than being nothing but his toy, or a model that has a short expiry date :(

  • Alan

    She lost weight since dating Adam …

  • K R


    Maybe Anne never went to the casting, who knows? And yes i agree with Martha, she worked less while with Adam.

  • laura

    Just as Leonardo di Caprio: from Gisele (1980) to Bar (1985) to Blake (1987) to Erin (1989), all his girlfriends are always younger.. Creepy!

  • Shannon

    Many assume that Anne wasn’t chosen by Victoria’s Secret for the fashion show. She did not go for the casting as she did last time. She could have easily been back on the stage and in most of the outfits that Behati put on. Anne however at most didn’t want all eyes gawking at her and having her name tacked on with both Adam and Behati in headlines.

    Behati looked like a flat chested teenager in two of her outfits. Some are also wondering if she weren’t attached to Adam’s name if she would have been in those outfits at all but pushed back into PINK. Her body is suited for that.

    As for this acting gig. So what. She was typecast in something she is familiar with, modeling and the script for the show calls for a Victoria’s Secret model to face danger from a mystery suspect. There’s three models besides herself in that storyline. Call it a ploy to get all to immediately watch her the next night on the runway.

  • Shannon

    @Fefe: Behati couldn’t even get the correct title even on this site. Back when Adam was with Anne, Anne always had the tagline of either Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend of Adam Levine or SI Swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model Anne V. Behati since dating Adam is only known as Adam Levine’s girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo.

    She doesn’t even compare to getting enough recognition. She may get mentioned but it’s never anything to really pump her up in the media’s eyes.

    As for someone’s comment about a possible engagement. The gossip sites had the same story two years ago about Adam and Anne. They just swapped out names this time around. Only one gossip site is mentioning that but all other non-popular blog generated sites are hopping on it. JJ hadn’t hopped on it, nor has any other real legitimate entertainment site has yet.

  • Martha

    @Shannon: I so agree!! Anne has class. She does not rely on VS for her income and can skip it.

  • Martha

    @Shannon: I never thought the engagement was real, I just threw it out there to stir up the mermaids.

  • Amber

    OMG!!! She’s going to work two days this year, she must be exhausted!!!

  • ewww

    I was told anne didnt go to the castings because she had a gig at GQ. VS doesnt value anne like they used to. She is better off without adam and VS. Behati is just chicken legs on a wire.

  • Shannon

    @Martha: That whole cast of psycho fans are just a strange bunch.

  • Carrie

    I saw where that engagement rumor was started. Some obscure website. But someone posting as Adam’s brother Michael stated that the engagement rumor was b.s. and that their mother has only met Behati twice. It’s funny that the rumor came on the same day as the VS Fashion Show.

  • Serena

    Are you aware that Behati is an Angel for them since 2008 and walked every one of their shows since 2007?
    She’s way more successful than you can imagine.
    I am besotted it makes you livid.
    Anne V is a nobody for VS and they cast her just because she was with Adam the past two years.
    Behati is of another league: she belongs to VS way before Adam came into the picture.

  • Serena

    She submitted herself to consideration to VS and was rejected.
    She tried, but she couldn’t move them now that she is without a famous boyfriend.
    Of course she will tell she had to do something else. Too bad just a month ago when she was hopeful she was pushing tweets about VS show…
    Why admit she is a nobody to the biggest brand in the fashion industry?
    Anne better sell herself fast to somebody famous again or she won’t get any other job.
    I am sure her team can make her couple again for fame.
    It’s what she does to survive.

  • Serena

    She doesn’t really make that much money with any of her many editorials… and soon she won’t get even those without a famous boyfriend.
    Her pr team needs to set her up soon with somebody…
    Poor Anne is back being a nobody, it must be atrocious for her to never be mentioned in the gossip these days.
    I can’t wait for her acting jobs to testify even more she is a flop.
    And you all can go on hating on Behati.
    It’s funny and makes you fans of Anne as desperate as she is.

  • Serena

    Anne the fame desperate was on the boarding cast of VS and you can see it in the image of the castings in many fashion blogs (try Bellazon or The fashion Spot).
    Lmao… you all are so desperately trying to makle a mediocre model relevant.
    Anne tried and was rejected.
    She would have loved to be in the biggest show of the year but she couldn’t because many models are better than her.
    She was there past two years only due to her famous boy.
    Now that she has lost his relevance, she has to sell herself to editorials for paying bills.
    Too bad a single walk on VS pays 15 times as much than any other walk, and 35 times as much as any editorial.

  • Serena

    this entire post is the definition of delusion.
    Anne V is a mediocre model at best.
    Adam Levine has Grammies and millons of dollars, soon 4 multiplatinum albums, and a solid worldwide fame since 2004.
    Only fans of such a nobody like Anne the swimsuit model V could come up with so much delusion in one post.
    You are so funny.
    And I wonder why you have to speak about nobody Anne in a Behati’s post.
    Maybe because nobody posts about your idol anymore, now that she has lost her link to fame?
    Do not worry.
    Anne is desperately trying to find another famous boyfriend to be back in the gossip.
    I suggest her to become the beard of some closeted star.
    She will be perfectly set up.
    And you all so fond of her mediocrity will be happy again without spamming a post that was supposed about somebody else.

  • K R


    Vs is the biggest brand in the fashion industry???May the ghost of Coco Chanel haunt you ! HAHAHAHA! Nothing more to say. VS may be the biggest lingerie brand honey, but the biggest brand …. you are so ignorant. As also delusional, hateful and a hypocrite !

    For your information, Anne tweeted about VS even on the day of the show, about them helping during hurricane Sandy. Going by your logic, if she was tweeting about VS to just push herself to enter, she would have known by then that she isnt in the show so why would she tweet?

    She never went to the casting, so wheres the question of application? If you still think VS is ignoring her, then let me tell you that whent she raised funds for Red tour in june, ED Razek was one of the main contributors. If you know fashion so well, you should know who Razek is in VS!

    And you should check yourself before using terms like “sell herself”. shes single now, and shes booking great campaigns honey. shes a survivor with or without a famous person attaached to her.

    Do you even know how many times Anne has been on vogue cover? and just to make it clear to your ignorant self, 6 of them have been before she even met Adam. And eight times, so far on SI. not to mention, Prada , Chanel, DKNY, Hugo boss….. ohhh and BBW which in case you didnt know is owned by the same company that owns VS !

  • Serena

    Behati will do great in H-Five0.
    She has a great personality, and a great style and all of her interviews shows she’s a natural on cameras.
    She will rock Hawaii, just like she rocks the VS fashion shows.
    And her haters will eat their livers green again.

  • Ami

    @Serena: You are quite the hateful thing aren’t you? Will your obsession with hating Anne and tearing her to shreds be just the same when Adam starts dating a new girl? No body seems to care about your soapbox grandstanding.

  • Ami

    @Serena: Here’s a fork and a knife. Get to eating.

  • martha

    @Serena: hshshaha. You are delusional. You need psychotropic drugs. I think you have been out of the sea too long and are suffering from salt deprivation. I’m guessing you are twelve-ish. Since when is modeling underwear more prestigious than swimwear? SI swim suit issue is exclusive-elusive job. Most models would kill to be selected. You should do some research prior to spouting your “opinions” facts. VS is NOT the be all for modeling. Yes-it pays well. Yes-it does make you more commercial. It does not alone make one a supermodel. It makes you a Victoria secret model. Period.
    I’m done. I refuse to bash Behati and lower myself to your emotional age.

  • unknown

    Ok aparently this all needs to be straightened out.
    First of all Mer, Z, Serena, aka Venus and Zaira, (sp) you need to stop and reflect and get therapy. A lil to obssessed with anyone who comes ten inches of Adams penis. Really? Not being mean but get help.

    As far as VS being the most popular brand of anything. First of all you have to know fashion to talk fashion. Let’s start with the fact that VS yes is a popular label, not brand, anyoje knows about fashion never ever calls it a brand. Its distasteful and tacky. VS isn’t even considered Fashion first of all in the eyes of of true designers. They call it a Fashion show due to the fact they use models on a runway, or as Calvin Kilne called it one step from a strip club.
    True Fashions have a a signifigance, which all VS has is basically men playing like lil boys with a playboy mag. Just more dressed.

    True Fashion Labels, Versace, Channel, Dior, etc you get the pic.

    Ok the engagment rumors isn’t new to me. They have been cirulating for a bit now and to say Michael put it out there is actually a smart move in a sense and stupid in another. Everyone that’s associated with Adam would know his brother would sell a sex tape of Adam of it meant getting him attention. Not being mean but come on I bet even the fans would know this to be true. I don’t look at Michaels Twitter page so if he gets wind of it he would opme his mouth o say whether or not it would be true. Cuz he can’t keep his mouth shut.

    As far as Behati is concearned on tv, this was a given. One of the main reasons she went to hawaii back in May is to audition. And has call backs since then. There it is. Deja v ue for Adam.

    As far as Anne on being on the VS runway, actually none of you are correct, she has walked the runway, yes she got more attention for it when she was with Adam, but she was still on the runway before Adam. She was asked to come back and almost considered it until a lil birdy said that Behati threw a massive hissy and then the call was made for Anne not to appear. Which Anne is fine with it because another massive job line opened up for her. She is doing what behati isn’t wanted to do, be a runway model. As far as VS and Si. SI has been around since the late sixtie, early seventies and therefor some of the most famous, and true Super Models came from that mag. Its a sheer honor to make that cover. The only reason people want to be a VS Angel, or just on the runway, because you are suppose to be considered the sexiest women in the world. Which judging by what they consider sexy, id rather be ugly. Don’t get me wrong, some and just a handful can actually be called sexy, and it depemds on which type of girl men like as well. But to be honest, and in my opinion id rather be known as a SI model than VS. And besides if you actually look it up some of the actual famous and True VS Angels, Heidi, Tyra, Gisselle, Marissa, owe their entire careers to SI. In fact even today Gisselle, Tyra and esp Heidi still get noticed and all 3 none of them model for VS and Siin a long time yet they will still be remembered.

    As of these so called Angels, Miranda, Allessandra, Adrina, Doutzen, and maybe 1 or 2 more will be remembered the others, including Behati, will in my opinion and nothing to do with Adam at all, she is already forgetable. To me its like they try to find a copy cat of Miranda while she was on materanity leave.

    Oh since her hissy, since Anne and another model, because she was really good friends with Anne and Adam, Behati had to take the place. Which she absolutely enjoyed doing meant more time for her in the public eye. Which for an Angel only two times while Candice, esp Alli Adrina, were to walk the runway more than five times. Which is almost in every segment. The fact she got to do a couple more runs doesn’t mean anything. She was made to do it to cover the loss.

    However, I will say this much, Anne, and don’t fall over peeps on this one, has more class, grace and is doing wonders on behalf of Join Red, one of my many organizations I am proud to be aprt of, but she continues to do it out of her heart. While Adam, and not being meanm, only supports what by who he is dating in the mean time. He needs to find his true calling in his heart.

    Oh BTW, I don’t know if any of you are aware of this Adamtina person, I think either Mer, Z, Venus, Serena, which ever personalities you two people are at this moment needs to stop. You’re upsetting Blake about his man! LOL

    No Adam and Christina will never be together, that would be the most destructive relationship in mankind. trust me. Even tho Xtina wouldn’t mind getting a hold of Adam. Hell I’m not a fan of his music I wouldn’t mind either.
    To those of you who are aware of who I am and how I am right on the money about this, and yes like Anne it will come out. Besides I think she has touched on Adams nerves. Not saying what I’ve heard or what I know, but let’s just say my little birdie is saying Adam may actually man up.

  • unknown

    To all of you, let the ones who praise Behati now, and hate on Anne. Because as we all know that the next girl will be the perfect one in their eyes and how Behati is a user and a fame whore. Its only in their minds that every girl he ends up with no matter who or what they would do for a living. These individuals won’t give up on their quest of making themselves seem like they know things which in fact these same people will only be wishful thinking it is with Adam themselves. A true fan is about the music. I just happen to know certain things that the fans and I even amaze myself when I find out that even Adams closest friends of his don’t even know what I know. Actually I get a kick out lf these things. BtW anyone can be one way in front of the media. I mean who wants to be known as a bitch. Will Ms. Campbell, but we will duck from cell phones tossing in her honor. I love that woman LOL she doesn’t give a F what anyone thinks. But the point is, some of the nicest people in the world on the outside and how many times we find out things, and that’s just about people we know personally that has shocked us. So all we know Adam could be an abuser, but I doubt that, he can’t even be the one that breaks up with a woman. Does he sulk and pout. Name me one man that don’t in this world. But her smile and peace sign throwing is an act. I love how certain people make a comment about how only celebrities have a bad day and excuse their behavior. But remember never judge a book by its cover and never assume people you don’t know are one thing. How many people in Kansas are still in shock about the fact the BTK was who he was. And he was suppose to be a God Fearing man according to so many. Not saying Behati is a serial killer, but I def will say she has a darker side many don’t know about and it will rise if Adam isn’t careful.

  • unknown

    Anyone can be anything on camera, unless you get to know them or even at that. Some people aren’t who they seem. You’re just an outsider looking in. So to call anyone a hater when in fact you hate on Anne is kind of an oxy moron. You say one thing and diss the other. So is the hater. You only say these things because of Adam and no other reason. You didn’t even know who Anne or Behati was until they started dating Adam. So before you start hating on anyone you need to take a step back and realize your not only a hater yourself but you are in need of extremetherapy. That’s not hating what I just said its advoice. And if I were you I would take it. @Serena:

  • unknown

    Another point most photographers that photograph a model esp a VS Angel usually gushes or joke or something on a positive note. A photograpner actually said. Over it and when questioned about it. He said I’m all for fun esp when working with models, but she (Behati gets carried away and besides aparently the cell phone had to go as well. He refers to her as more childish immature and very unproffessional. Which its not the first time I’ve heard this about her, or any modle for that matter, but this is one that usually has the best sense of humor and absolutely is loved by all models who have worked with him and vice versa. She apparently constantly googles Adam and apparently likes to make fun of past photos of Anne with Adam. Which is a big no no in this photographers eyes. In fact this photog made a comment saying Anne w Adam was never this bad. I almost felt like telling Adam to get a restraining order esp when they break up. This is a well known photographer very proffessional loves the models and they adore him and in the years he has worked with so many. I’ve never known him to speak out about anyone in a negative manner. Even with Niomi, he was like she is a fireball for sure, or their fave term fierce. Never heard him say the things like that about and even Anne, that bad about anyone ever. So that tells you a lot right there.

  • Ami

    @unknown: Merby aka Merbygirl is someone by the name of Sonia.

  • Carrie


    Cosign on everything you said.

  • unknown

    Well she obviously is very young or very disturbded. Either way she needs to stop being abully especially when she doesn’t know the people in question. Besides who are we to stoop to her level and that’s all we do when we respond to her and it just gives her the fire to continue. Just ignore her. It isn’t worth it. They need help if they say and do the things that they do. Just sayin@Ami:

  • hey ANONS

    I never see Behati in the VS Swim suit stuff, or anything Chanel, any commercials, or anything else for that matter. Seems like SHE is the FAMEWHORE, not Anne.

  • Franz

    African bitch!

  • Jennifer

    Would she even have gotten this role without being Adam Levine’s girlfriend? I doubt it.

  • Ivy

    I’m here just to say: Serena, I love you.
    I agree 100% with everthing you said. Bye.