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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Tuesday Morning Hotel Departure!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Tuesday Morning Hotel Departure!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles leave her downtown hotel within minutes of each other on Tuesday morning (December 4) in New York City.

The 22-year-old country singer and the 18-year-old One Direction member spent the night together after holding hands on their way back to the hotel at 4am earlier that morning.

Taylor and Harry attended an after-party following his group’s concert at Madison Square Garden. The rumored couple reportedly sang a karaoke version of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” together!

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

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  • Leenah

    This girl is so overrated and annoying. She gets around more than a lot of girls her age but still teenagers consider her a role model? I don’t get it. I’m not even going to talk about hos she is a 12 year old stuck in a 22 year olds body.

  • Babbom

    She is just trying to get one D!

  • JUMP

    Can she stop with the 17/18 year-old boys, good LORD

  • Sarah

    This is so disgusting. Miss Swift is what I mean.
    Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Connor Kennedy, Cory Monteith, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner…

    Girl, you be trippin’! Get a hold of yourself, get a real man to date and stop overusing the beaver. Seriously, disgusting. Fake a** bitch!

  • Mama

    Harry run away

  • Dani

    It’s actually funny that he’s just casually walking outside her hotel (in public) holding that little bag (with toothbrush and manly things) and an extra t-shirt and iphone recharger. Like ‘duh, I slept over…’ It’s already obvious.

  • Joy McBride

    Taylor needs to grow up, what is with her and 18 yr olds? Get a real man and you might find out what real love is. You are ruining your reputation!

  • Effy

    Seeing them together, holding hand, leaving hotels… and all I keep thinking is I want her clothes! I think she dresses nice, sorry. But I want her Harry too ;)

  • Swazi Girl

    I am just thoroughly entertained by this. Harry Styles has sex… With many an older woman. It’s something he ain’t shy of… Taylor Swift always plays the innocent. Sorry Miss Swift but after him, you can’t hide behind your role model persona!

  • Lauren

    Her next album might be coming out sooner than expected…

  • stan

    Harry Styles is a slu t! Somebody explain me why is there like 0 comments like this? Because lets face it….he is quite player and has had zillion girlfriends. But somehow its always the girl who gets all the name-calling and throat-chewing. Like the girl is committing the biggest foul possible but a man is just being a man? Stud? Sexism is never gonna go away. We are still in Ice-age in that aspect.

  • Sian

    All of you are so friggin hypocritical. If it was the other way around, a 22 -year- old guy and and 18-year-old girl, nobody would bat an eyelid. And you all know that Harry did get around just as much as Taylor, right? And there is no reason why they shouldn’t, it’s their lives.

  • NotAGirl

    It is typical double standards. He is a slut. She is a slut. Together they can be sluts together, but his crazy fangirls will forever delude themselves into thinking otherwise.

  • Anna

    I’m surprised famous guys still want to date her. Don’t they know she’s going to write a song and rip them apart in the press afterwards?

    I guess Harry wants the publicity too.

  • Renata

    Go Taylor !!!! You are gorgeous and young, and can do what you wants… Love her look… Love you Taylor !!!

  • Holly

    She changes her men like underwear!

  • ella


  • cookie

    so when in 2 months they “break up”, as this relationship is as real as lana del rey’s lips, we’re gonna get brand new music from both swift and one direction. wonderful, just wonderful. not.

  • Derpina

    Taylor always picks the hottest

    People are a little jealous lol

  • Dave Franco

    She dated them all except for Bieber. LOL.

    @renata She might be young… but this is what you call “a tramp in disguise”

  • uhbnj

    Taylor, 2 words: GROW UP!

  • guest 4114

    yeah…still waiting for the you were too young song

  • Aurosia

    I like both of them. But Taylor should start dating more guys who aren’t famous and someone who is her age. And really doubt they are dating, come on it’s 4 am and they just left a party with obnoxious paps hanging around holding hands is not a crime. I keep forgetting she’s 22 also lol And it’s not a bad thing that they are constantly dating people.

  • evrvu

    Poor guy, RUN as fast as you can away from this slut! She WILL break up with you in a short period time, just when you give her your heart!

  • Dave Franco

    Taylor to her haters, ” But I am in love guys. You should be happy for me!”


  • rvbirf

    Taylor has issues. She has never been in a long term relationship EVER! she doesn’t know anything about love, she just crushes on 1 cute boy to the other. she thinks thats love! Thats why her songs sound like a 13 year old wrote them.

  • Derpina

    I think funny when people compare her with famous girls with “bad reputation” (girls who get a lot of men)

    We should accept it all, but people use this argument to suggest that we should condemn both

  • Dave Franco

    You know, I still wonder if she’s good in bed. She’s a huge girl.

  • HOEtel

    Taylor is loose

  • Dave Franco

    @Derpina. She’s a SLUT… end of story.

    I was once a fan but connect the dots. She does this 4 attention. Is it nine of our business? Sure. But this bitch needs to be called out for having sex with these underage boys and then ridiculing them. It’s disgusting.

  • God

    I have a message to everyone

    I created life

    For people care about their own

  • Indiesr

    Taylor Swift is the hardest working beard in Hollywood!

  • Dave Franco

    @GOD, please forgive me!

  • Cari

    She is a slut! Plain and simple. Not a role model unless you are training on how to sleep with as many men as possible before you turn 23!!! Somebody should do some damage control with “little miss perfect”

  • Kal

    Another notch on Harry’s bedpost.

    Or is that another notch on Taylor’s bedpost?

    Both of them REALLY get around!

  • kris

    saucy! frankly, they’re two young, rich, and attractive people. why shouldn’t they sow their wild oats? you go, Haylor!

  • Derpina

    Guys, she is not a 30 years old teacher seducing a 11 years old child

    She’s just a 23 years old girl with a 18 years old boy

  • sarah

    I don’t understand people’s fascination with her love life. None of the guys she dates are even hot. And why do people who hate her keep reading about her love life and know all the details? There’s a bunch of celebs here I don’t like either, I just ignore their posts.

  • Just Facts

    I’m sure these girls condemning her, would have sex with entire One Direction at the same time if they had the opportunity loool

  • Harry is actually not a manwhore. He’s definitely hooked up before, but not as much at Taylor. He’s had long, healthy relationships, unlike miss Swift. He broke up with his ex because of all of the hate she was getting and the fact that he was never there to see her. He was in love with Caroline, but put her before his feelings. Taylor does the exact opposite. He’s a really respectful and nice guy. He’s stated most of the girls he’s seen with are strictly friends. He doesn’t complain about the crap that gets said about him. He’s just this chill low key normal guy.

    So don’t hate on Harry. Once they break up she’s going to make it seem like he’s this awful person. Damn do I dislike her.

  • jz

    Last I read she is the one that convinced Selena to get back together with Biebers. What a surprise, not.

    I think these celebrities do this because they love the attention. It keep themselves in the news.

    And whats with all the celebrities having to date another celebrity? Then it won’t be long before you read about the breakup or divorce on the news. Then Taylor Swift can write another stupid song insulting the guy she was with.

  • Mkhay

    If she writes a song about how he broke her heart I swear i will punch her in the vagina.

    Everyone knows he’s player so dont complain when he dumps you abruptly.

  • Monica

    Omg. If you’re saying Harry is a manwhore you are so completely wrong. He has had one public relationship in the last 2 years. Everytime he is seen with a girl they are supposedly “dating”, when in reality they are just having a conversation. He is not a manwhore, he’s far from it. He’s always respectful towards women and everyone he meets, so you all need to get your facts straight. Taylor on the other hand plays it innocent, meanwhile she gets with 201238 guys and claims to be the victim. I’m sorry but if you seriously think Harry is a player than you need a reality check.

  • Monica

    @: I couldn’t agree more

  • Kim

    Taylor moves fast. She didn’t waste no time going from one teen to the next teen!

  • Ethan

    Wow, this is quite pathetic. She just had sex like a sl*t , lets the whole world know it she is and still has this VERY annoying “I’m so innocent” grin on her face. Taylor Swift proves she’s the most digusting w*ore in the industry. She should hide herself and close her legs… PUKE.

  • eyeroller

    I can never tell if she is a media whore or just a whore. A little bi-polar maybe?

  • Johnny

    Taylor Swift’s way to be famous : suck all the famous guys’ d**ks !