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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard comes out to support his buddy Fares Fares at the premiere of Zero Dark Thirty held at the Dolby Theatre on Monday (December 10) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old True Blood star came out to support the highly anticipated flick, which stars Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, and more! The movie hits theaters on January 11 – be sure to check it out.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Over the weekend, Alexander was in relaxation mode as he headed out to lunch with some pals at Little Dom’s.

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alexander skarsgard zero dark thirty premiere 02
alexander skarsgard zero dark thirty premiere 03
alexander skarsgard zero dark thirty premiere 04
alexander skarsgard zero dark thirty premiere 05

Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • alex

    looking good

  • Telly

    What happened to his eye?

  • Iris

    Happy to see Alex, but not crazy about that hairstyle.

  • glitter

    He is all smiling :) … and looks good and happy …

  • Slinky the Cat

    Mmmm…he is so lush and that 4th pic is perfection. Love it that he is out supporting his pal Fares.

  • YS

    Looking good :)

  • .?

    Yeah which chick did he bonk that night after The premiere

  • ladybug

    @.?: So very interested in his sex life, aren’t you?

    So he goes in support of Fares Fares and we have no pics of Fares?

    He touched Jared, so Jared is a very happy gossip.

  • Strange

    Hello handsome !!

  • Lilla

    He looks good :)

  • JohnnyTracer

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • karl


    Oh so that is the red haired lady that was spoted in vikings porsche… I see…

  • Huh

    @karl: Or Jessica Chastain, you know, one of the stars in the movie he’s at the premiere of? He’s also there to support one of his friends, Fares Fares. When was a red haired lady spotted in his car?

  • Terrible Twos

    Going to see this. Didn’t know he was in it. BONUS

  • Geesh

    he is a troll, he knows as much as you do. Just start up rumors. Plus he was probably in a movie car for the guests and since Fares is in it I am going yes so his friends can all ride with them.

  • He is dating jess c

    Alex is seeing jess chastain on the down low so celebitchy says.he prob went there to see jess

  • @16

    And is JC a bad thing for Alex as potential GF
    She was born some time in 1977 35 yrs old
    Don’t know if she is single, married, dating
    there only 1 year apart,
    fairly good career, well educated, lovely to look at beautiful skin strawberry blonde hair not emancipated , Skelton , walking dead
    Don’t seem like a famewhore
    don’t know what her personality is like
    To be honest I have never heard of her had to look her up on wiki

    Christ Alex has only got to be pictured and rumors start up :(

  • connie

    a redhead..I love it!!!!!!!!

  • Pop candies
  • Macy

    Dude, you are such a complete fool…keep trying though. LOL

    I’m not usually that crazy over the way he combs his hair either. I find it usually looks better in his photoshoots when it’s professionally styled. The rest of him looks fantastic though!

  • trish


  • ladybug

    @Terrible Twos: He’s not, his friend Fares Fares is.

    @Macy, karl’s a special little troll, isn’t he?

    Alex caught in the exciting act of feeding the parking meter:

  • ladybug

    Here’s a pic of Fares, pity there don’t seem to be any of he and Alex together:

  • Macy

    Oh he’s special alright, and not in the good way. Too bad they didn’t get any pics of him with Fares.

  • lea

    perfection of a man!

  • Strange

    News on What Maisie Knew is being release in June 2013 in the US . Alex will try to attend The East premiere at the film fest as well but no confirmation just yet on that one that i seen on twitter AlexSkarsgard .net the date of that one i seen was January 31.

  • ladybug

    @Strange: So, Disconnect in April and WMK in June.
    I do hope that TB can give him a day or so to go to Sundance.

  • Macy

    Good, we’re finally getting some release dates for these movies. It’s certainly been a long time since they were filmed. Sheesh! It should be a good year for him then.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Spring will be busy, with Disconnect, TB premiering and WMK being released. And hopefully The East will find a distributor at Sundance.

    Kon-Tiki, the film Gustaf has a role in (and that Alex was also up for a part in), is nominated for a GG, so perhaps Gustaf will attend the ceremony and bring Alex as his date? It was nice seeing them in suits at the Spirit Awards earlier this year, I want to see them in tuxes.

  • glitter

    “The East” has the distributor in USA, it’s Fox Searchlight.

  • ladybug

    @glitter: Thanks, I’d completely forgotten that. So let’s hope it gets good reviews at Sundance and gets a release date.

  • Bumblebee

    Oh Yes, Macy, Finally ! The last one was….. Battlesheep? Sorry, hated that movie.
    All these movies are a bit “indie” but at least looking at all the early reviews, will help Alex step outside of his TB persona. I know he took a risk with BS, but the movie itself was bad.
    I dont want him to be like Jeremy Renner, toiling away for over 20 years and finally get recognised over 40! It takes away the roles they could have done when younger.

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: Lucky for him the failure of Battleship doesn’t seem to have affected his career (nor Taylor Kitsch’s for that matter).

  • Bumblebee


    Yes, only because the only career it could have destroyed was that of the aliens. who had more screen time than poor Alex ! At first , i was rather cheesed off that they decided to kill him off, in hindsight , looking at the entire movie, it was the best thing ! If it did not hamper his career, it did not help his cause either. People still talk of him as the True Blood actor who also did Battleship. In fact more people seem to recollect his Meekus than the BS role. Imagine, Alex was a successful Silver screen actor in Sweden, in the US hes clubbed as the TVstar who also does movies. Stellan has had more success in Hollywood.

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong in being a TV star, but theres only so much growling and menacing you can do as a vampire. He needs roles with variance.

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: Stellan gets more roles, but he’s also not constrained by a tv schedule. And while he gets more roles he’s still not a ‘star’ in the traditional HW sense, I still have to remind my friend he was Bootstrap Bill and in Mama Mia, and he’s seen those movies (I haven’t even seen Mama Mia).

    It’s another thing we repeat-once TB is done he’ll not be constrained by a 6-7 month shooting schedule. TB has helped get him noticed, as it has his co-workers, but then they’re limited to 3-5 months of non-TB time.

    As for BS, it escaped the medial lashing that John Carter got:

    The failure of Straw Dogs hasn’t hurt him either, he’s not blamed for that.

    Even with BS and SD, the director of the last 4 Harry Potter movies wants him to be Tarzan. Even if nothing happens from that , it’s a big deal that his name is being used to help sell the project.

    I don’t think that WMK, Disconnect or The East will do huge box office, they’re not that type of movie. But they’ve already gotten good reviews at Festivals, and his performances have gotten good reviews. So while it’s likely he’ll not become a Movie Star this year, he will get noticed for something other than being Eric Northman. And that’ll be a good thing for his career. And once TB ends, he’ll have a lot more flexibility.

  • ladybug

    The East’s schedule at Sundance:

  • Macy

    I didn’t think it was that great of a movie either.

    I think these upcoming movies will be good for him. Like you said, they won’t make tons of money, but they’re liked by crtics which is important. SD was terrible, but that landed on the shoulders of Lurie, Marsden and whats her nuts. LOL

  • chelle

    OK I know this is sooo totally of subject but can I just express how completely heart sick I am over those sweet little angles in Conneticut. There is a nice little corner in hell for monsters like the SOB that did this..I hope he spends the rest of his exsitence in utter and complete torturous hell ..It still wouldn’t even compare to the loss those families are feeling….

  • ladybug

    @Macy: SD’s almost squarely on Lurie’s shoulders. And whomever decided greenlighting the remake was a good idea. I actually understand greenlighting BS, it’s a big risk, but it it had clicked, they’d have made a ton of money. But it didn’t work.
    The odds are against of any of the 3 movies -and possibly 4 if The Hidden gets released-being mega box office. But, as you said, it’ll get him noticed by critics, and movie goers who like movies, and just don’t go only to ‘event’ movies like DKR or Avengers.
    And it’ll get him noticed by other actors, producers, directors, etc. So even if he doesn’t have the blockbuster this year, it might also lead to him getting much better roles.
    @chelle: I thought the initial reports of two dead were bad, but then it got oh so much worse.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Killing adults is bad enough but you truly have to be a sick fukc to kill a child let alone 20

  • Macy

    There is something to be said about building your name through smaller, critically acclaimed roles. I know the trend is to get your name with a big budget franchise, but most often they suck.

    It’s horrible! All those poor families that have to go through this should have never had to experience this type of senseless violence. My heart goes out to them.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: And then he killed himself. Why not just skip straight to that point then? No need to take everyone else with you. What a sociopathic ass.

    To divert our minds from the hell from yesterday, HQ from Monday’s premiere:

  • ladybug

    @Macy: “There is something to be said about building your name through smaller, critically acclaimed roles. I know the trend is to get your name with a big budget franchise, but most often they suck.”
    BS was something of an outlier for him, since he does normally stick to more independent, smaller budget movies.
    I think he had fun making the movie, and it was something outside his normal movie production experience, and that was interesting to him. I think he got tired of the promotional duties (not helped by the knowledge that the movie wasn’t going to do very well).
    I don’t think he’s against ever doing a big budget franchise ‘summer’ blow-stuff-up type movie again, but if he does I think he’ll better options than BS quality movies.

  • Cafélady

    Nice to see new pics of him again. I find it great, that he is so supportive to his friends! It’s difficult today for every actor/actress who hadn’t the luck to get a role like Alex as Eric in TB – and anyway somehow to make a ‘name’.
    And obviously he hasn’t forgotten who were then his true friends – at that time as he still wasn’t the star of a TV-series.

    @ladybug: Sometimes I wonder what the people have against Battleship and SD. Ok, both weren’t that big blockbusters at the theaters – but in my view both movies also weren’t that bad as some people seems to think.
    Battleship was just a action/alien-flick and brought what a action movie should bring… and SD…well, I guess the problem with it is, that you automatically compare it with the original. But one shouldn’t do that. I’ve seen both -the original and lurie’s one- and think that lurie’s remake isn’t that bad. As movie itself. It’s just that almost everyone has the original in mind too. And one shouldn’t forget – peckinpah made his movie at a time where it actually was a small “scandal” (at least here in Germany) and of course especially because a certain scene. It was that much a scandal here, that it needed a few years until you could buy or view it again official. Until then it was indexed here!

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I didn’t like the original SD because I didn’t think it was that good of a movie. Lurie’s remake didn’t improve upon it. It wasn’t the worst movie ever made, but it wasn’t that good.
    BS wasn’t that horrible, it was never supposed to be anything but a popcorn movie. I preferred it to SWATH, which got better reviews and I hated, especially the ‘actress’ playing Snow White.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #45 Well, I guess I’m a bit misunderstood here. I haven’t said that peckinpah’s one was that good of a movie – or in any way a super good movie (even though a debatable one). I only meant with it, that a lot of people criticized lurie’s one in COMPARISON to the original. I only wanted to say, that lurie’s movie isn’t that bad as often was said -in my view- as long as one doesn’t compare it constantly with the original. I mean: the original is the original, and the remake is the remake. Dustin Hoffman was surely very good in it (and also Susan George) actor-wise, but Marsden is of course no Dustin Hoffman and shouldn’t also be it. But I thought; if I want to see the movie with Dustin Hoffman, then I should watch the movie with Dustin Hoffman – right? I find Marsden did a good job (and anyway Alex) but it wasn’t fair to expect something similar like Hoffman or something super-duper different anyway, because Marsden can only be himself and also do his own thing, only giving his own interpretation as a actor. Everything else also wouldn’t be honest.

    If one will evaluate the remake, then one should bethink -among other thoughts- the time (the year) in which the movie was made. 2011 isn’t 1971. And in opposite to the original, the topic of the movie in 2011 wasn’t so much scandalous anymore. That’s why I brought my example how my homecountry treated the original in the past. Perhaps I expressed it not good – sorry, my mistake. Unfortunately my english abilities are too limited sometimes.
    So I think somehow was clear -long before the shoot had started- that a remake wouldn’t get the same attention/reactions as like the original.

    As I’ve watched the remake, I tried not to compare it automatically with the original – only to judge it and see it as the movie itself like it is. And when I imagine that the original wouldn’t exist – then I still would think that the movie wasn’t that bad – regarding the actors (Alex + Marsden) and how he was made. Not the best one in movie history – but also not that bad. I saw already remakes who was even more unneccesary – like this ‘psycho’-remake for instance, even though it had a good cast.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Gotcha.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: I have to admit something; I have done something unforgivable – I forgot to watch TB this evening!! (*pink cheeks*) LoL But I have something of an good excuse (I hope)…I talked with my aunt in the states via phone…and we talked, and talked, and talked…LoL
    Thankfully they bring it once again early tomorrow, and I program my HDD Recorder…

    #47 :))

  • Macy

    I think he had fun making it too, but I don’t really buy his whole “I did it for the relationship between the brothers” reason for doing it. It really wasn’t that big of a thing in the movie. Sometimes people do things just for the money and exposure, and that’s fine, but really the “story” was bunk. Was it a fun summer movie, sure? But good story, no.

    I didn’t see the original SD, but I didn’t like the remake. Not that the story itself was poor, but the acting wasn’t great and I just don’t see the point of remaking a movie by doing it the same shot by shot, which is pretty much what Lurie did as I understand it. Sure he changed the setting, but other than that, my understanding is that it really wasn’t anything new or different. It was a mediocre movie at best.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I’m not sure he did it completely for the money, as I don’t think he got as much money as people think he did. But he’s got to be professional and stick with the ‘ I was interested in the story of the brothers’ stuff.

    And per various Twitter feeds, he’s in NYC, going to plays and hanging out at SNL.