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Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart attends a special screening of her new film On the Road on Wednesday (December 12) at the IFC Theatre in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Catherine Malandrino dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Kristen was joined at the screening by her co-stars (and real-life couple) Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund.

That same evening, Kristen showed her support for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by presenting a segment on stage at the 12-12-12 Concert at Madison Square Garden.

On the Road hits select theaters on December 21. Make sure to check it out!

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114 Responses to “Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!”

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  1. 51
    guest Says:

    because kristen doesn’t have talent and acting skill at all, she sells her body to get jobs and fame. She has no shame at all…

  2. 52
    Kiera Says:

    (aham) Ladies…..your jealousy is showing!!!! No need to bitter dears.

  3. 53
    A Says:

    @Psst: Please crawl back to Kristen’s *******

  4. 54
    Trudy Says:

    @Kiera: [sarcasm] I’m so jealous of a home wrecker [/sarcasm]

  5. 55
    @Trudy Says:

    [not sarcasm] You protest too much!! You sure are jealous!! It is blatantly obvious!! [not sarcasm]

  6. 56
    @Trudy Says:

    PS.. No homes were wrecked. You argument is invalid.

  7. 57
    Honey Says:

    They are trying so hard to get this movie recognized by people who actually matter(legitimate critics and major award jury). Kristen’s ass kissers who spam every board with “Kstew deserves Oscar for OTR because she is the BEST ACTRESS OF OUR GENERATION.Ya’ll are jelly because she has Rob’s true love!!!!!” don’t count as people who matter. Ngl I’m quite amused with Kristen’s latest trend of wearing sheer or revealing dresses.She gets caught with a married tool and starts showing more skin…..hmm now this is what I call lack of self awareness.I guess its only matter of time before she shows up wearing bra and panties on red carpet.

  8. 58
    Ross Says:

    What’s wrong with America? No wonder your kids commit suicide, it’s because of bullies like you. Lately America is more famous for their bullies than their entertainment. And this comment is coming all the way from South Africa! Poepholle.

  9. 59
    Trudy Says:

    @@Trudy: Last time I checked Rupert and Liberty were living separately and going for marriage counseling session.If they don’t work things out they will get a divorce and Kstew will go down in history as cheating **** & a homewrecker

  10. 60
    Trudy Says:

    @@Trudy: I don’t have any reason to be jealous of cheap ***** who slept with a married man

  11. 61
    @Trudy Says:

    Except you still are jealous of her! Director is more than capable of wrecking his own marriage as he has chased after young girls before!! Anyway they are still together so still your argument is invalid. Also you have no idea if they slept together,,,just your sordid imagination. You secretly love her. It is the only explanation as to you passion about her! Ask any psychologist!

  12. 62
    A Says:

    @Geri: You need get out of tweeny Kristen fandom and face the reality,sweetie.Just go on twitter and check out what normal people are saying about Kristen after her 12-12-12 concert appearance.She came across as disrespectful and uninterested and now people are calling her names like cokewhore,meth addict, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards lookalike,hooker,cheap,robot,etc That’s what the general public thinks and no they are not jealous of Kristen because most of the hate tweets are from grown up men

  13. 63
    Trudy Says:

    @@Trudy: Rupert didn’t have an affair with thin air.No woman would leavethe father of her children over few hugs and kisses exchanged in a so-called momentary indiscretion.A 40 something guy going through mid-life crisis will never stray from his wife just for few hugs and kisses from a young woman. As I said before RS/LR are going for marriage counseling session so nobody knows if they will make it or not.Do you even know the basics of psychology?

  14. 64
    Jo Says:

    This has to be screening 739

  15. 65
    @Trudy Says:

    You have no idea what state the directors marriage was in! From what I here they had a pretty rocking relationship for years. And I repeat, you do not even know if they are getting counseling. This is just small part of their problems! What they do now is their business…but like I said..they’ve had big problems for years. Ross herself has said so. His marriage and his family was his responsibility anyway. And yes I am training as a psychologist and my mother is a psychologist. Hate and Love all equals passion which means you have invested feelings therefore you obviously care about her….or you would not be here. Simple. Basic.

  16. 66
    J Says:

    @A: think you need to go and do something fun rather than checking twitter to see what people are saying about kristen. for someone who does not like her, you sure do comment on every post about her saying the exact same thing

  17. 67
    @Trudy Says:

    **I meant rocky relationship** obviously

  18. 68
    @A Says:

    Disgusting! And the fact that you think that is okay and something to be proud of only showcases your own misgivings and those of the people on twitter. Sad Sad World.

  19. 69
    Trudy Says:

    @@Trudy: There have been pap pictures of them coming out of counselor’s office. I’ve never heard anything about the nature their relationship even though this scandal was all over media.But I’ve heard many Kristen fans say that their marriage was already broken before Kristen came into picture.This is a part of their convenient logic because deep down inside in their heart they have fear of RS/LR getting divorce and so they need to pretend that Kristen had no role in breaking a family.Kristen knew he was married,she had met his wife and kids and she still became his *****,that’s the main point here.Its hard to ignore a train wreck or train wreck in making and I don’t need have to be passionate for it.

  20. 70
    Trudy Says:

    Its hilarious to see how Kristen fans are still so butt hurt by the fact that Kristen got ‘mini-coopered’ by Rupert lol

  21. 71
    Fae P Says:

    @@Trudy: We don’t know the truth abt KS’s fling but you seem to know all about Liberty Ross’s marriage I mean you even claim to know about the marriage problems that they hv supposedly had for yrs! Delusional much?

  22. 72
    @Trudy Says:

    Yet you are still talking about her!! Sounds like passion to me!!! I honestly do not mind if the director marriage breaks up,,,their lives….their business!!

  23. 73


  24. 74
    @Trudy Says:

    And it is not a convenience about their marriage problems before. Just a fact. LR herself has spoken about it. If they do split I seriously doubt it would be just because of this incident but all their other problems. But like I said their business. I am not invested in them and never comment on their articles.

  25. 75
    tan Says:

    great actors and good people

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