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Adriana Lima: Chilling with Husband Marko Jaric!

Adriana Lima: Chilling with Husband Marko Jaric!

Adriana Lima shows off her legs in denim short shorts while grabbing some coffee at Starbucks with her husband Marko Jaric on Saturday (January 5) in Miami, Fla.

The day before, the 31-year-old model tweeted, “Chilling at home waiting for my hubby@markojaric ❤❤❤❤❤.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Marko recently showed his support for Django Unchained by tweeting, “DJANGO what a movie!!! You should all go and see it. [Quentin] Tarantino is a bad ass.”

In case you missed it, have a look at Adriana looking stunning in the 2013 Spring campaign for Miu Miu.

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric grabbing coffee together in Miami…

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adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 01
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 02
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 03
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 04
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 05
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 06
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 07
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 08
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 09
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 10
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 11
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 12
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 13

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • @hm

    Funny that you are now trying to hide your own comment.
    Embarassed, aren’t you. LOL!

  • @hm


  • deary

    Can I be Adriana?

  • sammi

    Men’s Health just published their 100 hottest women list.
    Ale was at #43. Miranda at #23 and Adriana at #20 (which is surprising, since I thought that she would be higher)
    None of the other angels made the list at all, unless I skipped one.

  • hm

    @@hm: what? trying to hide my comment?

    how can i thumb down my own comment?

    i’ll re post it if that’ll stop your tears.

  • deary

    @sammi: Well, they are in the list, and in the top 50 so it’s still good. And Adriana was pregnant, I’m surprised she’s not lower in the list.

  • cats

    @overratedx1000: Paparazzi model (Miranda) is not in team Linda, Cindy, Claudia and not also in team Heidi, Leatitia, Adriana. Both teams are wonderful.
    Miranda is always tailing behind lmao. She and her yesterday’s news husband are trying so hard to be an A list couple. Orlando has also started calling the paps. What a fake family. Reaching out to their little boy

  • abby

    @cats: No offense but Adriana has been modeling since the late 90s and has less covers,campaigns and runway shows than Miranda. (the prestigious ones) Miranda has only been working internationally since 2006. Adriana was already established by then. Mirandas portfolio trumps hers and has been working less years. Miranda has over 200 covers. I went on Adriana fansite and she has only around 80 her whole career. its funny.

  • say?

    LMAO. Miranda 200 covers? Modeling covers? You gotta be joking.
    And her portfolio will only be better than Adriana’s when Adriana takes a break from modeling for at least 5 years. Plus Miranda didn’t go international in 2006. That’s just a terrible lie. She was working outside Australia as a model long before 2006. We’re aware you know.

  • Adriana

    Sad that Miranda’s crazy fans had to hijack Adriana’s thread. Adriana made it on her own; she didn’t need a famous BF to help her career along.

  • Sara

    I like her because she isnt a paparazzu wh*re. She keeps her kids away from papz and her private life to herself.

  • crazies

    @Adriana: She dated Lenny Kravitz um a rock star. and married a basketball player. stfu.

  • Why ???

    Why can’t you people just get along? Both Adriana and Miradnda are gorgeous women, I admire and like them both, I don’t even think they dislike each other so why are you trying to fuel the hate? Adriana is Adriana, Miranda is Miranda, they are both extremtly beautiful in their own way and they have something unique about them, I see no need to bash on either. Your ugly hate towards any of them is totally uncalled for. It’s sad to see that people can’t just stop and appreciate beauty, but they keep making up reasons to insult, hurt and blindly hate.

  • @110

    You think that the only people who don’t like Adriana are Miranda fans?
    I think that you are delusional.

  • That’s it

    People can try to put these women against each other, or they can try to make them similar, but Adriana is still her superior. That can’t be changed, denying it is a waste of words.
    @crazies: Adriana’s relationship with Lenny was very private. People knew about them and I think they even did a photo shoot together, but it wasn’t publicized. And she’s more powerful than her basketball player husband. So all in all, Adriana emerged and became a star all on her own.
    Miranda whether u love or hate her is an attention wh*re. Her marriage looks like a business and it’s not like it’s doing wonders for her career. She’s still trying.

  • V

    I just love her. She’s surely the most beautiful woman in the world. And she is humble and sweet. I wish we have more posts of her.

  • Avi

    She is beautiful! not that fugly freida Pinto. That girl is ugly and can’t act. Looks like Adriana Limas maid!

  • @115

    Uhm, private people don’t do photoshoots together. And how do you know about it if it wasn’t publicized?

  • Nohhhh

    NY is freezing right now and these lucky people are wearing light clothes.
    Someone take me to Miami

  • Why ???

    @That’s it

    I really don’t know how can you tell her marriage looks like a bussiness. Yes, Orlando Bloom is a very popular actor in Hollywood, but is that hard to believe he would actually fall in love with Miranda? What is she, some kind of disgusting witch? I’ve never seen Bloom going on photoshoots and posing in lingerie for Miranda so I guess he has his carreer and she has hers. Why is it that you with other posters here make this mean and nasty assumptions about both Miranda and Adriana? Also, their private lives is none of our bussines no matter how much paparazzi follow them around. Their relationships with whomever shouldn’t concern us. Adriana may have dated Lenny, good for her. Miranda is married to O. Bloom and they have an adorable baby boy, good for them. Adriana is married to M. Jarich and they have two adorable little girls, good for them. Also, you may think Adriana is her superior, but remember that everything is subjective and a matter of opinion, to me, they are both wonderful, however everybody has their own perspective. Peace, people, peace is the answer! lol

  • neneh

    I wouldn’t say Bloom “a very popular actor in Hollywood”. I’m being honest. He’s been out of sight for a few years now

  • Janet J

    Miranda made her private life the public’s business so we can say whatever we want. Also, Adriana dated Lenny briefly and they weren’t trying to force people to know them. Miranda and Orlando are the complete opposite, their tactics are just SO obvious.
    Anyway, I’m not in the mood to go back and forth with anyone on this. So I’m gone

  • Message

    All I know is that if in some alternate universe, if I could either look like Adriana or Miranda, it would be Adriana… All day, every day. This girl is stunning, even dressed in cut offs and a t-shirt. She isn’t even trying here and she looks amazing.

  • @Obsessed Adriana fan…

    Miranda was just voted “sexiest woman alive” by Esquire magazine.

    2.5 million men on voted her the 6th most desirable woman they would want to marry, the only VS model to make the top 10.

    It just shows how famous & popular she is as a supermodel that only very famous singers & actresses like Rihanna, Milan Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence etc were ahead of her.

    She was also voted by many fashion mags as a style icon for 2012, that’s because always looks so stylish & classy no matter what she wears.

    She’s also the new face of Mango, replacing Kate Moss, before that were Scarlett Johannson & Naomi Campbell. All very famous women, so Miranda is obviously considered by Mango to be very well known.

    You can go on all you like about what Adriana did in the PAST like google searchers, superbowl ads, but the truth is Adrianna’s best days are behind her. Yes she is still successful but just not on the same level as she was a few years ago.

    If Adriana was still as popular as you claim you wouldn’t feel so threatened by Miranda. There would be no need to make nasty comments about Miranda or continually bring up what Adriana did in the past. Or make multiple user accounts so you can thumb down positive comments about Miranda on her own comment page.

    What is so silly is that a few days ago Miranda gave an interview. She said that Adriana had been a good friend to her over the years & that when she was first pregnant with Flynn, Adriana gave her some good tips on working while pregnant.

    So their friends yet YOU constantly have to bully Miranda with very spiteful comments & then YOU expect her fans not to defend her. YOU can’t have it both ways, YOU like to dish it out but don’t like it when it comes back in return. That makes YOU a hypocrite!

  • NOY

    Yes Adriana did a photoshoot with all her famous men, one sitting on Lenny’s face for a men’s mag (they weren’t very publicized because she dated C/D listers) (not exactly gossip fodder) and she sold her childs photos to Hello Brazil. oh she is so innocent. If you could just bring her up without slammming 100 other models in the process maybe her fans wouldnt the laughing stock. If you love HER so much; talk about HER. Look at HER pictures. This is why she must have a very young fanbase. Adults are not this rabid.

  • anonymous

    What’s the big argument about? I think Miranda and Adriana are both pretty women and both successful models. I don’t mind either one of them, however I don’t really care about Victoria’s Secret… If I had to pick a favorite VS model though then I would go with Doutzen Kroes because for me her face is beautiful and she’s one of those rare natural blondes too. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so everyone has a different opinion and whats attractive to one person may not be to another. Thats life, no one can ever be attractive to every single person in the world. I think both Miranda and Adriana are pretty in their own way and in terms of their career Im sure they’ve both done ok.

  • Kelly

    When was Miranda Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive?! My boy friend is an Esquire subscriber and I’ve never seen Miranda on any of the issues. Mila Kunis was last picked as the sexiest woman.

  • Tired

    Are we talking about the same Lenny Kravitz? That guy isn’t a C list celebrity. What are you people even talking about? He was definitely a big deal in the late 90s and early to mid 2000s. He still IS a big deal. He was in the Hunger Games movie which is massively successful and he’s going to be in the sequel too. He’s still is successful artists and is being honored and receiving awards all over the world. Come on he has several Grammy Awards and breaking records.
    Adriana and Lenny weren’t publicized but I think that’s because they didn’t want the attention, because they were both relevant.And I dare you to prove Adriana sitting on his face in a photo shoot.

  • So out

    @@Obsessed Adriana fan…: Miranda fan, it was you who started bashing Adriana for no reason. Miranda is a mile behind Adriana so Adriana fans have more words to bash Miranda with. It always ends like that. You should stay away if you don’t want to see the truth.
    And Miranda isn’t a style icon. She isn’t starting trends or anything. She just wears nice clothes. Style icons are Victoria’s Beckham, Kate Moss, Charlize etc. I’m sure Miranda want to be in those fabulous women’s league, but she’s not there. And you only see mediocre websites and a few good magazines calling her one of 2012′s best dressed. But you won’t see her in the more important ones like Vogue.
    About Mango, it’s not just celebrities that do it, Isabeli Fontana was also a spokesmodel for them, and she isn’t a celebrity but she’s a more respected model that Miranda.
    If saying Adriana Lima is not relevant anymore will make you happy, then you can say it as many times as you can. I’m not going to waste time on ridiculous things like that

  • This stupid G

    Adriana was offered to be on the first issue was Brazilian Hello with her family. You’re making it sound like she called the paparazzi and have them photograph her daughter and went to sell them for cheap prices, or she posed with her daughter for some Australian magazine or a few other magazines like Miranda does. Miranda is a world class attention wh*ore and that can’t be argued.
    Also, it’s the worst kept secret that the Ask Men list is manipulated to favor some of the girls in it. There’s no way red blooded males would select Jennifer Lawrence as the most desirable. And I wouldn’t put it past Miranda to give them a call as to how they’ll adjust her position.

  • Tahahaha

    Lenny is 10 times more relevant than Orlando, that’s for sure. hahaha

  • yeah

    she’s 31?? really? looks like 21 for me.

  • I am

    I’m so mad at my parents for not being Brazilians. She is perfection!!!!

  • umok
  • This stupid G

    @umok: That’s a video, was screen capped (it’s in png). She was moving, not sitting on his face. And how old was she 20, 21? How old is Miranda? Pushing 30 is is still wh*ring around releasing nude pics of herself. At least Adriana is fully dressed.

  • @WeLoveAdriana

    Looking fresh as usual! She gets better with age. It’s unbelievable… *PLUS MORE HQ PICS OF ADRIANA IN THIS CANDID: adrilimafans.blogspot.com2013/01/adriana-lima-e-marko-jaric-saem-em-miami.html

  • British Latin American

    Beautiful lady, hot man.

  • @135

    So you are admitting that it was a p*rn VIDEO, and not just a photo shoot?
    Sorry, sitting on a man’s face goes WAAAAAYYY beyond what Miranda has ever done.
    And are you now going to claim that Adriana has never done n*des?

  • @127

    You really need to do your homework before mouthing off. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

  • @130

    But no one forced Adriana to accept their offer, did they. She chose to use her daughter to make a profit.
    The only time Miranda posed with Flynn for a magazine, he was facing away from the camera.
    Adriana sold her daughter’s image. Period

  • This stupid G

    @@127: The girl was just asking. She was talking about Esquire US, that’s the more relevant one. You can’t blame her for not hearing anything about Esquire UK.
    And Miranda leaking nudes of herself and posing for Terry among many other nude photo shoots she’s done this year and recent years can’t be topped. And Adriana isn’t even nude. I saw the video and she was moving over, not sitting on his face. And she was 20 years old. Not 29 like Miranda.
    Lol. good bye… I’m over this thread

  • umm

    @@130: This this is not Miranda and her poor son?
    And all the endless paparazzi set ups? She’ll use her family for fame and money. Girl, just stfu really

  • ScarlettM

    Awww I love Adriana and Marko together <3 Not gonna lie, her husband is pretty damn fine! Haha, idk who I'm more jealous of, Adriana or Marko :P Gorgeous couple, I truly hope they stay together forever, not like all these typical Hollywood couples who break up within 3 months of marriage.

  • Carol

    She is the most sexy angel…Miranda is cute, not sexy.