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Vanessa Hudgens: Post Golden Globes LAX Departure!

Vanessa Hudgens: Post Golden Globes LAX Departure!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it casual chic while heading to the airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (January 14) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 24-year-old actress and her Spring Breakers‘ co-star Selena Gomez were both dressed up while attending the Weinstein Company Golden Globes After Party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

On the way to the party with Selena, Vanessa wrote on her blog, “Taken on the way to the Golden Globes after party! I obviously sat next to an angel. Lol. #NoFilter.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing AllSaints boots.

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vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 01
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 02
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 03
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 04
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 05
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 06
vanessa hudgens post golden globes lax departure 07
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    I never watch 700 club. Sorry but they’re a bunch of prejudice hypocrites, you would fit right in.

  • BO

    Nicole blah blah was’t on Glow .they wre on harper bazzar .it waas the same cover that Austin showed his face on .

  • BO

    hello old one !

  • tina

    So after the parties Vanessa, Selena and Laura had a sleepover. You can see the paps parked in front of her house. She looks great make up free here.

  • LC

    Glow Magazine (the one with Austin) is not the same as Glow Canada (the fashion magazine with Vanessa) .

  • tina

    Hello little one.

  • A

    @tina LOL no I wouldn’t. I hate religious hypocritical crap. I was just thinking of a stereotypical “old people” show. Okay, shouldn’t you be watching TV Land and not the CW? Better?

  • Haters Suck!

    I woulda gone with dumb one. Or psycho one.


    @A, now you get it, so I don’t see the point of you shoving your idol in our faces on Vanessa’s threads. You don’t find us doing what you do here on your idol’s threads do you? If we did that then, you have every right to call us pimps. We are fans of Vanessa just like you are of ms. Tisdale but we are respectful enough to stay here on our idol’s threads. Can you influence Mr. tinfoil(I like that) to kindly stick to KStew or better yet Ashley’s threads as he seems partial to her, thanks to you. I think you both make a lovely couple, ; ))

  • tina

    See that’s where you make your mistake trying to pigeon hole someone you don’t know based on your limited experiences in life. You keep living your pretend life where what her face is the queen of everything and stay the he ll out of mine.

  • A

    @tina lol it was just a joke. But my point is you’re too old for the CW. 90210, Gossip Girl, Hellcats, get the idea?

  • jl

    @Aryanna: It would be nice if Austin and her had broke up to me they do not make a cute couple.

  • kid exposed by her mom!

    who’s that eleven year old girl in the pics on the front page? the new version of honey boo-boo? i mean, look at that orange color…someone’s been abusing of fake creepy!

  • tina

    @A: I remember Hellcats it was good when AJ was the main star. Got canned when the focus was put on whats her face. Guess the fb fans weren’t enough to save it.

  • Lee

    Sel + V fans Vote for Spring Breakers!:
    :) We made it to the 2nd round in the MTV Movie Brawl and don’t want to loose to the One Directioners
    Anyway, Van looks gorgeous per usual and I’m so happy she’s spending time with Laura & Selena & Kim H and not the Hollywood fakes.

  • http://s Aryanna

    @jl: its true and i know right and i heard a rumor that vanessa and Austin ended their relationship and are seperated now

  • Haters Suck!

    Did the voices in your head tell u that rumor?

  • Terry

    She is so natural and beautiful.

  • A

    @tina Aly dumb@ss not AJ. And sure, blame the cancellation on Ashley. Never mind that the reason tuned in in the first place was for her, not Aly.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Yep. That’s because you guys discriminate talent based on nose sizes and hair color. The ideal for both is two tiny slits for nostrils in the middle of the face and hair color the same as oil coming out of the ground. And Bohji says IM the racist LMAO

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    @Haters Suck!: How’s that dating site coming dude? LOL

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    Wait, did they mistake the pics above of a small-time older italian or arabic actress for Vanessa, or is that really vanessa?

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    So you think HS lives in the basement? Somehow I envision him as the type who still lives in his childhood room, rocketship sheets and all LOL.

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  • fan

    Nessa looks gorge!

  • V

    @Nightwish @A give us a description of what you think @Bohji and @maria must be like. You know just like you are doing with @Haters Suck. Now that would be very interesting to read. I love reading you guys.

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  • kylie

    So I guess we are underway for the Spring Breakers promo. Bring it on.


    A must’ve rubbed her fan fiction writing skills off Nightwish. Been hanging out together much?

  • Kitt

    hate her, thinks she’s the best but she sucks.

  • Wow

    She is so so pretty !

  • Hayley

    Omg love you Vanessa I’m such a huge fan of uuu, luv you xx

  • Alison

    Nice hair hoping to hear more about your upcoming projects v! Xx

  • samsam

    bOTH @Haters Suck and @A are being just as childish as eachother. i really thought @A had gone past this spamming especially the fact that she managed to compliment vanessa but now shes p*ssed and retaliated so now the whole cycle has started again with the whole “ashley is more relevant”but “vanessa’s prettier” crap. this is seriously annoying. ashley hasn’t been to the golden globes in a while so it was nice to see her there. at first i wasn’t sure why but then someone told me it was cuz of scary movie and i fully understood. sel and vanessa were also there for spring breakers promotion and all the girls looked gorgeous. selena looked funky and flirty, vanessa looked strong and sexy and ashley looked greek and sweet.

  • .

    @Hayley and @Alison another pumper obviously just changed their name to pimp Pudge

  • Floxy

    Gosh!this is so pointless! just leave her alone!

  • florence2

    Seems like she can’t bear to be apart from Austin for long don’t know why they don’t just get married he lives with her within 12 months of them getting together so marriage and kids are the next logical step so just do it.

  • florence2

    Judging by picture 6 she loves smelling Austin’s clothes bet she can’t waitto be back with her man

  • Bulah

    Is not Vanessa in above pictures, is Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani! Is Golshifteh!

  • samsam

    @florence2: why do you keep saying marriage and stuff? they’ve only been dating a year sheesh dont scare the poor boy

  • yets

    gorgeous V

  • Nightwish

    @samsam: Good morning. Being that you’re a bit of a clueless noob, let me spell it out for you. This isn’t a ‘celeb vs her trolls’ battle on these posts, it’s a war between pudgekin’s trolls and ‘hater’ trolls, ‘hater’ for lack of better word. We aren’t here to harrass Pudgie per se; rather, we are here to counter typical Hudgens fan activity that is rife with misrepresentation, multiple id spam originating from the same person, fiegned fawning to create a false impression of massive infatuation with pudge; and these are but a few of a multitude of irking trollfaggory type nonsenses that her regulars engage in that compel us to stay involved. I might recommend that you stay neutral or pick a side, because attacking people in both factions may get you in the bad graces of both sides and right quick, but its your life anyhow, you can do as you darn well please, and with that i bid you a fantastic day ahead

  • Nightwish

    @V you are very kind. Its so hard to do on the spot though, it has to come with the right mood.@florence2: My insignificant opinion is this- if pudgies career stalls out for the rest of the year, she will pressure austin to set a date to get married and maybe even flush bc pills down the toilet if worse comes to worse lol

  • samsam

    @Nightwish: i understand where you are coming from but my motives was not to “attack” both parties but to help them understand that this battle is one that is pointless and may have no end due to the fact that everyone has an opinion. somebody has to be the bigger person and say “whatever” unless it will keep going. may i add that i find it offensive that you refer to me as a “clueles noob” as i haven’t ever used such language towards you or..anyone else on this thread. there was no need to spell it out i was just stating my opinion, as were you. i bid you a fantastic day as well. :)

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