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Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her husband Rupert Sanders, according to TMZ.

The 34-year-old actress Ross filed her paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court and asked for joint custody of their two children, Skyla and Tennyson.

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Liberty is being repped by famed lawyer Laura Wasser and has also asked for spousal support from Rupert, as well as attorney’s fees.

Last summer, Rupert issued a public apology after being involved in a cheating scandal with his Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart.

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149 Responses to “Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders”

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  1. 126
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Wendy: If you’re claiming she and Rob never dated, that means they both conned the public for four years and allowed some to believe the relationship was real, all to make money and line their pockets. People will be more angry for being played for suckers. And never confirming the relationship will NOT get them out of the mess (only the Twihards will lap it up); they allowed the presumption to incubate. Right or wrong, outside the fandom many will see them as frauds who took their hard-earned money. And studios will notice – if they see they will not be supported, the studios will view them as box office poison and won’t hire them (so far Kristen is there). If the relationship is a lie as you claim, it’s a lie they are going to have to maintain to keep their careers. If any evidence of what you claim surfaces it will finish them both.

  2. 127
    M Says:

    Well done Kristen Stewart you are officially a HOMEWRECKER! Hope you and Rob never get back together! Especially when he could do 1 million times better and with someone who is not a HOMEWRECKER that didn’t care to think about the poor young children of the family you ruined!
    She doesn’t deserve to be happy let alone settle down with someone!

  3. 128
    Debby Says:

    Why is the woman always the one who is called a homewrecker? Considering liberty and rupert were already having problems before the scandal,liberty herself said she felt like she was a single parent raising two kids. The infidelity probable resulted in old problems resurfacing again that were never properly dealt. If it is true that she filed for divorce papers 2 years ago,what if she only stayed with rupert because he was the only steady income they had as it does not seem like she has worked in years.without him she probably does not have much money which is why she is asking for him to pay all the legal fees and provide spousal support

  4. 129
    nahnah Says:

    So what if they were having problems. That doesn’t give someone the right to ingratiate themselves into a marriage thats none of their business. My grandparents are celebrating 67 years together, and as they told me, any marriage thats true and real WILL EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS, every marriage will be tested in one way or another. NO marriage that last a significant amount of time will be rainbows and sunshine forever and ever. It doesn’t give no man or woman a right to insert themselves in that marriage. Stop making excuses, for a selfish, self absorbed, entitled no talent. She helped wreck a home, and the aftermath will hurt a 5 and a 7 year old more than anyone else. She had a hand in that willingly. I can’t believe I use to like this chick, now she’s nothing but a phoney poser.

  5. 130
    Hypocrisy Says:

    I wonder if the same people defending Kristen Stewart also defend Angelina Jolie the same way.

  6. 131
    aquarius64 Says:

    What’s the deal?

  7. 132
    Tracy Says:

    @T: YES she did cheat on Michael with Rob. That is all the more reason Rob should have known Kristen would cheat on him. You will loose them the same way you got them. That is why I don’t feel sorry for Rob. Karma is a *****.

  8. 133
    SammiPage Says:

    The fans for kristian and Angie are crazy. Angie is all about her image since she hooked up with brad, and has a great pr team. Both are homereckers .

  9. 134
    Blue Says:

    I actually think it sad to throw it all away for a few make outs, it’s wrong , but too hasty, imo, unless it was a lot more. I don’t think so, and he is married, but they were probably on the r ocks anyway.

  10. 135
    Suz Says:

    @nahnah: jealous much, what Liberty Ross a friend of yours.

  11. 136
    Suz Says:

    @nahnah: so Liberty Ross dating a 59 year old is not going to hurt the kids, seriously.

  12. 137
    Jay Says:

    Am I only one who thinks Liberty and Rupert already broke up in last Nov?
    I mean, Summit Entertainment gave them BIG money to keep quiet. I doubt Breaking Dawn 2 was such a big hit if they were divorced at that time. Congrats Kristen, you got a sick money!

  13. 138
    nahnah Says:


    Jealous of who? I liked kristen stewart, and I don’t really care about liberty ross. I do however feel sorry for two small kids who’s home is broken b/c of their dumbass father and the joke that is kristen stewart. Sick of the excuses, made for stewart just b/c she wasn’t the married one. It’s bullshit and completely unrealistic to expect for marriages to not go through some ups and downs, and its nothing but an excuse to stick your nose in a troubled marriage just b/c its troubled…… As if problems give’s someone the right to involve themselves with that persons’s spouse. Fact is, kristen didn’t give a crap, now deal with the consequences.

  14. 139


  15. 140
    Cree Says:

    KStew is loathsome. She isn’t sorry for anything except getting caught.

  16. 141
    Debby Says:

    @EllaBlue: that would make Rob a cheater too as he was dating nikki reed

  17. 142
    aquarius64 Says:

    Kristen’s team must be working overtime now.

  18. 143
    Good luck Liberty Says:

    Good news

  19. 144
    kjkj Says:


  20. 145
    kjkj Says:


  21. 146
    kjkj Says:


  22. 147
    a Says:

    I hope Rupert & Kristen are ashamed of themselves

  23. 148
    GoodforLib Says:

    Anyone who cheats is a disgusting, selfish, greedy, inconsiderate, untrustworthy and disrespectful person who does not have dignity or integrity – and therefore they do not deserve to be trusted or respect, since they clearly have no honesty, loyalty or respect themselves. Both Kristen and Rupert are to blame and both should be ashamed of themselves. They are both adults… Even teenagers know better. They made their decision and choice their own actions, so both must take the responsibility. By cheating, not only did Rupert betray his wife, but he betrayed his whole family and his kids will never forget. I don’t understand how he thought he could get away with it. Cheaters ALWAYS get caught! Eventually all secrets come out, whether you realize it or not… Its gonna come back to bite you in the butt somehow one day. I have no intention of seeing any movie Rupert directs ever again. The guy is a perverted, creepy low-life. I feel bad for the children involved, but they will realize that their mother made the best decision. Forgiving someone and moving on does not mean that you have to let them back into your life and resume the same relationship , you can forgive and move on but still breakup and find someone better – because if someone cheats on you even once then they are not good enough for you. Once trust is broken, you’re gonna have a tough time trusting that person again and its not worth it to feel insecure in a relationship. Liberty can do better and I heard before that she was already moving, good for her… She deserves a better and faithful guy.

  24. 149
    KMA Says:

    @RupertPantsDown:Kristen wasn’t raped either. Both are a couple of low life scums.

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