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Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler takes the day by storm as he heads out and about on Tuesday morning (February 5) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor has been in sunny Florida for several days now, and reportedly hung out with some celeb pals last week.

Gerard, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, and Mel Gibson all stepped out together at Story night club in Miami this past Friday, according to the New York Post.

The five guys have reportedly been hanging around together as they hit up several Miami hotspots!

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187 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!”

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  1. 101
    eggy Says:


    meh…it’s his life if he goes or not. He’s pretty much attended either the Oscar parties and went to the actual Oscar ceremony only a couple of times since 2005 has he not? I don’t know his attendance for the parties/show all that well.

  2. 102
    ha ha Says:


    He’s a member of the Academy. I only know this because jj had a big post about it when it happened.

  3. 103
    What now? Says:

    @ha ha:
    Membership in the Academy is very expensive each year and I think to attend the actual ceremony costs about $6500. each. So unless he has some business advantage to be there he may not attend. He may only go the some of the after partys.

  4. 104
    gmad Says:

    @ha ha:
    I was not referring to him that there should be, but with whom, ….
    was the obviousness of my externalization ..
    I did not think it was so hard to understand

  5. 105
    Roobee Says:

    I am home from work with a tooth abcess:( and have just watched Attila the movie on youtube, it’s the only film of Gerrys I have not seen! I know this is totally of the subject but ooooooooo I like him as a Hun! Looking at him has taken my mind off the throbbing in my head!

  6. 106
    TV critic. Says:


    Why are you thumbing this down? JS only stated a fact. The last person to hold the title Queen of England was that nasty piece of work the evil Elizabeth I.

  7. 107
    unapologetic fan Says:

    @What now?:

    His MPAAS membership dues are tax deductible, as would be his tickets to the ceremony (if he chose to go) as “work-related” expenses. (Unless of course he were to be asked to present, in which case I’m sure they’d waive the fee for a seat. LOL)
    I hope he does go. We need new pics of him in a tux!

  8. 108
    What now? Says:

    @unapologetic fan:

    I think after the last 2 years he has had plenty of tax deductions. IMO

  9. 109
    ha ha Says:


    It was hard to understand, actually. It was your grammar that made it difficult:

    “if he does is an emeritus”

  10. 110
    b Says:

    I kind of feel he is in an anti Hollywood frame of mind. And that he has been for a good spell.
    I wouldn’t look for him at any event. He’ll follow suit like with the other awards shows he failed to appear at this year (imo).

  11. 111
    she Says:

    How is Lolita these days?

  12. 112
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    GB back in Los Angeles apparently?

  13. 113
    b Says:

    LOL And then he arrives in Hollywood!

  14. 114
    Kathy Says:

    Maybe Thunder Run is in high gear pre-production?
    His ‘outfit’ in Miami (yesterday) was all business/appointment. Anyone dressed like that stands out down there. He looked preoccupied too. Tense as well. Or could be angry with his tight lips (at being spotted)? Looked good though. The new ‘slim’ Butler is growing on me!

  15. 115
    What up? Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Well that was a big nothing! It was Gerry. Not a very good photog. I would think that celebs and vips had an entrance/exit that LAX would allow them to use to come and go so the paps wouldn’t be waiting outside to pounce. I know they’re waiting around the airport terminal 24/7 but because of that, they need a vip door that’s blocked off from the public where limos can pull up and pick them up without this. Seems so poorly handled.

  16. 116
    What up? Says:

    @Kathy: He hates the paps and being photographed by them or didn’t you know? You can see the distain on his face even when he’s trying to hide it. He just needs to lighten up a bit. He seems angry these days.

  17. 117
    Kathy Says:

    Maybe he’s back to retrieve her?
    I think he’ll stay where the weather fits his clothes. The Northeast is expecting yucky weather so doubt he’ll head for NYC. Nice here (in DC… early spring indeed) but up North it’s a different story.

  18. 118
    Kathy Says:

    @What up?:
    I know. The pitfalls of being famous. Near endless wealth but stalked.
    Yes, he’s a lot to be angry at. But feel he’s truly marking progress concerning whatever it could be. Just a hunch.

  19. 119
    mardi gras Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Well darling MG is no Ingrid Bergman or Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren for that matter.

  20. 120
    Kathy Says:

    @What up?:
    Well, Gerry’s partly to blame for higher degree of stalking since “going public” with the weasel. So they could be looking for something? Who knows? They’re always at LAX. Hell, the grey dove made it out of Florida and through the terminal unseen.

  21. 121
    Kathy Says:

    I’m watching Autumn Sonata staring Ingrid Bergman. She directed it too. She’s older but still beautiful, amazing to watch. It is about a famous pianist mother shanghaied by bitter resentful daughter using passive-aggressive sneaky tactics to corner her to press all her angers on her. Fascinating film.
    ~K, movie watcher :o) who thinks Gerry has massive talents

  22. 122
    What up? Says:

    @Kathy: She’ll be in LA for that HW Itallian thing she’s MCing won’t she? Funny her being Romanian and all! Oh well. I would think they’d select someone who could speak better English but perhaps they do the whole thing in Italian. We’ll see if they hook up.

  23. 123
    What up? Says:

    @Kathy: No wealth is “endless”. You’ve got to produce something or invest wisely. His wealth is not endless nor is anyone else’s in HW.

  24. 124
    Lo L.A. Says:

    @What now?: @unapologetic fan: He may not be able to get a ticket to go, there are more members than seats in the theatre, the nominees of course are first priority, they are allocated so many tickets each, then presenters, and then studios et al get allocated tickets, and the rest are allocated by lottery.

    Millenium is too cheap to be springing for tickets and also not considered one of the major studios anyway- I noticed there were movie commercials during the Super Bowl, where was the OHF spot ha ha so if Gerry is inclined to go, he either needs to be invited by someone else, maybe CAA? or be asked to be a presenter or I guess now he qualifies for the lottery.

    I think he has only been to the actual ceremony once when he was a co presenter with Brad Cooper in 2010 and I think he only became an official member of the Academy last year?

  25. 125
    J Says:

    @mardi gras:

    “Well darling MG is no Ingrid Bergman or Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren for that matter.”

    No they are all ladies and were also all born female, MG can claim neither.

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