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Justin Bieber Apologizes for 'Smoking Weed' on SNL

Justin Bieber Apologizes for 'Smoking Weed' on SNL

Justin Bieber apologized to his fans for smoking weed while hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live on Saturday (February 9).

The 18-year-old singer played the president of Miley Cyrus‘ fanclub during an appearance on The Miley Cyrus Show sketch. The conversation between “Miley” and Justin‘s character eventually turned to the pop star himself!

“I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and he’s really sorry about it and people make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again,” Justin said.

Make sure to check out the video of Justin‘s opening monologue!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s apology for smoking weed?

Justin Bieber – “The Miley Cyrus Show”
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18 Responses to “Justin Bieber Apologizes for 'Smoking Weed' on SNL”

  1. 1
    Musicfanatic Says:

    He was really smart with his wording when he knew he first got caught. He didn’t admit it in his tweets but he didn’t deny it either and of course his fans took it as “He didn’t do it”. You wouldn’t believe the crazy things they said like “the photos were photoshopped!” or “he was eating chocolate sticks”. lol. They tried it.

  2. 2
    MikeG Says:

    his publicist do the most they can…

  3. 3
    MikeG Says:

    his publicists do the most they can…

  4. 4
    all of us Says:

    there is nothing wrong with smoking weed and he shouldn’t have to apologize! He did great on SNL. His voice is beautiful and he is beautiful. I am feeling sad tonight and watching him made me feel a little better! Great Job Justin.

  5. 5
    Someone Says:

    It’s not true he will smoke weed and here’s a fact he was stoned when he did SNL and he lip-synced to all of his songs on the show.
    He lip synchs to all of his songs including his concerts; the reason why people don’t see it is because he is bette then Millie Villie.

  6. 6
    Sam Says:

    Har har har… the episode sucked. I don’t know if it was Bieber, or terrible writing but I barely found anything funny.

  7. 7
    Joe Says:

    SNL has become less and less funny over the years, but bieber just brought it to a new low. That was the most pathetic hosting I’ve watched. He can’t sing,or act. I hope he has enjoyed his time in the spotlight because I have a feeling he will be old news just like his aquanet stronghold hair style.

  8. 8
    Get Real Says:

    What is going on with the hair?

  9. 9
    Kay Blood Says:

    Justin did an okay job as a host. What he does with his personal life is no one else’s business but the celebs always have someone in their circle of friends that lets things “slip”. Justin is very talented however, he seems to be turning into a bit of a diva and that is not attractive.

  10. 10
    Coincidences Says:

    I think it was better that they worked it into the Miley Cyrus Show sketch since, after Miley got caught smoking salvia, her monologue was “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” and did the Miley Cyrus Sketch as Justin Bieber for her apology. It made it easier to joke about when “Miley” says, “Me too!”

  11. 11
    Kilem Says:

    I don’t get why he had to apologize. How silly. As long as he isn’t baked out of his head most days, then no harm done. Just be yourself- you’re just 18 and allowed to act irresponsible.

  12. 12

    *takes razor to wrist* HOW COULD YOU!!!!! One of his mental friends would do and say

  13. 13
    Got Caught Says:

    He’s not sorry he did it. He’s just sorry he got caught.

  14. 14
    Karly Says:

    He’s not sorry and never will be,he was caught lying again and his PR team made him “apologze” to clean his image.And i don’t doubt that after this show,he smoked weed again.Justine is a 18 y.o diva that doesn’t listen to his PR team and his parents and does what he wants to do anyway,you know.
    Nice try,Bieber,but your 15 minutes will be up in few years,and you’ll be able to smoke weed,lie and crash cars without even getting the media attention again.

  15. 15
    Veronica Says:

    He is such a sweet guy. He knows HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN in Bed with Love Toys from AthenaToysDotcom

  16. 16
    Lalique Says:

    1. He can most definitely sing. 2. He did not lip synch – which is evidenced by his failure to “synch” with his guitarist in the first song. 3. No, he can’t act, but he was funny and self-deprecating. 4. He should not have to apologize for smoking weed. 5. He did not apologize – it was a joke. 6. SNL has not survived for almost 40 years without its low periods, but it will flourish again. 7. Kristen Wiig, Head Writer for so many years, is so sorely missed!

  17. 17
    Jason Says:

    Justin Bieber did lip sync at a concert his music playing and he threw up like he got done sucking off Donkey Dong in a Tjuana Donkey Show. While heaving up his music was still going. You would have heard additional mix if he was singing or even the throw up sound. Then the dumbass reply, Do you still love me even when I’m throwing up? It’s stupid that people got brainwashed into listening to this crap. Buck Fieber!

  18. 18
    Justinbieberfever Says:

    @all of us:
    i love justin but there is something wrong with it.. weed is drugs.. drugs are illegal. so yeah :L but either way, im glad he apologised, it was the right thing to do.

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