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George Clooney: 'Monuments Men' Set with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: 'Monuments Men' Set with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney walks around the set of his new film The Monuments Men on Wednesday (March 20) at the Palais Am Festungsgraben in Berlin, Germany.

The 51-year-old actor was joined on the set by his girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Later that evening, George was spotted leaving a restaurant in the midst of a snowfall.

The Monuments Men follows a crew of art historians and museum curators who unite to recover renown works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys them. The flick also stars Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin, and John Goodman.

FYI: George is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 01
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 02
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 03
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 04
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 05
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 06
george clooney monuments men set with stacy keibler 07

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  • Nanea

    It does say “set” in some pics but it looks like they’re not actually filming.

    One can see it’s the office of the Society of Threatened Peoples at that address, among other things.

  • marilyn

    Well, there she is. I guess George has gotten completely tired of the current girl Stacy. Who knows, maybe George is just keeping her around until he finds a new girlfriend. We all know there is going to be another one.

  • baugh

    she looks so pretty and i like her coat.

  • Bailey

    Keibler looks mega p.o.’d! Guess she got her walking papers.

  • Anonymous

    She looks thrilled to be there.

  • Ah…BiteMe!

    big ugly hooker must feel awful on set as a redundant ogre hanging around doing nothing. all she can talk about is rubbing excrement off her lard ass on wrestling ring ropes.

  • Sylvia Cheevers

    Clooney is keeping a big distance from her. Stacy looks upset. Heard he doesn’t even want her there but his PR advisory team insist that he needs constant media exposure.

  • Evelyn Healy

    ewww, Blimp head Stacy Keibler guttertrash hoooker jinxed MM for sure with her toxic presence.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! How big is she? Clooney dates such ugly women in last 5 years; That Canalis horse & now the Giant butch bland Stacy.
    He must be gay!

  • newsworthy

    Nespresso ditched him for his sleazy & unstable image. Maybe Omega is next. Negative publicity & arrogance: recipe for disaster.

  • Catrina

    Stacy spent 2 years as a publicity arranged girlfriend of an insecure A- list actor, who never once slept with her. A big career move for her.
    But what a pathetic situation.

  • *yawn*

    @Catrina: insecure? Yes. But also coerced by his superiors. So he turns to drinking to numb out PR charade.
    Stasy stays away…own room at Soho Haus.
    Services rich fat uncles…not George.

  • & justice for all

    Monumental epic flop in the making.
    What else?….. The billboard poster boy of ugly hookers, mud-wrestlers, porn strippers.

  • nona

    one morning they woke up and left for work or watch others work……… hmmm newsworthy.


    Uneducated skan’k giant STACY KEIBLER is not qualified to give nutritional advice that she just gathered here & there. Anyone can do that.
    She should stick to sewerage wreslting; her specialty!
    A bulimic, balding blimp!

  • Arabesque

    Repetto don’t make ballet shoes for drag queen-sized, broad bulldozer hookers like Stacy Keibler. LOL

  • Sigh…

    You’d think he can just concentrate on filming.. what’s meant to be arthouse at its finest.
    He poured his heart in financing, preproduction, screenplay adaptation…now directing & acting.
    But no, they have to go ruin it by sending the redundant ogre Stacy Keibler to pollute the film set….& to drain inspiration out of him with her menacing unattractive appearance.
    Clooney doesn’t even want her there….

  • Mazy

    That was a fasle story about Nespresso they put out a statement saying so. They said that they were very happy with their association with Mr. Clooney. It amazes me how given people can hide behind anonymity they think that gives them the right to sprew their own brand of false sleeze. You are most likely a very jealous person who cannot get a women of your own.

    I don’t know Ms Keibler or anything about her but I would never put things out that I had no idea if true or not. So from now on whatever you post derogatory about a women think of it as a describtion of your Mother, sister, daughter, or wife. Which ever one of these that you have. I should if any. Mind you might laugh right now and make some filthy comment, BUT you will think about this and it will get to you.

    Have a wonderful day

  • newsworthy

    @Mazy: errr, PR TROLL Mazy, feigning “The good Samaritan” approach, go back & hibernate with your other ~girl~ usernames.
    YES, NESPRESSO GOT RID OF CLOONEY! His image was too sordid associated with disgusting vile creatures like sk’ank defective hoo’kers Canolli & Keibler.
    My female friends & relatives are not scum of the earth avaricious, immoral women of ill repute who’ll do anything for fame & fortune.

  • Melissa


    U seem to call anyone PR troll if they have something positive rather than your usual negative crap to say. That’s what u called me the other day. Like the previous poster said, u must be a jealous guy/girl.

  • newsworthy

    @Melissa: you are PR trolls. More than likely bald gaint Stacy’s Z-list rep or from the PR network paid to promote this farcical bogus arrangement between Clooney & Stacy the ogre.
    THE CONTENT OF YOUR MESSAGES & the fact that they’re probably from the same poster, indicates who you are.
    The whole situation reeks of negativity.
    I’m not going to play passive doormat to appease your publicity interests.

    Jealous??? Hahahaha!!
    Not when anyone knows what lies & deception is going on.
    Not of a big, bland, uneducated hooker who George Clooney loathes & refers to as a Giant Rodent or Stacy Kyborg.
    Not of big, bland bald Stacy with whom George Clooney has never even once slept.
    Jealousy is not my nature. But antagonizing you gives me pleasure :)
    You think you can spin & deceive a world full of fools.

  • George Stout

    George Clooney’s fake publicity arrangement exposed:

  • MAVA

    Two days later, the Stacy Keibler the ogre hooker from the sewers went back to LA.
    She stayed in her own room at the Sohohaus in Berling. Neve ronce shared with Clooney. Never has. FACT.
    On the night she arrived uninvited, he dined with Cate Blanchett.

  • Ah…BiteMe

    @GEORGE STOUT: good riddance to her! George didn’t want her there in the first place! Her toxic energy is jinxing the film.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    ” But antagonizing you gives me pleasure :)”…said the pathetic empty loser who has nothing better to do than to berate and belittle others.

    You only reflect how small you really are in every vitriolic utterance. And if you don’t think that people can recognize the very same words being used all over the internet in the hope that people will be confused and believe your rantings as that of a “consensus”, think again wacko…everyone under the sun that draws breathe can see through your paper thin façade!

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    And you can advertise your pathetic “fan forum” from now until doomsday and you won’t get anyone to stay or comment because everyone knows it’s you wacko!

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    Because at the end of the day, KatieDot & other psychotic PR trolls who promote the vermin guttertrash hoooker from the sewers of the violent entertainment world, you’re bitter & twisted because NOBODY buys this bogus PR MEGA failure.
    Stacy Keibler is a very big , bland ugly ogre who George Clooney cannto even stand. Look at these photos as an example of how he avoids her & despises the trash.
    He facial expression says it all! She stayed in her own suite at Sohohaus & he ignored her. George Clooney has never slept with Stacy Keibler.
    He’s confided to many friends that it’s just PR.
    But you & you Time Warner syndicate have to spread your malicious lies that ruin his career.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    No one gives a damn about your pathetic clooneysopenorrifice fake fan forum. Desperate, psychotic Tw pr gnome. You think eventually someone will believe that you’re genuine.
    She’s scum & marketing polls are convinced that ihe’s gay because of your defective PR methods!
    George Clooney lost the Nespresso lucrative contract because of defective publicity & a sordid image.
    For what?
    He cannot stand hookers like Stacy Keibler & Elisabeta Canalis.
    When he drinks, he confides to his friends.

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    And another thing, KatieDotButtPlug, pathologically jealous PR psycopath fighting a losing battle,
    by controlling your pathetic fake fan forum like a military camp by limiting it to mainly 7 old bags with multiple usernames & not getting anyone else to post, doesn’t give you a monopoly on his online publicity.
    Many more forums are emerging. Genuine independent ones.

  • amaretti

    @ 29
    I agree.
    George comes from a talented and beautiful family .
    Re: Stacy
    It “s a shame we are talking about Quasimodo with a tacky boob job and the work ethic and morals of feces . Dressing up like Baby Huey in drag and acting out the history of Lassie , all three parts , and trying to sell pictures of that , is not show business..

  • Rosaline

    Stacy looks upset. Heard he doesn’t even want her there but his PR advisory team insist that he needs constant media exposure.

  • Lorenzo


  • Rosaline

    I guess George has gotten completely tired of the current girl Stacy. Who knows, maybe George is just keeping her around until he finds a new girlfriend. We all know there is going to be another one.

  • Ah…BiteMe!

    @Rosaline: You seem to recycling your messages. You posted that last comment in #2 as marilyn, PR gnome.
    And the #32 is a copy verbatim of another post. Not yours.

  • Ah…BiteMe!

    @Rosaline: Gaslighting? Copied post number 7 too, did you?
    That’s ok. Flattered. Agreeing with the sentiments.