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Vanessa Hudgens: Watch 'Conan' Appearance Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: Watch 'Conan' Appearance Now!

Vanessa Hudgens is a beauty in a blue maxi dress with floral print while heading into Planet Blue for some retail therapy on Wednesday (March 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress made an appearance on Conan the night before to chat about her new movie Spring Breakers. In case you missed the appearance, check out the video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

During her visit to the show, Vanessa talked about filming on location in Miami and even discussed the special toilets at Disneyland’s Club 33!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping at Planet Blue…

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vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 05
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 06
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 07
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 08
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 09
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 10
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 11
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 12
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 13
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 14
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 15
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 16
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 17
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 18
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 19
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 20
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 21
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 22
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 23
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 24
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 25
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 26
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 27
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 28

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Emma

    Vanessa fans are so annoying i pitty them seriously they’re like 3 or 4 fans who comment and comment ender different names lool !!
    anyways it’s SAD !

  • Xo

    @Emma: I pity you and your inability to spell. What a f ucking idiot you are!

  • tina

    @Emma: If you believe that bs I have a bridge to sell you.

  • http://deleted/ fern

    He is just a loser

  • colombiana

    before the movie was released the budget was 1,5M maybe is going up because the girls, the company and harmony are going to get more from this. I honestly have no idea how it works, but there´s already is a new clothing line inspired on the movie (using the girls, so i guess they are getting something from it), shoes, caps, masks, and the posibility of a worldwide release for everything.
    There was any us promo for this movie? because i´ve never seen any TV spot or anything.
    sorry for my english

  • tina

    @colombiana: No they advertised only using the social media. First film ever to do so.

  • Emma

    @tina: lol look at you pathetic cu nt ! you’re the only one who’s still defending this tallentless ugly skank ! seriously and stop using different names it’s so disturbing !

  • tina

    @Xo: You’re so Whatever happened to spell check? Can’t be too insulted when the only word she got right was the profanity.
    Thanks Chelles.

  • Haters Suck!

    So dumb so angry. Take a chill pill, relax. No need to be so angry.

  • siebbs

    I love her dress !

  • yets

    @ emma life is beautiful dont waste time by hating somebody.
    we love her and that is none of your business ok.

  • kelly martineau

    Like the dress. But V is allways hanging onto it when shes walking. Looks like shes going to trip over it.
    That mop of hair is too big for her head. Cut it off.

  • maria

    @Emma: What’s with the classless habit of name-calling that you Efron fans have? It’s always resorting to vulgar trashy language that sets you people apart. Nasty habit. Maybe you need some anger management. It’s really sad.

  • BO

    @tina: and colombiana or whatever , nice try .then why did the budget went down from $3m to $2m ? lol probably cus they cut off the ten dollars they paid for ”your girl” , right? he he sometimes actors do films without a wage asking for some share of the profit of the film back .but it isn’t added to budget , specially ”midway” through the screening .he he korine is up to shady business .he wants to hide the real budget .

  • Haters Suck!

    Is everything a conspiracy to you people?

  • sgerg
  • Nightwish

    Advertised only through social media? First film to do so? Tina you are so full of, its ridiculous

  • Setra

    I enjoyed seeing Vanessa Hudgens on Conana and to also hear about her role in Spring Breakers. I’m glad I didn’t miss this interview even though I was at work at DISH when it aired. I set up my DISH Hopper to record it so that when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and pick up where I left off on my kitchen TV. This made my house cleaning much more enjoyable.

  • Nightwish

    Run a poll and see how many people who saw spring breakers found out about the film strictly through mass media including major website articles vs “social media” only. All the big blockbuster films first release trailers on youtube and other websites, so are they promoting strictly through social media? How about flying the sb group throughout europe to pimp the fim out before the us release, is that considered social media? lol Tina, you are losing it

  • Nightwish

    @Setra: Yes we all go deep inside a useless post on a hardly regarded celeb site and go through trouble to share a very inconsequential event about a d list actress. This is completely normal LOL

  • Haters Suck!

    Are u always in a bad mood?

  • maria

    LOL. I guess we shouldn’t believe the articles and reports by press about the method of promotion for SB, or the budget. We should hail the real news by the nutcase and bobo. I dare the nutcase to say when he saw a trailer on TV. I know I haven’t, and soryy, but promo in Europe was requested by the peeps distributing the film there. That doesn’t impact numbers here anyway. Grasping at straws again.

  • maria
  • maria

    From BoxOffice Mojo:
    After averaging a fantastic $87,667 at three theaters last weekend, Spring Breakers expands to 1,104 locations to take advantage of the very tail end of Spring Break season. The movie hasn’t really had any TV promotion at all—instead, distributor A24 is relying almost exclusively on reviews (a fine 73 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and on social media. That buzz is through the roof, and Spring Breakers’s performance this weekend could be viewed as a referendum on the value of social chatter.

  • BO

    these pumpers always post the wrong articles , those that speak ill or disparagingly of their idol or their films .so dumb .
    Early reports indicate that the film won’t even hit $5 million this weekend
    but it doesn’t exactly scream “breakout hit.”
    Again, that’s a healthy number but it’s far from blockbuster Twitter status.
    which means that the film may also have its share of detractors already.


  • BO

    if they can keep them under their thumb to change the film’s ”budget” every now and then on the leading sites like ”wikipedia and mojo” , then why can’t they make other sites give a wrong impression to the public .simple as that ,the whole changing of the budget is shady .i’ve never seen anything like it before .i bet the europe tour itself grossed $5m .

  • BO

    Gucci mane is wanted by the police for assault ,Korine was banned by Letterman from ever appearing on his show since he caught him rummaging Meryl Streep’s purse .The there’s this ‘Franco dating Benso who’s 11 years younger to him ‘ .hudge is a miss three time nude scandal ; miss two times law suit scandals , Rcahel goes topless – Korine made his own wife go topless in front of men to sell his movie ,so warped , so warped , still to end up with less than $5m opening weekend .

  • Haters Suck!

    I know this breaks your heart but everything isn’t a conspiracy.

  • Nightwish

    RT: “distributor A24 is relying ALMOST exclusively on reviews (a fine 73 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and on social media”… but it didn’t turn out that way
    TINA: “No they advertised ONLY using the social media. First film ever to do so.”
    That’s TIna and the rest of you alright, changing key words to pump hudgens stuff as much as possible LOL. In the case of film promotion, almost and only are a vast difference. Any movie out there can claim they relied almost exclusively on social media to get the word out about the flick, good heavens you guys are such exaggerators and morons

  • Nightwish

    Only 68% of critics now like SB, and only 56% of the viewers, dropping like a stone LOL…

  • Haters Suck!

    Seriously antidepressants they may do wonders for u.

  • Love

    @Ryan: @Ryan: What’s wrong with Journey 2 movie?! I love that movie! just because you don’t like it made journey a bad movie. You could love as much as you want but Journey 2 made alot of money!

  • lala

    @Nightwish: my gosh nightwish why are u tracking the downfall of this movie? we never said that it will do amazing you just assumed that we thought that. a lot of people hated it and a lot of people liked it but because it is doing bad by the standards of rotten tomatoes you are thrilled because….well have no idea why. at first i thought it was because you hated vanessa but now im not so sure what your motives are i wish you would explain it to me.

  • maria

    LOL. All these protests don’t make your lies true. Tina is right, this movie was promoted on social media. Not one commercial or trailer on TV. Fact. Dropping on Rotten Tomatoes? At least more people saw it than “On the road” and The Paperboy, and continue to see it!! Haha. The resident morons still don’t get that it was meant to get people talking. Korine accomplished that. The morons fell right into his trap. LMAO.

  • Love it!

    If ever there was a movie that lived in a singular moment, it’s Spring Breakers.

    Harmony Korine didn’t set out to make anything other than what he wanted. The result is a beautiful work of art and a truly compelling story. If the end goal of making a movie or writing a book or painting a picture or whatever kinda art you do is to communicate, Harmony Korine has succeeded x forever. Before Spring Breakers, he was just a friend of a friend who wrote Kids, made a Dogme 95 movie and a bunch of other stuff that was at times both pretty to look at and borderline annoying. He was the punch line to a “How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?” joke. Now with Spring Breakers, we’re the punch line. And it’s funny. I’m still laughing. And a lot of people are laughing with me.

    It gives me chills to know that someone did something different and it could have sucked, but they didn’t care and did it anyway, and it was beautiful. I feel so privileged to get to walk into a movie theatre feeling one way and two hours later walking out feeling completely different. The same reasons people hate it are the same reasons people love it, and it makes my heart explode with joy to witness a living, breathing example of that kind of dichotomy. Spring Breakers is, in this order: beautiful, frightening and silly.

  • Emma

    @maria: ew !! i am not Efron fan so please it’s an insult i am not a fan girl like you :) ! i actually really hate him !