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Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough: Beach Bikini Buddies!

Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough: Beach Bikini Buddies!

Julianne Hough helps put some sunscreen on her gal pal Nina Dobrev while spending the day at the beach in their bikinis on Sunday afternoon (April 28) in Miami, Fla.

The 24-year-old actresses were also seen braiding each other’s hair and laughing with some friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Julianne Hough

“10 months of shooting… Time to play! Fun in the sun with my girls @juliannehough and @RiawnaCapri :),” Nina recently tweeted.

A few days earlier, Julianne and Nina taking a dip in the ocean while relaxing on the beach.

FYI: Julianne is wearing a Stone Fox Swim bikini and Lookmatic “Marlowe” sunglasses.

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  • Rosie

    D list celebrities. They call the paparazzi.

  • Sam

    I love Nina but OKAY we get it you guys are ‘famous’ and you’re besties. Moving on!!

  • sarah

    Nina and Julianne are young, gorgeous, single and talented. Enjoy yourselves girls, your only young once! It goes by fast. Have fun and party party party!

  • Journalistic

    Third thumbnail = Monkeys grooming each other.


    cool hot talented girls

  • Didi

    They’re not D list, more like B-C list celebs. I don’t get the fascination with them on the beach. Julianne Hough is a below average actress who should have stayed dancing. And Nina Dobrev, is just a good actress (not the best) on a shitty TV show that was made popular because of the love triangle and good looking cast, who became more famous because of her gay boyfriend. Nothing else. Sorry, but I don’t see these getting far. They’ll stay we’re they are. Shitty celebs who great producers overlook everytime.

  • Isla

    Jesus chill out…we need girls embracing each other nowadays, not tearing each other apart. Kudos to them

  • kat

    @Sam: totally agree!!! i’m getting kinda tired of both of them. Actually, i’ve never been a fan of Julianne

  • kat

    Love Julianne Hough so talented. They are in great shape.

  • Rose

    Ninas body is HOT!!!!!!!

  • SC

    Nice to see the girls take the day off from bearding duties!

  • Jess

    I think Nina is quite flabby

  • georgina

    nina’s body is incredible! so jealous

  • sarah

    @Jess: If that’s what you call “flabby” I wish that I had her “flabby” body. Their are only 2 reasons for you to say something so negative. 1) YOU’RE BIG TIME JEALOUS or 2) YOUR BLIND Why not have enough B ALLS to be honest. Nina’s body is flawless GORGEOUS!

  • Franny

    OMG Nina’s Body is NOT flawless! Have you guys seen the pics? She is way too skinny…seriously this Girl makes me sick! What a attention wh**e! :(

    Juliannes Body is much better, way healthier…beautiful :)

  • Jeffrey Sean Keith

    Maybe it’s just me,but is anyone sensing a little lesbian vibe with these two,they seem to hang out all the time,all of the sudden,and are really close(touchy feely)!

  • danielle

    @SC: lol!

  • sarah

    @Jeffrey Sean Keith: Newsflash, when girls hang out they make sure tags, hair, make up, etc is in its place. FRIENDS, always have friends backs. Stop trying to make something out of NOTHING. Geez people stop with the jealous, negative BS. They work hard and now they’re hanging out relaxing and living a life we ALL could only DREAM of having.


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  • bob

    i cannot believe juilanne cut her hair . what a disastrous shame. she was so hot. now she’s a nobody.

  • minnie

    ps. some of you have serious problems..

  • shaney

    Gotta love the lesbian and beard comment. Although I don’t know why but it did cross my mind that these two were bearding for Ian and Ryan way before pics of them being friends surfaced.

  • cling

    @Didi: I think Julianne is an ok actress she wasn’t that bad on Safe Haven. Nina on the other hand I personally think she is a very good actress. I watch Vampire Diaries and was hooked not because of the love triangle but because it was interesting to watch how different Nina portrays Katherine and Elena character. You will feel differently about the two characters like they are not played by the same person.


    I would love to see Julianne hook up with Kenny Chesney. They would make a great couple.

  • ben

    Well both are single some extra publicity is not bad and ended their “relationship time ago.Julianne made it official and Nina its just a matter of time.Its a shame that Nina and Ian dont make it official because that cause a drama in part of the fandom so they gotta keep with this lie although for me its pretty obvious that they are not together.

  • bobie

    people who write here , have serious problem.

    what terrifies me, is to know that there are people like that, who write on the internet.

    nina is so beuatiful like always. ian is a lucky guy :D

  • reality

    i love nina.

  • errew

    I really don’t get all the hate. If you don’t like them then why did you even open this page? Both of them are gorgeous, and let’s face it the majority of all the celebrities these days are borderline skinny… As for their personal lives, of course I don’t know but I’ve seen both Ian and Nina out in the streets when I visited my friend in Atlanta and they seemed very coupley. Can’t say that they will be together after the show but all the hate they get from these comments is ridiculous

  • Dan

    I don’t hate Nina but she is such a attention seeker! Look, if you want privacy you don’t go to the beach in Miami!! Its SOO OBVIOUS THAT SHE WANTED to get her pics taken there :(

    She is not ugly but calling her perfect? Seriously? She is far from perfect and I really don’t know what Ian likes about her! I though he likes SMART WOMEN!

    You Nina Fans are so shallow :( eww

    Candice, Claire and Kat are so much better and I hope they get the attention they deserve someday!

  • Reni

    Nina goes swimming with a hat, sunglasses, bracelets, Watch, Necklace, and earrings… Are you kidding me?! :( its clearly all for the paparazzis

  • DJB

    Personally, I think they would get stalked by the paps no matter where they choose to frolic. Big Nina fan here. She’s a great actress and so convincing on TVD. :-)

  • denisli

    I think Nina is very nice!

  • realcony

    İ Will be A vampire for nina ::)))

  • Karen

    All celebrities are attention seekers from time to time, and spending days with Julianne Hough, who is very much followed by paparazzi right now, pretty sure that Nina and the group of girls expected them. I don´t know maybe it´s just me but I truly don´t understand all the attention to their bodies etc., I think they look fine and healthy, IMO.

    About the so much talked Ian and Nina relationship, do you really think that these two are serious or very in love? I don´t think so, nothing against them, but I am realistic. I think that fans expect them to get married, have children and being utterly in love and that´s not gonna happen.

    Honestly that they were more than friends at some point, I buy it, but what I see right now are 2 friends who welcome the extra publicity that comes from this “relationship” but the reality is another very different. I just saw some videos of Ian in China and boy when he gets asked about marriage with Nina, look at this face, tired of this question because this never gonna happen. They never showed that they were very much in love or committed, in fact they do very much their own thing. They are very different, Nina all she wants is being with girlfriends and party, according to her age.

  • Karen

    I forgot to say, that about Ian, what really matters to him, is his career, Foundation and make fans happy, he needs them. I don´t think that he has found (I guess) The woman to have a serious relationship when the show is over, is another story.

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    I saw some pictures of Ian in China at the airport and there was a blonde girl behind him Who is the blonde with him? Just curious

  • denisli

    i think one his assistent

  • White Boy in UK

    Overrated DList plain jane fat chicks. That goes for you Julianne. What a boring face. Where the EXOTIC CHICKS AT?? More Irina and Tyra Banks less clothes

  • Jeffrey Sean Keith

    @sarah:Hey I meant know offense,I was just making an observation that they became such quick friends unlike Selena and(Taylor/Demi) and Vanessa and Ashley have been all along,we haven’t known much about this friendship,so it does spark pangs of curiousity!

  • sarah

    @Jeffrey Sean Keith: No problem. Guess I got a little defensive because Nina has to put up with alottttt of BS from “Delena” fans. Girl is only 24 and some fans of the show expect her to settle down with Ian. Ian’s going on 35 and is known for dating his co stars Nina was a young girl who went from a small show in Toronto to all of a sudden being in this huge show where some of the fans expect her to live and breath Ian. I do agree that her and Julianne’s friendship kind of came out of no where. Nina used to hang with her cousin who plays her double on the show and her non famous friends. Could be her and Julianne have a movie or something coming up. Or it could be as simple as two girls who used to date older guys and both are now single and having the time of their lives.

  • Anna

    has she broken up with Ian?

  • Ashley

    They are Beautiful. Nina and Julianne use Romantic Toys from AthenaToysDotcom to keep their Boyfriends happy and loyal.

  • Jasmine

    Yeah, Nina is truly awesome…what a gorgeous woman!

  • Thomas

    I totally agree with you Jas…she is stunning :)

  • Stupid

    Two ugly plain girls. NEXT!

  • nutcracker

    Ugly? Even if you do not like them, you can’t deny that they do what they do because they look good. Agree that they are girls having fun but what’s so newsworthy about it?

  • Karen


    Yes she has, I don´t know how people are so blind man.

  • Leonarda

    Julianne is an ok actress she wasn’t that bad on Safe Haven. Nina on the other hand I personally think she is a very good actress. I watch Vampire Diaries and was hooked not because of the love triangle but because it was interesting to watch how different Nina portrays Katherine and Elena character.

  • Liz

    obvious:Derek is gay.
    New couple:Nina and Julianne romance secrest.