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Nicholas Hoult & Abbey Lee Kershaw - Met Ball After Party 2013

Nicholas Hoult & Abbey Lee Kershaw - Met Ball After Party 2013

Abbey Lee Kershaw lifts up her dress to show off her support for gun control at a party following the 2013 Met Gala at the Standard Hotel on Monday (May 6) in New York City.

The 25-year-old Aussie model was joined at the party by her Mad Max: Fury Road co-stars Nicholas Hoult and Riley Keough.

Also spotted at the after party: Mad Men ladies January Jones and Jessica Pare (who changed out of her red carpet gown for a short blue dress), Kate Bosworth with fiance Michael Polish,‘s Jared Eng, and Miranda Kerr.

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  • ann

    Was she drunk, in desperate need of attention, a little crazy, or all of the above? There are a few S words that would apply here, none of which is sexy.

  • lala

    @ann: you are spot on!i just puked a little…

  • Go The F Home

    an Aussie ho in a guest country making political statements? get out

  • Marlena


  • Duh.

    Such a classy lady… *rolls eyes*

  • Sarah

    Yes, writing on yourself is a great way to get legislation passed. Someone is in need of some attention.

  • lala

    thats a bit much dont u think?

  • Athena

    Ewww…just ewwww. Hoult looks grossed out and uncomfortable.

  • Melrose

    Jessica Pare’s teeth ARE SO SCARY!!! *ahhhh*

  • danielle

    wtf! she’s not even american…

  • kel

    What about slvt control.

  • Cate

    Just tacky. That’s really going to get legislation changed!
    Nick is still with Riley Keough. That dinner with Jennifer Lawrence must just have been a dinner of friends. Must be annoying for them that they can’t just eat dinner without people assuming they are back together.

  • hmmm

    well I guess that answers the question about Hoult and Lawrence reuniting. Would he really be sitting with some model who exposed herself if he were back with JLaw.

  • two sheds

    @ann: cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • lee

    Kate Bosworth looks dreadful

  • Allie

    Yes, because few things will make people take a wanna be starlet’s opinion seriously than writing on yourself with a magic marker and then flashing your undies whenever there’s a camera nearby…..

  • FIC

    @two sheds: You are right! Everybody in the fashion industry knows about Abbey’s little habit…

  • Oscar6

    Clearly you guys missed the memo of the Met Gala being punk. Abbey rocked it and looks phenomenal. She’s the only one in my opinion who punked out. Also, so because someone doesn’t live in America you can’t have an opinion on gun control?? So then in that case people shouldn’t care about women’s rights in Iran etc dont take my guns arghhhh they took our jobs *eyeroll

  • Oscar6

    @Mr. Chickasaw: you should really read the bottom half of my comment you apply to this derpness

  • Oscar6

    @ann: what you should do is not ask those moronic questions and ask yourself why don’t I know what punk is? It’s the met gala theme is punk!

  • Harold C. Villalon

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  • Oscar6

    @Allie: you just… *eyeroll I’m even wondering if you know who abbey is? She’s a supermodel and she’s scoring acting jobs. It’s the met gala punk theme and quite frankly your lack of knowledge of punk history astounds me. It may be attention seeking but not for the film. It’s punk it’s rock and roll and I’m pretty sure if I was abbey I wouldn’t care about your narrow minded uneducated comments.

  • Oscar6

    You all make my blood boil for being so stupid.

  • iris

    well… she lives in NY so I guess is fair enough

  • ann

    @Oscar6: Oh look, a troll or maybe a pretend PR stan? Hey Oscar6, that’s the afterparty, so yeah, the punk theme was over and left behind at the Met. By the way, her “punk” outfit is weak. Still don’t know that chick’s name, still don’t care, and after this comment, I won’t be feeding trolls no more.

  • iris


  • Oscar6

    @Mr. Chickasaw: you know what my previous comment was meant for someone else but you are on a whole ‘nother level of derpness. I hope your just a trolling fag but really your answer is gun control where in the land of the free LOL more like land of being a free gun target, this is acceptable? And your having a go at Australia for tightening its gun laws. Oh boy aren’t you just retarded.

  • Oscar6

    @ann: BaHAHAHAHAHA I’m not a troll but you clearly missed the point of why she did it and I’m done talking to you cos you clearly have no god damn clue. You made my day for being so stupid.

  • lourdes

    Abbey was the only one who was really punk

  • Olivia

    It’s actually the most punk thing anyone did all night.

  • Ava

    She looks cheap and irrelevant , so who cares, and yah you should care about human rights around the world, but you shouldn’t go imposing YOUR culture values on another country because you don’t like accepts of it… Should Americas living Australia demand to change the legal drinking age to 21 or because you guys drink fishes… If you don’t like American culture or hospitality then get the fu-k out. That’s coming from a someone who isn’t even American.

  • Oscar6

    @Ava: what does drink fishes mean??? Your comment is irrelevant.

  • australian

    Actually – you should take a look at this video-

    a few points.
    1. Yes gun violence has decreased dramatically in Australia.
    2. This ball is a punk ball – its a statement, its punk, it fits the brief
    3. Abbey lee has been naked plenty of times in magazines- her lifiting her dress and showing her naked body is therefore nothing new and not much of a statement – i would hardly say a naked supermodel is publicity making.

    @Mr. Chickasaw:

  • Oscar6

    @australian: I like you

  • Oh say can you seeeeee

    I’m Australian, and my American friends are amongst the sweetest natured people I know. So while I don’t agree with the message on this girl, she is young and a model, so I guess she is accustomed to using her body to sell things. But if you are going to call Australians stupid, then take a bloody good look at yourselves. Your country’s economy is in the toilet, and while you’re going into trillions of dollars (and counting) worth of debt, GUESS who is going to be China’s bitch one day. And then there is the question of your leader, who you only voted for because a bunch of dumb ass celebrities like Oprah, Brad and George told you to. Does it not bother you that his name reminds you of the people that have been blowing you up for years.

  • Oscar6

    @Oh say can you seeeeee: what does his name have to do with anything? I’m embarrassed for you.

  • @Oscar6

    Or should I say Dunkin8. You’re right. What DOES his name have to do with anything. But it made you think didn’t it. Which is more than what you’ve done before writing ALL your other comments. Dawg, do you think anyone cares what you think of their comments. Get off your soap box, take a chill pill and go take an anger management course. Geez

  • Oscar6

    @@Oscar6: BAHAHAHA ‘dawg’ any who thanks for the laugh shortay

  • @Oscar6

    Gotcha again. that’s —-11 comments and nearly 6hrs hopelessly devoted by you. To the same post. How sad.
    Agreed with@ann- definitely a troll. Feeding time is over. Go get some nap nap

  • Greg

    Although it might be the hope, or the underlying motivation, her intention isn’t to change legislation per se, it’s to get people talking. And she’s done just that.

  • cheating!

    Nick cheated on Jen with Riley while he was in Africa. He is just and idiot. Jennifer deserves better.

  • Susi

    @Mr. Chickasaw:

    Errrr… No. Actually we didn’t. We brought in strict legislation on guns, a lot of people bitched and moaned about it, and there were no negative impacts whatsoever, only positive. We’d had 13 mass shootings in the 18 year leading up to the Port Arthur Massacre and the new legislation on guns. Since then, we’ve had none. NONE! Violence committed with guns has also gone down. Yes there is still violence, and with a growing population everything else increases in pure numbers, but statistically, in proportion to the population, we’re all good. I’ve never even seen a gun, most of my friends are the same, and we’re JUST fine thank you! Most of the people who were vehemently against gun reform at the time it came in now admit it was the right move. You can still get a gun, but not these crazy assault weapons you can get in the US and you have to go through strict application processes. Guns also have to be kept in approved safes which are also a big process to get. There are spot inspections to ensure that everything is kept appropriately. You need a license to buy bullets too. Rural properties still have guns for the purposes for which they use them. You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Do some research you fool.

  • Susi

    @Oh say can you seeeeee:

    Wow. Please don’t embarrass our country with your idiotic statements. Does it bother me that people like you shout out that you’re Australian and then make stupid comments? Yes, yes it does. Why on earth would you NOT vote for someone purely because of their name you complete muppet???

  • bo

    @Go The F Home: you do realise that it was the met gala and the theme was punk!

  • N

    I wasn’t that impress that she lifted up her dress even though the theme was punk but it annoys me some immature and ignorant people insulted Australia because of her actions. All I can say is grow up and educate yourself before talking about something you clearly don’t know.

  • Karen Wasylowski

    I’d hate to see where she’ll post her ‘Women’s Right’s’ statement… Sorry buddy, but it’s just really bad manners to lift your dress up over your head – even if she wrote ” Stop World Hunger” under an armpit, or “Save the Whales’ on a kneecap. .

  • fyt

    An people think the VS models are anorexic…seriously they’re “chunky” compared to the average runway models.

  • Effy

    Wow. I feel bad for wanting to insult seeing as she is an insult to herself.

  • Oscar7


    Right because these crazy assault weapons that are used in less then 1% of crimes are really the problem.

  • Haters

    you guys are all complete morons DONT TAKE SHIT SO SERIOUSLY you live in a different world from rich hot famous people, shes hot and young its not a big deal … who ever said “classy” you bitch should go suck more classy dick like you do you wish you were her