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Kim Kardashian Baby Name: North's Nickname Will Be Nori!

Kim Kardashian Baby Name: North's Nickname Will Be Nori!

News broke earlier this evening that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby girl North West and now new details on the name have emerged.

“They will call her Nori for short,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that the baby has no middle name. Many had speculated that the baby would be named after Kanye‘s late mom Donda.

“She has black straight hair! Lots of it! Looks like a good mix of both of them but more like Kim,” a source told E! News. “She’s adorable!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the baby’s name and nickname?

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • Gucci

    Kris is probably the source. She is trolling us just to make us talk about them.

  • Source

    I won’t believe it until a family member says it. Enough with the “confirmed sources”

  • destiny

    Why didn’t they just name her Nori! I still can’t believe they named their baby North West. This is one rumor I hope isn’t true for the baby’s sake.

  • Ash

    nori is cute, but north west… coments

  • Courtney

    how stupid do you have to be to name your kid a cardinal direction

  • LooseLipz

    No class at all.

  • facts

    I hope it’s not true and just a joke for the kids sake ! these totally self absorbed people can’t get past themselves !

  • Hmmm…

    Place this under the dumbest name category. North? Apparently they don’t think much of their precious little girl. Sad.

  • sdf

    @LooseLipz: says the person who picked their nickname after the look of their vagina.

  • woot

    North West?
    Are they serious?

  • whatev

    I’ll believe it when the famewhore Kim recovers from her C-Section and reveals the poor child’s name herself.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    Their baby’s nickname is seaweed.

  • DJ

    I thought Kaidence Donda was actually pretty freaking cute and would keep up the K tradition…. but this is just ridiculous.

  • snowman

    maybe south east would have been better

  • J

    UMMMMMMMMMMM stupid stupid

  • Sara

    At least she┬┤d always know her East, North, West and South!

  • Dani
  • Candy

    Maybe SURI CRUISE’s real name is SOUTH CRUISE like NORI WEST – NORTH WEST.

  • Somebody

    Is that for real? I’m mean, really? poor baby

  • Mkhay

    everyone dreams to be named after a

  • Suzy

    Well, her father’s a singer, so maybe she’ll join ONE DIRECTION.

  • andreea

    Really??Nori like the dwarf from The Hobbit?

  • Sandey

    Imagine if she’d had a child with Kris Humphries – it’s be Bear Humphries or Bogart Humphries. OMG! At least the baby would be handsome/pretty.


    Excepting if paparazzi took these pictures, presumably someone from inside her camp took them and released them with Kim Kardashian’s approval. Why would KK give approval for the release of these pictures, as they’re are not in the least bit glamorous, attractive, fairy tale, etc? They are extremely distasteful photographs.

  • Maxine

    Kim, this is the tasteful and movie star way to do pregnancy and family thanks!

  • Maxine
  • Spot

    You know it’s a bad name when people are missing that stupid K tradition. Isn’t Nori seaweed? Poor kid can’t win on any level it’s not even a cute name. And what happens when they split and Kim eventually remarries will she keep West? Kim and the baby are supposed to be in hiding looks like Kanye has them in lockdown till he can get the most press for his new album is my guess.

  • Agnes

    So weird, Kimye are crazy!

  • loulou

    They are unbelievably selfish and obviously didn’t even stop for 5 seconds to thing about their kid’s future well-being. But who’s surprised considering who the mother (and father) are?

  • elsi

    Nori is a cute name.

  • Justme

    LMAO, what a ridiculous name!! I can hear the kids teasing her like “which direction are you going in?” and “When you get lost, just go North West”. The name is a ridiculous as these 2 are as people and a couple. Poor kid, she didn’t ask to be born to such silly people.

    And Nori is not much better, sounds like the animinated fish name Dory.

  • Nawal

    Nori like the dwarf ? why

  • ivy

    Wow, they named their child after one of the four points on a compass and gave her a nickname of a kind of seaweed. So thoughtful!! PArents should understand they are not naming a tiny,cute little toy but rather an adult. These two are total idiots. I truly feel bad for this child. She will be a photo op prop and most likely will only interact with her parents when they take a minute from their self absorbtion.
    I find it disturbing that the quotes about the baby emphasise that she has straight hair and looks just like Kim. What is that all about?? Infants with African American heritage are almost always born with straight hair and often have light skin. Remember the first picture of Blue Ivy…straight black hair and light skin. The birth hair falls out and curly hair growns in. The curly hair gene is a dominant one. Hally Berry’s child…who is only 1/4 African American…has a beautiful head of curls. Heidi Klum’s kids with Seal also have curls. My bet is that a year from now, this child…who now is said to look like Kim…will more closely resemble her dad.

  • Sara

    so the baby’s name is really north west? please let this be a joke

  • NYC

    The baby’s name is, I’m from Stupid.

  • BB

    I heard confirmed reports her middle name is Bynorth.

  • cinderella

    you must be extremely stupid to name your girl North West. Is that love???

  • normal

    They should pay someone to adopt that baby girl for forever and ever. She would be far happier.

  • NYC

    I’ve NEVER heard a pregnant woman say, I’ve had enough of this and get the kid out. KK is a beast. A maniacal beast. Wake up America. Stop giving this family attention and millions. It’s all fake and they are horrific.
    Shameful family.

  • Lisa Cortney

    Why don’t they just name her “Beat Me Up And Take My Lunch Money”? Same difference. Poor kid.

  • angie

    i think they are idiots for naming her that.

  • http://Lovetheguys Robin Vogel

    Seriously? North West? I hope that’s an unfounded rumor. If not, it’s ridiculous. I feel sorry for that kid.

  • Susie#1

    @BB: I was just waiting to see if anyone came up with “ByNorth” and am glad that someone has a sense of humor!!! Nori as an alternative name is a puzzler. If Nori is a seaweed, the happy couple could have named her “Carrageenen” which is an Irish moss, and used as a food thickener. Gosh, they overlooked many possibilities! At this point, Kaidence is beginning to sound “normal.” That’s scary!

  • essie

    lol her nickname is used in sushi.. guess kim had major cravings

  • http://n/a? maggie

    That’s a terrible thing to do to a baby..What’s wrong with those Hollywood types

  • freya


    True dat. and at least her child will have one parent who does not have a loose screw on the head.

  • Short West

    @andreea: She will be almost a dwarf like her parents. That could be the reason they chose the name Nori.

  • JJ

    North West is dum enough. Not to mention that Nori is seaweed!! What a couple of complete dumb#sses!

  • JJ

    Dumb…. not dum. Typed too quickly. Maybe their stupidity is rubbing off on me! UGH….

  • Robocop

    Assume these mopes are doing some focus group research by trolling this name out there and seeing reactions to it.