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Will Smith Not Returning for 'Independence Day 2'

Will Smith Not Returning for 'Independence Day 2'

While Independence Day 2 was recently announced for a July 2015 release, the original film’s star Will Smith will not be returning for the sequel.

“[He] can not come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name,” the film’s director Roland Emmerich said (via Complex). “It would be too much.”

“We’re not doing a total reboot, we’re doing something that’s totally unusual,” he added. “I think some aliens will be back.”

The sequel will reportedly be the first of a two part-story with the title ID Forever, Part 1.

ARE YOU SAD that Will Smith will not star in Independence Day 2?

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  • Greg

    Money’s become too big a factor, and like a lot of big name actors, Will Smith has lost sight of the fans who supported him along the way. Suddenly money is the only thing that matters in deciding whether to do a movie, not the fans who would enjoy seeing it.

  • Toni

    Disappointed :(

  • sunshine

    Also they probably wouldn’t give Jaden a starring role which is required for every movie he is in now ha

  • soy

    No I am not sad

  • Simone


  • hollyweird

    he’s too expensive? stfu. this’ is the worst quote i read lately. he’s seriously overrating himself a lil. huh? what an idiot. *facepalms*

  • hollyweird

    xcuse me. wasn’t his quote. still a lil abit overrating it all.

  • pola

    will smith has no interest in being an actor, he just wanted be a movie star.

  • whatev

    Will has gone too Scientology with his movie choices and parenting mumbo jumbo anyway. He will soon be back peddling to what made him a star like Tom Cruise did once those box office numbers continue to hit the floor.

  • Shamu

    He’s a scientologist. He wont do a scifi film unless it’s about Xenu.

  • TVgal


  • TVgal

    I meant @Greg “agreed!”

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    who cares. LOL he can film any movie he wants.

  • Joel

    @Greg: Agree. When you’re demanding $100 million to star in a film???

    Get real. Completely out of touch with any part of reality worth living.

    Used to be a big, big fan. Now, just have a feeling of surreal confusion, and disgust about the guy.

  • yogibear

    will smith lost the plot with men in black 2 and wild wild west, hes now just a martin lawrence, id1 was crap also.

  • BB

    so let me get this straight. He wont be in ID 2 which ID 1 was one of the best science fiction movies ever but would do that milk dud of a move After Earth. Something doesnt add up. Seems to me he would be jumping at the chance to be part of a good movie after that colassal flop AE.

  • Howard

    Aside from the opening, where the space ships slowly converge on Washington, NYC and LA, I thought Independence Day was ludicrous, with a screenplay that sounded as if it were written by an adolescent.

    As for Mr. Smith, who cares? He might want to reconsider his “asking price” after the utter failure of “After Earth,” a pathetic vanity project if there ever was one. Nobody goes to a special effects laden movie for the “stars” anyway.

  • lc

    A lot of them get the big head and look down on the people who got them to their superstar status. Just like the old saying don’t shit on the ones that helped you up that staircase you might have to see them again on the way down.

  • Glenn I

    I’m sad they’re making a sequel to that awful movie.

  • http://bgvdmovie Kenneth

    Why are you attacking the one actor??! The film is being produced for a tightly controlled budget – I assume that budget does not accommodate that actors calculated market worth. So lets move on. I would have liked to have seen Will Smith in IDx but the concept probably outstrips relying on one actor to propel. I wish him well but I really hope they make a film which makes me giddy and gets back to being a true summer tentpole. I haven’t felt excited about a movie since…since….since!

  • startreker

    I will not go if he isn’t in it or Bill Pullman or Jeff Goldblum . Don’t even bother making it.

  • elvishasleftthebuilding

    Not sad at all! This was a great movie as a kid, so id rather not re-watch and be disappointed.. the same movie wish the same main actors usually just feels like a re-hash anyway nowadays… anyone for fast and the furious 19? lol. will smith is now more of a brand than an actor or singer anyway (ie a true artist), so i wonder how much control the industry really has over him. if he wanted to do the movie for free, i wonder if he would be able to. lol

  • elvishasleftthebuilding


    i would watch it, lol

  • Rylan


    Too true. This is the major problem in the film industry. Good films these days are not making it to theaters or even production because of MONEY. It’s not just meeting the requirements of A-list actors, it’s cost in general. Movies are not being made not because of the lack of ideas, but the lack of MONEY. When it gets to the point where we have no more movies, because the thinkers behind it can’t come up with the funds to produce it, maybe someone will realize one day that we need to stop paying 1 person 20 million dollars to star in movie. Not everyone can act sure, but I can guaran-god damn-tee you you can find an actor better than A-list for less than millions of dollars.

  • Carlton

    There are some key words in the article. The one’s “couldn’t afford WS” means that they have a very small budget and the main 3 actors from the first movie will probably not be in it. This tells me that the studio does not have that much faith in Roland E. to make another block buster. If the Studio was really behind the movie they would find a way to make Will Smith a part of it.

  • D Wolfe

    I don’t have a problem with Will not being in it. That said, I think having the three of them back (he, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman) could have worked too, but it will probably be a different kind of movie without him. I heard that Pullman and Goldblum are returning, so that helps with the continuity. The first one was a pretty entertaining film, even though highly implausible. I suspect they will be able to make this one so as well. I look forward to seeing how they set up the sequel and what they do with Pullman’s character so many years after his presidency has ended.

  • Retired96

    Have no interest in watching a sequel to the absolute worst sci-fi movie ever made. It is interesting that looking through movie collections at second hand stores and pawn shops, DVD’s of ID line the shelves by the dozens. In the lineup of worst sci-fi movies I think ID rates higher than Plan 9 from Outer Space with Bela Lugosi.

  • carlb

    I think its more than the money. it’s his after earth fiasco that put in full view his scientology beliefs. if you went to that movie it clearly showed their beliefs about fear and other things. he may be hiding it for appearance but it’s quite obvious he is in it whole hog!