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Suki Waterhouse Kisses Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon!

Suki Waterhouse Kisses Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon!

Suki Waterhouse plants a kiss on her beau Bradley Cooper as they attend day 11 of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on Friday (July 5) in London, England.

The 38-year-old actor and his gal watched the Jerzy Janowicz versus Andy Murray match, which is still currently going on. Good luck to both competitors!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Earlier in the day, Bradley and Suki made separate entrances into the arena to keep lower profiles.

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Joe’s plaid shirt.

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suki waterhouse kisses bradley cooper at wimbledon 02

Credit: Karwai Tang; Photos: WireImage
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  • So Swedish

    So now we know that the sighting on Heathrow (?) was not just a layover, but a visit to gf S.
    This seems quite serious then, with all the sightings of them. They know they’ll get papped.
    I do find it odd, and wonder what a more or less middle aged man want with a 21 year old.
    Not my business ofc. Just wondering.

  • me

    What does is says -Credit: Karwai Tang; Photos: WireImage – STAGED! That is Not just photo agenсy, its personally called paps to make specific photo.

  • Liverwurst

    He has this sulking look about him as if he wishes his boyfriend were there instead of this annoying nat.

  • argh

    She’s not underaged but c’ mon that was such a gross kiss.

  • Dee

    @me: What? I’m not sure I understand your post, but is it possible that is the person who works at the photo agency?

  • db

    “to keep lower profiles” at wimbledon???? c’mon stop with these unreal pr stunt. Suki dear, you will’be never a it girl or model, or actress, just a little beard, JJ why you dont post the other pic, where suki is looking at the paps to check if the pics are ok!

  • LooseLipz


    Exactly, grow up and come out! Of the closet, that is.

  • me

    Bradley Cooper is Not A-list actor. He just has A-list media exposure thanks to dating very famous woman Renee, Aniston, Cam Diaz, Lopez, Saldana ect. His movies flopped including last H3 and Oscar nom didnt help, people still dont take him seriously and these famewh*oring romance is pathetic.

  • Cody love

    When and where did he meet this girl? He is being seen more with blonde that a high profile black woman, zoe saldane. I swar, the only time I saw him with zoe was at the premiere of there words, where as, he has been seen with suki in Paris, NYC, Boston now this.

    Hmmmmm. Was he ashamed to be seen with a lack woman?

  • Lulani

    Awwww father and daughter how cute lol
    Grow up Bradley

  • lol

    When they credited photographer its mean he was called for specific reason – to make picture of kiss, for example.


    the mentally retarded and silly bradley cooper has also the right to be with someone LOL

  • Shira

    @me: wow, so many delusions in a single post.

  • Silvia600

    Bradley’s shades are totally untrendy and also remind me of another person I dont wanna name

  • Brian

    Check out that photo.

    It’s a bit telling when you are kissing someone and touching their cheek as LITTLE as possible. This is a best pic of the set too.

    Can you say staged? And not very well either. Better luck next time Suki. Perhaps you could discuss with Bradley about him participating a little more? Perhaps she already has and he said no.

    I wonder.

  • Dee

    @lol: Oh, ok thanks. I just assumed they always mentioned the name of the person who took the photos.

  • Martigirl

    Bradley, What are you doing? I’m shaking my head at these latest photos. Love how she’s pawing at him and he doesn’t seem phased…He’s not even giving her eye contact. I will say, if my boyfriend gave me this much attention as he’s giving this girl, he probably wouldn’t be my boyfriend much longer…but that’s just me, I have standards!

  • Kamie

    I thought he said Jennifer Lawrence was too young and now he has gone even younger. Perhaps, he meant Jennifer was too good for him.

  • Dee

    Wait, why are there individual people given credit for the photos from the Guys Choice Awards then? That was an actual event.

  • seg76

    Actually he is A-list and he never dated Diaz or Jlo but anyway…yes def looks staged now but who knows with these two I cant keep up anymore…

  • db

    @Dee: the photographer could be called also for an event (if you need to tell to everybody that some person/cuople is there)

  • Nina

    You guys are for real crazy.

  • Cee

    Awww !! Bradley looks so in love, look at the sparks in his eyes, lol !
    Everything in his body language says “leave me alone and let me watch the game”.

  • Daisy
  • Ray

    JJ y’all reaching. Her lips barely touching his cheeks. “Lower profile” haha this photo scream pr. I actually feel sorry for the girl (did i just type) she so desperate for fame she doing fake pda. By the time gloria finsish yelling at him he will end thing for good.

  • Rocky

    She is more interested than he is.

  • Brian

    These pics were DEFINITELY staged!!

    Just looked at Wire Image again.

    The pics where Suki looked disappointed have been REMOVED!!!

    Your PR dollars at work folks!

  • Ray

    Odd two threads about sw and bc that arent even two pages apart. Of course this a geniue realtionship.

  • Kenny

    @Brian: What do you mean by staged? They went to a public event.

  • Ovidie

    @Brian: Has anybody on this board already thought of asking Bradley’s sister on her facebook page if her brother is all right ? He has a strange behavior lately and he seems a little bit depressed…She won’t probably reply but you never know…

  • Martigirl

    @Silvia600: I hate those shades too!!!

  • O.o

    he’s gay you idiots, wake up

  • What!!!

    Wow, this is a perfect example of the chick being bored at a sporting event or at her boyfriend/husband watching the game at home and she is doing anything she can to get him to notice/play with her. Then the boyfriend/husband is saying I wish she would leave me the #@$% alone!!! I am trying to watch the game!!! Of course this is all in his head, yet he continues to ignore her while thinking how he could get rid of her ass until he is ready to have s#x after the game. That’s if his team doesn’t loose.

    It’s okay Bradley you once again chose a girl child instead of a woman, you will soon learn, you will learn.

  • leelee

    @Ovidie: thats what i thought too for past couple months ever since hangover 3 he looks depressed in most pics. he smiles but his eyes tell a different story. i wonder if he is back on the booze?

  • Kenny

    Jesus he doesn’t look depressed. You just don’t like his girlfriend so you’re reading way too much into things.

  • leelee

    @Brian: i’ve said this countless times-what is HIS benefit from participating in a PR relationship? he’s losing fans because of it. cooper’s reputation was on the rise ever since the oscar nom and parading a barely legal model around the globe is hurting his career not helping. with that said, how can you claim PR? just because someone is in an unhappy relationship does not make it fake

  • leelee

    @Kenny: actually i’ve been saying he looks depressed for months now, i think his girlfriend is too young but i don’t dislike her

  • Ray

    @O.o he isnt gay but these photos dont help. He isnt intersted in her but ppl will spin it as he isnt in women (roll eyes)

    Lol @Ovidie we mentined it in the bulgravi (sp) thread aft said what he have to be depress about. @leelee i think bc been drinking for a while but probably not as bad as when he was younger.

    @cody love zoe wasnt a famewh*re like sw. The child have her photo ops with bc on a 3 weeks cycle instead of a once in a while op.

  • leelee

    @Ray: he said specifically the reason why bc looks depressed in bulgravi thread? if thats what you’re saying i will look through that thread for the answer unless you’d like to tell me the reason

  • Shira

    @Kenny: I absolutely dislike his girlfriend and this relationship but I don’t think he’s depressed over it. However, if you look at pictures of him from 6 months ago, during the SLP promotion you see him GRINNING and looking absolutely thrilled to be photographed with his co-stars. He seemed way happier when he was around Jennifer, not a romantic interest according to both. His smile always touched his eyes when he was photographed with her, he was very touchy-feely with her – more so than he is with his supposed girlfriend and he seemed far more interested in her company than Suki’s.
    I won’t say I don’t think he was hoping for something other than friendship with her because I totally do, but you can’t deny he looked like a completely different person a few months ago. And he has nothing to be depressed about now, we all know how career-oriented he is and right now things seem to be going very well for him.

  • Brian

    I feel a little sorry for Suki’s PR team with this photo-op.

    TWO sets of pics and NONE of them make Suki look good! The arrival pics made her look like a sulky child and the seated pics make her look like a desperate schoolgirl trying to get Bradley”s attention, while he ignores her photo after photo.

    Even the DM couldn’t spin this into an attractive story. Their story keeps mentioning how Bradley is more interested in watching the tennis than paying attention to Suki.


  • Kenny

    @Shira: You are talking about promotion for a movie and lobbying for awards. Of course he’s going to be smiling for the cameras and mugging it up with costars. And I’m not saying he was being disingenuous but it is what it is.

    You (general you) are calling him depressed based on paparazzi photos and stupid event pictures. There’s a difference there. He doesn’t want to be photographed.

  • Shira

    @Brian: hehe I know, I was reading it thinking “wow, even the DM lost hope”.

  • Shira

    @Kenny: we’ll agree to disagree, I’m actually one of those people still naive enough to believe 2 people can actually LIKE each other without it being a forced campaign for a movie.

  • juicy lucy

    Unbelievable. Two threads of BC/SW in the same day. Does Brad have the same type of deal with JJ that Gerard Butler has? Brad is living the dream banging a 21 year old child-why would he be depressed? As much as he’s coming across as a dirty old man, Brad will continue to date or use Suki as a booty call no matter what his friends, PR team, or Gloria say.

  • Kenny

    @Shira: You’re misunderstanding me. I think he and JLaw genuinely like each other and are friends. But he was “on” if you know what I mean. When you are promoting a movie and campaigning, you are always ready for the camera.

    Here, he’s relaxing and trying to watch a sports event. He’s doesn’t need a smile glued to his face.

  • juicy lucy

    My take on those photos is that Suki started to give him a kiss and he may have turned away to watch the match. That doesn’t mean he was disinterested or being rude to Suki.

  • Shira

    @Kenny: No, I do know what you meant, I just don’t think you need to be “on” if you’re around people you like – in this case, DOR, JLaw and Robert De Niro. To me, he was in his element then and he seemed genuinely happy.
    And in all the pictures I’ve seen of him and Suki together, he seemed like his former self just the one time – Guys Choice Awards, when he was around OTHER women. He and Jennifer and he and Amy seemed much more believable as a couple… there’s a picture where’s he’s introducing Suki to Amy, and his hand is wrapped around… Amy. This entire thing just seems dishonest to me, whatever its nature may be.

  • Ray

    No @leelee aft was saying that bc WASN’T depress. That why he said “what do he have to be depress about” basically his life is fine.

    @shira yeah he was happy during slp promotion. I dont think he depress but someone told me he have depression (idk if that true) he just disintrested in her. I think thats why ppl think its pr becuase why would he be with someone he seem disintrested in.

  • Shira

    @juicy lucy: yes, because whenever he’s around her he seems RIVETED to her. Plus, eye witnesses said just that – that he was disinterested.