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Katy Perry: 'Prism' Complete Album Stream - LISTEN HERE!

Katy Perry: 'Prism' Complete Album Stream - LISTEN HERE!

Katy Perry looks glamorous in a floor-length Thomas Wylde dress while leaving the ITV Studios and heading out for dinner on Thursday (October 17) in London, England.

The 28-year-old singer revealed that day that the first 300,000 people who purchase a physical copy of her new album Prism will get limited edition packaging!

“USA: EXCLUSIVE! The 1st 300k copies of #PRISM (Deluxe) has a seed prism you can plant to spread the light! Pre-order,” Katy tweeted with a link to Amazon. If you pre-order it right now on Amazon, you are guaranteed to get the limited edition packaging, so act fast!

Katy‘s complete album is now available to stream online. Listen right here!

10+ pictures inside of Katy Perry out and about in London…

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katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 01
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 02
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 03
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 04
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 05
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 06
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 07
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 08
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 09
katy perry pre order prism now for limited edition packaging 10

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  • Lola

    I guess shes desperately trying to sell 300k her first week

  • I’m

    Yea one of the most successful artists in the world is desperate. She has the most number ones in the world. You idiot. Her last album had FIVE number ones. She’s the most followed woman on twitter.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    No thanks, I know plenty of real artists who knows how to sing without any vocoder or boobs flashing. Go to hell, music killer !

  • Asgjkljgdsa

    I know understand why people need to make rude remarks about someone as nice as her. She’s never done anything to you.

  • Hernan

    I like the first five tracks, however I will not buy her album. I’m buying Gaga’s ARTPOP.

  • Md

    @mleeeeeffffffffff SHUT UP. go listen to her cover of Electric Feel by MGMT. She has a beautiful voice. And stfu about her boobs. Prince showed his body off. Elvis was known for dancing to proactively. Men do it too. But when a woman does it it’s trashy? Boobs are a part of the body just like hands. Is it trashy when she shows her hands. GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC BITCHH

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    @Asgjkljgdsa: Nice, like you know her so much. She is killing music, she is gross, vulgar, and is not able to sing live. You can’t sing, you leave, that’s as simple as that. Same shit for Rihanna, and all those people who have no idea what they’re doing, except showing their goodies.

  • Jj

    Go to hell? Because you don’t like her music? Calm down. Because she’s popular and makes pop music she sucks? Fuc off hipster.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    @Md: Truth Hurts :)

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    She is ZERO ! ZERO !

  • yup

    I see miley cyrus selling 273k her first week has katy perry nervous. So she needs to make sure everyone knows that the first 300k get some special surprise

  • Md

    Ahahaha calm down. Walk out of your moms basement. Get some fresh air. She writes her own songs. They’re catchy. People like it. That’s the point of art is to be fun. You could have the most meaningful song in the world but if it’s not catchy no one will listen to it. The point of music is to entertain. She does that.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef


  • Cindi

    She has a tragic voice. The MGMT cover confirms she can’t really sing…squeaking, shouting, humming are NOT singing. She CANNOT sing. Won’t go on about her antics but everyone knows she wears provocative stuff for attention.

    This is a paid post! No one cares about Katy Perry except for teenas.

  • people

    she is boring as a musician. But she is cute and bubbly and a good dancer and decent performer. I like her more since she hooked up with John Mayer just because I like him so much and she seems to make him happy!!

  • Jennifer

    Her music is pretty horrible. Only people care about the drama in her life. They have no interest in her music.

  • Paige

    Where would she be without Luke and Martin. They are her brand. Half of the album sounds like fillers. I’ll download about two or three songs and that is all. She isn’t getting my coins. She didn’t live up to the hype after TD.

  • Nikki

    I’m kind of mixed on this album. I adore Katy Perry, but her last album was eons better. Prism seems to have a lot of fillers. I can’t really hear many of these being on the radio to be perfectly honest. Roar is the catchiest and most upbeat song, obviously that’s why they led with it. The other tracks kind of go down-hill for me. The energy drops and her songs get super depressing. Not very excited to buy this one…. :/

  • dane

    @people: a good dancer? you are blind if you havent seen her performances, shes not good. and she screams live, i don’t call that decent singing at all if you’re gonna pull out your voice as hard as she does for a 2 hour concert, she’s not properly trained vocally when as a stadium singer when she should definitely be, screaming isnt the solution and she will learn that the hard way sooner or later when she really effs up her vocal chords. you are brainwashed like the rest of her idiotic fanbase. and no i’m not one of those hipsters that just likes indie music lmao. prism is a regurgitated 90′s album, from the music to her promoting it as well as her “The Craft” inspired image. so so blah and predictable. im glad i was a 90′s kid that heard authentic music from that era to know this and not naive little 12 year olds that barely know music history, but hey that has always been katys tactic for her to sell records, sad really.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    @dane: hahaha ! Amen !

  • nat


  • Big Fan

    Go Katy, go Katy! Keep on rocking. Stay as beautiful as you are and you are such a great singer no need to go naked. Only the desperate and talentless will bare themselves since they have nothing worthy to show. PS my nieces love Katy P. I do hope she and John have many children to carry on their good genes and talents.

  • netti

    this one is GLORIOUS

  • nicole

    so, yeah, her music sucks. she has a bangin’ body though. lol.

  • Sophia

    Just couldn’t finish listening to the whole album. The problem is not with the music so much, I grew up in the 90′s and I wouldn’t mind listening to some of the instrumentals, but her singin sounds totally off, soooooo cheeesy, forced and awkward.
    The worst part is the lyrics, if I’d listened to this when I was 12 I would have thought this was idiotic. It just doesn’t make ANY sense. It’s not bubble gum pop, but plain dumb.
    I’ve just learnt that Katy writes all her lyrics and then the producer helps her transforming them to songs. They should have helped more in this album.
    I wouldn’t consider Katy as a musician, I thought she was a decent singer with catchy singles, but after this record I get the feeling she just got lucky by getting well written and produced tracks by real musicians and maybe she’s getting too involved in the creative process and now we can see she’s not that good a it.

  • elmer & susan

    Katy is amazing and so damn gorgeous! Talent and beauty all in one. John is so lucky (;

  • Salsa Pasting

    Aaaah, this girl has solid talent!! Big shout out to Katy for releasing Prism! The song is ringing in my ears and moves me. Love love Katy! Keep it up Katy!

  • Concert

    Eye of the tiger! Roar miss Katy! You did well with this one.

  • Guest

    @Jennifer: Maniston is that you? Isn’t it past your bedtime old one? Why so much hate to Katy? Hate stalking Katy and John bc John dumped you? We were warned about you. No one cares about what you say, you are just a bitter old woman with serious mental problems. Get help!


    @Md: Prince is a musical genius, don’t you dare insult him by comparing him to Katy Perry. You guys have lost your minds. He is the true PURPLE KING. RESPECT HIS ROYAL BADDNESS.


    SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR ARTPOP !!! Katy Perry fans are saying Prism is a waist of money. Her fans are turning against her. Katy Perry is saying come to the light and buy her album but her fans are WIDE AWAKE AND ARE NOT GOING TO BUY THIS PIECE OF SH!T. Sorry Katy Perry the boobs and pretty girl act is not going to work this time. READ THE REVIEWS PEOPLE FROM HER HARDCORE FANS.


    SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR ARTPOP !! Katy Perry Fans are saying Prism is a WASTE of Money. Brave, Roar, Brave, Roar

  • noe

    i don’t like even one song, the songs are horrible, it’s a shame because i like her!

  • Fan

    Love love Prism! Katy, you are the sunshine and the candle holding the lights at night. Thank you for this piece. So awed by your talent and beauty!

  • Gifted

    Katie your voice is music to my ears. Thank you for this album. It will be a great gift to myself and my extended family members.

  • Um

    Lotta fake posts in this thread! PR!

  • Isa
  • hello1

    SO why does Katy Perry and Rihanna even release albums? They dont sell, just singles. Just release singles. Instead of making an album learn how to make a memorable performance…how long have those two been in the business and i cant think of one memorable performance.

  • Sally Stuthers

    still hasn’t had a Pop Culture moment that will stand the test of time.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    @KATY PERRY SUCKS: I AM soooooooooooo with you !

  • OCD

    Love Kay P! Have you seen the commercial of the little girl asking her dad to go to Katy’s concert? So cute. You rock Katy!

  • http://@bIGGIbENZO Bx

    I agree with you

  • http://@bIGGIbENZO Bx

    Wow, you nailed it, especially with the lyric part. Comparing this album to the great work on Teenage Dream to me is like comparing Apples to tangerines

  • Alison

    WOW I do LOVE katy perry but this album is awful!!!!! not one song stood out beside roar, I think she is gonna struggle with this album, which is sad cause her other albums are great, but all these songs were just too electronic and messy

  • wil23

    I actually like Katy Perry. She seems like a pretty good person. And she must have talent because the girl worked her way up playing in bars. I guess I wish maybe she’d go back to those roots. This album is WAY over-produced. And it really upsets me when artists blatantly rip off other artists. They were right that the beginning of This Moment SOUNDS exactly like Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. Also, Dark Horse completely rips off the 80′s art pop band Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love.” That song is somewhat obscure and there’s a chance Katy didn’t even know. And I don’t like Roar at all. I think Katy needs to rediscover the art of song writing and stop working for these canned pop song makers like Max Martin. She’s got a lot of talent and pretty good voice. I think if Katy sat down and wrote some songs and performed them with a guitar, she’d blow everyone away. And I think it’s a good rule of thumb to not record a song that you’ll never be able to sing live. Either way, this album will sell well. I won’t be playing it, but it doesn’t change the fact that I like her, just not too keen on this batch of songs.

  • wil23

    So I guess I forgot to mention how much Roar ripped off Brave. And even though Sara claimed to not have an issue with it, that was just good PR. She gets to ride part of the KP wave. I’ve heard Brave on the radio a lot since Roar came out. I think the most disappointing thing about this record is that THREE of the songs completely rip off other artists. Not even casually, but complete soundalikes. I think Katy is better than this and chances are she got duped by some shady producers. Oh well, maybe she’ll grow up a little and make a good album.

  • me

    People stop fight. Just enjoy the music

  • sushma

    Has Katty Pery had plastic surgery ?