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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: London Date Night!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: London Date Night!

Johnny Depp escorts his girlfriend Amber Heard out of Scott’s restaurant after enjoying a romantic dinner together on Thursday night (October 24) in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor held the car door open for his 27-year-old love before making their way home.

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The week before, Johnny showed off his new bleached-blonde hair while attending the 2013 BFI London Film Festival Awards at the Banqueting House.

Johnny‘s next film is Transcendence, co-starring Kate Mara, which tells the story of two leading computer scientists who work toward their goal of Technological Singularity, as a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent them from creating a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.

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  • Tiana

    I honestly think they make a great couple, of course there will be people who think not, but I like when people are happy and he seems happy with Amber and I got to give the man some credit she is gorgeous!

  • Kat

    They looks totally like Barbie and Kent now ;D

  • NYC

    Smart man. They look fantastic together. She is absolutely gorge.


    dbag and homewrecker

  • may

    They actually look relaxed here..that’s good:) Am waiting for the haters now.

  • ohlala

    They are a fake couple. Now i am sure.They are completely unhappy and this show is ridiculous.They have been very little time together.I dont think anything

  • candy

    Wow he looks amazing and very youthful! He sctually looks so much like he did in the 90s. Keep it up Johnny!

  • JDF

    @ohlala: Oh here we go with retardeds who doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about. A little time together? They are together since 2 years you idiot and they just came out as a couple months ago because they were kerping it private. Fake couple? That’s weird because i’m not seeing them doing what other HW fake couples do! And how the hell do you know that they are unhappy? Do you know them personaly or live with them? i think not and you are the ridiculous one here

  • JDF

    @Kat: Ugh. Is this supposed to be funny or what?

  • JDF

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: I think you are a dbag for saying this about people you don’t know and how is Amber a homewrecker? He started dating her after he broke up with Fanessa Fugly Faradis and she has nothing to do with it. Mind your own business

  • Mala

    @ohlala: Little time together? they have been like two months in London already. And it’s said they even worked together again, as Johnny took a role on her new movie.
    They don’t appear together everyday, because they are a private couple. As private that Johnny rented a house on the outskirt of London to be far away from paparazzis

  • ohlala

    @JDF: In private? haha.They just get together from time to time and they set up a fake show like this for stupid people like you…….ha

  • L

    good lord, his middle age crisis is in full swing.

  • Mayra

    Johnny’s so fine!!

  • ohlala

    @Mala: Then ,if they are private ¿ why they shown in this way,with paparazzi and before anyone saw them ?

  • JDF

    @ohlala: Stupid people like me? Ahahahahahaha don’t try to be a smartA$$ you dumbA$$. They are working together in london since more than a month and he did a cameo in her film and So many people saw them together. And so many saw them together in the last 2 years but Johnny’s security did not allow anyone to take pictures of them because they were keeping it private. Now go to hell you idiotic troll and don’t talk about things you don’t know.

  • JDF

    @L: What mid life crisis? Do you make up BS from your own stupid mind and believe it? What did he do to be having a mid life crisis? Is moving on and dating another woman mid life crisis? Is taking care of his children a mid life crisis? Is going to dinner with his girlfeind a mid life crisis? Is dying his hair for a movie role a mid life crisis? Is looking so gorgeous and youthful at 50 a mid life crisis? Is looking happy and relaxed? Is dressing like he always does a mid life crisis?
    God i’m so sick of this mid life crisis nonesense.

  • Iffy

    They could be parent and daughter.

  • JDF

    *Johnny filming a movie* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny looking gorgeous on a movie premiere* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny arriving with his kids on an airport* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny awarding a legendary actor* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny dying his hair for a movie role* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny leaving a restaurant with his girlfrind and helping her out to get into the car* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis
    *Johnny playing guitar with his musicains pals* idiotic trolls: Omg mid life crisis

    Doing normal stuff that all the people does really means he is having a mid life crisis right?

    Just stop it you trolls.

  • JDF

    @Iffy: No they could not because she looks like she is in her 30s and he looks like he’s in his 30s. Are they the first couple ever with age difference? NO, there are couples with much bigger age difference so shutup and leave them alone and let them be. Good God ppl get a freaking life!

  • derek117

    Well, if nothing else, it looks like Amber got Johnny to take a bath…and shave…and cut that ugly mob of hair. Now, he looks almost worthy of being with her.

  • psi

    He got bashed for not holding the door open and here we go, finally holding the door open for her? Wow! What an improvement. Lol!

  • Mala

    @psi: He also held the door for her the other time…the paparazzis didn’t get the pictures but you can see it in this clip.

    He went around the car to open her door

  • Coka
  • Coka

    @derek117: someone is jealous here! he’s been shaven a lot and i’m pretty sure he takes bath more than you do. People who met him said he smells wonderful. he can do much better than her actually and she is the one who is not worthy of being with him. He is the best thing that ever happened in her $hitty life.

  • Miranda

    @psi: Bashed? Oh please, it was just some trolls who pointed that out and why are you talking in this sarcastic way? So he is bad when he does what you want and he is bad when he doesn’t?


    50 AND 27
    NICE NUMBERS TO sleep together…
    like Michael Douglas and Catharine Zeta-Jones 54 AND 29 when they met

  • Michelle


    Your response is way out of line. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You are no more privy to their private life than the rest of us so get off your high horse and show respect towards fellow readers.

  • JDF

    @Michelle: I don’t like to be tolerant with trolls with nothing but crap to say. They don’t deserve any respect and mind your own business.

  • Colleen

    Used to love Johnny but now he is looking like another 50 year old going through a mid life crises. The hair color change reminds me of Brad Pitt soon after his affair with co star Jolie became public. I’m sure it might be for a new role but the color isn’t doing much for his complexion. He also looks much thinner which is aging his face. Amber on the other hand is gorgeous as ever, little home wrecker that she is. It’s like revisiting the brangelinas all over again. She chased him during the rum diary movie and from what I have heard from insiders, they were having an affair during the promotional tours. They can pretend that they weren’t just like Brad and Angie denied for years only to be found out in the end that they were sleeping around all along. The fanatics will believe what they want but the truth is in the pudding as they say. Just like Brad he left his long time love and has been acting like a love sick puppy ever since. She has him wrapped around her southern finger. Found it hypocritical and hilarious how she suddenly developed morals and did not want to be viewed as a home wrecker and allegedly dumped him. What a joke…first she chased him, got him and then played hard to get making him want her even more. Smart Southern belle who is a lot more ambitious and calculating than she appears. Men love challenges. Her plan worked because he came around and has been her little slave ever since. She’ll eventually dump him but for now it is good for her career to be seen with him. Angelina Jolie used to be just another wild crazy starlet until her affair with Brad. Amazing what that relationship and the ensuing drama did for her career and fame. She would never have achieved her current status if it hadn’t been for her home wrecking ways. Isn’t it ironic that both women are openly bisexual and wouldn’t it be funny if they hooked up…. I suppose Brad and Johnny can watch and tweedle their bejeweled thumbs..

  • AM!some people have too much time and no life.I am fan of him but I do not care about his personal life and all of you who judge him should do the same and get a life

  • cray cray

    on a Johnny-Amber thread you managed to mention:
    Brad Pitt 5 times
    Angelina Jolie 3 times
    Brangelinas 1 time
    Johnny 2 times
    Amber 1 time

  • Macy

    Well said Colleen and Cray Cray she was making an example.

  • Colleen


    Thanks Macy. It’s exactly what I was doing. @ Cray Cray, too funny! I didn’t even realize that I had mentioned Amber just once ;) Oh well..

  • Colleen


    And yet here you are reading all the comments and finding something to critique instead of living your “life ” ;)

  • Michelle


    Not taking orders from you. Hostile much? Attacking everyone, name calling and telling people to mind their own business…ha! That’s rich. How about you STFU and mlnd your own biggest troll of them all! Must be on the Amber Ho’s payroll.

  • JDF

    @Colleen: For someone who used to love you don’t seem to know anything about him. Like you used to love him for his personal life and not his work and you don’t actually know anything about his personal life you shallow judgemental B? Don’t you know that he changed his hair color for a freaking movie role? What insiders told you this BS? Gossipers who only make up stuff? Why would Amber dump him? All of sudden for no reason you think she will dump JOHNNNY DEPPP? She’s with him because she loves him and she never mention him in her interviews,etc so how is she using him for her career? He is not even getting her movie roles as she still makes crappy movies. And since you set Angelina and Brad as an example, how come Angie didn’t dump Brad yet even after all the fame she got? Mind you own business and stop judging people you don’t know.

  • JDF

    @Michelle: Go eff yourself and mind your own effing business

  • JDF

    @Macy: more like stupidly said

  • AM

    @colleen I didn’t criticize anyone particularly.My comment was meant for all but you were a prime example of what I was trying to say.What’s the point about getting into other people’s life??I just don’t get the interest.They are all human like us and not gods.And don’t worry about me.I live my life just like I should.

  • MellowYellow

    Major FFing going on here.

  • Lita

    Bad girls are a trend these days and Amber is one of them so mind your own bizzness

  • Chris

    Barbie is always happy in pics, but Kent despite the smile, he has a tired appearance and his eyes are red. I still think Johnny was better off without Amber

  • JDF

    @Chris: Maybe “Kent” is just tired after a long day of filming?

  • Chris

    I miss the old Johnny. Where are his scarves, necklaces, bracelets and hat? Ok, I don’t like Amber, but it’s his business and his karma.
    Well, I miss the genuine Johnny, the only, the one.

  • haha

    @JDF: go away kid go back to your b’tch mommy!

  • haha

    they are pretty but dumb! he is dbag and she is a wh0r3!

  • summer

    @JDF: how old are yoy honey? 5 for sure! and a stupid 5 year old go away go back to your fan page you are stupid child! GO AWAY he is a old crap like her

  • summer

    @AM: and what are you doing here dumb@ss?

  • hot

    @JDF: You want us to accept your opinion but din’t accept ours? retarded!!! troll!!! assh0le!!! your mom is a b!tch”! cun! troll!!!! want more? stupid!!! hope you kill yourlsef oy better someone killed you!!!