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Angelina Jolie's Private Plane Grounded by the FAA

Angelina Jolie's Private Plane Grounded by the FAA
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  • gennline

    Storm in a teacup.

  • Phool.

    Statement by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie on the passing of the 1000th day of the Syrian conflict
    Press Releases, 11 December 2013
    Each of the last thousand days has been a living nightmare for the Syrian people.
    With so much of the country difficult for aid workers and journalists to access and a quarter of a million people stranded in besieged areas, the full story of those 1,000 days has yet to be told. But we do know that over 100,000 Syrians have died. At a minimum, that is equivalent to 100 people being killed each day for 1,000 days. We will look back with shame on this period, and be haunted by our collective failure to prevent this killing of innocents.
    This shocking milestone should spur everyone involved in the Geneva peace conference in January to make it a genuine turning point in the conflict: To end the violence and ensure full humanitarian access for Syria’s starving and beleaguered people.
    With each passing day life gets harder for the millions of Syrian refugees, half of them children. I hope people and governments around the world will feel compassion and a sense of responsibility for them, and provide the increase in aid that is desperately needed.
    We cannot turn back the clock for the Syrian people. But we have it in our power, as an international community, to prevent another 1,000 days of bloodshed and suffering.
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  • Phool.

    Please Jared post real News instead of tittle tattle.

  • Phool.

    Pink and husband Carey Hart at the Billboard Women in Music 2013 event
    By Victoria Harrison | December 11, 2013

    Looking as loved up as always, singer Pink cuddled up to her handsome hubby and was caught giving him an adoring gaze at the star-studded event at Capitale on Tuesday (10 December).
    Carey was one proud husband yesterday as he watched his wife pick up the Billboard Woman Of The Year 2013 prize, posting on Instagram: “So proud of my amazing wife on @billboard Woman of the Year. It has been a long time coming. You deserve this.”
    But although Carey clearly thinks Pink is a worthy winner, she admitted to being stunned at the honour.

    She told Billboard: “These are names that popped into my head, and not just music, but Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie.
    Or Miley Cyrus, if you’re high as s**t and you have a thing for tongues. You don’t think, ‘Oh yeah Woman of the Year? Pink for sure.’ I don’t, anyway, but I’m not going to argue with you.”
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  • Oh Come ON!

    let her fly

  • Shamu

    Why hasn’t this Phool fool been banned yet? Just flag his posts.

  • Neil

    OH NO! THE SCANDAL!!!!!!

  • EvE

    Get your global wh´ore azz out of Australia, b´itch!!!!!!!

  • Sid

    Ban her from acting. She’s been horrible of late.

  • Ⱦamsin

    It’s always funny how Jared is afraid of posting controversial / slightly negative information on Brangelina. It’s almost as if he is scared of pissing them off. Why of course, we know they’re his clients and pay him for sugar-coated posts!

    Regardless, the TOWN PUMP doesn’t have a license. A license requires at least 20 flying hours practice per year. She also never had a people transport license. Stop lying for the old media manipulating HO!

  • A

    Could it be her frequent fainting spells? She most likely can’t pass the Annual Physical so why renew the registration.

  • ME


    Agreed, her acting is not good and I think she does charity for publicity and she doesn’t seem like a nice person either,
    she seems fake.

  • Demi

    She makes me sick. I will not watch any movie with her in it.
    Same with Brad Pitt.

  • wow

    all over the net,”BANNED”,,,,,, who?…. Jolie,,,,BANNED
    she’s what? BANNED….haha

  • Ⱦamsin

    What Jared is afraid to say in this post is the following:

    The Huffington Post | Someone Reportedly Flew Angelina Jolie’s Private Plane Illegally
    By April Sperry Posted: 12/11/2013 10:49 am EST | Updated: 12/11/2013 11:29 am EST

    Angelina Jolie has been told to stand down.

    The 38-year-old actress and philanthropist has reportedly been banned from flying her personal plane after receiving a grounding order from the Federal Aviation Administration. Jolie’s team was instructed by the FAA to submit a new certificate of airworthiness before the craft’s old one expired on June 30, but it seems that deadline was not met. According to Page Six, correspondence from the FAA states that the $360,000 Cirrus SR22 was given the no-fly command in early September, because the team’s application was not received on time.

    Someone has disregarded the FAA’s orders, however. Flight records allegedly show that the plane was flown in Montana during the month of October, without a valid certificate. The documents do not reveal whether the plane was flown by Jolie herself, who has held a pilot’s license for over five years, or a member of her team. It is also currently unknown what actions have or will be taken against Jolie’s team for violating the grounding order.

    The Huffington Post has reached out to Angelina Jolie’s team for a comment.

  • yep

    Angelina hasn’t had time to concern herself with her plane she went through a lot this past year and I am sure that was the least of her concerns. She will get everything updated before she flies again. At the present time she is directing and seems happy. This isn’t news worthy.

  • yolly

    Brad and Angelina have fans all over the world, they will support their movies wether you don’t Demi.
    I will always support Brad and Angelina’s movies, even their charties.One like you Demi will not hurt them.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Waving to Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Rose,Joann,Lyric,Paiige,Sabine,Aisha,Casmir,LLM,Neer,Phool,Tutuna,DS,Dulc,Fern,Lotta,and to all fans on board tonight.God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Goodnight lovely fans of Brad and Angie all over the world.

  • trt


    And what you are too stupid to realize is that it wasn’t Angelina who was banned from flying, it was her plane because the registration papers came too late. Also, re-registration was required of all the plane owners because the FAA had something wrong with their records. There was no fee or late charges. Her pilot’s license is still intact. She can fly any other plane except her Cirrus.
    Stupid troll….yeah. Jump right in while putting your foot in your mouth. Hope you land on your head and crack it so you’ll learn caution.

  • ha ha

    @yolly: get out kid she is wh0re and shut the fck up

  • Puh

    I just really can’t stand this woman and don’t really know what the hype is all about. She´s just famous for her personal life and is using her own children, poor refugees and victims of war zones for her own publicity. And she is so annoying, she cannot act at all.
    She really needs to take a break, a really long one.
    I’m glad people get that she is not that talented.

    I could act better then her

    Just.. Just bad, very bad and FAMOUS

  • zoom

    Her chin implant looks crooked.

  • ok

    She had too many procedures done, her face looks damn scary.

    I see leftover characters in horror movies for her in the future.
    Let´s be honest, in the end that´ll be something for a aging wrack like her.

  • Angie can FLY a plane? YES

    this is only to Tamshiit, the human excrement.
    - from a poster in USmag, :

    “Incorrect reporting on many levels.

    1. The Airworthiness certificate is issued at the time the plane is built and is never “renewed”.

    2. The registration is late because the FAA had so many bad records in their system they forced every owner to re-register their aircraft. This has never been done in the history of the FAA and it caught many people off-guard.

    3. Re-registering is FREE. There is no fee or penalty cost.

    4. She is not grounded, just one of her many planes is not “legal” to fly till it gets registered. Should take about a week to fix.

    This is a non-event reported incorrectly.” – larput
    Thanks “larput” for your help correcting the news-of-lies. Again the stupidity and ignorance of Tamshiit and friends it´s evident, as usual, ha ha ha ha ha


    not a real whore jolie thread

  • yolly

    @ha ha: What’s wrong? It hurts when you saw the whole Jolie Pitt’s last week enjoying each other’s company. You are the reflection of your idol. I will not stoop below your level.Brad and Angie’s fans knows better and smarter than you.

  • Maleficent

    Haters are here in droves. Why don’t you go to your idol’s thread and give her a hit that she needed badly.

  • Maleficent

    Chill out maniston fans.

  • Angelina

    sucks and so do her movies. I feel sorry for her kids. Shiloh is already gay, brad is a loser..cheater…liar and loves ugly bony veiny tattoed up women

  • Love The Shoes

    Its blowing my mind that hardly any sites have these awesome pic’s of the JP’s cruising in Australia. The people on the other yachts are cracking me up and especially the females trying to pose seductively for Brad. They just don’t know the time they’re wasting because he’s got eyes for no one but Angelina.

  • Love The Shoes

    @EvE: Poor you. Grow up.

  • neer

    To set the news straight, here is an explanation…….
    Angelina Jolie’s Cirrus — Valid or Not?
    By Mark Phelps / Published: Dec 12, 2013
    Fresh on the heels of reports that partner Brad Pitt has bought himself a Spitfire, actress-pilot Angelina Jolie’s name splashed across page 6 of the New York Post with an aviation-related story. “Angelina’s Plane Grounded by the FAA” was the headline. Lurid as that sounds, it appears to be no more than a complex paperwork mixup.
    The paper posted a copy of a September 6 FAA letter to the production company listed as co-owner of Jolie’s 2006 Cirrus SR22 indicating the registration expired in June 2013 and providing instructions (and required forms) to update the registration certificate. The FAA said the re-registration application was received (and dated before the June 30 expiration), but one of the signatures “appeared to be a copy” and had to be signed in ink. Further complicating the issue, the FAA website lists the Cirrus as having a current valid registration through December 2016 (December 2006 is when the original registration was issued). What gives?
    The problem appears to be related to the October 2010 change in FAA registration procedures, requiring owners of then-currently registered aircraft to “re-register” them, with the new registration lasting three years. There are separate forms for “re-registering” and for “registering” an airplane. If the three-year period has lapsed, the owner can no longer use the re-registration procedure and must to revert to FAA form AC 8050-1 — the “registration” application. So Jolie’s team was required to file a different form when its first application was sent back due to the signature.
    Angelina Jolie and the team that looks after her FAA paperwork would not be the first to run afoul of this confusing procedure — but most other aircraft owners would be unlikely to see their story as fodder for the tabloids.

  • BAP


  • Midnite

    Wow, I am awed of what Angelina can do that surpasses all women in the world. She is beautiful, smart, talented and can fly a damn plane! Go eat crow Jen and take a bow to my Angie (:

  • neer

    AJ is a licensed UK & US pilot!
    It is also said that it’s very difficult to get a UK pilot license BUt she passed

  • Whamo

    This is what happens when you fail your drug test. She had a little smack in her so they grounded her. Cant have her flying while she’s flying. She really needs to get off that Heroin, it ruining her.