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Ian Somerhalder: Start Nourishing Little Ones, Stop Poisoning!

Ian Somerhalder: Start Nourishing Little Ones, Stop Poisoning!

Ian Somerhalder carries his leather jacket while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Monday (December 16) in Los Angeles.

“Parents-respect you-I must ask:How can u decide its a good,healthy&safe idea to give a young obese kid,sick&on antibiotics a sugary huge,” the 35-year-old actor tweeted the day before. “Sodaw/nachos&cheese when other options r right next to them.We rbuilding a nation of Obese mouth-breathing kids hopped up on sugar&chemicals.”

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He added, “How are our kids going to think?Lets PLEASE put our best foot forward and start nourishing our little ones-stop poisoning them?Please?Thanku.”

In case you missed it, check out Ian‘s huge guns on the cover of Annex Man magazine’s Winter 2013/2014 issue.

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  • pup

    Goodness he’s beautiful. . .

  • jenna

    Tell you what Ian. When you’re POOR and can only afford certain foods to feed your kids you have to buy what you can. “HEALTHY” foods are only affordable for people like YOU who make millions and go to events where their is an abundance of gourmet and healthy foods.


    loser cw actor

  • Rec

    Seriously, I live in one of the fattest countries in the world – Australia, but when I go to the US, I’m shocked at how fat people are and how large the servings are. In certain areas there are no places to buy BASIC FRESH GROCERIES. There’s only fast food…and fast food…or a steakhouse.

  • CM

    Seriously, can this pretentious guy stfu! Ian, when you have your own kids by all means preach on the subject, but until then please zip it.
    Between his begging for money for his foundation and now his criticism of all parenting in the world his Twitter has become unbearalbe. No wonder why this guy is still single at 35.

  • Allie

    Im all for building a healthier society, but sometimes people go about trying to help in a bad way. The problem with the obesity epidemic is not just about people eating fast food. It is a portion of it, for sure, but there is clearly a bigger reason behind it all. I use to be an overweight child and my parents cooked dinner every night and didn’t go to fast food, but I snuck healthy food when I wasn’t hungry at night and just ate too large of portions. I didn’t eat doughnuts, I just ate too much. I wish more people understood this part of the obesity problem and not just think all fat people are lazy, eat fast food, and are unmotivated. A lot of it is mental and I was able to actual lose my weight because I stopped listening to all the fat shaming around me.

  • stacy

    he is a idiot right now

  • soy

    jesus christ I had a hard time reading that tweet. twitter is clearly NOT your option if you have to right long ass messages, rdng lomg stff lyk ths is kinda annying

  • Couper


    Eating fast food is EASIER than spending time to find healthy options. Beans, rice, oats, seasonal fruits and veggies in bulk are all healthy and affordable.

    Just because Whole Foods sells a cucumber for $3 doesn’t mean it’s $3 everywhere… Go to local farmers markets, or grow them yourself!

  • Mike

    @Couper I’m sorry but your simplifying the issue. If you live in the inner city you have very little access to vegetables, and the ones you do have access to are poor quality because of how long it takes to transport the food. Education also has a lot to do with it and if there is very little it will be a recipe for unhealthiness. I think this guy talks to much out of his a$$ sometimes. Between this and the last interview he did where he was like I like listening to the sound of the wind and blah blah, dude is seriously got to be boring in real life. No wonder Nina ditched him. Who wants to listen to that and be preached to day in and day out.

  • mom50

    It certainly isn’t his place to judge. Struggling with weight is an issue just like other addictions. Im proud of my two teenagers that are healthy and slim, but I started out with bad habits of my own from my childhood that are hard too break. Fruit and vegetables are not more expensive than fast food.

  • Nikki

    I actually completely agree with Ian. What he’s saying is true and I think this could be a great cause. I see kids every single day eating the worst crap they could possibly put into their bodies. We need this to stop. This generation of kids is going to have so many health issues because of poor nutrition and obesity.

  • Las

    Now excuse me while I get on this jet with a Private Chef.


  • Jen

    Sorry guys but what he’s saying IS TRUE! If you like it or not! Btw, he looks HOT <3

  • Noel

    @Nikki: I AGREE. IAN IS RIGHT!

  • Dani

    Ian has a point you guys! And please….everyone can affort healthier Food! So yeah what Ian said is true!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lui

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  • Miranda

    He is so sexy and I respect him so much for saying this out loud cause it’s TRUE!! You go Ian :)

  • Dani

    He looks so gorgeous, sigh. And he is such a smart man.


    I’m glad he landed safely! Love him so much! Hottest man on Earth

  • Fairy

    @Dani: he’s going to be the best Dad ever and the sexiest :*

  • lauren

    @Dani: No, everyone cannot.

  • Amy


    Some people enjoying having intelligent conversations. I’m also an environmentalist and I took nutrition classes in college, so I wouldn’t mind at all. ;)

  • janet

    Can some please explain why he
    and the other guys on that show wear the same black clothe

  • Hep

    He’s a joke! He should focus on his dismal d-list career first.

  • assman

    he is so short hahahaha

  • isa

    Handsome as usual !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • lucy


  • verox87

    wow people can really be so mean..haters gonna hate
    he’s hot, sexy, smart, funny, down-to-earth, so Ian you win

  • amanda

    shut up ian


    Ian rocks, he speaks his mind and he is SO RIGHT and you all know it!!!

    @amanda: you should shut up and stop reading his articles! Are you that obsessed with him or what? Get a life damnit :/

  • Saskia

    It is true and KUDOS to Ian for having the guts to say it out loud!!

    You haters can do what you want, at the end of the Day Ian will always be better than you!!

  • Saskia

    He looks super hot btw, loving his style <3

  • Theresa

    Ian is so right. And eating the right food is a thing of education, because if you know how & what to buy, healthy food is NOT more expensive than fast food. A meal at McDonalds is like 7€? You know how many vegetables you can buy for that??????
    You just don’t like it that someone is speaking out the truth, the truth that makes you feel guilty because he’s right. And then hating on someone because he wants a better futur? This is so low.

  • CC

    You have got to love bitter worshippers of other actors (you know who you are) coming in every damn article to bash Ian. You must feel so big, happy and smug with yourselves.
    Ian is right. I work at a Hospital. Heart disease, diabetes, losing limbs, all the joys to look forward to if you don’t look after yourself through healthy lifestyle. These habits should start young. It’s sad when you see a 12 year old kid weighing 100 kilos. Parents are just as unhealthy and it normally continues throughout life. It’s not just physical, it also destroys your self esteem and motivation. So keep preaching a burger cost less and remain ignorant and unwilling to change. I like Ian because he makes you think. Sorry he’s not tweeting superficial self centred stuff about finding himself, clothes, hair, shoes etc all day long like some other celebs. At least he takes the time to give back to the fans which is evident at conventions he attends regularly. I’ve never heard a fan walk away not impressed with the effort he’s made. If you don’t like him PO out of his articles. Simple.

  • Helen

    Ian is an exceptional smart young Man with a beautiful Heart! And just because you don’t like what he has to say doesn’t mean its not true! In fact Ian IS right. There is no need to overfeed your child if he/she already is overweight and suffers from Diabetes.

    Having a healthy Lifestyle doesn’t depend on how much Money you have…It’s a matter of Education!

  • Good Awareness

    Well Done Ian , thanks for the awareness much needed .. Obesity should stop everywhere and Kids shud eat healthy food , its parents responsibility …

  • Imp Msg

    Haters will always hate… @Shine, @CM @Stacey @Hep ..gosh u guys have so much hate for him ..but why ..what has he done to u..Ian is beautiful inside out ..No one can hate him …

    Obesity should stop everywhere and Kids shud eat healthy food , its parents responsibility …

  • Obesity :(

    Well done Ian ..Good atleast u think about that n try to tell people to stop eating giving JUNK to ur kids …

    Looking Good ….Good Man

  • mother

    Though strange to read such a thought from the childless young man, he’s actually right.
    In my five year old son’s swimming class, there are 15 children out of 20 overweight or obese, 2 well-toned and three underweight with basically non-existent muscle mass, which is maybe even worse . Anyway, a sad sight.

  • AMY

    He is such a idiot. many people don’t even have money to buy healtly food. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aly

    He needs to STOP asking for money on twitter for that stupid foundation. He has become so annoying.

  • Ken

    @AMY: but they have Money to buy fast Food?? Seriously Girl…keep your shit comments to yourself! @aly: I pity you!

  • Ken

    Are you kidding me? Everyone is able to buy healthy Food! Its your own Choice!!! HEALTHY FOOD IS NOT MORE EXPENSIVE THAN FAST FOOD!!! I’m a poor Student, I know what I’m talking about!

  • Helen

    Its disturbing how some of you guys come here and comment about stuff you have no clue about! Do you even understand what Ian said or are you guys that bitter and jealous…so you hate on him no matter what???

    Because basically you guys say its ok to overfeed an already overweight SUFFERING child with more and more FAST FOOD? Are you for real? Diabetes is a serious disease with long -term consequenses!!!!

    IAN IS RIGHT with what he said and your Argument is invalid!!

  • lisa

    easy say this when you have a lot money and you ask other money to people for “foundation”..


    Smart People with a brain KNOW THAT IAN IS RIGHT! So who cares about “the others”? LOL you guys can go and stuff yourself and your children with unhealthy Food and lets see who wins!!

  • Haley

    Since when do you have to be rich to buy healthy Food? Ian clearly said “Parents-respect you-I must ask:How can u decide its a good,healthy&safe idea to give a young obese kid,sick&on antibiotics a sugary huge Sodaw/nachos&cheese when other options r right next to them.” DO YOU EVEN GET THE MEANING OF WHAT HE SAID?? GUYS THINK before you talk/comment!!!!

  • Taking-A-Break

    I hate when people without kids try to give ones that have kids advice. I use to like IS – now I don’t. He needs to shut up & stick to his 15 mins of fame before it disappears. Oh wait, it already has. That’s why he’s trying to get some attention now.

  • Taking-A-Break

    If you all think “healthier” foods are affordable, than you obviously haven’t been to the grocery store lately. Besides, there’s nobody out there that cares about a child’s health more than his/her own parent. The idea of ALL you people out there WITHOUT kids pointing fingers @ the ones with kids “ASSUMING” we are just letting our kids eat junk food makes all of you self-righteous “PRESUMPTUOUS” a@$holes! There’s a lot of us that do feed our kids healthy foods & kids are STILL considered “fat”. You know why? Because kids store “fat” for growth spurts they go through their teenage years. It’s people like IS that causes more damage than harm getting on his soapbox & preaching all because of ‘appearance’. Kids are more self-conscience than EVER because those in the world like IS are putting emphasis on “appearance”. Kids are deeming themselves unworthy because the world does. It’s us parents – the ones WITH KIDS – that are wanting the best for our kids BOTH physically & emotionally. Not only ARE we trying to instill healthy eating habits in our kids, we are trying to protect them emotionally from damaging self-esteem people like IS while they go through their awkward growing “fat” years. Of course, ONLY people that ACTUALLY HAVE CHILDREN know this!!!