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Beyonce: 'Yonce' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Beyonce: 'Yonce' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Beyonce is an orange slice of hotness in this newly released video for “Yonce,” off her latest album Beyonce!

The 32-year-old entertainer was joined in the Ricky Saiz directed video by Victoria’s Secret supermodels Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, and Jourdan Dunn.

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“I’m a young director and the stuff I’m interested in is very lo-fi. I think this is really straight-forward. I wanted to strip down any concrete narrative and wanted it to be more about the girls, doing the performance with Beyoncé taking a backseat as a kind of madam character,” Ricky recently shared to New York Magazine about the concept behind the video.

In case you didn’t know, “Yonce” serves as the intro to “Partition” on the album, which is available now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s sexy video for ‘Yonce’?

Beyonce – ‘Yonce’ Video

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  • sdf

    Why did she only have black supermodel’s in her video?

  • Mash

    So whats with only having black females in her vid??? I think its a good thing since they don’t get enough props….anyways she killed it…

  • sdf

    @Mash: lol, I know I’m just trolling..because someone is going to ask the same question I did.

  • M

    Bee is talented and great but her fake friend Paltry Gwyneth licks her boots for her popularity.

  • annie

    the song sucks. she looks pretty but…..dare i say it, she looks sl*tty? i mean, shes just like the rest of them out there now.

    i hope you all realize why she released her album the way she did. she *leaked* 3 of the songs and they barely made a bleep anywhere. and since shes releasing the album through HER company she coukdnt afford to come out a failure like her last album. hence, the publicity stunt. when you take away that, it is a below avg album.

  • annie

    and shes not even singing.

  • annabella

    She needs a new shtick. The sexy ingénue is not working for her anymore.

  • Ha

    All those models are GORGEOUS. I like it that they’re all black =) they’re so beautiful. I wonder what’s happening to ‘Yoncé though, why is she acting all slvtty all of a sudden? She doesn’t need that. I’ve always liked her because she has a soft sexy image, not trying to act like a b!tch like Rihanna….. and I feel she’s doing exactly this right now. Ugh. I hope it’s a phase. Anyway, her body’s banging. Not sure about the song though.

  • checkyourself

    She did that!

  • checkyourself

    @annie: You’re below average, STFU! Beyonce never comes off as slutty. She is a hot siren and always displays her confidence and sexy in a good way. Don’t get her confused with Rihanna, b-tch! Only bitter, ugly and insecure folks say the BS you said.

  • checkyourself

    @annabella: LOLz trashy and sexy is two different things. There is never too much sexy.Beyonce has never shared herself with the world in the way she has on her new album, so it is something new. You can STFU! Apparently some people werent ready for it, that’s there problem. Her album and videos are for her fans,so wtf you doing viewing them? Oh wait you bitter b-tchs are her fans.. undercover fans! LOLz smh

  • annie


    interesting. beyonce doesnt come off as a sl*t and rihanna does? both show boobs-check. both show their as*s-check. so can you please tell me what the diff is? i guess youre also a low life because youre sitting around here defending her. im jealous and youre obsessed. not sure if either is good in which YOU should STFU.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Look at Jay-Z’s sex kitten! Go Bey!

  • Siomne

    She looks like a desperate wh8re, who’s a mother now and should put away her chuck thighs /a$$, at least the models were pretty , her music sucks that’s why she needs gimmicks, the super silent release, then blast blog sites non stop with hype , her record company buying half of her first week sakes and 17 music videos with her album, to push sex and nudity because her music SUCKS, and that’s why her last album bombed , why she hasn’t had a hit song on Billboard 100 in over 5 years or a #1 single even longer and this album ain’t going to get her one.

  • Anne

    So according to Beyonce Stan’s.. The hot body is short thick legs , large butt and small boobs , and a out off shape stomach, side note , could Beyonce hold her stomach in any harder , without injuring herself ?

  • Mia

    Love put it away your not 20 anymore, God sakes your mother and a wife, sell your music not half naked body, gyrating around like a 2 dollar.*****

  • franny

    God, I feel like she’s doing too much. What happened? I feel like she’s trying way too hard. This seems more of Rihanna’s style.. Beyonce seems too classy to do this kind of ish. Aye, sex sells I guess.

  • Kyle

    @checkyourself: Why is it that someone always has to say Rihanna’s name when it comes to Beyonce? Rihanna & Beyonce are apart of the same team, not only are they on the same team they know each other. I don’t get why people always compare these two. Beyonce is Beyonce & Rihanna is Rihanna. Two different music artists with two different genres of music. This comparing has to stop. Two different women!

  • Kyle

    @sdf: I actually think it’s beautiful. They look very powerful & beautiful. Vera Wang uses asian models all the time for her runway & campaigns.

  • Kyle

    Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Bey. But I’m not a fan of Bey this time around actually. But I do think she looks beautiful as always. I have to agree I’m use to seeing a more classic Beyonce to where this is looking a lil Rihanna ish. And not in a bad way I love Rihanna but this is Rihanna’s style her gorgeous Caribbean ideal of sexy. Sorry not sorry I feel like she is just trying to hard to be sexy when hell she is Beyonce YOU ARE SEXY! Idk i’m waiting for the next album. Me no likey.

  • Tom

    Sad , when you can’t tell the difference between Beyonce , Miley , Rihanna , at least the other 2 are still young , not married and don’t have children. Beyonce seems so desperate to stay relevant , the video’s not sexy, and for all that she parading around half naked , wouldn’t get the 440 million views that Wrecking Ball has or be number 1 hit.

  • wow #1 femalea artist

    The haters will die!. lol. She looks great. Too sexy for younger fans but she looks amazeballs!

  • xyz


  • xyz

    @wow #1 femalea artist:


  • xyz



  • xyz



  • Meh

    @Tom: Couldn’t have said it better myself. You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m over this overt sexuality in women artists these days. What happened to just appreciating pure talent. Absolute garbage. And super unclassy.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Siomne: Are you the mother whore? Why does Bey look like a whore? Do you think Miley & Rih look like whores do when they do things that are 10 times worse than this?

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Kyle: Well since you don’t like go look for a post on Miley or Rih! Closet Bey fan!

  • Erin


  • Kyle

    @Oh Yeah!!!: You hate Rihanna & we all know it. So have a nice day

  • nosy dee

    @sdf: black is beautiful and sexy

  • AJI

    LOVE THIS VIDEO! Black women are perfection.

  • blackchic88


  • http://google jakayla

    all yall stop hating if that was yall yall would do the same thing

  • http://google jakayla

    stop hating because if it was yall yall would do the same thing

  • http://twitter nenaBfan

    beyoncé has never done anythng like this she has always been verry reserved.never been in the bad spot light like ri, cyrus, lohan or anythng like it. shehas worked her way to the top with ad ass songs and before being a mom a wife a role model or daughter she is a women jst like any other and I feel she has earned the right to now express herself as a very sexy lusty beautiful women. I’ve been a fan since I was 9yrs old nd has all my love and respect nd not that she needs it, but also my approval. so to all the haters and negative ppl…keep doing ur hateing she’s still gunna do her thing.

  • TJPH

    WoW. Beyonce’s as trashy as Rihanna now

  • TJPH

    What?!?! They are street whores in the video! Do you not see that? They are depicting the weakest, most desperate women on earth. Wake up!!

  • TJPH

    Her thing is being trashy?