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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Joint Birthday Party!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Joint Birthday Party!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse leave a private residence after having a joint birthday party on Sunday (January 5) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The lovebirds happen to have the same birthday – he turned 39 while she turned 22! Bradley and Suki were joined on their special day by celeb pals Kate Hudson and Jason Bateman.

Earlier in the day, the couple stepped out together for a motorcycle ride around Brentwood.

Later this week, Bradley will be attending the Golden Globes, where he is nominated for Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his work in American Hustle. We can’t wait to see if Suki will join him on the red carpet for the first time!

FYI: Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers.

25+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse leaving their birthday party…

Just Jared on Facebook
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 15
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 16
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 17
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 18
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 19
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 20
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 21
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 22
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 23
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 24
bradley cooper suki waterhouse joint birthday party 25

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  • YN

    Huh Hahaahaha how sad is that

  • Eve

    @Huh: Bradley probably doesn’t want people to know he’s pulling all of the strings for Suki’s career. Sure looks like this arrangement was more business than party.

  • Huh

    @YN: Would a photo of them together fetch that much money to behave this way? Just seems easier to let them get the photo and keep your day moving

  • Sweetness

    Don’t you people realize that these stars celebrities or whatever term applies…know NOT to smile when paps take their pics. The paps make less money and of course if they are separate shots of them, it’s difficult for the paps to get a money shot. These stars definitely want to be seen but it’s a game with the paps. If they were all bubbly and smiling then they would be media boring and the paps wouldn’t chase them so much.

  • YN

    Sweetness Yeah we know they dont all act same way with GF/BF

  • Danielle

    Looks like Suki has Bradley jumping through hoops. She must be special.

  • Yuk

    @Danielle: I think he holds the cards

  • jen

    Of course they had been informed that paps were outside the house, that’s why they walk so far away from each other. And they do that because of what Sweetness says, their separate photos are worth much less.. anyway, I understand you want to be private about your love life(and I respect that) but to me it would be more stressful to constantly hide from paps and acting tense every time they are around. At the end of the day who cares if they make money? It only works for them to be on websites and magazines. Even the fact that we talk so much about them is good for them.

  • Lynetta

    @Hello: Well at least we know that Kate Hudson and Suki both have a knack for bedding rock stars. Ooops on behalf of Bradley.

  • OK

    middle age crisis much? Bradley please get yourself someone your age and not a girl and Suki do yourself a favor and find someone your age too or at least someone whose not 15 years your senior

  • Huh

    Is this a case of the Daily Fail striking again? This article says Bradley and Suki were spotted departing LAX for London today. But they use the LAX arrival pics from Saturday. Maybe Suki left today, but didn’t Bradley say he was starting AS training today? Also, he has the makeup Q + A with the LA Times tomorrow. If they were heading to London to spend their birthdays with her friends and family (as the article suggests), wouldn’t the time to have done that been last week? Can’t see him jetting off for another holiday right as award season is starting.

  • Kelly

    @Huh: DM just doesn’t know what they are talking about as usual. They had an article the other day about Bradley instagramming workout pics. It was a fan that instagammed pics that were taken like 5 years ago.
    Also, Bradley, and maybe Suki, seem to be NYC. He was at the NYFC dinner for AH.

  • Hello

    @Huh: Probably just a mistake from the DM…..
    I’m sure we will soon find out if she flew to London today or not. My bet, she’s still in LA:-)

  • Thoughts

    If the girl had any sort of allure I don’t think it would not be as gross to people. But she come off like she’s 13, and is only famous for being around him. He’s a superstar. At least when Gerard Butler dating that model she was seductive and sexy, womanly. The AGE gap was bigger, but it looked reasonable. Little Suki looks like she belongs in pig tales and Marry Jane’s. It just makes Brad look like a closet, now not so closeted, perv.

  • Shawna

    I wonder what all these men who are dating women almost 20 years younger, are going to feel like if their daughters do the same thing. It amazes me the behavior of Hollywood men. It makes them look desperate to stay young. I am 25 and a 17 year age difference is a lifetime in conversation.

  • Hello

    @Kelly : Thanks for the info. I have just seen the pics on Wire. BC looks a little tired….

  • Huh

    @Kelly @Hello The Daily Fail got their location incorrect. They were flying to NYC not London. (I’m assuming she went with him to NY versus London) Twitter pics of Bradley signing autographs in NYC as of 10m ago. Suki posted a picture of herself in the back of a town car presumably headed to the airport earlier.

  • Huh

    @Kelly Yes, thanks for the info! Didn’t know there was an AH event tonight. Will he be doing the Times interview via phone instead of in-person I wonder.

    @Hello I can imagine how tired he must be! That’s a lot of flying and time changing in a short amoun of time.

  • Annabelle

    I doubt he would go to London just to celebrate with her family, especially now during award season and film training for American Sniper. Her PR will spin anything to make it look like he does anything for her when he clearly hasn’t except for take her to some events but never photographed with her properly like ie. Amy Adams etc. It’s all so sad for her and everyone else Iinvolved that she isn’t respected by him or his friends but is still hanging around and just takes selfies of herself to show she is with him but never any actually with him at all. Also she probably reads all these comments and which is why this Daily Fail article came out and why there are now car selfies in different locations where the press show he is. If she wasn’t so irritating, immature, talented and didn’t chase him like a lap dog think she could be alright….

  • Frida

    @Annabelle: Who sits alone in a car and posts selfies of themselves for exposure? Answer: A fame-whore. Suki is using Bradley for his connections. A girl doesn’t get a nose job to get herself pregnant.

  • Huh

    Recap of the NYFCC film awards. American Hustle won 3: Best S. Actress – Jennifer Lawrence, Best Picture, Best Screenplay

  • Annabelle

    @Frida: Totally. BC looks exhausted, non-smiling eyes, in NY at the Critic awards. Usually he is animated and playing up with DOR on the redcarpet. :-(

  • brettdeibert

    Boy I hope their contract expires in a year’s time, that means just one or two more months of this shit.

  • London Calling

    Don’t think she went to New York with him as on her twitter photo (again) in back of car saying ‘good morning london’

    She obviously travelled back to London as he went to New York – so the previous photo in the back of the car was her obviously travelling to LAX airport for return flight back home.

    That was a short visit – squeezed in for the birthday photo pr.

    Wouldn’t have thought she will be jetting back to LA for Golden Globes at the weekend but you never know…fingers crossed not!!

  • ray

    So Suki is back in London according to her twitter page I guess she won’t be attending the Golden Globes. If I was Coop’s girfriend I would be pissed lol. You take me to the friggin PALM SPRINGS FILM AWARDS but not the GOLDEN GLOBES?!

  • Huh

    The Golden Globes are on Sunday, she still has time to fly back.
    I don’t why people keep dissing the Palm Springs FF. Palm Springs is an old money town. Lots of producers and studio execs attend. That would be the perfect place to mingle if you’re an aspiring actress. Of course she spent the evening reading the event program and Tweeting so…..

  • Joe

    20 minute interview on Morning Joe this morning. He said he was going to the Golden Globes with his mother. They asked him a question about celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend. He said he did not want to talk about that. He also said he would love to run for office one day….

  • August


    Was she at the Palm Springs Film Awards?

  • DJ

    @August: Yes

  • ray

    @Huh: She has time to fly back but if she was attending I’m sure she just would’ve stayed until Sunday instead of flying 12+ hours only to fly back less than a week later.

  • ray

    Also the BAFTA nominations are announced tomorrow. If Cooper is nominated I’m sure we’ll see event pictures of him and Suki. Isn’t that where they met? I remember seeing pictures of him dancing with Alice Eve at a BAFTA after party last year. That would’ve been a hot couple! Not to mention more age appropriate.

  • DJ

    @Joe: This is probably the second time I’ve heard him mention the possibility of running for office one day. He’s so intent on having privacy now, it just seems that the lack of privacy would be worse in politics. Wasn’t Ben Affleck thinking about running for office at a certain point and then changed his mind?

  • DJ

    @ray: I thought they met at the Elle Style Awards.

  • ray

    @DJ: You’re right, I knew they met sometime around last year’s BAFTA’s. Has anyone seen the Palm Springs interview? The last question was hilarious. David O. Russell and Cooper have walked so many red carpets together this season, it’s adorable the little love fest they’ve got going on

  • Gem
  • DJ

    @Joe: Did he mention at all how he celebrated his birthday?

  • Joe

    @DJ: You can see the video of the interview on the Morning Joe site or here on Facebook:

  • DJ

    @Joe: Thanks

  • kellysantoro

    That interview was creepy, he was like “I’ve never felt younger” and I was rolling my eyes…. yeah, no wonder. Plus, he agreed that they refer to Suki as his girlfriend, just wouldn’t talk about her.
    She won’t fly back for the Globes, they only get +1 and he already said it’ll be his mother. Once again, Suki gets the short end of the stick… though, I’m sure she’s nothing to complain about.

  • DJ

    @kellysantoro: What about the afterparty? I thought they were allowed to invite more than one person to that.

  • Bradley + Italian AmFr

    They are allowed to bring many people to the Oscars. ONly one person can sit with you on the main floor and the others can sit on the balcony. Jlaw took four people. You can take up to five people to the after party.

    Here is what was posted. He did not agree to call Suki his girlfriend although he should for PR. He has done other interviews this week and calls her his friend. Interview is on MSNBC, twitter, instagram and facebook.

  • Bradley + Italian AmFr

    FROM Janet S
    @Amy: I am from the pmb with AFT. That was a get together not his birthday. He said he was spending his birthday cooking dinner with David Russell and some friends. He was very excited DR was joining him for his birthday. We also wanted to know if AmFr is back from Asia. We thought she might be in New York and that is why Bradley got rid of his PR joke. AFT said Bradley’s love AmFr is not in the US. We will see her when she is ready. AFT said Bradley loves Amfr and is pursuing her still. Bradley said his ultimate goal is to direct. He said he doesn’t talk about his personal life. That is not true. He has spoken about real girlfriends. He should say he does not want to talk about PR relationships for his career. He loves his mother. The reporter told him she was very proud of him. The interview from this morning is on twitter:

  • Amy

    I don’t think he actually acknowledged her as his girlfriend. He just said that’s all right because they were apologizing about asking about his personal life. I really is such an odd relationship. Listening to him try and say he will someday go into politics, give me a break. His girlfriend is 22, non american, non educated, masturbates on television, smokes and drinks, and poses almost naked pictures of herself. Yeah, she is going to help him get into politics. He is such a hypocrite and very phony. He says what they want him to say at the time. At least Gerard and Leo don’t try to make themselves into something they are not. Bradley wants his fans and everyone to think of him as an ivy league educated actor with all these morals about family and everything.

  • Marcy

    @Amy: That’s the problem the USA has right now.. too many BULLSH&T actors in DC. Special interests groups and foreign investors financially backing and supporting cons for personal gain.

  • Hello

    I won’t be able to watch this morning interview before tonight but does BC seemed embarrassed or irritated when they asked questions about his girlfriend ? It is not often that they ask him question about his girlfriends in this kind of show….

  • DJ

    @Hello: In my personal opinion, he didn’t seem irritated at all. He just said he doesn’t talk about his personal life.

    @Amy: I agree with you that he was saying “that’s alright” because they were asking personal questions, and not that he was trying to say it’s ok for them to refer to her as his girlfriend.

  • DJ

    @Bradley + Italian AmFr: Where are the links to these interviews he’s done in the past week where he calls Suki a friend?

  • Lucy R

    “I’ve never felt younger” is a typical response from a man in the throws of a mid life crisis and a possible justification for “yeah my girlfriends very young but i feel just as young”:

  • London Calling

    No I agree with @DJ he wasn’t irritated at all just answered politely that he doesn’t talk about his personal life. Then the lady host says sorry, no girlfriend then and he says no that’s ok.

    I took it again to mean that he says no it’s ok don’t apologise. He wasn’t arrogant or dismissive he was in quite good humour and his body language didn’t look uncomfortable either. No one referred to suki either by name it was just mentioned ‘girlfriend’
    Read above he was supposed to be spending birthday cooking dinner with David O Russell. Does anyone know if that was true – and if so was that the gathering that the paps photographed (the party!) at David Russells house or was this some kind of other celebration earlier If it was earlier when would that have happened? Paris / New York??
    Am not questioning the truth of the poster am just interested as to when that would have taken place and where – not sure if it’s on the GQ thread??!!

  • Hello

    @DJ : Ok thanks. I will watch it tonight….