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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Gabriel Olsen; Photos: Getty
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  • @girl has a history

    2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender
    Eros Ramazzotti
    Simone di Pasquale
    Pascal Visedomini
    Paul Haggis
    Marco Borriello and t. d………
    can continue the list ….. long …

  • janet


    Those pics were taken on the same day that she and Fassy were spotted at the department pedriatrico / gynecology in which she was crying afterwards. Perhaps the tests confirmed a pregnancy or she had just suffered a miscarriage. No wonder her eyes are puffy in the pics.

  • hahaha

    @Fercat: She seems paler than his usual type.

  • True

    @Yuck: She looks bad in those pic, true. She is pretty without photoshop (that selfie with him on instagram is much better). Looks like something bad happened to them

  • @girl has a history

    Luck will turn away from Fassy until this dirty and stinking gypsy Drakulina be with him! It is nothing but pity!

  • hahaha

    Well if this is serious, where was she on the Golden Globe red carpet or the Golden Globes weekend in general? I know he was with his sister but Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, two of his buddies had their girlfriends and mothers with them at the Golden Globes. The reality is she is dying to be paraded on the red carpet. No doubt she targeted MF specifically. Horny but with more red carpet potential.

  • Sarah

    @True: Is not Fassbender on that Instagram pic with her, that pic is from last week and his red beard is very evident for a while, the guy on the pic has a mustache (looks blonde) but no beard. (
    I know it could be an old pic, but that guy’s mouth is very different from Fassbender’s, so it is not him!
    And to the people saying that she is white/caucasian: she is so white as Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana! Just compare her pic here with Fassbender’s pic and you can clearly see the difference of their skin, if she is white, so Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana are white as well!

  • Clara

    @True: “Looks like something bad happened to them” – Looks like something bad happened to Michael. His gf is prostitute, and and he will get a bad reputation (like Butler)

  • FYI

    Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Look at Madalina’s photos from years ago. She’s white. She’s sporting a spray tan and fake lips. Look at pictures of her family. They’re all WHITE. You Fassy fans better get used to something. Madalina Ghenea is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  • Sad

    @Clara: I follow his fanpage Facebook michael Fassbender online and he cancells last minute his présence in Norton show… So…

  • suzy

    good luck to them. She is gorgeous looking and a human being. So she probably won’t always be looking like she just stepped out of a perfume ad. Or do you always look good in everyday situations? Good for you!

  • Isa

    Michael definitly looks bad on these pics … And he wasn’t in his usual mood during the GG or when he arrived at LA .. I’m quite sure something wrong had happened

  • Shamu

    She’s pretty fosho, but you can’t turn this pumpkin into a princess. I see the Fassy fandom imploding if this couple is for real and/or if she’s preggers. Butler learned his lesson. Fassy ain’t that smart.

  • True

    @Clara: Butler already had a bad reputation. Only a lot of gossip about him and rubbish work. That’s why he’s got so terrible fans because is nothing else to talk about him!

  • Beauty

    @suzy: I am sûre that m’en look at her in the streets… She has à plastic beauty but beauty is not realy important here… I wish that nothing wrong happens to Fassbender… Gréât actor… But thé first signs are bad… Reputation, bad looking on photos, cancell a show,… Wait and see ;-))

  • Sarah

    @FYI: You clearly don’t know the meaning of white/caucasian!
    Like I said, if she is white, Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana are white too! lol Plus “romanian” is not a race, is a nationality!
    I’ve seen other pics of Madalina and she is not white, sorry for saying the truth!
    And I’m not even a fan of Fassbender, but anyone with brains knows how a white person looks like.
    I’m surprised for not seeing anyone calling her “latin”, since in US if you are not blonde and blue eyed, you are latin or “looks latin”, even if you was born in Pakistan! lol

  • Weird

    I thought Fassy was supposed to be a smart guy. Guess not.

  • Ellen

    @hahaha: Bradley Cooper and DiCaprio didn’t bring their call girls to the Golden Globe! both were there with their moms just like Fassbender was with his sister.

  • You are right!

    @Sarah: Ironically, Romanians are latins. Probably the only ones in Eastern Europe. They have Roman roots, their language is 90%latin and like italians they are not really white

  • suzy

    you are right. These signs hint at something unpleasant and painful. Too bad he cancelled the show. I was looking forward to it. Anyway, hope it turns out ok for both of them.

  • FYI

    I have to throw up my hands at your ignorance. Madalina is 100% Caucasian. Look at her family for god’s sake. They’re all WHITE!!! Explain that! You obviously haven’t looked at her old photos of her, either, or you would see that she now wears a fake tan and she has enhanced her lips to about 4 times their natural size. I know what Caucasian means, you idiot, but you obviously don’t. A spray-on tan and silcone lips does not change someone’s RACE. I think it’s hilarious that MG’s cosmetic enhancements have tricked you into thinking she’s not Caucasian. Ha ha ha ha ha! You have so much egg on your face right now!!!

  • Clara

    @True: I`m sure Madalina can ruin the reputation of Fassy.( We will see, aren`t we?

  • Beauty

    @Clara: it has already begin… Look comments on Facebook and Instagram…

  • Olivia

    @You are right!: That’s true about romanians and italians! they are latins as well! but unfortunately people only think that latins came from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America, otherwise they are white or europeans.
    Funny, huh?

  • You are right!

    @Olivia: I think that word latino comes from latin language. They speak Spanish and Portuguese in South America (latin languages).

  • wrong

    Why so defensive? She is clearly of gypsy heritage. Romanian gypsies originate out of India, and that is exactly what she looks like; Indian. Her eye shape is NOT caucasian in the least, even without all the surgery. Not to mention her black hair, black eyes, and thick eyebrows. She looks like she could have been born in Mumbai. She looks nothing like any of her family members, either.

  • The Black Widow spider

    Madalina again weaves his spider web, now around Michael. She is a The Black Widow spider! ugh

  • Clara

    @Beauty: Really sad.( He`s amazing actor! One of my favorite.

  • Chris

    @FYI: Go back to school, moron! You are the ignorant here!
    Who cares if her family is white? my cousin is white and has 2 black children and other 3 white children! so what? her color doesn’t change the color of her black children!
    Based on that, someone who is black but was adopted by a white family is white like them!
    Halle Berry has a white mom, so is she white?
    Btw, a tan doesn’t make a caucasian person looks black or latin for the rest of its life!
    And if Madalina was born in Mexico for example, I’m sure you wouldn’t call her white!
    I love those people who think that if someone was born in Europe, they are automatically white…

  • noemi

    In Italy , in a gossip blog say they have been seen in a hospital

  • no

    @wrong majority of Romanians look like her – black/brown hair, brown eyes. Anyway even if she would be gipsy, what is the problem?

    Here a pic of the another Romanian model in Italy. Is she a gipsy too?

  • cubfan34

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

  • hahaha
  • Fans

    He will lost some fans…

  • wrong

    I don’t have a problem with her being a gypsy, or the fact she’s not a caucasian. You seem to, however.

  • Olivia

    @You are right!: Yeah, but french, italian and romanian are latin languages as well, but you don’t see a french person being called “latin”, do you?
    The term “latin” is only applied for third world countries. Interesting…

  • EM?

    @Anna: ” because GB behaved like an idiot.”

    What’s that got to do with the cops thinking she was a prostitute?

  • True

    @plastic: “Her lips and b’oobs are fake.”

    Yea, but the adams apples real.

  • curious

    Why do some people seems rather obsessed about what race this woman is. Does it upset someone that this woman isn’t Negroid to use the anthropological term. Weird.

  • Anne

    Well, I’ve seen pics of Madalina’s parents and she doesn’t look nothing like them! she might be adopted. So @FYI’s theory about her being white because her family is white, doesn’t mean anything!
    OMG! this thread is looking like Zoe Saldana’s threads, with people saying that she is latin, not black because her parents are from a latin country.

  • Anna

    @EM?: police wanted to see their passports. they didn’t say why but was when he was making stupid pic next to the fountain. She was dressed decent

  • Caucasian

    Caucasians are not always white. People from Europe, North Africa and Western, Southern, and Eastern Asia are all Caucasian.

  • Oh Please!

    @Anna: “She was dressed decent”

    She was dressed like a sl ut.

  • Lola

    But she’s so ugly! I don’t get it.

  • Lisa

    In (north)americans mind:
    People with dark skin born in Latin America = not white.
    People with dark skin born in Europe = white.

    So contradictory!

  • Career damage warning!

    Ghenea is career venom.

  • Anna If this is like a sl/ut you probably live in the monastery, or you are generally full of sh/it

  • Oh Please!

    @Anna: “She is not a gipsy she has a decent family: mother is a vet, father – foreman and her brother completed his studies in the U.S.”

    So Gypsy’s can’t be decent people? What a bigot you are.

  • Rose

    @hahaha: Toni might be there, but she didn’t walk the red carpet with Leo. And Bradley never brought a girlfriend to an award show or red carpet in general, they only go to after parties, but Suki wasn’t there either.

  • Mia

    @Anna: “police wanted to see their passports.”

    What a load of garbage. People don’t carry passports around with them but leave them in the hotel safe and police in Italy don’t go around asking to see passports. People who were nearby said that the police accused her of soliciting.