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Jennifer Lopez: 'I Luh Ya PaPi' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Jennifer Lopez: 'I Luh Ya PaPi' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Check out your first listen of Jennifer Lopez‘s brand new song “I Luh Ya PaPi” featuring French Montana!

The song will be the lead single off her upcoming eighth studio album, which will be released sometime this year.

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Make sure to check out Jennifer as a judge this evening on an all new episode of American Idol, airing at 8/7c on Fox.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s new song “I Luh Ya PaPi”?

Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana – “I Luh Ya PaPi”

Click inside to read the lyrics from the new song…

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  • She Stinks!

    It is unlistenable and awful. JHO is more auto-tuned than usual. What record company keeps supporting her ‘music’? Its garbage. Must be part of her American Idol deal. She continues to fail in music, movies and fashion. Will someone please tell her she has zero talent and should really give this up?

  • Elena

    Luh Ya, papi? Seriously? This is horrendous! Music, lyrics, title, voice, just atrocious!

  • Chris

    Well, there goes her chances of a comeback…

  • Ally

    why is everybody trying to do some RAP ( kind of.) nowadays? I mean PAALEAZE.. Beyoncé first, now JLO..


    LMMFAO!!!^^^ You guys ACTUALLY took the time to CHECK for JLO just to bash her?? LOL!! I CAN’T!!

    Annnnnyyyyyyyway! LOVE THE SONG! I think it’s different than anything that’s out, we’ll done J. :)

  • Tony

    Love it! I think it will be a hit!

  • Lisa T.

    Yeah I got thru about 10 seconds of that song…

  • corri

    Just plain stupid! Hang it up! Please!

  • Tyla

    Seriously? ” I LUH ya PAPI?? Who wrote this piece of crap?

  • samegirl

    I LOVE IT. Fun song. A true bop. Spring Anthem. I love the Big Sean Verse, but IMO French Montana ad something different so I prefer her version. Great Move Jenny.

  • karine
  • iamdexxx

    i’m loving this new/comeback urban direction she went it’s fresh nothing that’s out right now and she sounds good and it’s catchy as hell. well done

  • Lillian

    OMG, does she seriously think anyone will go out and buy her album. It’s one of the worst songs I heard from her yet. Seriously, she couldn’t sell her previous CD and that had a huge hit for her, ON the floor. If this is her lead single from a new one, we know that isn’t going anywhere but down. give it up JLO, You are too old for this teeny bopper crap rap

  • So tells

    That is a horrible song. I cringe in embarrassment for her. Since she doesn’t write her own songs, I’m assuming she gets last pick of the better ones. I do think her glory days have come and gone. She got pretty far on very average talent, made a lot of money but I can’t see her ever being the “it” star she has always desperately wanted to be.

  • Sandra

    @So tells:
    Spot on! It’s amazing that she is still recording; I recall Sony dropped her in 2008 or 2009 and then came idol in 2011 and gave her a boost. But the exposure from Idol can only go this far and people finally realized that she can’t sing. This is really embarrassing! I would expect a 45 year-old woman who has gone through three divorces, two broken engagements, and is a mother will have more mature themes to sing about. Going through rappers in a desperate attempt to recapture the success she had with Pitbull back in 2011 is plain pathetic. Maybe she should focus on her businesses since even Idol is not working for her this time around

  • Steph

    I am a JLover at first listen I was like “Ummm… wth” but the second listen I loved it! it warms up to you quickly so those who are bashing it, try giving it a few more listens & you’ll see & her LAST album sold one million albums PLUS so people did go out to buy her album, please state FACTS & not something based off an opinion

  • jessica

    its sounds like right there by nicole sherzinger…

  • siennagold

    Horrible with stupid lyrics.

  • borisianofny

    This is FIYAH, everybody wants to talk so much crap but can’t go near filling her shoes. This song is a HUGE HIT! keep them coming JLO you are a star all these haters can go screw themselves. what a great comeback single!

  • Papi

    Im actually loving this!! l love the beats!! good one JLo. Reminds me a bit of Fergie and Lorde for some strange reason…

  • Anne

    OMG smash !! Urban-Lo is back and you all sound like my grandma lmao

  • WhiteLatina

    She looks like a tranny in full drag and her hair is disappearing.

  • frank





  • moech

    THIS IS FIRE !!!! welcome back to the charts Urban JLO

  • Sandra


    Hating? Lopez is an artist – and I use the term loosely – who puts a product out and the public has the right to criticize it. We are the ones who will decide whether or not to buy her music and for me the answer is Hell, no!

  • Annie

    Sounds like something Kevin Federline would sing. And could the cover pic be any tackier?

  • Roger

    WERK MAMA!!! I love this song. Do yo’ thang, i luh you mami!!! JLO, stay doing your thing. :) Brush all of those comments off. Who cares about the critics.


  • Leon

    Well Beyonce is selling and her rapping actually makes more sense so….

  • Joe

    How much did Jlo management team pay you for your comment, or your on a crack high?

  • Joe

    It sinks like JLo big ass?

  • Joe

    Come back from what?? She never won any music or movie awards, you must be from her fan club, grow up,:

  • Bill

    Maybe she’s sing this song to her terrorist dictators friends at this year annual murder event?

  • Bill

    I’m glad I’m not the only person that knows about her failed movie & music history, it too bad that JLo fans are ti stupid tot find the real truth on JLo, it only takes a minute?

  • Stev

    Sorry to inform you, her last album only sold a couple hundred thousand, you and JLo wish it sold a million along with a Grammy Award, which she has never won in the 20 years she has been in the music industry?

  • Jim

    This is a terrible song!:-(

  • Marisol

    Lets face it…JLO HAS ALWAYS GOT A PACK FULL OF HATERS…yes HATERS!!! But she also HAS A BIgger pack of loyal fans. So even tho this isn’t a “hit” she will continue to shine! Lets go JLO presente!! Xoxo LATINOS STAND UP!!

  • uqui

    Muy buen ritmo y es algo distinto al resto.

  • uqui

    Muy buen ritmo y es algo distinto al resto.

  • Betty Jane Baer


    Yeah! You got that right Sandra:):) ha

  • Betty Jane Baer

    Yeah you said it all Sandra; we all have an opinion. I think it’s the worst song yet…and maybe her ”body” is going to her ”head” per say

  • PapiHaterlol

    @Sandra: Perfectly put can I marry you>

  • Chris

    I am not hating on her, She has done better in her hey-days, but this is one of the stupidest songs I have ever heard. She could do better than this. Who wrote this piece of crap?????

  • queenbozzlady1

    i luv this song

  • Lisa

    Can people please stop pretending this… Person can sing?!? Cut the crap her voice is terrible and this song in particular is just ridiculous. I have no respect for a woman who one… Uses her culture which she picks up and drops depending on who’s listening to feed her need for attention and greed and two… She’s had NO plastic surgery? Sorry folks ones nose does not become smaller with age nor other facial features like cheeks and chin shape change that drastically on their own. Oh and reversed aging naturally.. Yeah ok! She’s fake, greedy, insincere and ummmm did I mention NO NATURAL TALENT TO SING. I will give props for her business savvy… Screwing and fooling so many people to make millions dies take a certain talent… Being a total douche!

  • Lisa Escalera Diaz

    @<a href="/2014/03/05/jennifer-lopez-i-luh-ya-papi-full-song-lyrics-listen-now/comment-page-2/#comment-28681021@Marisol: “>Lisa: Latinas stand up?? The only thing that makes her a Latina is that her parents had her… Her Latin only comes out when it suits her need for greed…. Let’s see she started a ny rican then she was “black” with pdiddy then she somehow became “white” with Ben affleck then back to Latin with mark…. Now…I’m not sure BC she is constantly pretending… Who says she can’t act?? Her whole life is an act!

  • Lisa Escalera Diaz

    @Joe: exactly!

  • Lisa Escalera Diaz

    @frank: you are right… There will always be morons helping her get richer… Come on… Her beauty is in large purchased (all the power to her) but she lies about it and she is an entertainer but she does NOT have a singing voice. Cat scratching a chalk board comes to mind. She will never be a BeyoncĂ©, Mariah or Rhianna for that matter.

  • Lisa Escalera Diaz

    @borisianofny: on what chart is this a huge hit?

  • Dennis

    this is he most childish sounding song I’ve ever heard..sounds like a something a 10 year old would fact she sounds like a 10 year old singing it,,no doubt the latino community loves the song as that’s what I believe it’s actually aimed toward..luh ya papi..wth does that mean I said it sounds childish.

  • Jo-An G

    Loved it. I’ll definitely purchase.