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Michael Fassbender (Sadly) Wears a Giant Fake Head in 'Frank' Trailer

Michael Fassbender (Sadly) Wears a Giant Fake Head in 'Frank' Trailer

One thing we always can look forward to in a Michael Fassbender movie is to stare at his pretty face for a couple hours, but sadly that won’t happen in his new film Frank.

The 36-year-old actor wears a giant paper-meche head in the film, which follows Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), a young wanna-be musician, who discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Fassbender).

Also appearing in the film are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Scoot McNairy. It will hit theaters in the UK this May.

Michael Fassbender – “Frank” Trailer
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  • GFW

    Align yourself with deviant distractions and this what you get: No interest.

  • Louise

    I love how this is based on a British Character and biography and they make him have an american accent and the keyboardist have a British accent. It says everything. It’s not like a northern British accent would be that hard to understand!

  • Effy

    Is it weird that I really want to see this?

  • farila

    Who cares about the accent?
    I want to see that!!!! Looks funny! :)

  • Ugh

    It’s not based on him. It’s inspired by him. Is not about his life.

  • The girlfriend

    Fassbender now reports that girlfriend Madalina Ghenea who is now on gossip blinds being outed as his highly paid escort girlfriend???
    Fassbender has now put himself in the Charlie Sheen category on this one.
    Wonder if this will effect the film success? Prob not

  • Being Frank
  • .

    @Being Frank:

    All the other actors are great.
    Actors who work on themselves and not lose / or should not lose their way.
    Too bad. Fassbender, you would have been able to show another way of working, something new, the real actor at work, and you lost your chance In the name of what? I do not know.

  • All of you should know

    That Fassbender has a core group of uber-jealous old hags who call themselves fans who have created a massive lie about his girlfriend. They can’t have him so they hate on her with all the lies they can make up. Pitifully sad, don’t you think?

  • lola

    @All of you should know: Madalina is that you? How do you feel about Michael not taking you to the Oscars?

  • All of you should really know

    Mandalina Ghonorrhea was never his girlfriend but a gross TRANNY STUPID ESCORT with STDS that targets famous rich men !

    The horse face tranny prostitute sleeps with photographers agents producers and actors for a come up. She does gangbang parities via her pimp Pascal Vicedomini since the mid 90s. Mandalina is nothing but a duplicitous extortionist and pathological liar and failed model turned sociopathic hooker. She fakes pregnancies and engagements for attention. Fassbender better run far and fast before he is stuck with an eye sore curse and 25 years a paycheck !

  • Remember

    She stalks his exs on cyber space. Her actress/model is really a cover that she is a h@@ker. Social climber. She uses her fb, intagram, friends intagram, Romanian media, and calls paps to get money shots etc…

    Read #8473. All facts can be found on the Internet. Butler had a field day with her also. He actually thought she was marriage material until his family saw through the act.

    If someone is writing positive about her, it is usually her or her minions.

  • Sasha

    @All of you should really know: The mid 90s? Is she born in 1987 ? She acts young and stupid. Is she really 26?

  • Stop

    She is instigating that we all post about her using different monikers. Now that we all know she is a expensive escort, it is time to end her nonsense.

  • INNA

    Well she joined INNAs posse. The freak must be scr3wing a band member. The group is in the U.S. and Mexico in March. Watch out INNA, you have talent and she is using you all to find an in again into the limelight.
    Gave up actors for the moment. She is a survivor on her next venture.

  • Ex

    Not pregnant
    Not his gf
    Trailer trash hooking up with a band member of INNA touring north America now.

    Over and out.

  • The idiot

    @All of you should know:
    Post 9 – you are Madalina
    You always use the words Jealous old hags when you try to take on the fans.
    You are an escort – a very highly paid one
    This is you main profession
    It is not a lie
    I have not said this to try to spread a lie the opposite in fact I and others have written about this becuase we know this now to be the truth.
    There is disapointment in Fassbender as its an odd thing to do considering his former sex appeal and his current status.
    Real women ….yes those like Lupita and Lawrence consider you cheap and lowly you will never comfortably mix in those circles and will always eventually be rejected.
    They even regret having you in Dom Hemingway now as you are a stain on the movie.

  • Vertigo

    Speak for yourself please.

  • Amazing

    @All of you should know: Thank you!!!

  • Amazing

    @lola: Hell no it not Madalina, you nut case!

  • Amazing

    Hell no it’s@lola: not Madalina, you nut case!

  • Kim handily

    michael Fassbender can only play a bad guy! Michael Fassbender has a name in Hollywood and they used his name to raise money for the film but the film was almost shut down due to a lawsuit filed while the film was being made claiming Michael Fassbender knowingly spread an STD to a female cast mate. Cast and crew on set laughed at his attempt to be comical on film and relied heavily on the mask.