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Katy Perry Still Kind of Confused By What Feminism Means

Katy Perry Still Kind of Confused By What Feminism Means
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16 Responses to “Katy Perry Still Kind of Confused By What Feminism Means”

  1. 1
    Jared Says:

    get a dictionary, twit.

  2. 2
    Barbie Teri Says:

    Why would she be confuse, its lame.

  3. 3
    Katy Party Says:

    katy can’t imagine herself as a feminist because she doesn’t want to be equal with her men, who are such lowbars – not much to be equal with. she likes to swallow for confidence. girls like her don’t deserve to be equal with men. they’re devolved and unintelligent, and when their looks go they look sad and tired by the bar.

  4. 4
    liz Says:

    that’s kind of sad that so many people don’t know what feminism is. did you guys not go to school? read the newspaper? listen to the radio?

  5. 5
    Living in a box Says:

    Simple, what ever you do Katy is definitely the opposite of feminism.

  6. 6
    DD Says:

    not only can she not sing, but have you seen this girl with no makeup on? it’s shocking how different she looks without the clown paint. she doesn’t deserve to be equal with men. or any women for that matter. she’ll be a hasbeen soon enough. she can only come up with some much rebranding when she’s pushing 30.

  7. 7
    Jett Says:

    super ugly, can’t sing – thank god she has TlTS

  8. 8
    gdawg Says:

    only girls who will eventually work at mcdonalds like katy anyway. the girls that don’t matter.

  9. 9
    allison Says:

    Good grief shut up Katy. Just pretend to sing and show your boobs. No one cares about what you think about ….

  10. 10
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    What a lot of garbage. She’s not confused about feminism, just doesn’t want to talk the same blah blah like everybody else.
    And which kind of people fall for this nonsense you can see in the morons’ comments here about her.

  11. 11
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @allison: Get a life, sad person.

  12. 12
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @gdawg: you’re free to work there, she has a net worth.

  13. 13
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @Jett: Morons without an opinion write stuff like this.

  14. 14
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @DD: I can smell your jealousy, it’s rotting your brain.

  15. 15
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @liz: explain it to us, you’re so educated you believe every **** in the rainbow.

  16. 16
    Klaus Geltl Says:

    @Katy Party: Where did You read that apart from here, and how much do you know about her apart from that she’s got two legs? Uninformed moronic crap.

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