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Jake Gyllenhaal is Back in NYC & Still Sporting His Scruffy Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal is Back in NYC & Still Sporting His Scruffy Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal steps out in the Soho district of New York City with a pal on Monday (April 28).

The 33-year-old actor is back on the East coast and still sporting his super scruffy beard!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal

Last week, Jake stepped out for a secret Arcade Fire concert in Los Angeles alongside Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian.

Jake recently completed a romantic comedy titled Nailed alongside Jessica Biel and James Marsden. Unfortunately for us, Nailed has not had a release date set just yet – we can’t wait to see it!

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  • lol

    who’s the hot guy?

  • george

    watch out Jake, you might run in to Taylor

  • lol

    @george: beard taylor

  • blondie12

    @lol: Well it’s definitely not Jake… :S

  • love

    yay jake is home!!

  • s

    bleugh take a shower already!

  • brittany

    why does he insist on looking like a homeless person?

  • david

    Hallo Detective Loki

  • Luuuv

    @brittany: Maybe he’s still filming Everest

  • laura

    @Luuuv: scott fischer never looked that crappy

  • Luuuv

    @laura: Come on,do not overdo it, it’s just a bit unkempt beard

  • Lisa

    don’t understand that hideous beard. Please shave, cut your hair and buy new clothes. Hè looks like a homeless person.

  • geez

    Why you people are so obsessed with his look?

    He is an actor, a great attoere actually, not a model

  • lisa

    @geez whyy does a handsome guy have to downplay and hide his looks? You don’t have to be a model to be groomed. Most people I know look pretty decent. He looks so crappy.

  • geez

    I do not know Lisa, he seems happy with his scruffy look, there are more important things in life than look “pretty”

    JMO anyway

  • kiesha

    @geez: but if you’re a cute actor with smokin blue eyes and smile why not look your best? hey you’re only young once.. if ya got it, flaunt it!

  • geez

    @kiesha: LOL :)

  • perdida

    I hate this look. It’s as if he has no care for himself. His look is important. In his line of work, he has to “sell” the whole package, not only the talent. There are thousands of talented actors out here, but no one looks like he does. It’s almost like he’s running away from his looks. So dumb! He needs to own it. We know he’s talented. We know he’s hot, so he needs to grow up and own who he is.

  • my two cents

    if he wants to distract attention from his look to be taken seriously as an actor I can understand it

    Look at Prisoners for example, he was fantastic in it, a oscar worthy performance , Jake overshadowed all the other great actors, but still, everybody was about how much hot he was with tattoos and haircut, ,and one more time after EOW no Oscar love
    and we all know how this time he deserved the nom

  • cameron

    There are a lot of good looking actors out here who are taken seriously. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, James Franco. Jake is not “punished” for his looks at all. When he is a character in a movie it is not the same as a man walking down the street. This guy looks like he is pretending to be a homeless man instead of having the self respect to look like himself. The message he is sending is “I don’t care.” Everyone has days when they dress grubby. Jake is always like this. He hasn’t looked decent for years.

  • my two cents

    but if Jake does not care

    why should we?

  • ?

    Matt Damon, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey????

    really what kind of examples are they?

    they have, almost all at least, twice the age of jake

  • kassie

    @?: And they all still look tons better than him

  • madmax

    I wish he’d get rid of.the beard. It should be gone movie, Southpaw.

    Btw Nailed was not just filmed, it was filmed several.years ago and never got a distributor. So it will likely never see the light

  • Botox!!!

    Of course they are

  • Botox!!!

    @kassie: Of course they are

  • cameron

    Why are some people are talking about either /or? They are talking one extreme or the other. But the truth is in between. the truth is that you can look normal. An ordinary, normal person. Just not filthy. He looks like he hasn’t bathed or washed his hair and his beard isn’t even trimmed. Sorry. When Heath was looking terrible like this, people all wondered what was wrong with him. Now I see Jake like this, and he just doesn’t look like the same person.

  • wow

    Heath, the lack of which I feel today as it was in January 2008 died from an unfortunate event
    calm down, people

  • joe

    I think he just likes to grow beards




    no seriously


  • Kelli

    Really? I have seen Ben Affleck and James Franco and jared Leto pictures to name a few, and they usually look like bums when they aren’t on a red carpet or promoting a movie on TV. Seriously.

  • Deep Red

    He looks dirty and disgusting.

  • laura

    I don’t mind guys looking casual at all, but Jake looks like he doesn’t bathe or wash his hair and that on anybody is a turn off to me.

  • monique

    He used to be so cute
    Hardly looks like the same person

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    I like him. He’s a good actor. I LOVE his sister. She is so underrated as an actress to me. I LOVE when so called “pretty boys” look scruffy and not so overly groomed. I’m all for some grooming on a man because it has to be done. I just don’t like when they go too far with it. He’s probably just running errands or something. Jake doesn’t have to wear a suit and tie for that. He looks fine and also cleans up very nicely.

  • Pamela

    You know what??? LETS ALL GO OVERBOARD!
    Jake needs to bathe, shave, ditch his clothes, ditch the town, walk naked across America, walk on his hands, dance everyday at 5:45 pm, AND never ever have a real life personal moment at ALLL for the rest of his natural born, HOTNESS life.
    He should put all you on speed dial so he can CALL someone to dress him EVERY SINGLE DAY. Get baby blue contacts, SMILE ALL THE TIME, AND please for the love of PETE stay in shape showing every d*mn pectoral muscle you have.
    *takes breath*
    Thank you for your time.

  • lauren

    That’s sick and it’s not what I, for one, am talking about. This is a person who doesn’t look like they’ve had a bath in a while. His hair is greasy too. I don’t need him to put on a tux or a suit and tie. I’d just like to see him look the way he used to look and take some pride in his appearance. I don’t even care about his beard if he’d at least groom it. He actually looks like he smells bad. Gross. I’ve seen photos of Jake on the subway and he didn’t look this bad.

  • FP

    @Pamela: Pamela you rock Girl!

    I love every single word of your post

  • just saying

    I bet he smells very good, and that awful jacket is more expensive than my car

  • hannah

    he makes me want to upchuck my lunch

  • mark

    Liam Hemsworth has a beard and goes casual but he looks well groomed and clean. This dude looks downright dirty.

  • so?

    Liam Hemsworth can’t act

  • Katie

    Maybe a man who was to be pumped, preened and waxed for work just really enjoys not looking in a mirror on his days off. I have no problem with that and if I did why should he care? It is his life not mine.

  • Yeah Right

    @hannah:I’m sure you would kick your boyfriend out of bed for Jake Gyllenhaal if he blinked at you.

  • hannah

    @Yeah Right: It’s my girlfriend and umm no I wouldn’t.

  • bane

    @so?: Neither can Jake G

  • never say never

    @hannah:oh I bet you would ;)

  • gayle

    he’s a younger version of Joaquin Phoenix

  • bafta

    @bane: Jake definitely can act

  • bafta

    @gayle:Who was just great in HER