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Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Bleached Blonde - See the Photo!

Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Bleached Blonde - See the Photo!

Adam Levine shows off his newly bleached blonde hair in this photo posted to his Twitter account on Saturday (May 3).

The 35-year-old singer and The Voice coach is pictured alongside his fiancee Behati Prinsloo in the pic.

Adam isn’t the only one with a new hairstyle that day. Behati posted a photograph to her Instagram account in which she is wearing cornrows, but it was just a throwback pic!

Adam was tweeting this past week that he was on a plane. We sure hope he was on his way to New York City for the Met Ball so that we can see this hairdo on the red carpet!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Levine’s bleached blonde hair?

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adam levine dyes his hair blonde 01
adam levine dyes his hair blonde 02

Photos: Twitter, Instagram
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  • Kay

    I can’t stop laughing.

  • Whatever!!!

    I don’t hate it.

  • Dieter !!!!!!

    Love me some behati and the beautiful ass of her’s !!!!!

  • Big Blunder

    Jared the photo of Behati in cornrows is from 2012. Do your research.

  • saba

    Looking like miley cyrus.

  • Dieter !!!!!!

    I agree, Behati has grown quite some booty nowadays !!! Amazing !!!

  • Brittany

    @Big Blunder: Reread it, they said it was just a throwback.

    I actually kind of like this on him. Have to see it in HQ now.

  • Leah

    Just when you thought he couldn’t look like a bigger douche…

  • soy

    sexiest man alive???

  • Molly


    I think People is probably regretting that by now.

  • losa

    I don’t know what is the big fascination with Adam Levine. He is so overrated. And he was the sexiest man alive and not a man like Paul Walker? Paul had the sexiest smile, most beautiful face, sexiest body and voice? I can’t belive that Paul was never the first on that list and unfortunately he never will and Adam Levine wast the sexiest.

  • Diedre

    That’s hideous.

  • Micky

    white trash

  • Ha

    @losa: I KNOW RIGHT! I don’t get the hype either. He’s so not attractive to me..

  • tatoojohnny

    Celebs keep on bleaching their hair with colors that dont suit them at all. It’s crazy!!!



  • Louisa

    Levine has so many injectables in his forehead that he’s starting to look like a Star Trek Cardassian, minus the ridges. The blonde hair only makes his forehead stand out more.

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  • Maria

    Not a good look.

  • Huh

    So, Adam was home wearing a girl’s kitty cat tank top with his bimbo fiance dying his hair blonde. Meanwhile his ex Anne V was at the White House dinner looking amazing. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Arnold Swift

    He looks so thirsty for attention, giving drugs to his gurl to get some feedbacks. Loser Loser Loser your hair won’t give you fame you’re not a Kartrashian. Someone give some water to this thirsty holocaust man jijijijiji

  • Anne Vogue

    dumb and dumber from lala land.

  • blewmy bonaparte


  • Mariana


  • Ferb

    He is nobody without a model just a boring musician with horrendous voice. He should know that begging for attention will not give him any talent or pity

  • Frank

    If he only knew how to sing! How does he coach people with actual talent?

  • Mc muffin

    @Ferb: painfully accurate comment. He is nobody without a model, he can buy anything but talent. He is a cheap copy of an artist playing monkey see monkey do and copy others to be famous. He needs help or a 24/7 psychiatrist

  • muhammad

    Anyone that has money and proclaim himself as jew can make it in the industry without talent. Adam Levine is the proof that money can buy you a carrer, not surprised anymore

  • Terry

    can this guy get any douchier? lol, sorry Levine, but even painting brad pitt on your face can’t make you look good, poor guy just didn’t win in the looks dept.

  • ch3lsey

    he thinks he is a top artist like gaga, miley, justin or james franco. he said he hates selfies and now he can’t stop taking one. give up adam you will never be a top artist. team blake shelton

  • Manny

    Looks like an even bigger douche than he did before.


    He looks like an attention seeking douch*bag and she looks higher than a kite.

  • yuck

    Adam Levine is disgusting, dumb man.

  • IrishD

    Is that Magnum or Blue Steel?

  • KSB

    Geez you guys are going in with these comments. Lmao he deserves it.he looks like trash and his fiancee looks high as a kite. These two dumb blonds deserve each other.

  • Andres

    Bahhaa just come out already

  • http://Twitter Jessica

    @Leah: @Leah:
    Leave him alone you bitch.

  • http://Twitter Jessica

    Leave him alone, you bitch.

  • Meg

    @losa: I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. I wanted Paul to make the cover for years. Even when he passed he was 40 and looked better than, not only most 20-somethings I know, but most men of any age younger than him in Hollywood. He was miles ahead of Adam in the “sexy department”.

    As for Adam’s new hair color… watching The Voice is going to be hard on Monday lol. I sure hope he doesn’t wear one of those bowling, striped polo or Hawaiian shirts again.

  • Meg

    As for the rest of the comments here, I have to disagree about his voice. Adam has a unique and very good singing voice. I was (and still kind of am) a big Maroon 5 fan, but it was watching him on The Voice these past few seasons, the hypocritical things he says in other things (for example…his celeb fragrance comment), and the rotating models and being sleazy that have just put him on my “ick” radar. I still think he has a talented voice, but I wish I didn’t have to see him, hear him talk, or hear his bad team song choices each week on The Voice.

  • hatin

    He should have been quicksilver not that idiot that married his mother.

  • michelle n irelans

    Oh , leave the lad alone, I have a daughter with adult ADD, A
    and aspergers, it just way of drawing attention to himself, he wont sit for 3 to 4 hours every three weeks to keep the blonde up, let him learn like rest of us, lol

  • likecanday

    @michelle n irelans: oh shut up Brave!

  • mississippi

    he is imitating ryan gosling hehehehe what an idiot, he needs to be born again to even sit next to ryan g. his thirst for attention is killin him and his anorexic girl. they look on crack. my eyes are burnin ya’ all

  • Nikki

    About 99% of men who bleach their hair are bi or gay. This should be a red flag for the airhead models he dates. Also sounds like a girl when he sings.

  • Debra Istvanik-Strotman

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder as I don’t consider Levine particularly attractive. The man is a chatterbox who never shuts up. Would drive a normal person to drink. He may be nice but please shut up once in awhile!

  • http://N/A Arielle

    LOL THIS IS SO SPOT ON “14 Things Adam Levine Looks Like With His New ‘Do”