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Miranda Kerr Never Thought Modeling Would Last Long

Miranda Kerr Never Thought Modeling Would Last Long

Miranda Kerr struts her stuff as she visits the Kora Organics offices on Thursday (May 15) in Sydney, Australia.

The 31-year-old supermodel recently opened up about the beginning of her career.

“I was 14. I guess I wasn’t that interested [in modelling]. I wanted to finish high school,” Miranda told The Telegraph. “When I finished high school I traveled to Japan, because I had a contract in Japan. Then I went back to Australia. I didn’t really take it seriously to begin with. I just thought it was a fun experience. I never thought it would last this long.”

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the Kora Organics offices…

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33 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Never Thought Modeling Would Last Long”

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  1. 1
    BreakDownBuildUp Says:


    And before any of you say anything i would just like to say if you have anything negative to say about it is because of your deep imbedded insecurity which has now afflicted you with a disturbing jealousy.
    she is beautiful More THAN WE MERE MORTALS WILL EVER BE.

    she married Orlando bloom …in your dreams /bitchs

    she lives a full wonderful life full of travels and private jets and designer clothing …..while all y’all just sit whining about girls on your computer.

  2. 2
    Randal Says:

    Amazing how the paps found her!! JJ, please, we need more candice!

  3. 3
    P Says:

    Looove her style!!

  4. 4
    @1 Says:

    “She is beautiful. More than we mere mortals will ever be.” … wauh, you are really selling yourself short with that comment – speak for yourself. And maybe you should look at her for what she is … a human being, and she lives on earth – along with the rest of us.

  5. 5
    James Says:

    @BreakDownBuildUp: And now imagine this. I don’t desire anything this superficial and empty as make-up, good looking husband, visiting airports, wearing ridiculously expensive clothes, talking about stupid things like shampoons, creams, bikinies…Do you have any idea how useless that life is? How will you feel at the end of your life remembering only airports, photographers, exhusband and bunch of lies your PR team produced? Do you thing things like that matters? Living modest, simple but meaningful life isn’t the right thing? Do you need money and fame? Does it make people happier? Is that really the purpose why we live? Hardly…

  6. 6
    Caryn Says:

    @BreakDownBuildUp: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while I think she has a good body for modeling I do think her face is very unattractive. She also from interviews appears vapid and shallow. And Orlando is not my dream man. Whatever floats your boat. She doesn’t float mine.

  7. 7
    jane Says:

    @James: i think the point isn’t to dissect her life and how she is living it, because whatever she is doing it is (maybe) making her happy. maybe it doesn’t bring you, or some others, happiness to see her doing useless stuff, but we’re not important in her life. she looks happy, she looks pretty, and i think she’s adorably feminine. there are worse women to admire. KK anyone?

  8. 8
    cough Says:

    @BreakDownBuildUp: If you’re ugly, speak for yourself. I’d like to see a make up free Miranda. She clearly isn’t ugly but she’s just as cute as the next girl, nothing special. Now a model who is fantastically beautiful with flawless skin is Adriana Lima. Get back at to when Miranda calls the paps when she’s dressed down and without make up

  9. 9
    Elena Says:

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian never thought modeling would last long but then she and her people hooked her up with a celebrity and viola! Instant fame and fortune! She went from a no name model no one cared about dating a lousy musician to a paparazzi darling dating Legolas and using his name constantly for attention and sleeping with billionaires on the side so they would start companies for her and knock her up so she could pin the paternity on the celeb and keep herself in the papers and blogs forever because she will “Orlando Bloom’s ex” and she can use Melon Head’s famous last name in every article that is written about her forever more!

  10. 10
    blah Says:

    @Randal: candice is as much of a showoff as kerr, kerr is the pap lover though. rather see more pics of adriana or doutzen imo.

  11. 11
    Anna Sophia Says:

    Now that she’s not Buddhist anymore she needs to change the name of her company. @1 I am not mortal and I can tell you that I am far more gorgeous than Miranda wishes she was.

  12. 12
    lold Says:

    This woman sure does love herself.

  13. 13
    Fran Says:

    There will come a day when the paparazzi stop coming when Miranda Kerr calls. But it is not this day. Unfortunately. Seriously can this woman get any more over exposed?

  14. 14
    @1 Says:

    I would count myself as more attractive than her any day and there is nothing about her life that is worth being jealous of. Get back to us when she actually contributes something to this world.

  15. 15
    bb Says:

    @blah: ikr, Doutzen and Adriana have to be two of the most gorgeous and humble supermodels out there.

  16. 16
    adriana Says:

    @bb: true…A popular Australian boy band made reference to Miss Lima’s beauty in a new song. Enough said.
    Haha, and I just love how everyone is coming for Miranda in this thread. From the moment she started famewhoring, I knew is was only a matter of time before people started hating on her.

  17. 17
    @16 Says:

    Oh please your comments just REEK of sour grapes because Miranda is so hugely successful…..Jealous much???….lol.

    If Adriana had even HALF the contracts & campaigns that Miranda has you would be shouting it from the rooftops & telling everybody. But Adriana doesn’t so instead you insult Miranda out of spite…..cringeworthy!

    The only people who dislike Miranda are demented Adriana “fans” like yourself & the bitter OBESSED Bloom “fans” from Delphi. Both of you “haters” are mentally unstable & need professional help.

    The fact you “hate” Miranda simply because YOU feel threatened by her success is just beyond CREEPY & WEIRD!!!!

  18. 18
    Two Cents Says:

    @Elena: Why dont you stop being a hypocrite and stop giving Miranda attention then. Your clearly a fan girl and nothing else regardless of what you say……Miranda looks mega hot by the way!!

  19. 19
    IMAO Says:

    @adriana: Are you talking about Adriana Lima? The failed wife and mother of the year! Please give it up. She couldnt even keep her marriage together. Hello pot..this is Kettle here…

  20. 20
    IMAO Says:

    @@1: And what may I ask have you contributed to this world? She does a lot of charity work and you? Oh just telling us your more beautiful. Please get back to us when you have contributed something to this world!

  21. 21
    IMAO Says:

    @Elena: For a model that no one cares about you certainly make a huge song and dance about Miranda every single time and yes you scream jealousy nothing else.

  22. 22
    IMAO Says:

    Miranda you look absolutely stunning here. The whole look is just stylish. Love your leather pants. Your simply stunning.

  23. 23
    IMAO Says:

    @Elena: I absolutely love that Miranda makes you so upset that your here every time with your jealous rants at her. It so makes my day….lol

  24. 24
    HA! Says:

    She’s been determinately denying rumours linking her to billionaire James Packer.

    But Miranda Kerr will have an uphill battle ahead if she continues to push the same line after the casino boss’ assistant was seen leaving her Woollahra home on Wednesday.

    Clutching a copy of the supermodel’s self help book, Treasure Yourself, the man kept his gaze downcast as he left the rental property and stepped into the passenger seat of an awaiting Holden sedan.

    He remained inside the property for several hours in a meeting with Miranda, 31, and her publicist Annie Kelly, before leaving alone.

    One of Packer’s regular drivers was waiting outside of the home.

    Aaaaaaaaaaand there are pictures of it. Miranda is lying about not dating him. Miranda is lying about everything.

  25. 25
    Skippy Says:

    Elena I been coming to the miranda Kerr thread here and there and your really obsessed with her, you should really do something about it, it’s not healthy for you and honestly live your life no-one much care about miranda the way you do, miranda’s not going to cry over one person hating her etc you should move on and let go of miranda just my opinion

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