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Good News! Michael Fassbender Is Still Signed On For 'Assassin's Creed' Movie

Good News! Michael Fassbender Is Still Signed On For 'Assassin's Creed' Movie

Michael Fassbender dons cool reflective sunglasses while saying goodbye to a close gal pal outside a hotel on Friday (August 8) in New York City’s Soho district.

The day before, the 37-year-old actor made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he chatted about wearing a mask the whole time for Frank.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michael Fassbender

Michael recently squashed the rumors that he had exited the upcoming film Assassin’s Creed after becoming unhappy with the script.

“I know, I love these rumors! It’s fantastic. People talk about it, and they’re hopefully interested. Nothing has changed, yeah. I’m still a part of Assassin’s Creed, and we’re working on the script as we speak. Actually, I’m going to go back and see the writers when I get back to Europe,” Michael recently shared to IGN.

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  • Sarah

    Paula Woods, his PR! JJ, you have previous photos of her on your site, maybe it’s time to do a bit of research.

  • QuitHiring14yearOlds

    That’s not a “close gal pal” but his publicist.

  • Drake

    Is anybody surprised JJ doesn’t recognize Paula? The other day he thought Carla waa Zoe before switching the id to “a female minder”. Time for some new interns!

  • #fail

    She’s Steve McQueen’s publicist as well. Follows Fassbender everywhere like a lost puppy.

  • M

    @#fail: Hmm maybe because that’s her job?

  • Bookworm

    She doesn’t seem to be wearing wedding/engagement rings in these pics. In past pics she has been wearing them. Interesting?

  • Lena


    I don’t latch on to clients like that. They look like attention seeking bottom feeders to me. Michael had potential to be a great actor. A legend. Did that change when he hooked up with this woman who convinced him the way to success was to mind f/ck his fans with one PR scheme after another? Or was he always that way? Or perhaps he just found his bottom of the pond scummy match with PR Jowla.

    Michael says “I know, I love these rumors! It’s fantastic. People talk about it, and they’re hopefully interested.”

    How disrespectful towards people who have given their trust to him. He’s basically, in my opinion, revealing that he loves being sketchy because it causes people to worry, wonder, and keep all eyes on him. If someone calls me and leaves a message that they haven’t heard from me and are worried about me, do I smile and say, “oooh, I just love it when I can get people to worry about me, think about me, and stay up all night wondering if I’m okay?”

    No, I have human empathy. I call them and let them know I’m here. Even if it’s late. Why? I care and I love other people enough to want them to be able to focus on themselves and not worry about me. I trust that people will give me attention when it’s time for that. I’m not such a low life that I get off on getting people all riled up so they can’t focus on anyone but me.

    Ladies (and guys). If there is one tip I can give to look out for when dating, is someone who seems to need to have everyone focused on them at all times. It’s not fun to be played like a yo yo constantly just cause your mate is an insecure narcissistic slug.
    That enjoyment of everyone speculating and creating rumors thing is the scam I thought he was playing with the black and white fan girls in 2012. When those girls got into a big fight on lipstick alley and imdb over whether or not he was still with Nicole Beharie. I believe he knew what was going on because Jimmy Kimmel (was it?) mentioned it and he was going to say something then stopped himself, or that’s what I recall…. it was one of those shows…
    Who’s idea was that? His or this photobombing, client clinging PR snake? To not set the record straight as a kindness to those insecure fighting girls whose insecurities were being fueled by little speculations and vague leaks here and there (oh, we just saw them…. shucks… didn’t get a pic….blah blah blah). Human respect. Basic human empathy.
    At any time, he could have calmed his fandom down by being less vague and sketchy on the Beharie thing. But, this new admission sounds to me like he (and I suspect PR Jowla was involved) got kicks and giggles out of seeing those girls fighting over him.

    If that’s true, that’s lower than low and disgusting to me.

  • ugh

    what an ugly dog
    you people have low standards in the looks department

  • ugh

    he wore a mask cuz he’s uuuuugggggglllllllllyyyyyyyyyy


    Fassy: Sorry we missed our meet-cute. Raincheck??

  • Lola

    And here I thought PR Lady was only going to appear in one and 1/4 pictures… naïve me! Is she practicing Kabbalah? Free advertising for Jurlique? -That is a Jurlique bag, right? – Or maybe not? OMG, I would die laughing if she turned out to be the new face of the products! *don’t get angry people, I just find this funny!* No longer representing clients, but getting contracts for herself! he, he …. And, I don’t get the “again” trend of wearing jeans with rips at the knees … In short, I STILL don’t know what a publicist does?!

    I love the body language or as Benedict C. would say the nonverbal. Although, I think Benedict C. uses the word only for dancing. The kid seems tense, imo. Realized that he was photographed maybe? Arms crossed = defensive, usually. She seems more relaxed. Could she have called the papps? uuuuhhhhh…… Never sure about the hands in pockets, either tense or nervous it’s usually a safe bet.
    I have to say, surfing does a posture good! – wondered because when I fist read the tweet if he was surfing for himself or again imitating Gerard Butler – don’t get angry people!!! it’s just an observation and a valid one at that! So is he a goofie? ….

    I actually see a ring, don’t know if it is an engagement ring though. Isn’t the red thread on her wrist mean she is practicing Kabbalah? Has she always? First time I have seen it, I think.

    Found Baroness on I Tunes, which record do you recommend?

  • Lola

    @ONE LOVE:
    LMAO!!! You broke his heart girl! shame on you …. :-)

  • Lola

    PS … Michael says “I know, I love these rumors! It’s fantastic. People talk about it, and they’re hopefully interested.”

    Did the kid give himself away? So he is aware of his rumors, right? mmmmm……

  • @lola

    he love these rumors ( about Movie-)You dont understand or you are stupid .

  • lady violet

    pr lady is blonde and too old , she is not his type.

  • Olivia H.

    @Lola You think just like Lena which scary. Perhaps you two should create your a website to talk trash about Fassbender. I never thought I would ever meet people who are so gullible and believe everything that is dispersed over the internet about celebs. It’s only gossip.

    @Lena can’t you find a way to do something more constructive with your time? If you did find something constructive to do and put all your emery in that it would probably change your perspective.

  • Olivia H.

    @Lola You think just like Lena which scary. Perhaps you two should create your a website to talk trash about Fassbender. I never thought I would ever meet people who are so gullible and believe everything that is dispersed over the internet about celebs. It’s only gossip.

  • Olivia H.


    Can’t you find a way to do something more constructive with your time? If you did find something constructive and meaningful to do and put all your energy in that it it would probably change your perspective.

  • or is Lola actually Lena

    these 2 twats seem to think alike and always talk $hit about Michael fassbender.

  • Ding! Ding! Ding!
  • really!!

    @lady violet: Really….you think he’s never had blondes before….check out his history. As for older blondes, he hooked with Cameron Diaz and Robin Wright, both blondes in their 40s, and who.knows who else. Not saying he’s banging the PR lady but don’t rule her out on these grounds.

  • Lena

    @Olivia H:

    Okay, I was moved after your post and decided to turn over a new leaf and put my EMERY into something constructive. Just like you said…

    I got up, and used an EMERY board to file down the devil horns on my head. Lookin goooood…I think I use the same brand that Fassbender does to file down his little horns….Because he sings like a goat…And not in a good way like cool @$$ Shakira…
    Then I listened to this

    Hey, thanks for the tip! It’s oooooookay…the band EMERY clearly has talent, buuuuut it’s NOT my cup of tea. Thump thump thump thump scream…with not that interesting background music…that doesn’t change up much…pay attention next time to my wants, needs, and desires please…
    Then I mailed a UPS package…. Because the cargo airline company EMERY went under years ago, during the heyday of the Hollywood millionaire tax FREE money giveaways. Go figure….I guess it wasn’t one of the chosen ones to get free taxpayer subsidies to ensure its business didn’t fail. Unlike Hollywood millionaires. Cough cough…it was later started in a different form and bought out by UPS.

    And, I can’t get to the historic EMERY theatre in OHIO at this moment, but I have made plans to make Cincinnati Chili later on today. Is that sufficient? ATTENTION Lena haters….please Google “Lena Bingo Boards” for a download of the game board so you all can play along and put together clues that I drop about my real identity and geographical location. JJ knows it. It has trackers possibly. LOL. :). But I know you all would love to know so you can come and throw pies at my face in a valiant effort to save your dumb idol from the slightest ounce of criticism and to help Mikey Wikey NOT have a hurt pu/$$y with all my terrible rewibble words….boo HOO hoo….Lena flips the bird….rolls eyes…reaches in to an ornate wicker box, grabs a few Slim Jims, slowly unpeels the wrappers, tosses them into the air and screams “dracarys!” as her pet dragons, “Niran ” (flames) “Eithne” (little fire) and “Bubbles” soar overhead…
    @Olivia H….DON’T say I didn’t ever do anything for you…you little sh/t…

  • Laura K.

    @Lena: You are in EVERY Michael’s news like SERIOUSLY. You need to calm down a bit.

  • Laura K.

    @Olivia H.: I would bet all the money I have only to reassure that Lola and Lena are the same person.

  • Laura K.

    @really!!: Cameron and Robin??? LOL

  • Lola

    @Laura K.:
    I need to finish paying student loans … so, where exactly are you so you can give me your money and/or I can collect my money????? I’m actually eyeing another degree… expensive as heck … so again, where are you? is the money US$ or UKpounds or Euros?

    PS. Already have been accused of being a “sock” that is the term now a days, it never is true though,… a couple of times actually. All you need to do is go back at the different Threads and see the time stamp and pay attention to the style of writing. :-)
    @ Olivia H.
    Do you look anything like the cartoon character? Sorry, it was the first thing that came to mind.
    First of all, I have disagreed with Lena. If you had read everything that we have written you would have known this. Looks at the different convos, sometimes they are not even about Fassbender.
    But it is a lot SIMPLER to DISMISS people, -like what you are doing right now- if their views are not yours. And THAT I find scary. I don’t follow people blindly, if that bothers you… there is not much I can do about that. I am responsible for my EQ, NOT the EQ or lack or EQ of others. :-)

  • Lola


    You wrote: “he love these rumors ( about Movie-)You dont understand or you are stupid .”

    Have I insulted you in any way? So why the need to call me names? Would you do this to my face?

    People reveal a LOT about themselves when they SPEAK and when they WRITE…. I maintain what I wrote … if he knows about rumors of a movie, then he knows about every other rumor out there… think about it.
    Where do rumors start? A reputable magazine or movie outlet? Could be, but not necessarily the case, because if they print something that later on turns out not to be the case, they look bad. Lose reputation if you will.
    So, where do rumors start? Blogs, posts, boards, social media … is that a safe bet? If that is the case, who writes on these outlets? People that see first hand, people that heard a comment … you follow?
    I still don’t know what a Publicist does to be honest … instead of trying to insult me you could have explained, why didn’t you? Just because I wrote a short comment does not mean I did not think about it first. You on the other hand wrote a short comment …. did you analyze it before hand … who is what again?

  • dolce

    This woman is around him when he is promoting his works , she is a pr.Nobody have seen her in other situation.He does not need that you are looking for a data, he is a adult , he can do it alone.

  • Lola

    @or is Lola actually Lena:
    Please go back at ALL that I HAVE written in EVERY SINGLE POST .AND THREAD .. and point out to me what exactly have I written that is – using YOUR words — “talking sh$t” about Fassbender?
    And I want a whole recap … every single post in and / of every single thread that I have commented on … compare it please to every other post that I have written in the threads of other celebrities … It can be double spaced, times roman no. 12…. I will give you .. what do you say … 24 hours enough time for you?

  • Lola

    I am reading the other posts and I am left wondering if some of the posters are Russian … Now, I am not saying that the following comment is about the same posters …. But, I am still thinking about the comments out there of — Fassbender online site administrators — from Russia [allegedly] bullying fans to take Fassbender pictures off their instagram, etc. accounts… by alleging that they own the Fassbender pictures (rights to the pictures)… any comments? Is it true?

  • Lena

    @Laura K: Great! Can you give me 24 hours to forward wiring instructions? And are you okay with an offshore Swiss bank account for the transfer?

    I’ve been thinking I better shield this newly won “pot o money” from the Hollywood blood sucking parasites and their next taxpayer last penny extraction campaign. While out collecting aluminum cans to supplement my income to cover overtaxation, I thought I saw Kevin Spacey driving around town in a Brinks armored money transport truck yesterday….with drool hanging from his lip. Could’ve been se//men though. Whatever…
    Anyway, I need the extra prep time as I have a call in to Britney Spears to make sure if it wouldn’t be better to just transfer the money to a domestic bank, and just open up a guardianship or something after a night of heavy partying as a very clever asset shield device…

    Disclaimer: there is parody and sarcasm in this post….

    So, if you or others don’t know what I do when I’m not here, then that means I’m always ONLY here? Now, does that reeeeeeeelllleeeeee make lots of logical sense to you buttercup?

  • Lena

    @Lola, coming back around on the music thing but I need my other computer. I’m not at home. Rather, out and about… :). But, too funny. I just posted my Laura K response and saw yours. We do have similar thoughts at times…. LOL. :)

  • Lola


    How come I almost always get sent to moderation when posting links but you don’t? If we are supposed to be the same person HOW CAN THIS BEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) LMAO! Hilarious!

  • Lola

    The post disappeared!!! How come when I post music links I almost always get sent to moderation and you don’t … aren’t we supposed to be the same person?!?!! LMAO!!!
    I’ll try it again!

  • Lena


    You say you wonder if some of the posters are Russian. I’m assuming referring to what I consider the MFO veiled threats directed at those Russian sisters, their silly insignificant to world peace fan market competitors?
    I say bullying shmullying. I think it’s more frightening how sensitive the world is becoming to the slightest affront. Everything is now suddenly bullying. No it’s not. When did it suddenly become every citizen’s (emphasis word choice…) duty to babysit the sensitivity and failed effort at growing thick skins of fellow citizens? Disagreeing with someone is not bullying. Criticizing someone’s favorite idol or celebrity beefcake is not bullying or trolling whatever that dumb word means. I think trolling is a fishing term actually.

    Bullying online is things like gang rapin/g a 15 year old girl then going online to social media to show everyone pictures or to taunt her to suicide. Calling a sensitive person names online is, to me, no where in the ballpark of schoolyard or office bullying because online you can block people. Put them on ignore. Walk away. Go get a tootsie roll, etc…step back, take a break, and ponder life in front of the tv while watching old Gilligan’s Island reruns.
    And if the criticism deals with a public figure, Larry Flynt and Jerry Falwell helped us out in that area by showing us that we can make fun of and criticize, even harshly, public figures. Why? They purposely inject themselves into the spotlight and cast their nets wide seeking love and admiration in order to make money and spout off under the umbrella of free speech. So, we get to respond or even push back or fight back through words. Fairness 101.

    I find what MFO did, to be more consistent with bullying. That is, casting a net soliciting and seeking info from others to try to turn a speech war into PHYSICAL ACTION, ie, their comments about contemplating what actions to take next (in the context of what I had seen them do in the past, ie, go try to silence people’s right to free speech on the airwaves, shutting a Facebook site down, etc.)
    So what if people whine and demand things about pictures, and act up and create socks to try to agitate??? At least they have energy. Or as @Olivia H likes to say, “emery.”

    I’ve been watching this history channel documentary on the French Revolution that I got from Goodwill for a $1….awesome documentary. And after the Revolution started, people apparently became so frenzied that people were getting turned in as traitors and sent to the guillotine when they addressed each other with the old terms Madame and Monsieur instead of the new politically correct “citizen.”. That’s terrifying to me…

    I also think online aggression can be a great tool to teach strength in people. Think about it…you are in the safety of your home. You are safe. Usually under the protection of a pseudonym internet moniker. You can learn to hone your writing skills, as well as learn to diffuse tension maybe, or stand up for yourself. Skills that you can test out and tweak instead of blowing it in real life.

    Why does the internet just have to be for idle idol worship? Why can’t the internet be a training ground to teach people to learn how to control their OWN demons instead of the folks who surround them? Just food for thought.

  • Lola

    There are a couple of things that I still don’t understand about the whole story. [If the below no. are wrong, let me know.]

    1. As I recall reading it, a Fassbender fan posted a Fassbender picture on her pinrest (or social media). The picture had appeared on an unofficial Fassbender fan site. (Can’t recall which one – actually I don’t know if the person wrote which one was it) From that site is where the fan linked (or took – not sure what the actual term is) the picture.
    2. Another Fassbender fan also posted the same picture of Fassbender on her social media. Because she liked it and saw it on the other fans’s site.
    3. A person (alleging to be from this unofficial fan site) wrote to the first fan and in a very bullying tone told her that they owned the rights to the Fassbender picture and if she did not delete it, they would take legal action against her.
    4. Both deleted the picture from their social media.
    5. MFO sent a letter to all of their subscribers and stated (and I am NOT quoting here, you can correct me if I am wrong):
    a. That 3 people from Russia were the ones doing this to Fassbender fans.
    b. And that a Fassbender fan had written to MFO alleging this.
    c. MFO wanted to know how the MFO community felt in order to take some sort of action.

    So, I am still curious to know what exactly happened?
    If the order of what happen – as I wrote it – is correct – and anyone can correct me if I am wrong- , how are the MFO people threatening the Russian sisters? I’m I missing something? I feel like I am, but don’t know what…. Should I believe that there are no Russian sisters? This is all made up?

    Can MFO speak for the fandom? I don’t think so either. As I understand it MFO is an unofficial fan site, I’m I correct?

    My take is that if this is actually happening, and I am still not sure, the only person that can be hands on about his image is Fassbender. Not MFO. Not the Russians (if there is a truth in any of this – unless they truly own the image.)

    So, I still don’t get it. Still don’t know if there is any truth in any of the comments. It is sad that some fans are more interested in how “hot” he is, than in helping fellow fans fight these allege bullies – if there are indeed bullies. Or is that what MFO might be doing? And, if so, what standing to they have? I’m still confused. :-(

    Take care!
    PS. You owe me!!!! Which Baroness record do you recommend and other music bogs…. if you know of any.


    Love this man!

  • @really


    Seriously someone is clutching at straws. Does it matter really??
    But if your going to go down that line Yeah he may have slept with these blonde women you mention. This is rumoured obviously.

    But he was oggling some young black chick at the recent apple store signing. Most fans got a smile and an autograph. That girl got a waist hug and sexy banter from him. He was also spotted by another person at the event to be eying up the black girl as she bent over to get her purse. A few people in the crowd were saying to her as she stood by him
    You know your his type right “young, sexy and black”

    Guy goes cray cray for the brown no matter where he throws it.

  • Lena


    I know I owe you. I’m shopping, lunching, etc. Will return to music soon. I don’t have a FULL Baroness album I don’t think. Just songs from several albums. But other bands yes. I’ll make a list…:).

    And, do you like death/symphonic/goth metal? BLESSED BY NIGHT is an awesome compilation of bands. Disc out of Germany but the bands are from all over. Here’s an example. Disc 2, MOONSPELL and “Erotic Alkemy”

    We”re doing some older music. So, can’t miss with SONIC YOUTH, in my opinion, ( Goo, favorite album, favor song “Kool Thing” with Chuck D) and “Song for Karen.”. My all time favorite singer is Karen Carpenter. Love her… And Sonic Youth did a tribute song to her and touched on her anorexia… And death from it. Chilling song. I might post when I get to my other computer.

    I like KORN. Pretty much everything there. They did “System” from “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack. That’s another worthwhile compilation soundtrack. These you can probably get at used record stores very cheap… But this is my favorite (a well known KORN song)

    “ADIDAS’ techno remix…by KOrN

    I need to get to my computer to listen to your video. I’ll be back after that. :). Interesting points to discuss.

  • @really

    Also he was spotted in NYC yesterday with Kravitz anf they were said to be all over each other.
    Check the comments of her instagram posting.

    Its back on with Zoe who is black btw

    Relationship with romainian white woman was supposed to be secret. No willing photos taken with her.
    But realtionship with black chicks he is happy to have pics taken and be seen fawning over them…too funny! Its a bit weird to be that way about your own race but that is what he wants.

  • Thethingis

    When it comes to Michael, he’s an equal opportunity guy LOL. I’m sure his very first gf was white. Don’t forget the Asian chic he dated, then Leasi, Zoe, Nicole. When it comes to “hooking up” I feel it’s with whosoever regardless of race, but when it comes to relationships, we all know type he goes for in that department

  • Lena

    @board….sorry…I forgot the language advisory in the ADIDAS song.

  • Lola

    I found Blessed Be by Night on youtube. Same thing, right? Listening to it as I write. I own Follow the Leader by Korn. Nu metal, isn’t it? Last I remember was the bassist not being too keen on how Limp Bizkit’s bassist would assist on some records. But in all honesty I have not bought a Metal Edge or other mags pertaining to the genre since High School. I still remember the whole Zakk Wylde’s nose job “gossip” when he started playing for Ozzy, he he.. it seems like it was ages ago …. oh, wait … it was!!!

    Saw your initial post here and some of the comments left by other posters. I know I have not been writing for that long, but is it always like this when Fassbender is concerned? The whole who does he prefer in terms of women to date?! Is not like the fandom has anything to say really, he dates who he wants to.

    I think about women and why on earth do we go at each other the way we do. Men don’t do this, at least I don’t think. I am going to have to ask my male friends. I also remembered what @sad but true wrote on the other Fassbener Thread. And add what you have been writing about Celebrity Worship Syndrome. Zoe K. and Michael F. are both adults, they can do what they please. But, God I hope people don’t look at celebrities and try to imitate them. Would you recommend a true girlfriend to keep hooking up with a guy, and tell her “oh, he will come around, you will see.” I had a co-worker that flat out told us that he did not respect any woman that would accept a booty call from him, he did not view them as possible GF material or wife material. Is the celebrity bubble that huge that emotions don’t get hurt?

    Anyways, catch you later!

  • Lena

    @Lola, you said…

    “I think about women and why on earth do we go at each other the way we do. Men don’t do this, at least I don’t think.”
    Do you really mean that? Are you seriously saying that around 3.5 billion people (women on Earth) should be immune to criticism like mine simply because we have vaginas in common? Hardly. That’s an interesting handcuff that is placed on people. One of many similar ones… For instance, “bite your tongue.” Yes, the folks getting away with sh/t just love it when the “good” people of the world don’t want to seem terrible so they “bite their tongues.”. It’s so much easier to get away with sh/t when there is NO voice exposing that sh/t.
    Then, there’s “don’t go after other women.”. Now, do you mean my comments about her possibly scheming with him to get the black and white fan girls riled up to create “buzz” of a race driven tone, so they could then seed a fertile ground ripe for a racist movie like 12YAS to guilt the Oscar voters into giving Oscars to a mediocre director and a first time black actress who, although will probably be good one day, and is cute as a button, has not shown her range, and was only on screen for a very brief moment playing a one dimensional emotion (fear and despair)? Or are you talking about the PR Jowla thing? I make no apologies either way…
    Yeah, sorry, any publicist who 1. jumps on a cast pyramid at awards shows, 2. clings to her client making all of us professional women look bad, 3. photobombs photo and video of her client one after another month after month when other PR people don’t do this 4. Is a woman who Mickey Rourke revealed said told him what to eat, wear, do, what to f/ck (or some variation of that) and 5. who I believe has been involved in (my opinion only which I’m entitled under FREE speech) not only preying upon the low self esteem (community wide) of some black girls but also helping her client to benefit from a fight with white girls (all for what??? A friggin’ Oscar), does NOT have my respect.
    And I owe NO duty to that woman to “honor” her common vagina by refraining from “going after” her with my free speech criticism. Like I said, bad people rely on the honor, guilt, fear, and politeness of good people to get away with their shenanigans. That’s my opinion.

    Why would you or I care what men do? Let men do what they want. I go after men through criticism or calling them out when they act up as well. Am I afraid PR Jowla or Fassbender won’t like me? Do I care? No….

    But do you think they secretly like that Fassbender’s fans hope he likes them? Yep. That way, they got plenty of ding dong pawns to fight their battles for them. Why do you think Fassbender doesn’t have an official website? And he sits back as these unofficial ones fight amongst themselves?

    I’m enjoying this vile woman PR Jowla trying to share the spotlight with Fassbender with or without his sanction. So, I can continue to discuss this. PR women strike me as opportunistic hangers on who latch on to celebrity men as helpful little servants. Who because of their positions, get the dirt on their clients, and then someone like Johnny Depp’s publicist, can be available and a confidant and close nearby ready to offer up the se/x on those lonely nights away from the wife or girlfriend.

    And, then they are not licensed except Puerto Rico last I checked (anyone have newer info) so, they can in theory basically manipulate the press and the public with lies and farces and crafted schemes which in any other consumer context might be grounds for a fraud accusation, but in PR, they get to call it dumb names like “image molding” or “celebrity branding” etc.

    By the way, I keep wanting to say this. It is NOT difficult to get people on your side or to admire you or to follow you or like you if you study your audience, tell them what they want to hear, manipulate them, treat them like idiots and fools and lie to them. That doesn’t take brilliance. All that takes is a person willing to sell their soul, lie, cheat, steal, etc for success and money. What is extremely hard to do is get people to like you, admire you, listen to you etc, when you treat them like equals, have empathy for their feelings, and tell them the truth….Especially when the truth is not what they had planned on their fantasy plate and is not something they want to hear.

    PR people create BEARD relationships, help administer contract romances, some flog, help to cover up drug addictions of celebrities while promoting wholesome images to sell tickets. And, they have no enforcement or ethics and licensing requirements. It’s not my job to admire them in general.

  • Lena

    The ****** was common va/gi/na…got bleeped out…

  • Lola

    I think one thing is to give constructive criticism and another entirely is going at someone for no reason -or to use these web sites as example, because someone else has batted you-.

    Commenting on actors statements … for example, when they say things like they feel like they are being “rape” by the papps when they take their picture and “calling them on it” … for me that is constructive criticism. An actor should never use those words, because one is not “like” another. You are disrespecting woman and men that have been raped and have gone through that horrible experience and the trauma that it creates.

    Another thing entirely is to go at someone for no reason. I could use what I have seen on these threads as example, I think we all can. People seem to be attached at celebrities and start arguments that don’t seem to be analyzed. And if you notice that and tell them that they might be too invested, they get offended and react negatively. There is no pausing before the comment is written, because the person is not looking for a comment but for an argument.

    Women do go at each other. Some would defend a man before they defend a woman. Look at the boards dealing with actors, you sometimes or even always get a negative comment about the woman that the actor is dating. Why? Is not like he is going to stop dating her for you!? So, why the negativity??

    Constructive criticism is, imho, calling something out for what it is. And yes, you have to do it. Specially if you care about the subject matter or the person. Or as you wrote: “….Especially when the truth is not what they had planned on their fantasy plate and is not something they want to hear.” Yes, you sometimes need to pull the people away from the clouds before they get burned by the sun. While, picking an argument for the sake of the argument just brings negative energy that can be use elsewhere.

    And I still don’t know what a publicist does!!!! … apparently I have to ask publicists in Puerto Rico.

    I think instead of arguing for the sake of the argument … we have to accept that unfortunately there is more than one generation that does not bother to use reason and analyze before forming an opinion.

    You understand things that are not apparent to others because of your field, you know the importance of branding, for example. Others do not. You have seen how manipulation sometimes (I would like to write all the time, but I know that is not true) will lead to indignation once the truth is revealed … and it almost always is.

    I am not saying not to use constructive criticism, all I am writing is that we need to understand when to use it, when it is really constructive criticism and when it is just an argument for arguments sake.

    PS. Band you gave … need to listen to it more, maybe, I liked the Baroness better. How do you feel about Apocalyptica?

  • really!!

    @@really: Wow you see what you want to see and believe what you want. The only person who said she was ogled by him at the Apple Store was the “sexy young chick” herself, bigging herself and his reactions up and you swallow that?? You think she was the only one to get a waist hug from him?? Check out the facebook photos of Sara Eserei and see her photos including one of her hug from him. Surely she’s a very nice lady but she’s not young, not black and as for sexy well that’s in the eye of the beholder. And “fawning all over” Zoe? Strange nobody else spotted that as there were or tweets. Wasn’t she “fawning all.over” Noah Becker last week? Like Michael himself said recently, don’t believe all you read..

  • @really

    I am sure you read somewhere that he dated cameron and robin, however there is nothing to substatiate or no more evidence than the opinion of others on gossip sites.
    There is far more consistent evidence to support that he his preferances towards women of colour than what you have said about the blondes. Which never needed to be said.
    We dont need to believe much as his own behaviour speaks for itself.
    People at the events also said his girlfriend who either looked like louise Hazel or Zoe was around.
    Essentially it doesnt matter who he is with as long as they are both happy.

  • Lena


    This is where we may have to disagree with one another. It is NOT my JOB, or anyone’s job in the public, to give these people CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It’s not my job, or any member of the public’s civic, moral, ethical, statutory, humane, etc duty blah blah blah blah to (in general) to ensure their job security or their economic or public fame prospects for the future.

    I owe them NOTHING. They give me nothing. I owe them NOTHING.
    No member of the public OWES them anything.

    Taxpayers don’t OWE these two or anyone in Hollywood anything.

    Especially part of their earnings in the form of compelled taxes to fund movies or little Jurlique bags of anti aging skin products so PR Jowla can look young for her next red carpet photobomb made possible in part by $1.4 billion in taxpayer funds that are given to Hollywood millionaires while the mental heath workers in New Mexico are sent to the streets in protest after their funds are cut off as movies like FRANK and THOR, so I heard, are funded in that state instead. Hollywood not allowed to fail. But the mentally ill of New Mexico and their caretakers sure are. Why??? Campaign funding?
    Let me throw this out there. I recently read Florida just suspended its funding for Hollywood parasites (film tax credits) because it maxed out its $296 million fund that was supposed to last until 2016. Hollywood greed done sucked all the cash up 2 years early. So, can we expect an emergency visit to that state by Hollywood film tax lobbyists begging for more emergency funding?

    Let’s put this in perspective. The ENTIRE judiciary in Florida runs on $500 million+-. I read it is operated on loans? Or something? Did I read that right? 3 branches of government. Executive. Legislative. Judiciary. Judiciary runs on $500+- million to be paid back through fees etc? But, friggin Hollywood parasites get $296 million in grants? Am I wrong? Hollywood gets for free more than half of what an entire branch of a state government runs on and possibly has to pay back to the state???

    Louisiana.. I read the entire 2012 Louisiana Judiciary budget was around $162 million. In 2012 Louisiana gave Hollywood more in taxpayer money at $169 million. Hollywood, a for profit out of state industry, got MORE funding than one of the 3 branches of Louisiana government.

    New York. I read the New York judiciary was asking for a meager $9 million more so its courts could actually afford to have officers in the courtrooms to protect the litigants and judges. I read about a clerk who was refusing to open court out of fear because there were no officers to protect those in the courtroom due to lack of funding. Governor Cuomo cut funding. Said NO to court budget requests, while at the SAME time INCREASING the Hollywood film tax credit from direct payment of 10% of production costs to 30% of production costs. I saw a NY budget for the judiciary at $1.8 billion or maybe $1.4 billion if the increase wasn’t allowed (something like that). The Hollywood giveaway in NY is $420 million per year.

    I read an article where judges and clerks and court insiders are worried because in 2012 someone opened fire in a courtroom. The courts can be dangerous places. I saw a similar article from L.A. where judges are worried that court budget cuts are going to increase violence in the streets because it will deny access to courts and cause delay to the public seeking relief for disputes. I also saw this article. Very interesting. It says Cuomo got $219,000 in Hollywood campaign contributions.

    So @LOLA, sweetie, not trying to be aggressive with you, (just the concept of constructive criticism) … :) But please excuse me if I’m not overly preoccupied with offering Michael Fassbender and ugly PR Jowla Woods, PR insider (who has worked and survived for years with Weinstein’s company as well as Fox, and who I therefore doubt is a poor helpless gentle and sweet littlr dove) “constructive” criticism.

    They purposely inject themselves into the spotlight to get noticed so they can get fame and $$$$ from taxpayers. With that comes adoration from some. Criticism from others. Criticism from strangers, who last I checked, owe NO duty to offer “constructive” criticism of public figures.

    Both Fassbender and PR Jowla are part of a business that right now gets preferential treatment, corporate Hollywood welfare, and FREE money to the detriment of other businesses in this country and even crucial adequate funding one of the 3 branches of government. Just my opinion. It’s not my job to pu$$y foot around them, and honor them, or be polite to them in my criticism. They are not idols, royalty, or mortal Gods.

  • Morgana

    OMG, what long debating comments.

    I am just here to say he is hotter than the sun.