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Chris Brown & Ariana Grande Are Enchanted Lovers In 'Don’t Be Gone Too Long' Music Video-Watch Now!

Chris Brown & Ariana Grande Are Enchanted Lovers In 'Don’t Be Gone Too Long' Music Video-Watch Now!

Check out Chris Brown and Ariana Grande getting up close and personal in their new music video for new song “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” off his upcoming album X!

“I directed this one also.. Wanted to do something different,” Chris, 25, tweeted about his video with Ariana.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Brown

Chris has been busy promoting X, which drops on Tuesday (September 16). We can’t wait for our copy!

Also pictured: Chris showing off his street style while making an appearance on Music Choice’s You & A to promote his upcoming album X at Music Choice on Friday (September 12) in New York City.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF Chris Brown and Ariana Grande’s music video for ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’?

Chris Brown & Ariana Grande – ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ Music Video

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chris brown ariana grande dont be gone for too long music video 05
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  • chrisbrownfan


  • M


  • Yuck

    I dont know who is more trash, Fist Brown or his pathetic fans.

  • LOL

    cheesy trash

  • Please

    @Yuck: Get over it you are not Rihanna, they both moved on.

  • xyzc

    Interbreeding propaganda at its best. Musically = 0

  • X

    Yesss finally, been waiting for this song for sooo long. Chris you’re sooooo hottt 😍😍😍😍

  • TX

    The only trash is the bored people who sit on her being negative! Take your bored ass somewhere and find a hobby! Chris Brown is amazing and the real reason you are mad is because he can still be successful after making mistakes. But don’t sit up here and attack his art! Lame.

  • ffs

    Ariana and her constant left side. Annoying arrogant little shrimp she is

  • JudyAguilera

    Lol @ Mariah Carey wannabe in this video.

  • Deb

    I loved the song! Loved the vocals! Their voices complimented each other. Hope they do more together. Chris is able to a wide variety of music. He is talented. Also sounds like he’s beginning to figure things out personally as well. Ariana could be the next Mariah and I mean that as a compliment. Her voice is amazing..I got goose bumps listening to this song. Keep it up!

  • http://hdidjdjjrh pauka

    I hate Chris brown. Always have but I LOVE Ariana and I LOVEDthe music video and song . so PEERFECT. I LOVED LOVED IT!!!

  • Boring

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  • Matt

    that chorus is Everything. that being said, i deleted her cd, zzzzzz. and her personality does no favors.

  • analu

    @Please: He is a woman beating d-bag. Have you seen the pics of her beaten face? It’s not excusable, simple as that. That big parts of the public are willing to “forget” and forgive is very unfortunate for our society. He’s a sick bastard who won’t change… which can be seen by many reports about assaults and bar brawls.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    WOW seems you think you are God and can Judge people. Get lost Trash! Go stalk RIh and her stripper pics!

  • Tammy

    Bleh, boring ass song and video…..

  • tick

    Is that girl on drugs or something?

  • sare

    ewwww ariana don`t touch that trash

  • Dee Dee

    Good job Chris and Ariana!!!!!!!!

  • mehrma

    omg sooo lame and boring and these two retards can`t act,that`s for sure

  • Dee Dee

    @TX: @TX:

    I agree completely !!!!!!!

  • ha

    @Deb: Another one of Ariana’s PR people?

  • cb

    @TX: I don’t mind Chris at all, I’ve always liked his music. It’s her and her arrogant, rich, spoiled attitude that I can’t stand.

  • Fist Brown stans r disgusting

    OMG here are they, the woman beater violent trash stans. I dont know who is more pathetic Fist Brown or his stans who would excuse everything what he does. Fist Brown could kill somebody and his pathetic stans would be “He made a mistake, he is only human.” people like you are even worse than your disgusting violent fave. Remember when girls went to twitter to write “I dont know Rihannas problem, Chris could beat me anytime”. Thats exactly how disgusting you all are. And then come to every Rihanna thread just to bash her, just shows how low you all are.

  • cheap song, cheap video

    OMG i dont know what is worse the song or the video. What a cheap mess.

  • Dee Dee

    @Fist Brown stans r disgusting: Chris brown fans come from several different age groups . The statement about beating shows how ignorant some teenagers are about domestic violence .Your insults won’t change a thing . I am a fan and I am not a teenager . I also didn’t agree with what he did to Rihanna .However, I have lived long enough to know people can change for the better and be redeemed . He also has to work for a living and I doubt you want any of your taxes taking care of him .

  • Dee Dee:age dont equals mature

    @Dee Dee:So you lived that long and in the end you’re just as mature as his teenage fans?! Your a grown up on a comment section defending a violent musician?! Wow the only thing thats showing is that you’re as mature as his teenage fangirls. Nothing else. The DV case was 5 years ago, after that he was in a ton of brawls. But you decide to ignore that, while writing about changes for the better. He says he changed since 5 years, but the next moment it doesnt go his way he throws a temper tantrum. Its so sad that grown women like you defend Chris Brown and suport him financially, while he keeps disrespecting every woman in his life, including his own mother. Just hope for all people around him that you will be right about him one day.

  • Della

    Will Ariana ever come out with a song that doesn’t feature someone? Boring and overrated.

  • WakeUpPeople

    Why are you living in the past? Move on, people do make mistakes and are only human. I am sure you have done some messed up stuff in your life that you are not proud of. I am sure someone has forgiven you for something horrible you have done or maybe not since you are a perfect human being.

  • Dee Dee
  • Disrespecting women lucrative

    @WakeUpPeople: You should wake up. Yes everybody makes mistake,but its different if you make mistakes and the only person you hurt is yourself than making mistakes like Chris Brown and the people you hurt are always others. He even threw a stone to his mother. Who does that?! He lives from the money of women,yes women are his fanbase and exactly this women constantly overlook how he has no respect for women and keeps disrespecting them. Keep giving this fake man your money, but dont expect all women to be that blind.

  • Dee Dee

    @WakeUpPeople: Amen to that!!!!!!!!

  • Dee Dee:age dont equals mature

    @Dee Dee: You’re a typical Chris Brown stan, you will lie for him in any way possible, but lying for him will not help him in court. There were not only two “incidents”, how you call it. Funny how you put his violent behaviour in such a word. He even said he’s guilty for his last recorded violent outburst in DC. Keep on lying for him, his actions will always speak louder than any lie his pathetic stans will make for him. A man whos biggest enemy is the truth needs people like you.

  • Dee Dee
  • Dee Dee:age dont equals mature

    @Dee Dee: Says the grown up woman defending a woman beater on a gossip site LOOOOOOL :)

  • Lea

    To all the haters We love chris and nothing you CAN say Will change That fact !!!!!!! You get it !!!!!!! And by the way l m not a teenager l m married with a lovely girl and an adorable husband and l m a strong woman !!!!
    You re shocked …… Well l don t give a f……. Deal with it !!!!!!

  • Molly H.

    It amazes me how you people seem to forget what he did. He’s a women beating piece of sh*t and no that’s not something you can forgive. It’s something you shouldn’t forgive. it’s making me sick hearing you go on and on about how cool he is and how everyone makes mistakes. it’s pathetic and i fear for the future if you’re willing to forgive it. He should have been thrown out of the music business for what he did and this chick he’s singing with is a f*cking moron if she’s allowing herself to associate with him.