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Taylor Swift Speaks Out on Dating Rumors Involving Her Friends

Taylor Swift Speaks Out on Dating Rumors Involving Her Friends

Taylor Swift is finally speaking out on all those rumors that she is dating her friends and wants the media to stop making things up.

“As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty,” the “Blank Space” singer tweeted.

Last week, Taylor‘s rep had to squash rumors that she was kissing her BFF Karlie Kloss after a grainy photo of them surfaced with their faces very close to each other.

There are also rumors floating around that Taylor is involved with The 1975 lead singer Matt Healy after he gave an interview saying they exchanged numbers.

Taylor will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday (December 13) and most likely will be in New York City as she will be performing at a Jingle Ball concert in the Big Apple the night before.

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  • H8tersg0nnah8

    Im sorry. I really used to like her… but she seems fake, she was caught lying many times, even when her naked picture leaked she lied it wasnt her (when it obviously was her) she plays this innocent face because it makes her a lot of money. she always talks about how many records she sold…and how she doesnt like her music to be “free to listen”. shes saying that she is single, but flirts with guys from 1975 and 5SoS… Im not buying her “good girl” image anymore.

  • Sim

    You’re the liar, naked pictures, make up more bullshit.

    And ” she says” and ” she says” … Keep having arguments with straw man with what Taylor Swift supposedly said.

    And why don’t you get a life instead making it your life’s worth to slag 20 something blond celebrities .

  • WWilson

    Ummm…what? There were never any actual naked photos of Taylor leaked.

  • smmy33

    The Daily Mail is so irresponsible , they’ll write anything to get hits, and desperate people who know it’s not true but love to be nasty haters.

    Call them out Taylor, especially when someone in a serious relationship like klarlie Kloss and her boyfriend has to read stupid suff made up to make losers in world feel better about themselves.

  • leila

    She is becoming so ARROGANT, if she’s dating great if not great quit flattering yourself believing your personal life really matters to the masses!

  • smmy33

    Do you actually think these people care what the actual truth is.

    Look at what their moniker is ” hatersginnahate”

    No need to state the obvious, your comments make it pretty clear you’re not a too bright hater, don’t have to make it your moniker.

  • smmy33

    What??? She talking about her supposedly lesbian relationship with her best GIRlfriend, take a breather , how is it arrogant to ask the media not make up shit to print so they can get hits on there wed site .

  • leila

    Most people aren’t stupid enough to believe everything on a gossip site, her arrogance is rooted in her belief that the general public believes or cares. This is a young women ho has built her career on writing about EVERY failed relationship. Instead of addressing every rumour let her music and talent speak for itself.

  • Living in a box

    What is she afraid of? Oprah been rumored dating her best friend Gayle for years. And she okay with it.

  • J Stone

    No one said she was dating ALL her friends. Notice how slick she worded that? I will admit that dating and locking lips with Karlie is better than some of her other close friends such as Lena Dunham the pedophile who likes to make false rape accusations.

  • H8tersg0nnah8

    and whos this?

  • Von

    First that doesn’t look like her, the only similarities , white and blond hair,

    The person in that picture looks under the age of 18, actually looks 14,15 years old, do you like looking at child p0rngrapghy.

  • Von

    Then you should read the comment sections in places like Daily Mail cause that means a lot of stupid people out there.

    Really your acting all superior, as if you aren’t the same, read your post , generalizing , makes assumptions of someone YOU don’t every know , have never even spoken to or met.

    Unless you don’t write your own music , every artist writes about the relationships in their lives, especially when your writing about you early 20′/ late teens

    Adele’s whole last album was about former boyfriend and break up.

  • WWilson

    Someone who isn’t Taylor Swift, obviously.

  • stephmcg

    Taylor is just setting the stage for her next PR game where she will lead people on to buzz about her and the lead singer of 1975,Matt Healey, to keep her name in the headlines. She wants to be seen as edgy but not too edgy.

    Swifty needs these gimmicks to stay relevant since her singing and music is so lame and her major audience is the tween crowd. The tween crowd,however is a large crowd with lots of buying power. Miley should have realized this before she went totally overboard with the tramp schtick.

  • H8tersg0nnah8

    of course it is her she was 16/17. this is a known leak, her camp said it wasnt her

  • Sim

    Your really ridiclous, every celebrity that’s a girl, if you goole naked pictures , has supposedly nudes of them on the web because it’s so easy to doctor pictures, photoshop and use someone that has some similarities and say it’s then.

  • Sim

    Are saying that every guy friend or someone she’s talks to or goes to their concert ( lead singer 1975) the media doesn’t say she’s dating , now it’s even her girlfriends.

    Would the media every do the same with 2 male heterosexual celebrities friends, headline that they are in secret g a y relationship because of a some blurry , not clear picture

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a touchy feely friendship, one picture they are talking really close and from the angle it’s looking like they were almost touching lips and starring into each other’s eyes…. G a y secret relationship according the media

  • Helen59

    I support Taylor and her birthday wish entirely! The media is so mad to get gossip on Taylor, if she’s not in a relationship with a guy, it appears now that they are happy to report that she’s in a lesbian relationship with a friend, even though it’s not true. Her birthday wish is telling the media clearly: “Im not gay or bisexual, so please don’t call into question the nature of my friendships, thank you. Don’t suggest or say we’re dating.”

    As far as I know, Taylor has never complained or commented on gossip and rumors about herself. But now, when the media will go so far as to suggest Taylor is in a lesbian relationship with a friend, they are not only questioning Taylor’s sexuality, but that of her friends. Taylor is rightfully drawing the line.
    Taylor can’t go out with a guy without it being suggested they’re in a relationship. It would be so unfair to now have her friendships watched and hounded, too.

  • Monica S.

    but she likes when they talk about her dating Harry Styles, LOL.

  • Helen59

    What a nasty person you are. I bet you’re a guy.

  • Bikz

    The fact that you’re here at all means it’s warranted for her to speak out.

  • videorov

    Max Martin is the brains behind these pop singers and you don’t hear
    them memtion his name at all. Hmmmm Look at the list of pop stars he
    write with and write music for including Taylor Swift.
    I don’t ever hear her mention his name.

  • suzybel

    Well I guess since no one else wants to date her, it’ll have to be the friends.