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'Grease Live' Dream Casting: Who Should Play Danny Zuko?!

Harry Styles

Harry is one of the most charming guys in Hollywood, has a beautiful and smooth voice that is perfect for Danny, and he has some dancing skills. If Harry was looking to do some work outside One Direction, this could be the perfect chance!

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  • Scarlett

    Erm Skylar has extensive Bway experience too

  • moonbeams62

    I say one of the Jonas brothers.

  • Lola

    Joe Mangiello

  • christine p

    Mark Salling from Glee would be great and he has the bad boy aura down

  • Kalahya Sidor

    Brant, Zac or Nick!

  • Sarah

    Thomas Dekker would be perfect

  • Kaitlyn

    Derek Hough obviously… Oh wait. Gross.

    They ruined it by casting Vanessa Hudgene so why not make it interesting with some incest.


    Zac would make a great Danny, but don’t know if he and Vanessa would be willing to work together. I think if they were serious actors, they wouldn’t let personal problems interfere with their career. I still think he should do it, and he would be the best choice out of the ones they listed. Zac said he’d be open to doing it, but I don’t know if he knew Vanessa was casted. Either way, I still think he would do a great job. :)

  • IGS

    Yeah, I don’t know, but I can’t picture Vanessa as a Rizzo. I don’t think she fits the part very well. But I do agree that Zac would make a good Danny.

  • Frannny

    I think she would of make a better Sandy. Since she has that ‘girl next door’ sorta personality but if you had seen her in her other movies like Bandslam, Gimme Shelter, Sucker Punch & Spring Breakers she could definitely do Rizzo.

  • Andrea

    Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron for Sandy and Danny. They both can dance, sing, act and they obviously have chemistry together. Fox producers should know this. They didn’t cast Vanessa as Sandy just because she’s a brunette.

  • Maria

    Hate to say it, but Efron would most fit this role. A close second for me, would be Austin Butler. He has the right mix of suave and bad boy too. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see Vanessa be willing to work with Efron again though. That ended badly, and putting each other in the rearview mirror was best for both. But Efron would be perfect for this role. The amusing thing is, Rizzo and Danny don’t like each other, so it might work!

  • Maria

    I think Vanessa is perfect for a new Rizzo. Perfect mix of sass, attitude, and vulnerability.

  • Esoteric11

    Ha Ha, I love it. Im with you. ( even though im sure they want someone younger)

  • Katy

    It would be great to see Zac as Danny. He at least would have John Travolta’s approval. But I wonder if the big blonde baby Vanessa is with would throw a temper tantrum of her working with him.

  • Jen

    Why are people saying that it would be Vanessa throwing a fit if Zac was cast? Maybe once finding out Vanessa was in the project, Zac wouldn’t want to do it? Or maybe both of them would be fine putting their personal lives aside and be professional?

    Personally I’d say Zac, Aaron or Austin.

  • Maria

    Why is he a “big blonde baby”? He’s mature beyond his years, knows he has a great girl, and works hard. He’s not making the mistakes Efron has made. I think Vanessa is the one who wouldn’t want to work with him.

  • Maria

    I think it’d be difficult to work with an ex lover, who she loved but who chose everything over her. Most exes never speak to each other after a breakup, much less work closely again together. Just being realistic.

  • lady

    I would love to see vanessa and zac play together.

  • Molly1958

    Austin Butler could play Kenickie.

  • Maria

    Zac Efron :)

  • towanda nuwanda

    Nolan Funk <3 or Aaron Tveit

  • FAN1

    I think she might be able to do the acting portion, but basing off of her singing and the previous actresses who have portrayed Rizzo, I’m not sure if she has the best singing voice for the role.

  • Reasons.-.

    I think if both Zac and Vanessa were mature actors, they wouldn’t let their personal problems affect their work or career. I think if either one of them had an issue, then it’s them who are being the babies. Take Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake for example, they worked on “Bad Teacher” together and didn’t throw a fit about being exes while doing their job. But I do agree that Zac would be a good choice as Danny.

  • Jen

    Yeah, most exes would avoid being in the same place after a breakup, especially if it ended badly. But unfortunately in her world, those same exes may have to cross paths again and unfortunately some don’t have a say in the matter.

    If it came to the case where Zac auditioned and was successful I would think Vanessa would be the professional she is and accept the situation, vice versa. But hey, it is a big IF where Zac is concerned lol because he always tends to say that he’ll do something in an interview and then not do it.

  • Ruanne

    Can Maks Chmerkovskiy sing? He’d be perfect.

  • Pineapple

    lol as I was flicking through the pictures I was thinking I wonder why they haven’t included him! Your comment made me laugh so much as I totally didn’t even think about the fact their are brother and sister!!

  • Maria

    I agree, Jen. With their backgrounds, they are bound to be up, at some point in their careers, for the same project. I do think they would both be professional, but I think it would be difficult. I am one who does not believe lovers can just be friends after the breakup.

  • Canon Lyn

    Only Austin Butler or Zac could play this role of the ones mentioned. Austin would be my first pick.

  • JEN

    what about samuel larsen

  • JEN

    I am having trouble with Juliette as Sandy.
    she may not be young enough

  • Kristel Westlake

    Zac should be Danny he has the right look and voice. He would be perfect!!

  • fardous

    james morrison

  • GreaseFan

    Thank god JustJured is NOT choosing cast cause from 1-20 all your examples just made me laugh

  • Ana Esteves

    Darren Criss!

  • nicole

    Zac Efron for sure!!!

  • nicole

    Zac Efron was made for this role…. plus he’s Freakin Gorgeous!!

  • Lisabonbon

    He could play Danny but I get the feeling him & Vanessa avoid each other! Why though?

  • Sabrina Lofty

    Samuel Larsen is a triple threat and would be perfect!

  • Kalahya Sidor

    Vanessa would not be a good sandy. Julianne hough is the perfect sandy. I think for Danny, it should either be Nick Jonas, Zach Efron or Brant Daughtery. And for Danny’s friend, the blonde one. Kenicky, or however you spell it, I think Austin butler could play it. Or Christopher wood the actor. And maybe nina DOBREV as frenchie or something

  • mea25

    What! Olivia Newton John was 29 and SChanning was 34.

  • elfarcher22

    I choose Darren Chris! Only because Ive always imagined him playing an Elvis/greaser character such as Danny Zuko.



  • Roseanne

    Personally, I believe that Nick Jonas or Darren Criss (more on the Nick side) would be a fantastic Danny. Zac Efron would be an amazing Kenickie.