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Kristen Stewart Wants to Stay Home For a While After Working Non-Stop (Video)

Kristen Stewart Wants to Stay Home For a While After Working Non-Stop (Video)

Kristen Stewart stopped by Live! with Kelly & Michael on Monday (January 26) to promote her new movie Still Alice in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress chatted about her amazing cooking skills (“Name anything, I can make it”), her dog Cole (“She’s literally like the light of my life”) and working on the movie ( “It was so rewarding and real for me”).

Kristen also commented what she wants to do now that she has a break.

“I want to stay home for a while. I worked for like, a solid two years,” Kristen said. “I need to breathe.”

Watch her whole interview below!

Kristen Stewart – Kelly & Michael

FYI: Kristen is wearing an A.L.C. top.

Click inside for a bigger photo of Kristen…

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  • Guest

    Aww C’mon K! On Seth Myers, you’re like Gimme a job with Cap’n America. Now, you’re like, I wanna stay, what is it??? It’s tough being your fan if you’re flip flopping like this…😼

  • tia maria

    She wasn’t saying she wanted a role in captain america,she was simply implying that she would down with doing like a superhero movie or something similar

  • Aching

    Working non-stop? Sure. While you are taking a “long break” from all this toiling, please quit calling the press to take pictures of you with your gal, pictures of your strolls to the coffeeshop, or pictures of your strategic walks on the beach. Oh, I also can forgo pics of your new hairdo or boyish sartorial choices. Thanks in advance.

  • Dee

    Just dont get how anyone can dislike her. Shes always herself and never ever pretends to be anything shes not, she never tries to be outrageously funny or bubbly (which is not a bad thing, some actresses try way too hard) she talks about her work as passionately as she can and always has amazing things to say about her co-stars, shares tidbits on her personal life in a really charming way but no matter what she does she still gets shit on for it. She can never win.


    ohh Kristin… why?

  • Guest

    Right! And here, she’s ‘implying’ that she wants to stay home. Forever getting confused with her 😑

  • bailey

    And you really don’t know why??? Have met this chick in real life she’s not the nicest person people don’t like her because they were diehard fans of twilight she didn’t something horrible and they turned on her they won’t forget it they may never plus she’s not the least bit approachable with her fans other twilight stars are but not her its her personality

  • luna

    i am crazy or her voice change?!

  • Guest

    it’s not her fault the papz camp outside the coffeshop she gets coffee from plus nobody is forcing you to look at her pics


    THAT IS WHY A LOT OF PEOPLE DISLIKE HER! SHE IS A FAKE through and through. What she needs to do is to have ALICIA make her worth (not just being her bed buddy) by reminding her to stick with what she said on prevous occasion!

    REALITY is…..she is FISHING for a new picture to work on even hinted she would like to work with Martin Scorsese?(or he bed kristendude before or after the movie-like Rupert)

    It’s like her sexuality – a homewreckerslut and a lesbian.


    Read again – she wanted someone to give her that role!


    NO on first qustion! Observed homesexuals their voices changed drastically!


    ONE TONE-ONE EXPRESSION….she’s good???? yeah right!!!

  • Brenda Hamilton

    Kristen is not a lesbian! What is wrong with you people? What about when Rob P. announced that he was through with California and he was moving back to UK? Then he buys a house in LA and has been looking for one in New York and of course one in London for Twiggy. KS is real and there is nothing fake about her. She is a young actress, very good, smart, beautiful and wants to take is easy for a while. Like Dee stated, no matter what she does, wears, or her friends are, she is going to get grief from you people just because you are so in love with RP. So sad.

  • Wanderersmind

    She could be a nice person but she is cold and can not act. She is just not trying to act better and makes watching her unbearable.

  • Wanderersmind

    What is wrong with being a lesbian? She can be with anyone she wants. You are over-fangirling.

  • coniljw

    Her hair looked better longer. She is beautiful. I like her.

  • LiiL

    like how she articulates, so cute :D she has to do sg with her hair with her hands, always.

    oh God, haters, so tired of this sh>t what they feel to have to share, no matter what, in every post with Kstew, they are there, no better things to do as writing mean comments? especially someone who thinks that because she met with her once or two times, she has the right to judge. whatever…. there is negative opinion and there is hatred, please know the differences people.

  • Cate

    So sad…She’s had to work hard for TWO WHOLE years. My heart breaks for her. I hope she is able to adequately recuperate in her mansion with her millions in the bank.

  • lottie

    that’s surprising considering a lot of fans/co-stars/etc who’ve met/talked to her, say that she’s extremely nice. and i’m guessing you’re one of those diehard twilight fans? i don’t get why people even cared. kristen stewart and robert pattinson went out for each other, not the media or for their fans. if they’re no longer together then so be it. and wow, you know her personally? k.

  • Brian Sleider

    She is an actress who cant act, that is enough for me to dislike her.

  • America

    You’re more than another hater, who hates Kristen, because to be in his time in bed in heart and life of Robert Pattinson. get over it! All that shit that spears is useless because she looks at you from above.

  • America

    All that bullshit they put in comments,all this time engaged in hate and post shit about a person that has everything you will never have hahahaha she looks at you from above.

  • Anonymous

    At Truth, If you don’t like her why are you here posting? You need a life.

  • Arjun Nair

    Truth and Bailey are two incessant haters that I always find in articles about K (the latter more so than the first one)… I have an honest doubt… Those celebrities that I am not particularly fond of, I steer clear off posts / news about them and I definitely don’t even bother posting comments after comments bashing them… Do you haters get more than 24 hours in a day to stay dedicated and active in this ‘hating’ profession? Can’t you haters just LET KRISTEN BE.. there are people who love Kristen.. Just, save your breath and the spaces in the commenting section and stop throwing abuses at Kristen..and let her fans have some peace of mind ..a moment to revel in Kristen’s success with her.

  • JEN

    can’t wait to see this!

  • JEN

    aww bialey is here……

  • JEN

    She was answering their questions..duh.

  • Juli Wulandari

    I will be miss her so much…have a nice day kstew…young girl,beautiful,smart, talented and so humble..^_^..just always keep U’re beautiful smile..and have a new boyfriend again, amen…God Bless You Kstew

  • guest

    Oh, they do not. I know two women who came out in their twenties. Their voices are just the same as always.
    When you’re nervousthough, your voice tends to rise in pitch. I think Kristen is trying to compensate for her nervousness by pitching her voice a bit low. See the foot jiggling? You can tell she’s nervous–as who would not be, knowing that the hounds of hell, Truth and Bailey, are after her, as always, all over the internet, searching for anything she might say that they can twist into something blameworthy to accuse her of.

  • guest

    Have you ever done any acting? My drama prof in college tried to talk me into trying for a career. I loved acting, but at the same time, it was the most stressful thing I had ever experienced. I knew I couldn’t take a life of it. Actors have stage fright, too, you know. And for Kristen, it must be doubly stressful. It’s The Hunger Games on the internet every day, with Kristen the target.
    I often wonder how she has survived the past two years–the past eight years,actually, because the hate Kristen campaign started at the beginning of Twilight, when she began dating Robert. It started years before Rupertgate gave you an excuse.
    Reminds me of the complaint an infantryman made to an airman about the fact that pilots were given weeks off to de-stress. He said, “When I feel stressed, I just just roll over into a ditch for a while”. The pilot said, “There are no ditches in the sky”.

  • guest

    Rupert’s home was pre-wrecked. Liberty had already filed for divorce twice, and chickened out. Matter of public record. And she recently disclosed that she and Rupert had been living together “as brother and sister” for months, before he ever met Kristen–two facts which he couldn’t have failed to tell Kirsten. Liberty also said that she believed him and Kristen when they both said no sex of any sort had ever occurred between them.

  • Arjun Nair

    That was such a sincere, sweet prayer.. I am with you! God bless us all!

  • guest

    She can’t act? How odd then that, Kristen has won more than thirty roles in her young life. For every one of these roles, She had to act well enough to win an audition over hundreds (thousands?) of other actresses, or act well enough in a previous part to be cast without an audition.
    She won best supporting actress in the critics poll at Cannes, Best Actress at the Milan International, and the BAFTA, Britain’s Oscar, as well as a whole page of other acting awards. She starred in a six billion-dollar franchise built entirely around her character. Millions of people worldwide went to those movies because Kristen, as Bella, had convinced and captivated us. How very odd, then, that she “can’t act”.

  • guest

    Se made it very clear she wasn’t giving up acting, just taking a breather. No contradiction there at all.
    There have to be many in the industry who think Kristen is only interested in the serious little indies now. What on earth is wrong with letting them know she’s open to the idea of an action picture.

  • guest

    She didn’t sa she wated to stay home forever, she made it clear this was just a break. .

  • Lilly

    Wow I’m dumbfounded how much Truth and bailey love Kristen I’m her fan I should know , I mean there is not one article about her here or gossip cop that they don’t comment on , in fact they’re always the first few and their love is just so over the top lmao. Anyway she looked awesome in that beige top and I’d eat her cooking anyday.

  • Brian Sleider

    Im so sorry to have upset you, I take it back, she can act, About as well as Seth Rogan.

  • Brian Sleider

    Im so sorry to have upset you, I take it back, she can act, About as well as Seth Rogan.

  • ThrashyTrends

    Cool list. So with all those awards and roles, how much acting range would you say she has?
    I don’t even really dislike her, but I don’t think she’s really talented, either. Her attitude and emotion doesn’t seem much different whether it’s in Twilight or Panic Room. Maybe all those roles and awards just call for her type of attitude?

  • randell

    do us all a favor. while you are on your break hire a really really really really good acting coach. i personally believe she is not a horrible actor. but i believe she doesn’t have the best of range. so she should learn how to broaden her range

  • Lexi

    No, she appears to be bisexual, she doesn’t care what gender she has sex with.

    Rob never announced he was through with California. He said he didn’t feel the need to have to live there for work any longer. He didn’t say he was moving back to the UK. In fact, he said it was very hard to live in London because of the paps.

    But it looks like he’s figured out a way to deal with them, because of the 40 days he spent in London recently, he was only papped once. And her nickname is Twigs, not Twiggy. Stop trying to put her down, she’s Rob’s choice and no amount of sh!t you talk will change that.

    KStew has nothing to do with Rob, hasn’t for almost 2 years now. Too bad you can’t let go of him. She will lose in every comparison, including which one has the hottest, most desirable girlfriend.

    And KStew is the biggest fake and phony in Hollywood. She’s a proven liar and cheat — no one has forgotten her affair with Rupert Sanders that showed how untrustworthy she is.

  • Lexi

    She called Twilight fans “retarded” on video, it’s still on youtube.

    She has no respect for her fans, for herself or for anyone else. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She proved that when she thought it was OK to hook up with Rupert Sanders in pubic.

    And not all her co-stars said she was nice, either. Let’s ask Liberty Ross and her two kids how “nice” Kristen is.

    Let’s ask those teachers she blamed, and Adam Brody and Shiloh Fernandez, and those Twilight fans she called “re -t-a-r-d-e-d.” She doesn’t have the reputation of a “nice” person.

    Stop trying to make her into something she isn’t, no one is fooled. Her fans lie to themselves on a daily basis, but the rest of the world sees her for what she is.