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Patricia Arquette Continues Tweeting About Equal Pay: 'Don't Talk to Me About Privilege

Patricia Arquette Continues Tweeting About Equal Pay: 'Don't Talk to Me About Privilege

Patricia Arquette took to Twitter again this morning (February 24) to talk more about equality and equal pay for women and men.

“This is a call to action. Women are being discriminated and it is having serious consequences on them and their children,” the 46-year-old Oscar winner said.

“Don’t talk to me about privilege. As a kid I lived well below the poverty line. No matter where I am I won’t forget women’s struggle.” Patricia added when she received some backlash.

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  • sydney jane

    She’s just totally clueless and out of touch. Equal pay is not even an issue for poor women in this country. Maybe minimum wage is, but equal pay is not. But, we all know what this is about anyway. It’s about making way for Hillary Clinton, who will make women’s issues the primary focus of her campaign. So expect to hear more whining from feminists about equal pay and how women in this country are so oppressed for the next two years.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    those Criticizing what she said are the ignorant ones many of the women in this country that are working mothers don’t have the luxury not to be like they did decades ago

  • Skabb15

    women are sooo mistreated in this country that my wife is in the navy whilst I am a stay at home dad. Last report I read, women make up 40+% of the navy and the government is passing over male sailors in favor of the promotion of females.
    A woman who doesnt work, sits at home and is supported by her husband is told that she has to take orders from no man, she is her own woman. And yet, I have been given sh!t for years, treated as lazy, stupid, and worthless, laughed at by members of both sexes. My two college degrees and 16 year career mean nothing once I decide to stay at home and raise my child. I have had women tell me, to my face, that they could never be “with a man who makes them work while he stays at home and ‘plays’ with the kids”. And yet, if I said that a woman was at home “playing with the kids”, I’d have death threats filling my inbox in a day.
    Women are more sexist in USA then the men could ever be. Women throw tantrums if they arent running things and scream foul at the tops of their lungs, all while mocking if we dont pay for dinner, if we dont work for a month without spending to take you out to have fun (not “you” I mean the collective “you”). Its just that women prefer to be in positions that they can say are discriminatory. Always remember, nobody wants to be equal. Everyone wants to be special.

  • Giovana Suca Benites

    Such a fuss about a woman who only wants to say what you feel, I imagine that the worst is that women come and live comfortable if not for the fact so all live, not just US the world, the world is very unequal in many situations between a man and a woman and if one does not speak of it, then who will do it ?, agree with her and have all the freedom to express themselves.

  • Skabb15

    I hope you are an old, single mother, never to know the embrace of another man, hated by her children and forced to die, alone and unwanted. Then maybe you will have a right to complain.

  • Penny Dreadful

    I’m not so sure she grew up “below the poverty line”. She was born into a Hollywood family. I wish someone would have called her out and made her explain her supposed childhood spent in dire poverty.

    As for the rest … I don’t GAF about the Left-wing babble of a bunch of rich, privileged people.

  • Skabb15

    But its only the rich who are “allowed” (to be heard) complaining. If a poor person complains of hunger nobody listens. They are told they should be grateful. But if a rich person says that a person is hungry, only then will that person be seen and helped.

  • Giovana Suca Benites

    First i want to say that I am not of this
    country, I am Peruvian, secondly I say a little more respect for my opinion;
    and the other is that I am the daughter of a single mother and the situation is
    disastrous in my country and more for a woman and it is in all of Latin
    America; of course there is nothing wrong with being a single mother and a
    woman in my country fight alone without a man and so is courage in a Latina
    mother, who incidentally and with all due respect you do not know our reality
    and ignores many women fighters from around the world, typical of some American
    citizens; if you say he complains that all women are equal, there you but not
    all are well and certainly if I have the right to claim as all citizens of his
    country, where men if they are of a privilege in comparison with the rest of
    the world ; and this actress just says or feels, perhaps because no say? where
    his freedom of expression? I only ask that respects my opinion and excuse my
    English is not my native language.

  • Utope

    I don’t understand why people are hating on her. She’s right, it’s a fact that women are still not paid the same as a man in North America. She’s just asking for equal pay for women, why are people attacking for that? It’s a basic right to make a decent salary and a woman doing the same job as a man should get the same pay. That is all she, and many of us, are asking for; equal pay. How can people disagree with that?!

  • BastianBux

    Cuz most of the time the women are doing less intensive jobs less physical less mental work then the man. But it truly does suck for woman doing the exact same job and not getting paid the same amount. But we need to tell the difference. I mean where I work the employers let a female try one of the jobs the men do and at the end of the day she said hell no and wanted to work with the rest of the woman doing way little and less.

  • BastianBux

    Yeah my sister has a guy like you living in her house she pays the bills and he’s the stay at home wife. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it if they enjoy it. Now she’s pregnant and when she gives birth he’ll be the stay at home mom.

  • Bueno

    I’m happy that she speaks out. More people should stand up and want positive change.

  • Bueno

    She did the right thing. If others oppose themselves to it it’s because they don’t care about those issues and are selfish.

  • Dustin Roe

    That is the problem. You assume it is a right to be protected by the government. Wages are a negotiated trade of work for money. The more value you provide or loss of value you take with you if you stop doing the work the more leverage you have in negotiating compensation. It has nothing to do with rights.

    Women do have a statistically lower return on work reported to the IRS for many reasons including: choosing extended time away from career and having to effectively start over, choosing jobs that are more proportionally compensated with gratuities, choosing the security of the current wage rather that negotiating for a higher one with the risk of loss of job, choosing a better quality of work over higher pay for dirtier or less desirable job.

    All of these are the womans choice and while I do believe in fair compensation for value returned, it should be evaluated on a case by case basis for return on investment to the employer.

    Any proposed legislation to date has been more about moving the statistic line and compensating the same regardless of value provided rather than truly fair wages which to be fair is far more out of line at the executive compensation level to the rest of us than in the wage or salary level of the working class of men vs women.

  • Dustin Roe

    Also look at the highest compensated salaries and you will find math at the heart of them then look at graduation rates of math majors by sex. Again a choice by upbringing or personal but not by the employer.

  • Guest

    “I don’t understand why people are hating on her.” – Because some people hate women. (Especially when they are feminists.)