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Met Ball 2015 - List of Celebrities Attending Fashion's Biggest Night!

Met Ball 2015 - List of Celebrities Attending Fashion's Biggest Night!

The 2015 Met Gala is just around the corner and a list of celebrity guests has just hit the web!

The 2015 Met Gala, which will take place on May 4, has a theme of “China: Through the Looking Glass” and will feature previously announced celebrity co-chair Jennifer Lawrence.

A greater list of celebs was just released by Fashionista, and some huge names are on it including Rihanna, Dakota Johnson, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, Bradley Cooper, and many more.

Click inside for a list of celebrities attending the 2015 Met Gala…

Seth Meyers, James Corden, Harvey Weinstein, Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Colin Firth, Livia Firth, Neil Patrick Harris, Anne Hathaway, Ethan Hawke, Dakota Johnson, Spike Jonze, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Baz Luhrmann, Sienna Miller, Julianne Moore, Carey Mulligan, Marcus Mumford, Rita Ora, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Katy Perry, Eddie Redmayne, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Ivanka Trump, Florence Welch, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Allison Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Hailee Steinfeld, Zoe Kravitz, Hailey Bennett, Rose Byrne, Imogen Poots, Nicola Peltz, Zhu Zhu

Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner (possible)

Christopher Bailey, Tory Burch, Sarah Burton, Georgina Chapman, Kenneth Cole, Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierpaolo Piccioli, Peter Copping, Francisco Costa, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, Alber Elbaz, Alberta Ferretti, Tom Ford, Valentino Garavani, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Lazaro Hernandez, Carolina Herrera, Dee and Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Derek Lam, Ralph Lauren, Jenna Lyons, Stella McCartney, Alasdhair Willis, Jack McCollough, Tamara Mellon, Gilles Mendel, Marcus Wainwright, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Thakoon Panichgul, Zac Posen, Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons, Riccardo Tisci, Giambattista Valli, Dries Van Noten, Donatella Versace, Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, David Neville, Jason Wu

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  • Justme

    God this Gala now is a shitfest of the desperate. I wonder how many of these will show up. I wish one of them would just be a rebel and do everything the opposite of what AW and these fashion people want. Or the true A-listers arrange something on the same day and get all the attention.

  • Sparkling Peach

    What even is the Met Gala? LOL
    I’m just excited to get more interviews of Jennifer Lawrence since shes hosting it! :D

  • Michele V

    I wish we could back to a time where that skank with the sex tape couldn’t get invited to these types of events.

  • FrenchGirl

    The half of entertainer invitees are from Harvey Weinstein’s movie actors/actresses

  • FrenchGirl

    No Amal Clooney? I’m surprised

  • beautylover

    I hope Amanda Seyfried will attend this year !

  • tia maria

    still surprised that jennifer lawrence is co-chairing the event as she knows nothing about fashion so hopefully she doesn’t get interviewed about fashion

  • FerCat

    Looks like she’s in the list.

  • FrenchGirl

    She knows nothing about fashion

  • Scarlett

    That’s not even close to being the final list, there’s way more names usually attend than this.

  • lezra

    Me too. Hell, I’ll take Paris Hilton over Kim K any day. Rememebr when nobody would hang around Paris because and deny her into elite events she was a reality tv star? Why is Kim getting into events that is meant for real celebrities? She is the same as Paris except worse. She has ruined Vouge, the MET and now the TIME 100. This woman is famous for a trashy sex tape at the end of the day. Even Obama has met with this idiot.

  • beautylover

    She was also last year and she didn’t show up.

  • Michele V

    I agree that Paris is definitely the lesser of two evils. Or maybe that’s just nostalgia talking? But with Paris, at least she knew she was trashy and the whole prison ordeal was hilarious to watch.

    Kim, however, takes herself too seriously and seems to think she’s anything beyond a reality TV star. There’s only one person to blame, really: Kanye. Kanye is somebody who is actually famous for something so therefore he had the fashion clout and respect from the fashion and music industry. If it weren’t for him, the family would’ve disappeared into oblivion (I think they were on the verge before he came onto the scene), her sister most definitely wouldn’t be a model and she wouldn’t be hanging out with Beyonce and Riccardo Tisci if it weren’t for him. Can’t wait for this sham of a marriage to end because I’m so sick of seeing them wherever I go.

  • Michele V

    I don’t even think it’s an attendees list. It’s the committee list. I swear to god, this happens every year: the committee list is revealed and people seem to think that’s the list of people in attendance. They’re two different things.

    For one, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show is on the same day. How could he possibly go to both and if he did choose one, there’s no way it’d be the MET Gala over his own show! And he’ll take his favourites such as Cara along.

  • FerCat

    Oh, I thought she did but I was recalling her 2013 appearance. Those pics made her hair look really red.

  • Sparkling Peach

    Fine by me as I said, I’m just excited to see more interviews.

  • Dee

    Love Jennifer Lawrence but I find it unbelievable that shes co-hosting this event! She has the worst fashion taste and a stylist that she needs to fire asap and not to mention I can already see the heinous dress Dior will be making her wear….. *sigh* and dont get me started on Kim K. This is what weve come to. And how is Karl Lagerfeld’s newest muse Kristen not on this list?! -___-

  • SunnyAutumnn

    You call those huge names? Might as well add Paris Hilton, Miley and Lindsay Lohan, and some other D-list reality TV stars. Huge in my book includes Brad and Angie, even Tom Cruise would be huge.

  • beautylover

    yeah it was the lighting.

  • FaceOfThe_E

    No Tom and Gisele?

  • lezra

    Exactly. Kanye West is the reason why these leeches are still famous. He is their meal ticket to the Hollywood life they shouldnt even be having. THow embarassing if you are a actaul talented movie star or singer and have to attend the same elite event that has ivited a women who did a trashy sex tape and a foul mouthed rapper who acts like a 5 year old? Goop atleast had the balls to diss MET for inviting Kim 2 years ago. I wish more stars would protest over this.

  • lezra

    Tom Cruise is def a huge star. But I don’t think his ppl would want him hanging around at an event that a porn star with a sex tape is at. He is too good for that. Plus he is always busy filming a movie. I hardly see him at events like this.

  • Scarlett

    Whichever website had the original release of this it’s referred to as the hosting list I think, i can’t remember, but all these site seems to forget that as it’s gone down the food chain. There was a a big article of whether Karl would choose Cruise or the Met, well obviously he’s going to be in Seoul! Plus there’s always the most random people pop up at this which you don;t see until you scour the photos the next day!

  • Guest

    ➧➧➧➧I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak12:



  • Courtney

    It begs the question of why do the Kardashians have to infest every event known to man. What serious contribution has Kim K ever made? I know Jen is a fan of her show (I don’t know why). Doesn’t make her a bad person though. I only hope she’s busy enough with chairman duties that she has little time to spend with that attention whore.

  • gradda fandad

    Unwanted homeless junkshow dedicated to unwanted homeless junk.

  • Mark

    Sucks that Emmy Rossum isn’t going, she looked AMAZING last year in her Herrera gown.

  • mandyz

    Blame Rachel Zoe for Jen’s questionable style. Jen should’ve fired her ages ago.

  • mandyz

    Are you sure this is the whole list? This has to be a really compressed list when there’s supposed to be 700 people invited to the gala.

  • FerCat

    There’s been rumors that Garfield is actually a sober buddy. Remember last year, there was some noise about drug use on Emma’s part. It sounded minor but there was one much earlier that said she was a full blow junky, Seymour Hoffman kind. Life threatening, hence the sober buddy. Garfield may have been calling her out in a TASM2 scene about rubbing her nose a lot.

    All this is easy to dismiss except for a certain lie she said on Leno. About a baking burn which she made it sound recent, but I’ve seen it in comicon pics more than a year earlier. Now, the thing about the burn is that it wraps around her arm. Not at all like a pan burn which should be just a touch. It looked more like a burn from rubber tubing that were left on too long. Like needle in arm passout moments.

    Then there’s the tattoo on her wrist that is oddly placed, exactly on top of a vein. A tattoo which at some point she enlarged. Someone probably got wise and had it removed at least temporarily. In Letterman interview for her first WoodyAllen film, it was clearly faded. Also in other pics at the time. It was eventually put back when others got wind. Drug use and rehabs would help explain her patchy career status. And why she looks bitchy when Andrew is with her.

    Daddy issue, okay this may sound weird but I first noticed it with her voice in Croods more obvious now in Birdman. Her most convincing scenes is when she’s confronting a father figure. And now her most recent mag interview pretty much confirms it. She longed for the time her father trusted her. And there was that thing that happened when she was 14, read between the lines and you can take the assumption that she had an affair with a much older guy, perhaps someone at her school. Would explain the 2 year home schooling that followed. Penchant for older guys is also suggested, could explain Colin Firth’s refusal to praise her when Letterman was chiding him. She probably got too flirty with him.

    Poaching, this is the one that pissed me off. Poaching Amanda Seyfried’s early interviews for material. The comment about being a ‘has been’ at the time she was being viewed as the new it girl. Amanda made that ‘has been’ comment during the MammaMia promos 2 to 3 years earlier. And then Emma started riding the ‘panic anxiety’ band wagon. Again first raised by Amanda much earlier. To be clear Emma doesn’t have panic anxiety and she got called out on it when a reporter asked her what medicine she took, her answer was baking, reporter pressed on, asked what she baked. She gave no specific answer because she doesn’t bake. Well, she gets baked. They do this because the real truth coming out of Emma will be pretty dark.

    Speculation, yes. Easy to dismiss, not entirely. I still get bristly when people attribute Amanda’s comments to Emma. And then there’s Wintour’s recent one… sigh!