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Game of Thrones' Richard Madden Slams Cara Delevingne & Her Viral 'Paper Towns' Interview

Game of Thrones' Richard Madden Slams Cara Delevingne & Her Viral 'Paper Towns' Interview

Cinderella‘s Richard Madden is calling out Cara Delevingne over her viral Paper Towns interview with Good Day Sacramento.

“It was unprofessional. It made her seem ungrateful. She showed her age. For Cinderella, I did six weeks of those interviews, where you get asked the same eight questions,” the 29-year-old actor told Yahoo! Lifestyle when asked about the interview.

“If you’re not capable of doing that gracefully, then don’t do it,” the Game of Thrones star added.

If you don’t remember the super awkward interview, which took place over the summer, check it out here.

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  • Wendy

    It’s nice to see not all actors think Cara was just “being funny”…you make crazy amounts of money to play make believe for a living, smile through some interviews once in awhile.

  • kingeromer

    Thanks for saying this. I have a funny feeling you, me and Richard are all sitting on the unpopular opinion bench. She was unprofessional and he is not wrong for saying it. The only thing that should be also be added is the journalists shouldn’t have let her get to them like that. Their response to her behavior made them look unprofessional too. Hopefully Cara will learn from this when she is out promoting her next project.

  • Little Paper Stars

    I’m with you both. I got the feeling she was being bratty during that interview. I like Cara, but I got the sense she wasn’t up for being interviewed at all that day. Richard Madden’s right, he must have had it with Game of Thrones & Lady Chatterley too

  • VanityInsecurity

    When you are a spoiled entitled brat..that is how you behave. She was handed a modeling career & now she’s given an acting one.. but what she doesn’t understand is, you have to sell yourself with speech, the way you carry yourself. Eloquence is needed to be an actor. Something I don’t think she has.

  • Visitor

    This woman, Cara….the latest in a long line of British it girls, glorified for being, well, “it” girls, is rude and ungrateful. Though she used the fashion industry to get ahead, she has been biting the hand that fed her. Now she’s an actress and thinks she’s hot stuff,and really, she isn’t. She’ll find that, outside of the tabloids and the fashion rags, no one cares, and soon she’ll disappear.

  • la petite bonnieux

    She’s a spoiled brat I’m sure

  • Lula

    Cara is crazy and we love her because of that. Some people have no idea

  • Bad Citizen

    Cara just stupid and you love her cuz you are stupid as well.

  • Bad Citizen

    What do you expect from stupid model who got some roles beause she had sex with the right people?

  • Lula

    If stupid=crazy (for you) yeah! I am :D

  • Alina Luiza

    let’s be honest , she looks amazing . You’re maybe right , idk much about her , but her face is priceless

  • Jezza

    She forgot that interviews are part of the job as well. Most actors answer the questions, no matter how silly, with grace and good humour. They are not snotty brats about it.

  • Wheel_House

    She wants the lifestyle and glamour of the job, but not the work side of it.

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  • hi

    Did some of you guys not see the video? Her attitude was a result of those condescending interviewers, and even if you don’t want to see it that way in the end the reporters were still a lot more rude and trashed talked Cara. They were completely unprofessional. If anyone should not be doing their job it’s those guys. Richard Madden has never been in the same situation this was not the matter of getting just the same 8 questions over and over again they were disrespectful something no one should put up with and if he as an “actor” would put up with stuff like that then frankly the man needs to grow a pair that is not okay. Damn I don’t even like the girl because let’s face it she is annoying and ungrateful especially when it comes to her modeling career but in this case people are blowing her actions way out of proportion

  • Papaya Queen

    So in those six weeks of doing press tours, did the Interviewers ever tell you to go take a nap because you seem tired and bored? I think by now it should be clear to all actors but also to the public that during These press tours you will always get asked the same questions everytime,so it should also be clear to the Interviewers that the questions they asked are probably not original ones. So if they get a coherent answer then they should just take it!

  • kingeromer

    Interviewers know this. cara is not some special snowflake who these people suddenly decided to disrespect. Her body language was off from the start, she did not look like she wanted to be there to start off with. And it just went downhill from there. She was unprofessional and when the interviewers started having a go at her, so were they.

  • kingeromer

    Richard was in the movie Cinderella. So yes he’s been in this situation before being asked the same question over and over again. Has also been asked repeatedly about reading the GoT books. Has talked endlessly about how his character died.

  • hi

    Like I said I’m not talking about the questions. I mean the rude comments she received from the ones interviewing her

  • Louise

    What a load of crap, the interview was ridiculous..the interviewers couldn’t even get her name right and was deliberately antagonistic probably to make the ratings that day. I think it was amazing she kept her cool, showed wit and carried on with it. Ok she gets paid to do those press junkets and interviews etc but I mean come on, they have a responsibility to do their job properly and journalists at the very least get your researchers to provide accurate information regarding the person your interviewing and maybe look at less generic lazy questions instead of the same thing over and over. I cant stand it when people make ridiculous blanket statements when they have no factual basis for their opinion.

  • Sanna Leena

    Cara is a disrespectful brat! She was on press tour in Germany with Nat Wolff. On a morning show she sat between Nat and the interviewer and everytime the woman asked her a question, Cara turned away from her and talked to Nat. She didn’t even really answer the questions. She just started giggling and talking to Nat about other stuff. Cara not even once talked to the interviewer directly. I didn’t get why she was so successful as a model, but as an actress she is so much worse!

  • Camila Oliveira

    Everyone is wrong. There. Solved it.

  • Camila Oliveira

    Everyone is wrong. There. Solved it.

  • SquidBillie

    She’s nothing but an obnoxious, rich brat who’s family money bought her into the modeling biz, along with covering up some of her “indiscretions.” She’s just starting out in films, and lucky to be there, she should show more gratitude.

  • 3casr

    People love Cara because she’s another white privileged entitled selfish brat and people never seem to get enough of that, I’m with Richard this time, when will people understand that being rich, skinny, being a stuck up bitch and having a pretty face is not everything, prove this socitey is going down hill for countinuously worshipping this type of superficial lame excuse for a girl…

  • Mary-had-a-little-death

    I just saw the interview and the thing is, if it was Jennifer Lawrence giving those answers to the questions, the interviewers would be praising her talking about how funny and sweet she is and the general public will use it as another piece of proof that she is down-to-earth and real. I’ve seen some of her interviews and she gives similar answers to what Cara gave here. Yet Cara gets called an entitled brat and ungrateful (which she is, but not because of this interview).

  • Max

    He’ so right!!

  • luna

    agrre with him

  • Andy thomas

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  • smmy33

    Shut up you racist , stick your white privilege up your ass.

    Move to Africa , China, India , Middle East white people are fine without every race immigrating to their countries, then telling them it’s privilege to live and work in their own countries.

  • Bradley Rothwell

    1. The news station should be happy regardless because it drew more attention to them.
    2. I saw her responses as human, what you should expect when greeted with fake smiles and questions that are nothing but insincere nonsense. Shes crazy and she’s not afraid to say what she thinks. Since when has being a clean cut “professional” meant anything to anyone under the age of 65? She seemed a hell of a lot more genuine than everyone smiling from ear to ear, all while lying through their teeth in an effort to be as profitable as possible.

  • sas318

    It’s how Cara looked. She looked grumpy, annoyed, and unhappy. She barely cracked a grin, let alone an actual smile. If she chuckled at the stupidity of the hosts, she would’ve come out looking a lot better and that interview wouldn’t have been a big deal at all. If Jennifer Lawrence said similar things, she would’ve gotten away with it because she has a much sweeter face.

    Cara does look angry all the time. I just searched for photos of her online and she always looks stone-faced. She looks a lot like Avril Lavigne.

  • sas318

    Richard is right. She’s also still young. But then again, celebrities have walked off from interviews before, most recently Robert Downey Jr., and Cara’s interviewers were very disrespectful and insulting. But Cara can learn to react better, as well as practice and rehearse her answers more to the same common questions. Ironically, being a model, you would think she would be aware of how she looks on camera, and she looked really angry. Was she actually in a bad mood?

  • Penny

    She is an ungrateful bi*tch. She really is. If you watch interviews with her she is rude, extremely sarcastic, egotistical and unattentive to the interviewer. I am not interested in watching anything with this girl in it.

  • Clance

    RDJ was asked personal questions that had nothing to do with the interview was supposed to be about. That interview was supposed to be about the Avengers movie. What’s Cara’s excuse for acting like a brat? RDJ was even polite to that rude guy who was interviewing him.

  • Clance

    He still gets asked about GoT even though he is not on the show anymore. Richard Madden worked hard for his acting career and earned it unlike Cara Delgivine. She was handed a modelling career through connections and her acting career came to her on a silver platter too. She has no acting ability or talent yet is somehow able to land roles in huge movies like Pan and Suicide Sqaud. That is disgusting.

  • Clance

    You are right. She never worked hard for any of the acting roles she has been given. She doesn’t have an ounce of acting talent but is somehow able to get roles that should be going to the real actresses.
    Richard Madden knows what he’s talking about because he earned his acting career and has actual talent. He still gets asked questions about GoT even though he not on the show anymore.
    Did you read Cara’s response to Madden? He was right in calling her immature.

  • Little Paper Stars

    That was exactly my point