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Ewan McGregor's Daughter Speaks Out After Calling Mary Elizabeth Winstead 'Trash'

Ewan McGregor's Daughter Speaks Out After Calling Mary Elizabeth Winstead 'Trash'

Ewan McGregor daughter is speaking out about her parent’s divorce after calling Ewan‘s new girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead “trash.”

“It wasn’t the most mature way to go about things, but I was angry and upset. There had been a lot building up to it and a lot to deal with – not to make excuses or anything – but…it wasn’t my finest moment,” Clara told The Times.

She added, “I kept being tagged in this photograph and I was seeing negative things about my mom. I said how I felt and I didn’t want to apologize for it. It wasn’t the right way to go about things, but it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around when you feel you had this idea of what the family unit is and then to have that shift. It’s very weird.”

“It was incredibly surprising to me that they had gone out in public. The picture surfaced on my little sister’s birthday, but my dad didn’t know it was going to come out. He didn’t want us to see that, but, you know, there were paparazzi following them around,” Clara continued.

Despite not wanting to be involved in her father’s new relationship, Clara says the duo are “still very close.”

“I love him and I always will. The relationship’s not going to end because of this. We are incredibly close, and despite me strongly disagreeing with how he’s gone about things, I’ll always love him. I hope he’s happy, you know?” Clara concluded.

Clara says the breakup has also “definitely brought all the women in my family much closer.”

“We have this incredible support system. It’s always been clear, and always will be, that I have my mom’s back in this—fully. Not only as a daughter, but as a woman…You have to move forward,” Clara added.

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  • Roscoe

    She still has a lot of growing up to do. It doesn’t matter how she feels, it is just not her place to publicly speak on it.

  • Patsy

    Really? That’s her dad. She grew up with both parents and all of a sudden it’s gone because of his dad and the mistress.

  • Roscoe

    It is not our business who is at fault or how she feels about the situation. It is family business and Ewan is not only her elder, he is her father. On top of that, if he and his girlfriend weren’t famous, nobody outside of the daughter’s circle would care about this private matter. It is ironic that she is using the platform he gave her to get people like yourself to side with her and the mother.

  • KS_in_TP

    Translation: “My dad did my mother horribly wrong. Our family is irretrievably broken and the women in my family are devastated by the selfish actions of this man. He’s my dad and I love him dearly, but he is a shitbag and my life will never be the same again because of what he did.”

    FOLKS. this is the TRUE face of divorce. I think it’s awesome that she spoke up. Good for her!

  • KS_in_TP

    BULLSHIT. It’s her life, her opinion, her experience, her voice. Did you get the memo? Women are DONE being told what we can and cannot say/feel.

  • KS_in_TP

    She shares her life on social media like millions of other people. Get over it.

  • KS_in_TP

    Her statement is awesome. She laid bare how devastating divorce really is. This is a topic I researched for a long time for my studies. She expressed what thousands of children of divorce feel — that is, those who are able to express anything at all. Many are too angry and devastated and confused to ever get around to working out their feelings and saying them out loud.

  • July Atencio

    I’m completely agree with you. I felt the same way when my parents part ways after more than 20 years together. I was so angry… wasn’t feeling myself anymore.

  • GroundControl500

    Unless you know the state of the marriage between the people, you know, who were married then you can’t judge the reasons for divorce. You certainly can’t judge who did whom “horribly wrong”. And you can’t judge by which one first moved on.

    Children, no matter how old, always think they know it all. The one thing they should know is that they actually don’t know it all and that use of social media can be violative of others. Her remark was an immature and selfish thing to do. Period.

  • GroundControl500

    That’s the selfishness and inexperience of youth speaking. It is not just HER life. She is speaking of the lives of others and making judgments for which she may not be in a position to judge. She can speak of her feelings over the divorce . . . I am sad, I miss my dad in my home, I miss how things used to be, etc. That would be speaking about HER life. Calling her dad’s SO names is not that at all.

    And what happens if her dad and Winstead end up having children – her siblings? How do her cruel and selfish words affect those relationships?

    Real feminism was and is never about supporting women no matter what the circumstances. This isn’t about feminism. This is about a child taking sides in a divorce – and chances are she doesn’t know the full story of her parents’ relationship and divorce.

  • KS_in_TP

    She is not a child. She’s a grown-ass woman with her experiences. And I never said ANYTHING about feminism. I am not a feminist.

  • KS_in_TP

    Oh god, you’re still at it.

  • Lolo23

    So she doesn’t have a say on HER parents and family issues? It is her parents relationship but she is a part of the family. Sometimes people forget how much children suffer after a divorce and it’s not only the separation but the things that come after the fact. Trust me I’ve been there and I know how freaking painful it is to see your dad ruin his family like that plus showing himself in public with his mistress. I hope she finds the healing she needs having a parent in the limelight.

  • Roscoe

    It is your opinion that sharing personal family business online is cool. My opinion is that it isn’t. Please explain why it it is a good idea. Before social media, did you go to the public square with a megaphone and “share” your gripes about your family? If not, why not?