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Chris Pratt Opens Up About His Family Relying on Food Banks For Food

Chris Pratt is getting candid about his upbringing in a new interview with Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America, during an Instagram Live conversation this week.

The 41-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor recalled how his family, which consisted of mom Kathleen, dad Daniel, brother Cully and sister Angie, relied on food banks to eat.

“I grew up in a small town, we had 7,000 people in our town, and we had some economic hard times, and we had a food bank nearby and I’m not ashamed to say that there were moments when my family would need to eat from a food bank,” Chris shared. “There’s no shame in it — especially right now with what we are going through. There is help out there, and you can find that help and get that help, and there’s nothing wrong with needing that help.”

“And if you are a person who doesn’t need help, there’s a great feeling in service of helping someone else. It’s a great thing to do this holiday season,” he added,

Chris and Claire encouraged fans and viewers of their conversation to support Feeding America and make donations, while also highlighting the importance of if you are in need of help to reach out and seek assistance.

“I think a lot of time when we’re illuminating this message and shining a light on this need, we’re saying, ‘How can we get people to help?’ but it’s important to de-stigmatize the idea that if you need help it’s okay to accept it. It is,” Chris added.

Watch their full conversation below:

Just recently, Chris was at the heart of the “Hollywood’s Worst Chris” debate on social media. Read up on what happened here…

Chris Pratt Tried to Go Golfing With His Son, But the Course Was Closed!

Chris Pratt is seen getting out of his car and grabbing his golf bag on Monday afternoon (November 23) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 41-year-old Jurassic World actor was joined by his eight-year-old son Jack (not pictured) and the father-son duo reportedly tried to go golfing together, but found out the golf course was closed when they arrived.

Chris and Jack later went to the construction site of a new mansion the family is reportedly building.

In a funny comment on Instagram over the weekend, Chris asked one of his Marvel stars to stop working out so that he wouldn’t look as small next to him in their upcoming movie!

One of his family members recently weighed in on the “worst Chris” debate.

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Chris Pratt Jokingly Begs Chris Hemsworth to Stop Working Out

Chris Pratt is so over Chris Hemsworth working out.

If you missed it, it was recently announced that Pratt will be joining Hemsworth in upcoming fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, as his Marvel superhero Star-Lord.

Ahead of production, Hemsworth has been working out like crazy to get in shape to reprise his role as Thor.

He recently took to Instagram to share a pic of him flipping a giant donut weight, while baring his massive biceps.

Pratt then took to the comments to call out Hemsworth for working out, so that he doesn’t have to get in shape.

“Hey bud. Just heard from my trainer and he needs you to stop working out because since we’re gonna be in the same movie and everything he doesn’t want me to stand next to you if you look like that so I’m gonna need you to put on 25 lbs real quick cool thanks,” Pratt jokingly wrote.

As of right now, Chris Hemworth has not responded to Chris Pratt‘s request.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Weighs In on Brother-in-Law Chris Pratt Being Called the 'Worst Chris'

Patrick Schwarzenegger is sharing his thoughts on his brother-in-law Chris Pratt being called the “Worst Chris” in Hollywood.

Last month, a debate on Twitter began after a viral meme asked which Chris was the worst and the general consensus was Pratt.

“It’s crazy. Twitter is a junkyard, right? I mean, every day there’s something. People are calling out this person or that person, or let’s get mad at this person. People are so focused on putting other people down to make themselves feel better. It’s sad, honestly,” Patrick said in a new interview with Variety.

He added, “Chris is pretty strong-boned. I don’t think anything really hits him deep down. I messaged him, and just mostly was like, ‘I hope you’re not taking this seriously.’ I don’t really know what else to say.”

Patrick continued, “I think he can learn a thing or two from my dad or my mom. My dad was always adamant about not letting anybody else’s opinions mess with his drive or where he wanted to go. No matter what you’re doing in life, there’s are always going be people hating on you and wanting you to fail.”

See what Chris‘ wife Katherine said in response to all of the chatter online.

Chris Pratt Joins 'Thor 4' Cast as Star-Lord!

Chris Pratt will reportedly join the cast of the upcoming fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, as his Marvel superhero Star-Lord, according to Variety.

Some reports are saying that Pratt‘s involvement in the movie will just be a “cameo.” The last time we saw Thor was at the end of Avengers: Endgame and he was seen on Star-Lord’s spaceship.

Vin Diesel, who voices Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies alongside Chris, has already teased that the team would be featured in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Already confirmed for the movie are Chris Hemsworth as the title character, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster (for the first time since 2013′s Thor: The Dark World), Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Christian Bale in an undisclosed role.

Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be directed by Taika Waititi, will be released in February 2022.

Chris Pratt Attached to Star in Action-Comedy Movie 'Saigon Bodyguards' with Chinese Actor Wu Jing

Chris Pratt is attached to star in the upcoming action-comedy movie Saigon Bodyguards, which will be based on the Vietnamese film of the same name.

The 41-year-old actor will also produce the movie alongside Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Chinese actor Wu Jing, who starred in the Wolf Warrior franchise, will join Chris in the movie. The Russo Brothers were consultants on Wolf Warrior 2, which is the highest grossing film ever in China and also the highest grossing non-English language movie of all time.

Deadline reports that “Saigon Bodyguards focuses on two pals, one a straight arrow and the other a doof, who try to find a corporate heir who got kidnapped right under their noses. The plot thickens from there.”

Watch the trailer for the Vietnamese movie below.

Robert Downey Jr. Seemingly Photoshops Tom Holland Out of Photo to Defend Chris Pratt

Robert Downey Jr. came to the defense of Chris Pratt, but it’s the photo he used that is now getting some attention and mockery from people online.

The 55-year-old actor posted a photo with his Marvel co-star on Instagram to provide words of encouragement after Chris was “cancelled” in a poll about everyone’s least favorite Chris in Hollywood – and fans are noticing that he seemingly Photoshopped Tom Holland out of it to make his point!

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RDJ’s team photoshopping Tom Holland out of this photo to do damage control for Chris Pratt bc they had no other photos of the two of them together is so…..funny,” one popular tweet reads on Twitter.

An alternate angle from the photo of the trio on set is on Tom Holland‘s Instagram.

Find out what he said in Chris Pratt‘s defense.

Another celebrity just explained why she Photoshopped shoes on her feet in another viral social media find.